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File 155605833954.png - (2.96KB , 314x314 , thelegendaryAT.png )
129222 No. 129222 ID: e715fe

Alright so I started a quest and it's presented in roguelike fashion. It's just now getting to the character generation phase, but I might as well link to the actual tabletop system the mechanics will be (mostly) based on.


Warrior, Rogue, & Mage!

All the relevant stuff will come up when it's time, though. So you don't need to go digging. I'm also adding my own twists to it as I go.
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No. 129224 ID: b1b4f3

1d6+stat with exploding dice? Seems high variance.
No. 129225 ID: e715fe

I'm going to go ahead and say that only the player's dice can explode, so there won't be any giant rats critting for 17 damage and one shotting the player.

Though that would be very much in roguelike aesthetic.
No. 129245 ID: a9af05

You gave us a choice for name and gender, but what about our race? Is the default going to be human or are humans the only race?
No. 129251 ID: e715fe

The first run is human, and maybe that can change during play. There's lots of possibilities with Tha Dunge, and I'm interested in exploring a lot of them. It's not just a roguelike, because, well... I can make stuff up! The other side of the coin is, I don't want to overextend for what is ultimately my first quest that might actually go anywhere.

TGChan and its quests has a very good history of having a variety of creative and cool original races, after all.

Maybe there will be a side dunge thread down the way too. I dunno. Also race choice might not really matter so much for, like, going into a dungeon and killing and looting stuff. Elf, Orc, Dwarf, Goblin, Sergal, Cyral, Tezakian, Umbral, Lohrke, Tozol. They're all still @ in the end.
No. 129252 ID: 977456

Tha Dunge: Where it's @!
No. 129253 ID: 0fae41

And @mtsvane!
No. 129258 ID: 8eaf98

Neumono when =P
No. 129259 ID: e715fe

Probably after Leferran
No. 129260 ID: 977456

Nooo, nothing furry. Mammals are for losers, and Neumono are close enough. You really want to clog the dungeon with fur and hair? You ever try getting that stuff out of a drain? Dunge versus Bag foreverer!
No. 129261 ID: a9af05

>Mammals are for losers
Got it, no humans or things with fur. Then how about reptilians? They've got scales instead of fur!
No. 129267 ID: 58b4f3

Since our current character is a human, which is a mammal, does that make all of us losers? That is what you're trying to say, isn't it?
No. 129275 ID: e715fe
File 155648930950.png - (3.57KB , 639x345 , -7 hp.png )

No. 129276 ID: a9af05

All right, new high score!
No. 129337 ID: 977456

Well, I didn't want to say anything b-
*dies instantly of starvation from a sudden need to locate an "any" key*

Do we know how carrying capacity works? Does the universe at large actually notice if we are wearing a backpack? We have huge warrior guts muscles, let us use the cart instead!
No. 129373 ID: e715fe

The way I'm thinking, for the purposes of this quest, going without a backpack would limit you to 26 items labelled a to z.
The backpack extends this to having uppercase labels, A to Z. Technically 51 items total since the backpack takes up a lowercase item slot.
No. 129423 ID: e715fe

There might be a few days before I can update again. Don't hiatus the thread but I'll have to work on getting back to it after taking care of some life stuff.
No. 129812 ID: 202e04

I'm sorta improvising the hunger and light mechanics in this. They do not make sense according to the time scale of whatever arbitrary amount the turn is measured in in relation to space traveled. But I mean, I'll probably tweak it later.
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