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File 158078656080.jpg - (256.87KB , 2493x2496 , 1B922F0D-A382-4842-8818-9EB08C27FB3F.jpg )
131997 No. 131997 ID: ecb0d3

Cry Havoc, and let slip the thoughts of /quest/!

General discussion, general rules. Don’t be a jerk and I’ll love you for who you are. If you’ve got quest-related reaction images, post them here; I love those things.
No. 132000 ID: 58154d

Are the drawings yours?
No. 132002 ID: 9876c4

The vision of a future where mankind and furries are engaged in open warfare seems highly prescient.
No. 132004 ID: 635866

They are not. A friend is illustrating for me, but she has asked not to be named, for the time being.

I’m glad you understand the true portent of the story.
No. 132006 ID: 59479e

not-a-hero prequel?
No. 132007 ID: e8331c

Nope, stand-alone. There’s Duduk in this one.
No. 132017 ID: 179b5d

very watchman-like discussion picture,
No. 132018 ID: 8a928e

Yeah, unintentional similarity. It seems I was the only person who didn’t realize it looked like the Watchmen smilie. I goofed.
No. 132044 ID: 14852b

Damn, you're the last person I expected to put furries into your own work (judging from your previous work)
No. 132045 ID: d0a968

We’re all furrys here, it was only a matter of time.
No. 132060 ID: 3a5fac

well looks like it really is inevitable after all

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