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File 126864162536.jpg - (191.82KB , 1600x1600 , frogcommando.jpg )
12656 No. 12656 ID: e2020c

It became a new quest - The quest discussion thread
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No. 12658 ID: e2020c
File 126864305725.jpg - (18.35KB , 341x329 , Pistol.jpg )

The pistol is cybernetic. The glossy ball in the handle is a fish eye camera and it looks for targets to aim at. This function becomes handy when the commando looses his consciousness or is otherwise in delay. The pistol informs the arm of the targets from its point of view and the computer fires automatically when it has moved the arm in a correct position. This precision saves ammos and fastens reactions.

The pistol is in many ways better than the assault rifle. Both weapons can shoot without a soldier holding them in hand, because of their advanced targeting and firing systems. The assault rifle is a bulk weapon and doesn't come with the cybernetic aim system, instead it has to be manually aimed.
No. 12815 ID: e2020c
File 126885793934.jpg - (48.43KB , 400x400 , toadlog_1.jpg )


It's been enough difficult to start a quest on tgchan. Now that I'm trying to win some time by enthusiastic reader democracy, or some sort of wingybingy character election, which is a good help to framing the plot really, I'm getting to taste of drastic prospects in digital painting. I found my 500 page Anatomy Drawing Course and immedeately started its study, I also started reading a manual of drawing by an artist and then I will explore the Mecca of digital art and several other digipainting forums online for cool enhancements. See, dear readers, this never was meant to be just a great quest by an ex-DM, but also an incredible opportunity to develop new skill in digital art.

For the quest, I've already the chapter in mind. I made a moral paper for questing it, but without fail it's going to be just like in the business presentations at the uni - I'll just use that plan paper as some sort of a geisha fan variant or gaze lock and crumble under the brainstorm of my self-fabricating mind... to gain a temporary hold of my wallowing mania.

Something about the main character specialization. I've figured out something about how these different paths might open up after the initial chapter. They're going to go different life paths at the least. I have no idea what they will be but something as suitable as my quest maker potential allows me to do. Heck, for a brief moment, while talking with my cousin about my Starcraft 2 Beta experiences and crossing the subject of roaches and Starship Troopers I had an "excellent" idea of implementing gaint space bugs in Frognarok as a "side effect" from the players possible actions as electricians or spies. That's just a stupendous idea. Gradually running out of blood and experiencing consciousness black outs during combat as a commando will cover all flaws in the plot! Yeah!
No. 12820 ID: 5eedac

No. 12883 ID: e2020c
File 126900174882.jpg - (69.55KB , 900x900 , sb_valkyrie.jpg )

The assault shuttle 'Valkyrie' and its numerous variants are the spine of frog space assault tactics. These stealthy ships are equiped with the Fae engines which make it even more difficult to notice them before it's too late. Valkyrie's stealth field equipment makes it impossible to notice in the battle by any toad scanner. Valkyrie's crew includes two pilots and a cybernetic frog commando team, which numbers from seven to eleven. Because of the stealth properties, the ship isn't armed with incredible firepower like the frog fighters or capital ships. The ship brings down capital ships. It does this by closing in the target to a drop distance and then jettisoning the space suited commando team on the surface of the target ship. With luck, the raid on the ship will surprise the enemy and damage or even disable its ability to take part in the battle.

Valkyrie's operating range is a quarter width of a solar system. They are equiped with advanced recycling and life support systems as well as cryogenic capsules.

*corrected some mistakes
No. 13167 ID: e2020c
File 126959393579.jpg - (66.81KB , 1010x900 , toadlog_2.jpg )


inspired by Massive Attack - Teardrop

My quest does suck... Doesn't it? It can't be replied to. It's just line. Whay, Whay.. Wyh? What can I do to make it work? I do admit that the boarding stuff was crappy. How the svuck did they push the round metal plate against the air pressure inside? Was it a vacuum corridor? Ultrastrong magnetising pulses from their magnetic beams with which they grapple the ship's hull from the Valkyrie's airlock? How did they not get blown with hot molten metal caused by the plasma cutters?? Are Icarus' and Picard's space suits heat proof?

Then... why only this one guy seems interested in the quest? No one asks anything, so maybe it's quest gravetime. I don't know. I have some time to put to tgchan. Maybe enough to follow Golem quest and/or Nahala, and one or two others time to time, or make my own quest. It's more fun to start painting again when you have it loosely tied to something. It's pretty boring to just paint images of toads, yeah, more boring to paint over pictures of them - or doing random fantasy related stuff. I'm interested in making Art, consciousness-flipping, mind-mixing. But I'm no artist.
No. 13174 ID: 34470e

Well, it may be because you didn't finish your last post. It cuts off at >where the corridor seems to

I like it, and It seems it'll be interesting once things really start rolling.
No. 13178 ID: 3b6c92

Unless you hit on something "brilliant," which seems to basically come down to luck, or have a preexisting fanbase due to a prior successful work, building up readers is essentially a matter of time. If you don't catch too many people's eyes at the beginning, there's usually a fairly disheartening stretch not long after where your readers are countable on half of one hand -- and there's no telling how long this will last before things start to pick up a bit. Just hang in there and don't get too down on yourself; most of the quest authors have had to go through this (with the established exceptions of people whose names alone are good enough to launch a quest and those who got lucky).
No. 13179 ID: 3b6c92

If it helps, I'll start reading this thing too.
No. 13222 ID: 950529

Hey bro, I dont read your quest, but I fucking love it
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