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File 158078656080.jpg - (256.87KB , 2493x2496 , 1B922F0D-A382-4842-8818-9EB08C27FB3F.jpg )
131997 No. 131997 ID: ecb0d3

Cry Havoc, and let slip the thoughts of /quest/!

General discussion, general rules. Don’t be a jerk and I’ll love you for who you are. If you’ve got quest-related reaction images, post them here; I love those things.
No. 132000 ID: 58154d

Are the drawings yours?
No. 132002 ID: 9876c4

The vision of a future where mankind and furries are engaged in open warfare seems highly prescient.
No. 132004 ID: 635866

They are not. A friend is illustrating for me, but she has asked not to be named, for the time being.

I’m glad you understand the true portent of the story.
No. 132006 ID: 59479e

not-a-hero prequel?
No. 132007 ID: e8331c

Nope, stand-alone. There’s Duduk in this one.
No. 132017 ID: 179b5d

very watchman-like discussion picture,
No. 132018 ID: 8a928e

Yeah, unintentional similarity. It seems I was the only person who didn’t realize it looked like the Watchmen smilie. I goofed.
No. 132044 ID: 14852b

Damn, you're the last person I expected to put furries into your own work (judging from your previous work)
No. 132045 ID: d0a968

We’re all furrys here, it was only a matter of time.
No. 132060 ID: 3a5fac

well looks like it really is inevitable after all
No. 132108 ID: 5a65a1

I did not create the Duduk species of aliens. All credit for their creation goes to Typo, and the Fishbowl setting. I only use their likeness by Typo’s generous permission.
No. 132179 ID: b07f1c

Some critique.

It feels like not a single suggestion has been used in the quest so far.

If we're in the middle of a cutscene, and that's the reason why the suggestions aren't yet being considered, I think it would be a good idea to communicate that to the suggesters, so that they can hold their writing efforts back for the time being.
No. 132201 ID: 9876c4

It seems like we're still in the prologue.
No. 132202 ID: 5dac5a

Yes, we are still in the prologue. And you’re right, no suggestions have been used so far. That will change soon, but I’m sorry for lack of clarity.
No. 132203 ID: 050310

Actually, I’ve lied. I have used elements from several suggestions, I have to give credit where it is due. But I have not implemented any suggestion overtly, yet, so your point stands and I appreciate the criticism.
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