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File 154080522151.jpg - (7.00KB , 240x240 , mspfa icon.jpg )
126253 No. 126253 ID: 3501a4

Hey so, there's this site MSPFA, that was originally created off of the Forum Adventure board (a forum adventure is basically the same as a quest in all ways that matter) on the MSPA forums. It was made to hold quests in a streamlined format without any of the discussion or commands separating updates. The MSPA forums shut down in 2016, but MSPFA has stayed up.

The reason I'm saying this is because i want to offer to mirror anyone's quests who would like that. There's pros and cons, some quests lose a lot without their surrounding discussion, but its a source of readers, so it might be worth it.

Here's someone else's mirror of Nan Quest as an example https://mspfa.com/?s=23588&p=1

If you have any questions, ask them, tbh i havent really thought very much about this other than i want to do it, so it would be good to hash out how its going to work.

I made this thread in the General Discussion board but i felt like probably not many people would see it there, so I asked if I could make it here.
No. 126255 ID: 2007b6

How would you handle text-only quests?
No. 126266 ID: 38ab47

Text-only quests wouldn't need to be handled differently, its not required to have images on MSPFA. I'd put each post of an update on a new page, unless you soecified otherwise.
No. 128593 ID: a451fc

Mirroring D3 sounds fine to me! As long as I'm credited with creating it then it seems ok.
No. 128596 ID: c81ec8

Hey man, if you want to mirror The Path of a Hero or The Brothers Grim, than I'd absolutely take up that offer.

Do whatever you like with those two. I'd appreciate being credited, and I'd ask that you link tgchan (we could use more readers). But other than that, do as you see fit.

You would have my gratitude.
No. 128606 ID: 3d62c8

Seeing this get bumped, I just realised I never actually said anything here. I'm tempted but I've had trouble with getting the login to work (using Firefox with NoScript and AdBlock on Windows 10) even after permitting the site.
No. 128607 ID: b8ca3a

I asked the owner of the site, and they said they could debug it in the console while in DMs with you, but theres probably no easy fix. You can talk to them in this discord https://discord.gg/EC5acgG their username is Grant Gryczan.
No. 129585 ID: 891b91

What is MSPFA's policy on adult content? I'm down for mirroring my quests, but Dead Dust and Arzfayz Amazing Adventure Quest both have sexual content and there's at least a passing chance that Flora might have some as well; so I dunno if they would be allowed on there.
No. 129588 ID: 8275cf

I'm alright with any of my quests getting mirrored
No. 129612 ID: f57349

Likewise, always good to have another off-site backup.
No. 129615 ID: 04ca3e

I've checked, and the rules regarding NSFW content are that the first page and thumbnail can't have any, it needs to be tagged as such, and there needs to be a warning on the first page, but nothing is actually strictly prohibited, as long as those requirements are fulfilled.

Could you say what your quests are please?
No. 129622 ID: afdebc

>Could you say what your quests are please?
Here's their author pages, which link their quests.

No. 129636 ID: f57349

Actually, long as we're on the subject, I've got an ongoing quest which doesn't seem to be listed on the wiki yet. https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/933987.html
No. 129641 ID: 0fae41

It is now.
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