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File 156175269926.jpg - (1.73MB , 3024x3024 , E8CF5AE2-558C-4B25-A831-8C4A9B5B9CBF.jpg )
129781 No. 129781 ID: 34fb21

This board is for RebelQuest, WraithQuest, and any future quests made by Chronos_the_Rebel or as my new new EtherealNexus
Use this board for any questions pertaining to my quests for my characters or me
If you wish to use any character please ask
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No. 129782 ID: 34fb21

Here is my color coding scheme for any of those wondering
Blue means that comments can interact
Green means objective
Other colors may be added as I continue the quests
No. 129786 ID: 706014

I spent like forty minutes trying to write this in a way that wasn't rude, before I realized it was impossible. So I would like to apologize beforehand for this.

I think you've already said you're new here? Well not so very long ago I was too. Still am, really. This is a strange culture you've stumbled upon here, and it's gonna take you awhile to figure out how to navigate it. But to help a little bit, I've got a few pieces of advice. Ignore them at your discretion.

The subject field, and it's use, is a little complex. But I would strongly suggest not using the subject field in threads that are not your own unless you have something very important to say. It's a bit like shouting, it draws a lot of attention, and that's not considered polite to do on other people's threads.

The second thing is succinctness, try to keep your posts focused, and to the point on other people's threads. So far as I've seen, it looks like you're pretty good at this, but I thought I'd mention it.

Third, last, and actually a question: is the lack of punctuation in your posts purposeful? I sort of assume it's just because you're working from mobile, and it's a bit harder to do from a mobile device. But, and this is just my opinion, it does make your quest kinda hard to read. Where things start and stop is unclear, it's hard to tell when a character is talking, sometimes I actually don't know what's happening, all that. Punctuation, if you are unused to it, is tricky to get the hang of, trust me, as a dyslexic, when I say I empathize. But I emplore you, practice it a little bit. Good punctuation is one of the most important aspects of any writing.

Now I'll say it again, I'm really sorry for being so obtuse. I don't mean to come off so punitive as I do, I mean for this to be helpful in the future, not a reprimand for the past. Social interaction is not my strong suit on so many levels, so I'm afraid all I can do is paint myself a big fat meanie and apologize afterwards.

Just know that I wouldn't be writing any of this if I didn't care. I don't want to scare you off, or make you feel bad; I just want to help you function in this weird community to whatever extent I can. Because this is a weird community. Seriously. I don't really understand it, but it's fun, and honestly the people here, most of them, they're really nice at heart, even though they might come off as austere or sardonic. So just keep going, learn from mistakes but don't let them deter you, and most of all; do your thing. It's not worth it to run a quest if you don't have fun or get satisfaction from it.

That was long winded, and I'm feeling emotional now (much as I ever do at least), so I'll stop cluttering your thread.

Sorry, and good luck.
No. 129787 ID: 34fb21

No problem in fact I myself have the same problem I have a mental disorder known as Asperger’s syndrome of which makes it hard for me to identify social queues of which can cause problems anyways I decided to maybe move off the dimension hopping and more into some other aspects like species I was very excited about using this website for I have a very extensive imagination of which entire ecosystems and ways of life constantly cycle into being so I think instead of jumping into the complex narrative and forgotten legend of chronos I’d work on something simpler WraithQuest check it out if you have the time
No. 129788 ID: 34fb21

Oh and thanks for the suggestions I do have a computer I may try to make drawings on it but unfortunately I have no drawing tablet and so I suck at draw on computers by hand and with pencils give me 10 to 20 minutes I’ll draw you a character
No. 129789 ID: 34fb21

And so because I prefer to use paper and pencil I use my phone
No. 129790 ID: 34fb21

Hey maybe I will make you your own character give me a preferred weapon and one or two abilities you wish for
No. 129791 ID: 34fb21

Red is a warning and/or a last chance to inspect or interact with a scene
White is a direct interaction with the other to the “players”
No. 129792 ID: c5dec0

That is an offer I absolutely can't pass up. Thank you sincerely my dude.

If we're talking fantasy weapons, then I would go with a shortsword designed to pierce armor, large quillions for catching blows, and a stout, sharp blade for slashing or thrusting.

Abilities would be the Shinobi art of stealth, and dirty melee techniques.
No. 129793 ID: 34fb21
File 156186646971.jpg - (2.16MB , 4032x3024 , A8D274F4-0E53-4B38-A3DA-34B3B9C92038.jpg )

Four minutes and 31 seconds give or take
I present Spades
After one too many drunken brawls the man finally lost something his legs after meeting some within a similar situation losing their left arm and right eye was able to get prosthetics known to carry around a drink or two
The Bard
The shadow bard
Carries around a giant clawed glove to effectively hide contraband in uses a plasma sword with built in Gatling gun
No. 129795 ID: f5a505

Damn, that's pretty cool. The lithe physique is well done. Thank you.

I take it that extensive, large-scale bionics and prosthetics are your thing? You seem well practiced in drawing them.
No. 129796 ID: 34fb21

Actually I’m more practiced in weapons and armor so mechanical prosthetics is a new thing but I got the hang of it quickly
No. 129797 ID: 34fb21

I went and essentially made a one way conversation with death and a wraith
occidere omnes
pascere vindice anima
ostende eis ira tua
loqui puer meus
loquere tu, inmortuos
quid est, quod vos quaerere
ego mortem
Some reapers just like to speak in traditional Latin Irish death sire doesn’t
No. 129800 ID: 2ec4f9

Just a small suggestion; while I definitely appreciate the insight you provide in the white posts, perhaps it would be beneficial to sort of slowly reveal stuff as we go? Like, scatter lore around and have the universe slowly illuminated to the audience. It seems you've put a lot of work into your lore, so gradually introducing stuff in a natural way (i.e. finding texts with written history, obscure word of mouth accounts, passing information given by the protagonist, etc.) might help give it depth. You know, have it be a process of discovery for the suggesters.
No. 129802 ID: 34fb21

I am but note we are a Wraith so I give them that lore readily these are things they need to know note I haven’t even revealed the name of the planet you are on
No. 129803 ID: 34fb21

But I do have a plan there are other species I’ve created and was planning to introduce and other secrets having to do with lore which yes will be slowly introduced to the reader
No. 129873 ID: 34fb21
File 156253712371.jpg - (3.13MB , 4032x3024 , 9F8687F9-41D7-4765-BFE5-2F13F9936F63.jpg )

The Cloaked man
The Cloaked Maniac
The Ceaseless Mechanic
The Chaotic Master
The Clockwork Mechanic
The Clockwork Master
norhoCs acahMin
No. 129874 ID: 34fb21
File 156253729851.jpg - (3.23MB , 4032x3024 , 5656E0AA-C93E-4490-8875-53A462E4469D.jpg )

Become king of rage
become the the lord of rage
Become the embodiment of rage of vengeance
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