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File 126947594653.png - (58.08KB , 300x300 , discussion.png )
13114 No. 13114 ID: 8d7dd2

Because crazy robot language needs a place to be discussed!
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No. 13115 ID: 3b6c92

Okay I hacked out some stuff with Shiitake on the IRC, because crazy robot language is hard to understand.

au* located? require assistance au* creature asp*

new directive - capture cenesu - get kaiercrystal - return zen* - end

have kaiercrystal - capture cenesu - return zen* - out cenesu - out cenesu

cenesu not directive creature - asp* directive creature - asp* bind? cenesu - require cenesu because require creature asp* assistance

au* = gold? craftkind??
asp* = us?
zen* = a place - craftkind home?

Any further suggestions are welcome.
No. 13204 ID: 3b6c92


Au located - require assistance Au creator aspect (!!!)

Cenesu not directive creator aspect - directive creator aspect bind cenesu - require cenesu because require creator aspect assistance

Which... sounds significantly less threatening than it did when we were still missing some of the key words.

Maybe we should try talking to the craftkind again.
No. 13205 ID: 1ac39d

then put in your new translations in the thread so our guy knows that the craft-kind isn't going to eat him or something.
No. 13207 ID: 3b6c92

We don't actually know that yet. It was still brandishing lots of sharp things at us.

But seeing as this tower appears to have only one door we're probably going to have to try talking to the craftkind again before long anyway; I'll point it out then, I think. Right now we're still exploring. :O
No. 13208 ID: 3b6c92

On second thought, hell with it.
No. 13245 ID: f43c35
File 126979952945.png - (3.30KB , 16x16 , faviconteteke.png )

Favicon for chapter 1.
No. 13444 ID: f43c35
File 127023272362.png - (90.29KB , 640x480 , characterchoose.png )

Choose your destiny!
No. 13445 ID: 3de05a

No. 13446 ID: f98e0b

No. 13448 ID: 3b6c92

Red thing. I guess.
No. 13450 ID: f43c35

Oh, and >>/quest/157976

The Thousandfold voices know as much as the other voices do. If you don't remember anything that significant, then no other voice in the Thousandfold is going to remember any more on the matter.

Actually, on this topic, feel free to ask questions on concepts already revealed for clarification here.

I may or may not answer extremely cryptically, with each answer calculated only to raise further questions. :D

This question time is only open in the gap between the end of chapter 1 and the start of chapter 2, which should be shortly after Easter.
No. 13451 ID: 15f6d6

No. 13452 ID: af61ca

No. 13479 ID: 1ac39d

No. 13544 ID: f43c35

Red it is! Voting is now closed, as is question and answer time.
No. 13545 ID: c2c011

Damn it, my suggestion didn't go through or something. Not like my vote for Taco bird would have changed anything, but still.

So, the question I have is, how powerful is magic? How massive feats of epic asskickery can we pull off if we get out avatars/protagonists to be powerful enough mages?
No. 13658 ID: f43c35


Magic is an incredibly powerful force. When properly harnessed, it is capable of rending the fabric of universes into shreds, and of creating entirely new pocket universes altogether. It can defeat time and space and bend them to its wielder's wills, and is limited only by the skill of the individual(s) casting and whatever source they use to cast magic from.

For individuals of species that do not have a natural magic source, with the right control over magic they can cast from almost any stored source of energy, but that source of energy will affect what the spell cast is.

The only known exception to this (known to the Golden Empire, at least) are kaier crystals, which seem to convert any stored energy into raw mystical potential. This is what makes kaier crystals so valuable to them. In fact, even individuals with limited or no magic potential otherwise can cast from kaier crystals if they can focus strongly enough.

If an individual of a species with no magic potential and no natural magic source is able to focus strongly enough to cast a spell when near a strong enough source, it dramatically improves their individual magic potential.

The main three domains of magic are Creation, Destruction and Perpetuation. These are not the only domains, however, but the three main domains as catalogued and categorised by the Golden Empire. Three "lesser" domains are also known to exist. Metamagic, the domain of analysis of existing magic, Antimagic, the domain of countering and nullifying existing magic, and Wildmagic, the domain of "well I'm absolutely sure I have no idea what's going to happen if I do this" magic.
No. 13671 ID: f43c35

So it turns out the thing I meant to do this week won't be happening. Updates as normal, and screw it, question and answer time doesn't need to have limits. Ask away! Feedback'd also be appreciated.
No. 13783 ID: 059120

Does Destruction only concern the absolute removal of matter and energy, or does it cover more traditional form of breaking stuff, like fire or explosions?

Do cenesu or umbrals ever have natural magical potential, and, if so, how common is it?
No. 13822 ID: e973f4

It's crazy robot language time again!

Sur* Cenesu Sur* Cenesu Request Cenesu At Zen* Act* Tow* Act* Res*

Hmm. Sur* = Surround? Tow* = Tower??? I'm not really sure what the last four words mean with this little context.

Zen* is still obviously a place, though.
No. 13825 ID: 7524b0

SUR= Surrender
TOW= Tower
ACT= Activate
RES= Resonance probably.
No. 13829 ID: 059120

Sounds about right. So 'Resonance' will probably happen when all the towers get turned on, and is probably the 'secret weapon' that Ir mentioned.

...Damnit we really should have asked someone about those towers. Next time a Guardian Essence shows up, that's first on the list. Unless you want to call up Truth? ...how are we even supposed to call up Truth?
No. 13835 ID: e973f4

I'm partial to "Yo, Truthio," myself.

But seriously I haven't got a fucking clue and am probably just gonna hope that works. :X
No. 13854 ID: 059120

"Female Seltwil Bind Ir Seltwil Bind Destruction Aspect Require Seltwil At ZEN"
"Male Seltwil DSC NAL Require End Seltwil End Seltwil End Seltwil-" (End is a euphemism for kill)
"No Male Seltwil Not Required-"
"Empire Order Capture Cenesu Bind Creator Aspect! Empire Order Capture Seltwil Bind Destruction Aspect! Empire Order Capture Umbral Bind Perpetuation Aspect! No Further Empire Orders!"
"Disobey Orders Disobey Empire-"
"You Error! Error Error Error! Return To ZEN!"

"Why end seltwil? Define nal! Define dsc. Now, Anwser Cenesu! Answer Cenesu Now!"

"Cenesu Is Not Empire! Cenesu Order Not Valid!"

"Why cenesu order not valid? Why cenesu not empire? Answer Cenesu!"

Any speculation on DSC or NAL? I suppose EMP could also be more specific, if they're only following an Emperor. Could explain why the aspects are being taken by force, if there's a schism or the like.
No. 13857 ID: 7524b0

I think there's a fourth aspect. Some kind of all-encompassing one.
No. 13866 ID: ed0e3a


Destruction concerns absolute removal of matter and energy, as well as the acceleration of entropy through processes such as freezing and sapping the life from organisms. Magical creation of a fire actually falls under the domain of Creation, and an explosion can be induced through a magically created explosive reagent (Creation) or by altering the composition of the target to make an explosion happen (Perpetuation).

As far as common Unified Terean knowledge goes, cenesu have no natural magical potential. Umbrals have a strong natural affinity for the Antimagic domain, but a far weaker magic potential than seltwils on average.

Some umbrals, however, especially legendary heroes of the Unification War, were reputed to surpass the power of the most skilled seltwil mages, countering enemy mages' spells with the merest flick of their tendrils.
No. 14918 ID: 8d7dd2

So Chapter 4, when it rolls around, will be focusing on those of the protagonists currently travelling to Rillford.

You have three choices:

- Focus on Teteke
- Focus on Seilea
- Focus on some sort of physical manifestation that can be passed between Teteke and Seilea, allowing for viewpoint changes if desired

If you're voting for the swapsies choice please also vote for who to focus on first.
No. 14919 ID: 059120

No. 14926 ID: 3b6c92

No. 14932 ID: d9dde2

and there is voting in this thread too!

I vote for THE BIRD
No. 14939 ID: 059120

Actually, I had an idea. The next chapter is just focusing on the characters headed to Rillford, right? Then, I'm changing my vote. To Lesin.
No. 14946 ID: 86bece

Tacobird gets my vote. He needs to learn how to manipulate several heavy things at the same time and make them spin around him like he's some epic level badass, which he will become.
No. 14949 ID: 6834bc

>I'm changing my vote. To Lesin.
>Lesin is not a choice
>Cirr doesn't have unicode stare

No. 14950 ID: 701a19

Manifestation, focused on Lesin.
No. 14957 ID: 5a2e05

Definitely some form of Lesin.

Barring that, tacobird.
No. 15151 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127306796089.png - (3.28KB , 16x16 , faviconchaos.png )

Favicon for Through the Chaos.

...Didn't see much point in starting up a discussion thread just for that quest alone.

Yes, this does mean this counts as both the Resonance and Through the Chaos discussion thread now.
No. 15153 ID: 1ac39d

so like someone asked in 'inside the quest' are the truths the same guy? or are you going to abstain from answering?
No. 15162 ID: 8d7dd2



I'll get on it at an as of yet undetermined point in the future! :D
No. 15197 ID: 216108


I vote Lesin.
No. 15199 ID: 288dda

Teteke, because he is the O.G.
No. 15435 ID: a594b9

God damn you, Cirr. How dare you make me care this much for these two chaos creatures.
No. 15440 ID: 1ac39d

Truth X Sensation OTP.
No. 15503 ID: 8d7dd2

Only bumping this because chapter 4's a few updates away and uh there's a tie between Teteke and guy I never said was a viable option but has become one due to overwhelming votes in his favour.

No. 15504 ID: 1ac39d

the bird of taco
No. 15505 ID: a00c7f

No. 15506 ID: 620bfb

Gotta go with Tacobird.
No. 15510 ID: 701a19

No. 15511 ID: e973f4

Hey, you already voted.

If you get to vote again for Lesin, then I'm voting again for Tacobird. :V
No. 15517 ID: a85626


I thought the Opuses were elite members of The Machine, who had the ability to control the minds of others simply through their eyeballs, and that the golden city had captured one, and had it imprisoned. And now it broke loose and was wreaking havoc. You're saying that they're not all part of The Machine?
No. 15525 ID: 1ac39d

nope, it's a member of the golden empire. like a pimped out craftkind.
No. 15563 ID: 0b2a05

No. 15564 ID: 8d7dd2

Voting closed.

...It's a tie! It's like the poll didn't even matter at all!

So the viewpoint character for chapter 4 is going to be either Teteke or Lesin.
No. 15808 ID: 1ac39d

okay guys, use the information we gain from TtC to full effect. next time we call truth tell him only 'we know where sensation is' that should cause him to lose his cool.
No. 15809 ID: a594b9

Personally, I want to help Truth as much as possible in getting Sensation back. However, I don't think he'll return that sentiment. We can't just give this information away, as much as I'd like to. It's simply not in the best interests of our current hosts.
No. 15812 ID: e973f4

We can use this information to our advantage in dealing with him.

In the end, we still help him out (assuming he doesn't already have the information, which is still a possibility), and we get something beyond maniacal laughter out of it. :V
No. 15826 ID: d6cb21

And we MAY just be able to secure his alligance! Its obvious that Truth cares for Sensation. And seeing as how some time has passed since then, he seems to have intellectually developed more. And as for that "favor" we did him that we cant remember, I think it may have been saving (or at least attempting to) save him and Sensation when we were paired with sensation. Anyways, if we use this knowledge to our advantage we could just possibly gain him as a powerful ally, with with we could further our goals. After all, we dont want others to end up like Sensation did, do we?
No. 20755 ID: 1a2b6b
File 128010186137.png - (292.62KB , 640x480 , opusseven.png )

So here is what Opus 7 possibly looked like while alive.
No. 20757 ID: f202ec
File 128010516359.jpg - (105.95KB , 637x479 , theconversation.jpg )

Oh, right. I had this thing lying around.

The real reason Teteke left Rillford. I hesitate to call it "fanart," so it goes here.
No. 24105 ID: 8d7dd2

Okay guys, I gotta give. I have no idea who thinks what any more or what is being conveyed as going on or otherwise happening.

What do you think the current situation in Resonance is? Is it less confusing than I think it is for readers, or what?
No. 24111 ID: d677cc

Man where is Exuno when you need him.
No. 24112 ID: 13cc3a

to me it looks like Ir want's to save the planet, ironic since he is a being of destruction. while Au want's it destroyed, more irony. we managed to get to the first tower and Ir blew it up since he had a conduit near to it.
No. 24152 ID: c71597

Ir fucking obliterated a tower because he likes to destroy shit, doesn't really care what it is he's blasting. Seilea probably didn't like the forceful possession alot but may have liked the destruction and got a nice powerboost out of it.

The rest are pretty much just standing around being all "WTF!?" and then talk alot but eventually decide to keep destroying towers because they lack in other options.

What the umbrals are up to is probably just floating towards whatever place it was they were going to. Can't remember the name of it right now. Once they get there they will be bummed that they missed Tacobird and crew, then maybe plot will happen to them.

Oh, and the golden empire are still possibly sending stuff there and the Machine are still likely to wipe out everything just to be safe. Then there's the small possibility that a faction among the machine are trying to redirect the weapon and fire it on the golden empire instead. Lives would sadly be lost, but it would all be for the greater good of course.
No. 24154 ID: a594b9

The Golden Empire wants to destroy all the Machine troops, so it built the planet to power the resonance weapon. Probably some kind of frequency modulating ripple thingy. I don't really believe that the 3 species are the weapon itself as they really are kinda weakass.

Au is fine with it since after the Machine is gone, he'll be able to create shit in peace. Honestly that's all the Golden Empire does; it creates new shit. Ir doesn't like it because... the Golden Empire is trying to be immortal? Also apparently he's not a dick. Th doesn't like it for reasons it already explained to us. Au is following orders, Th is being clever and manipulating timelines to get things to go his way, and Ir is being sneaky and striking when nobody's looking.

Truth is doing his thing. He hates the Golden Empire and is helping the Machine willingly, though making it look like he isn't.

The Golden Empire just showed up because they were alerted to the attack by Zenith or something. Most of Zenith hates the Golden Empire but everyone there is too paranoid to admit it. I'd bet there were one or two people there that were loyal enough to send out a distress call.
No. 24175 ID: 059120

Exuno's Resonance Recap, Episode 3!

MYSTERY years ago, (probably on the scale of 10-15k years?), some humans discover dimensional travel (By accident, probably, but the wording was ambiguous.) There they discover ton of Kaier, a special kind of crystal that can store any type of energy as magic. Using this, they start exploring the multiverse, and meeting up with new alien civilizations, which they let into their awesome multiversal magic club, which they call the Golden Empire.

Eventually, as always happens when too many people get together, especially with too much power, they turned into dicks. Gone were they days of meeting new species, replaced with subjugating and colonizing them for their own benefit. This was probably a slow process, but there were a couple incidents that stand out. Namely, when they encountered the Decatur, and the Sserred, two species which naturally use Kaier as part of their biology. See, Kaier, when it's big enough or arranged right or has enough magic in it or something, can host an intelligence. This is the case with the Decatur, which has it in their brains, and also later with the craftkind on Ter. The Sserred probably just have normal crystal dust floating in their bloodstreams.

So, yeah, the Golden Empire, an empire built on magic used by Kaier, really likes the stuff. Enough to enslave and farm these guys. This doesn't really go over well with everyone. Somehow, a Decatur, later taking the name of First and Last, forms an alliance with only one purpose. A Machine for destroying the Golden Empire. The Decatur and Sserred are the primary members, but it's said that many of the Golden Empire defect to join it, too. Most notably mentioned was a significant portion of the humans of the Empire, which by this time had lost most of their influence as founders.

First and Last is apparently also retarded (which is possibly a requirement for kicking off a revolution like this), or else decatur are really useless, since he builds a robotic combat shell to permanently lock himself in, an act which most of the decatur seem follow him in. And so war erupts, and I don't think we ever got a timeline of how far back it started, but it's been a while.

Okay. History of the Machine and Empire done. Next, we get even bigger in scale. See, universes don't really line up well. Inbetween them, there's this stuff, Abstract Chaos, which is really just a different kind of matter-like substance. This stuff is supposedly made out of things that fell out of the universe and then decayed into in the absence of natural physics, if I remembered Cirr's ramblings right? Anyway, what's important about it is that it can also host a consciousness, these known as Chaos Creatures. The other thing to know about it is that traveling between dimensions pokes a hole through this stuff, and it can leak out, or something like that.

While I'm going over the Chaos, there's one event I need to cover. The Golden Empire's science divisions (in their quest to prove themselves better than those damn Space Pirates) like poking at the all consuming outside of reality. Like when when they shot The Thousandfold, a massive collection of souls that yells at people, into it to see what it would do with a chaos creature (Answer: Tried to make it understand love.) After a while, they captured this creature, Sensation, along with another near it, Truth, and took the Thousandfold out and stuck it in a rock. Eventually they built a robot body for Truth and he escaped and started being an information loan shark or something, but the details are unconfirmed.

Segueing with the science divisions, they also have a penchant for creating races to populate the newly colonized worlds. Like somekind of weird floaty swimmy things that can turn off magic, or birdfaces that can analyze magic, or glowy lizards that explode when they use magic too much. These three would get stuck on a terraformed planet named Ter, which's purpose was to host The Resonance of the Empire. This is a superweapon that can... destroy something, and also anything like it? Which I'm not sure how you really use effectively, but it's probably bad. Oh, yeah, and it uses the said races' lives as energy source, like some kind of giant transmutation circle. It also happens to be made up of nine towers arranged in a circle, but you only need one left to fire it, or something.

The Resonance was built as escalation after the Machine completed the Incarnadine Dream (henceforth referred to as just Red) which we have gotten specifics on, but can totally wipe out at least a planet. Painfully.

One more backstory event to cover is Obsidian. Obsidian is the homeworld of the Machine (I think, it's at least Force's), that the thousandfold helped set up in one of it's past incarnations. They also helped assault it in a later incarnation. We didn't really get any details, but it's a pretty good example of why everyone hates the thousandfold.

Okay, history lesson two done! One more, and we can finally get to current events! Now, we move onto Ter. See, even though it's basically a giant weapon, it's also a planet, filled with people, and civilization. Which is what we're trying to save, by the way.

The history of Ter starts... maybe a few hundred years ago? The closest we get is Ir saying "two centuries running in secrecy". The Empire terraforms the planet, hops down with the Umbrals, Seltwils, and Cenesuils, and starts building their towers. They also make some Craftkind, which are like kaier robot things, to collect materials. Eventually, though, probably once they finish the weapon, they pack up and leave, hiding away in one city, Zenith. Sources are terribly contradictory on when and how this happens. The most common number seems to be just over 150 years, though?

In the absence of the empire, war breaks out between the city states, and lasts for decades. Finally, 60 years ago, a treaty is signed, and the Unified Tereans is formed between the cities of Terea, along with Koroi, I think. They apparently hide away any records of the Golden Empire, preferring to start anew, or something? Once again, Teteke seems to not really be very well versed in things.

So that's basically Ter's history. I guess I'll cover geography a bit, too. There are four continents on the planet. Terea, Koroi, Nebrios, and Gilde. Terea is the most populated, and is where we've been hanging out. It has five major cities, Rillford, Seawind, Southfort, and two more to the north we haven't gotten the names of. Rillford is Teteke's hometown, and is towards the center of the continent. It's a mixing ground for any of the races, pretty much. Like Seawind! This is the town to the east, and as it's name implies, is a port town, and a center of business. It also appears to be the capital of Terea. Southfort is a city only open to Seltwils. It's most notable feature is the magic guild or whatever that Sei and Lesin are in. They also seem to be completely aware of the Golden Empire and it's history, unlike the rest of the world. The other two towns are north of a mountatin range, and are supposedly mostly cenesu settled, but that's on Tacobird's word, which has so far not been the most reliable.

Koroi's in the southeast. We haven't heard much of it, besides that Ir is it's guardian essence. According to Azni's map, it's only has two major cities. Nebrios is to the north, and is primarily unsettled, and has said to be mostly a wasteland. In the center is Gilde, which has Abat-Null and Zenith on it. Abat-Null is the primary home of Umbrals. Uwix and Nyix are from here. Zenith is the Golden Empire's stronghold.

Woo! Finally, onto the actual quest.

We start by being found by Teteke, a cenesu. He's a scientist investigating the mysterious tower by his home village, after running off because even with his poor grasp on history, he knows it doesn't make sense. He is then attacked by a craftkind, which is under orders to retrieve Au, a guardian essence that is bound to him. He flees up the tower, and accidentally activates it, leading to the Director of the the Machine's nearby forces, Unyielding Force, to find Ter's exact location. It also notifies Au, who comes and yells at us a bit. He gives Teteke a wristband of telekinesis, though, which the bird uses to defeat the craftkind. After giving us some exposition which would later be contradicted, Teteke notices a giant hole in space which a Machine ship falls through. Unyielding Force then pulls us away and yells at us. Chapter End.

In Chapter Two, we meet Seilea, a seltwil mage from southfort. She's having a bad dream about the imminent invading machine forces. She wakes up, yells at us, and then Ir shows up, and yells at us. Once he's done expositing, we are interrupted by Truth trying to kill Sei's friend Lesin. Lesin's grandfather got some information from Truth but never held up his end of the bargain, so Truth has been killing his family for generations, now. We help out, and talk to Truth, who manages to not yell at us, which possibly explains why we like him even though he's probably the most villainous character.

Truth reveals that we have no memory since the Thousandfold traded it to him for all his information. Since that is a really awful deal, we still have quite the debt left with him. We use all of it to save Lesin's life, which is apparently an even worse deal, but whatever. Truth heads out.

Sei and Lesin head to Rillford, but they run into Machine seekers on the way, which they are able to laser away. Sei almost dies, but she gets better. They then encounter Teteke dealing with some craftkind, and help out. They then campfire backstorytime. Chapter End!

We get an intermission here where Th exposits a bunch. He tells us he is trying to stop the Empire, since they are terrible now, and Ir pretty much agrees with him. Au is still loyal, though. He also says that anything we do will work to aid his plans.

Then we start Chapter 3 for real with an umbral, Uwix. He is on an adventure with his friend Nyix! They are visiting one of the conduit towers by Nebrios, to see how it's doing after the invasion. Th turns it on. Then a Machine soldier shows up there, Quiet Resolution. He hugs it! This manages to solve everything. Really. Quiet and Uwix go to find Nyix, but she is being attacked by a chaos creature! We call Truth to help us out, and after freaking out and telling us never to get him involved with the Chaos again, manages to send it back. But Nyix needs a doctor or she will die.

Quiet says he can take them to the Machine's base, but we instead suggest meeting with the other party in Rillford. Quiet flies them towards there, but is interrupted when they run into a group of Empire soldiers on Gilde. They capture Quiet, but seeing that he is willing to negotiate, decide to take to him to Zenith, along with Uwix and Nyix, to heal her.

Once they get there, two of the soldiers, Reseri and Tezex get into a fight, and Tezex gets shot because Reseri an unstable psycho, further evidenced by her completely breaking down. Th manages to retcon it so Tezex survives. Everyone decides that here is too crazy, and that they should run away. They go to get Nyix, but run into Opus 20, some kind of mind control robot. After convincing him to go away, Uwix meets Nyix again, and they are able to flee the city, but the soldiers they met stay behind to regroup. Chapter End!

During the end of thread intermission, we talk to Quiet a bit, who has managed to get back to see the Director. He tries to convince her to back down a bit, but when she learns that the towers are already being activated, she orders the firing of the Red Dream.

In chapter for, we head back to the first party with Lesin! He's waiting for Teteke, who went to see a friend of his. We talk at him a bunch about what is going on. It's bad. Teteke gets back, but is followed by Reketi, a fellow scientist who is much less impulsive and better at decision making. They yell at each other a bit, and Teteke tells her about what he learned about the Empire.

After she deals with that a bit, they all head off to their original destination, Azni's house, an umbral friend of Lesin's. She is able to read crystals to get answers on some things, most importantly that the only way to stop the Resonance is by breaking all the towers. Lesin also talks to Azni a bit about her past, when she was magically enchanced to act as a replacement for one of the Empire's Opuses.

They then head to another colleague's of Teteke's, a seltwil named Nel. He supposedly would know how to break a tower. When they meet him, he acts bitter about Lesin being a mage from Southfort, but thankfully no one's tail gets set on fire. He gets some explosives, and joins up with the party, along with Leaf, the tiny guardian essence he made. They meet up with Reketi and Sei, who found a carriage they can use to get to the nearest tower.

They all head off, but encounter a machine soldier along the way. We manage to yell at it enough to make it leave, but it is quickly replaced by a swarm of seekers. Ir comes back, and uses Sei to destroy them and the first tower. Unfortunately, this milestone is also marked by an Empire Ship arriving. Chapter End!

So, yeah. For the actual question you asked? The Empire are bad people, so the Machine was formed to destroy them. At any cost, which also pretty much makes them bad people. They built the Red Dream, then the Empire set up the Resonance. The Machine wants to destroy the Resonance, so they are going to kill everyone on Ter. The Empire doesn't really care about anyone on Ter, so they are going to use them to fire the Resonance. Right now, The Machine has invaded Ter, but is calling it off to fire the Dream. The Empire just now counter invaded, and is ready to use all of it's natives in this fight. We have to break the other eight towers while not getting killed by either side, before either weapon fires. Then, we can convince the Director we aren't a threat, and have the Machine help fight off the Empire.

Character Goals!
Most of the main characters: Stop everyone on Ter from dying. Lesin's really the only one with a goal not related to this now, with his quest against Truth.
Au: Dutifully to protecting Ter, which very much includes it's purpose as a weapon of the Empire.
Ir: Also protecting Ter, but realizes that the Empire basically wants it destroyed.
Th: Realizes the Empire is a blight on the multiverse and wants it stopped.
Force: Wants to protect the Machine at any cost. Which totally includes the absolute destruction of Ter before the Resonance turns on.
Truth: Is a big jerk.

It takes a while to write a post this long! D:
No. 24260 ID: fd6d7e


Awesome recap! Makes me wish for more of Cirr's excellent art and vain attempts to avoid grimdark.
No. 24587 ID: 8d7dd2
File 128656110034.png - (209.97KB , 640x480 , choosedestiny.png )

Choose your destiny, take two.

Votes for characters not included in the picture will be ignored.
No. 24588 ID: c59f60

No. 24589 ID: d677cc

No. 24600 ID: a594b9

Let's stick with Uwix.
No. 24602 ID: abb30a

No. 24607 ID: fd6d7e

No. 24612 ID: 620bfb

No. 24629 ID: 8d7dd2


Har har har. (No.)
No. 24633 ID: 620bfb

In that case, Nyix.
No. 24680 ID: c2c011

Uwix. So we can troll Th or something.
No. 24682 ID: 8d7dd2

Anyone who wants to vote for the next character has until 6 PM GMT (~2 hours from this post) to get in a last-minute vote.

No. 45633 ID: 1e3433

>-Dark? That seems... relatively primitive a concept to latch onto.-
Before light there was dark
Before death there was dark
Before thought there was dark
After all have gone away dark will remain
Dark is the only eternal thing
No. 45635 ID: f61b94


can we just nuke this and pretend I never ran this or any affiliated quests I'd like that to be a thing
No. 45640 ID: 48709e

You know that'll never happen, this quest was your first on tgchan, and people will remember you for it. :)
No. 45645 ID: 1854db

People like this quest. Deal with it B)
No. 45651 ID: ed49a6

Either stop putting things online that you'll later regret, or deal w/it.
No. 45664 ID: 78b9fc

hey guys cirr's nude photos at http://bit.ly/7JJSz8

(I just want to tell you how I'm feeling, gotta make you understand.)
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