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File 126937654645.png - (221.80KB , 1014x640 , another something.png )
13083 No. 13083 ID: 5eedac

I guess this will help organize stuff for the 5 people who care, but hey, maybe we'll get more dudes from this.
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No. 13101 ID: 23ebea

I might look into it later.
No. 13111 ID: 5eedac
File 126946862142.png - (11.72KB , 376x208 , the pilot.png )

I did a shitty update today, so to make up for it, behold! Shitty art of the as of now unnamed pilot. Eventually he'll get a name.

And a lower body.
No. 13112 ID: 8ecfd4

Hopefully more of a head as well. Looks like someone cut off the top of his head like an egg.

I'm liking the quest so far. Not sure where it will go, and there hasn't really happened enough to make for alot of discussion yet. But I think this one might have a future.
No. 13209 ID: 5eedac

He was kind of wearing a helmet in that image, partly because of me not knowing how to use that scribble thing. Still don't, really.

For reference though, yes, he has hair, and needs the top of his head.

Thanks for the kind words about the quest, too.
No. 13399 ID: 5eedac

Word of warning: don't play the new update .mp3 with high volume
No. 13785 ID: 5eedac

I accidentally my computer, so I'm not sure how often updates will come. Hopefully back to the old pace soon.
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