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File 158813277048.png - (278.63KB , 944x706 , whatcouldgowrong.png )
132627 No. 132627 ID: ca2950

A wacky lighthearted adventure in academia.

This is a place for all the questions that don't need cluttering up the actual thread.
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No. 132629 ID: e51896

I have a feeling we can translate what is written on the computer by filling in the letters the characters are supposed to be, but I'm having a tough time doing so if that is the case.
No. 132631 ID: b1b4f3


interoffice chat
is anyone there
something in here
remai in position. wait for

if youre reuding this you wasted a lot of time
No. 132633 ID: afcf7a

joke's on you, Gnoll! i wasted like 2 minutes!
No. 133174 ID: 838682
File 159256521738.png - (23.11KB , 582x902 , waste of time.png )

I too wasted my time. So that no one else has to waste their time, here is the key I came up with.

I'm not sure about the keypad, but I was able to translate the text by the lab doors.

personnel onl
No. 133197 ID: cdabe3

how old is tiny dog girl
No. 133198 ID: ea1fff

Mid 20s grad student

No. 133230 ID: ca2950
File 159302200716.png - (384.69KB , 1024x1287 , size.png )

She's 19 and only been in college for a bit, but nice guess.

I also made an attempt at drawing with any kind of proportions correct to make her less of a horrible goblin/small child here.

As you can see, she is still really small, not even six feet in height.
No. 133231 ID: 6c227a

what a difference one inch makes.
No. 133239 ID: ca2950

No. 133345 ID: 406574

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