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File 158735366891.png - (679.60KB , 800x600 , Blue Star Discussion.png )
132526 No. 132526 ID: f56a2b

A place for all things Blue Star Discussion related.
No. 132532 ID: d63ea8

I'm really enjoying the quest thus far and I'm excited to see where it goes.
No. 132533 ID: f56a2b

Thanks, I appreciate the interest!
No. 132542 ID: d63ea8

Are we allowed to ask the narrator what their name is? Or will that be revealed at a later point?

((Also, very lovely use of silhouette for most recent update.))
No. 132555 ID: f56a2b

You will have your answer soon enough.
No. 132634 ID: d63ea8

Out of curiosity what are the Dracon exactly?

Judging from the naming scheme I'd guess they have some sort of draconic lineage, and they kind of give me 'aloof elf-ish' vibes.

How do they interact with the other races?

((Though of course if you want that information to be discovered in the quest itself feel free to ignore the questions.))
No. 132637 ID: f56a2b

They have their own demographics, their own diaspora, their own countries; think of them like a real life ethnicity. One that is regarded as being more ancient than humans or orcs. How exactly they're involved with orcs and humans is part of finding out more about the world.
No. 132638 ID: d63ea8

Alright, thank you.
No. 132842 ID: d63ea8

It feels like Hardra is staring into our soul.

How common is magical architecture in this world?

It seems like we were affected by 'something' before we entered the main chamber of the church, and I'd guess that light above us is of the magical variety as well.
No. 132846 ID: f56a2b

Magical architecture is produced by magical artisans, and people with magical power aren't usually subordinated or ordered around by others so easy. Whether it's holy miracles or sorcery, magical types usually keep their magical architecture to their own domain and don't spread it around to the little folk, so to speak (with a few exceptions).
No. 132992 ID: d63ea8

Is Banabjorn speaking a dialect of Gokmar's language or does he have more of a 'second-language' accent?

I'm thinking it is the latter since it's mainly the grammar that's different.
No. 133002 ID: f56a2b

He's using all the right words that Gokmar's used to, but his word order is very unfamiliar. It's almost like he's trying to replace another language's words with the local language while keeping the structure.
No. 133166 ID: d63ea8

Sorry I wasn't able to join in on the 'what are (you)' conversation, I've been busy will a couple of my own projects. I'll try to respond faster in the future.
No. 133167 ID: f56a2b

You're still free to answer the question, it's not a first suggestion takes all kind of situation; I just wanted to knock out an update while I was feeling the flow.
No. 133406 ID: d63ea8

Crack-pot theory:
The Prince is the butterfly.

((Also I want to burn that dryad.))
No. 133467 ID: d63ea8

Wow, I really like the art direction of this panel.
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