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File 126927495281.png - (64.62KB , 545x438 , Discussions.png )
13038 No. 13038 ID: bf49dc

This is the discussion thread for Blood, Bood Quest, and any other monikers you would care to put on it. Please use it to keep track of any theories, as absurd and unrelated to the current story as you wish, and to-do lists for experiments and supplies, and anything else you could think of, of any relation to the story or world it takes place in. Also may be used for votes, if one is required for any reason.
No. 13039 ID: 632862


The elf waitress is a demon cultist. She applied for a temp job WHEREVER just for the opportunity to kidnap people so that they could be used to summon demons with. The bomb was intended to teleport the victims and the cultist away to another location for safekeeping, but the bomb fragment didn't manage to make the trip completely, allowing Ram to find it. Eiko accidentally witnessed the ceremony and was killed for it.

Ram is fueled by demonic energy. Thankfully the energy he's getting is of a type that is not inherently malicious. Some types of demons aren't inherently evil, after all. It only makes sense that some Blood mages aren't evil.
No. 13044 ID: 1ac39d

like legion in hat/rune/alchemy quest!
No. 13054 ID: 632862

Oh yeah, also... apparently we the suggesters exist as some sort of entity in this quest.

My guess? Demons whispering to Ram via his connection to the demonic plane. Though I suppose we could also be previous Blood Mages, speaking to him from beyond the grave.
No. 13055 ID: 611d21

I call it Blood of Blood: Blood Blood 2. :3

I still don't get why Ram didn't notice any oddities when bringing her back to life. You'd think that sort of magical intimacy would have him realize something was amiss.
No. 13069 ID: 8ecfd4

Maybe she is really good at changing shape into a goblin.

I'm wondering how previous blood mages managed to do so much damage. I mean Rams abilities would be a fucking terror in close combat since he only needs to touch you and you're dead. But other mages could attack him from afar and immmoblise him then drop 10 tons of bricks on him. So then how do blood mages become such a threat? Can they use blood to fuel normal magical spells and shit or do they just use their immortality to learn all magics?
No. 13070 ID: 1ac39d

does Ram have to touch them or just a part of him? could he prick his finger and set up a blood trap of some kind?
No. 13071 ID: 632862

Well they can regenerate themselves fairly easily... I think that when Ram gets more skilled though he'll be able to use ANY power from ANY distance. Like Heartsbane except even worse.
No. 13103 ID: bf49dc

I said something, it has a much wider definition~
No. 13105 ID: 632862

Oh. Then I guess we could just be voices in his head, because he's crazy.
No. 13146 ID: bf49dc

rolled 44 = 44

Errh, I guess that could count as a thing, yeah.
No. 13150 ID: 632862

From the way you phrased that, it sounds like that's not actually the case! Both my guesses are incorrect... So I guess I'm stumped. Maybe I'll ask Ram later, though I doubt I'd get an answer that easily.
No. 14682 ID: 7524b0

We should ask Ram more about his parents.
No. 15132 ID: a594b9

Re-reading the archives... Ram said something about 'configurations' that give mages their natural talent. It must be somehow randomly generated, so then what makes a Blood mage so rare? What kind of configuration is it exactly? I'm imagining like a pattern etched in someone's soul.

What kind of configuration would a Blood Mage have? It must be either very complex or require exact precision.
No. 15134 ID: 1ac39d

simultaneous high lvl destruction and creation.
No. 15160 ID: 0b2a05

That is... incredibly accurate. Especially the first part.
No. 22073 ID: 0b2a05

Sorry for the delay... stuff happened.
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