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File 154041445407.png - (297.77KB , 1039x709 , D3Quest-Slight Return Discussion.png )
126175 No. 126175 ID: a451fc

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/D3:_Slight_Return

I should've done this sooner.
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No. 128952 ID: a451fc
File 155442288136.png - (2.10MB , 1039x3337 , TrainingwiDaisy.png )

No. 128954 ID: eeb7d9

This was absolutely a thing that we needed.
No. 128977 ID: d3602f

There is only one way to respond to this: create a C# in the same form, and trick her into looking at it.
No. 128980 ID: a451fc

I love going back through a thread and finding out I somehow completely screwed up not just the spelling of a word, or a part of the image, but somehow completely left out a huge chunk of the writing and didn't notice until week later. I don't suppose there's a way to edit text is there?
No. 128981 ID: 465a14

Ask a moderator. I recommend popping over to IRC. Short of that, no.
No. 128989 ID: 5fc3a0

You can ask in IRC, but you can also report your own post(s) for significant mistakes. Just explain the changes you'd like and supply links to updated images if required. A mod will then get to it, eventually.
No. 129011 ID: c47c5d

How long until Flint finally dies to Scurvy?
No. 129012 ID: 903d21

He's gonna eat a apple he'll be fiiiiiiine
No. 129088 ID: 7270f3
File 155502654048.jpg - (235.01KB , 898x910 , Gunslinger Flagellum.jpg )

This was originally supposed to be a demon for Rascals Mom, but instead turned into my meager attempt at fan art
No. 129089 ID: a451fc

I love how this looks, and it's completely plausible with Roland's new ability. This was something I imagined would happen at some point in the original D3 before the reboot.

You're Rascal's original creator right? Do you think you have anything to add to her character now that she's in a new setting?
No. 129101 ID: 7270f3

Anything to add ? Well I dunno... for me part of the fun of making a character for someone else setting is seeing what they do with them, and seeing Rascal in Slight Return has been great!

Off the top of my head, the only thing I can think of is that her Moms name is "Rhodi", short for Rhodina
No. 129103 ID: eeb7d9

The last imagen was pretty disturbing. Don't do that again please.
No. 129106 ID: a451fc
File 155512234725.png - (117.45KB , 701x675 , Roland Bust.png )

Don't worry, different style Roland isn't real. He can't hurt you
No. 129107 ID: ad51b8

yeah I got a random question for you. You know how demon society kinda ranks power and importance based off how many eyes something has? If we used red aura to make a bunch of eyes and used blue aura to actually see through them would that do anything? Or would it just let Rol have a wider range of vision and maybe spook some demons by making him look like he has more eyes and more intimidating, like when animals puff themselves up to look larger to scare off other animals?
No. 129109 ID: c47c5d
File 155512392714.png - (644.62KB , 1558x1064 , 155286449680[1].png )

I also have a question, of all animals and demons, are Ilywurms in a higher ranking than goblins and imps? They're in the middle class of "being a devil"?
No. 129110 ID: a451fc

Certain demons might be fooled, but not all of them. Some do understand how Aether energy and aura manipulation works so they won't all be fooled.

The eye hierarchy ,or eyerarchy if you think you're funny, really only applies to demons sapient enough to care about it. Ilywurms are more animal like so they really don't have any class. Some higher demons do enjoy insulting demons like Imps or Goblins with the idea that more bestial demons are still worth more than them because they have more eyes. Also the eye scale is: 0-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-, So 2 eyes isn't really "middle class".
No. 129111 ID: ad51b8

do "upper class" demons ever come to the mortal world or are they content to stay in their world since they're already at the top so don't really have a reason to leave their cushy life... at least I assume upper demons live cushier lives then lower demons.
No. 129112 ID: a451fc

High demons certainly do live cushier lives not having to worry about being hunted by something stronger. They will,at certain times, leave the Aether to either deal with certain humans or hunt them. Some types of demons have an appetite for human flesh, and almost all high demons like eating humans more than anything else.
No. 129121 ID: d3602f

Different styled Wick makes me think of Snake from Metal Gear.
No. 129141 ID: b9170f

Love Roland's mummy arms he is the the king of the Mummies now
No. 129147 ID: 4294c6

How do "Briareus", "Cottus", or "Gyges" sound for Roland's aura arms? They're the names of the hecatoncheires, hundred-handed giants from Greek mythology.
No. 129148 ID: a451fc

They make sense thematically for having multiple arms, like calling it the Asura mode or the Shiva mode. Personally though, I still enjoy the musical references for abilities. Also it seems everyone's in agreement that the way Pagan's have their own names in their abilities is dumb, but for some reason I love doing it.

Also Shaman you should have suggested it in the quest instead of the discussion, I didn't see it when I updated.
No. 129149 ID: 91ee5f

>Also it seems everyone's in agreement that the way Pagan's have their own names in their abilities is dumb, but for some reason I love doing it.
Then keep doing it! Don’t let us complaining about it discourage you from doing that!

Also, we’re eventually gonna have Roland call them out on doing that and I want to hear their reasoning on why them doing that isn’t dumb.
No. 129152 ID: d3602f

I don't really have any problem with it, it's just another quirk in the world. A quirk that Roland may play the straight man to.
No. 129159 ID: 5ba090

Here's a complete mirror of D3:SR up to the current point for anyone who wants to read it https://mspfa.com/?s=29648&p=1, starting at episode 0.
Ep 1 starts at page 78
Ep 2 starts at page 197
Ep 3 starts at page 392
Ep 4 starts at page 508
Ep 5 starts at page 623
Ep 6 starts at page 710

Fun fact: In-story, only 5 days have passed since D3 began. Each episode covers only a single day, except for episode 5 which is a single night.
No. 129160 ID: d3602f

Can't wait for Daisy and Wick to find out how long we've had magic.
No. 129165 ID: 91ee5f

It’s like Roland is a prodigy or something!
No. 129167 ID: d3602f

I just thought of something. If we chose to do the dodging challenge against Daisy first, and we had temperaments explained to us, how would we have completed her other challenge without Blue? What if we had wanted to go with some other combination?
No. 129168 ID: a451fc

Your temperament dictates what areas your aura works best, not the only places it can work. Channeling energy to the eye to sense things is still possible but with the Blue temperament it's easier, and other applications of it are possible in conjunction with the rest of your aura colors. Each color of aura has a much more minor application to it, with Green for example it's possible to relieve minor fatigue or aches with the proper techniques, and with Red it helps with the building of muscle and physical toughness in small increments. Of course these are harder to do and take extra time to practice and some people tend to be weak in certain areas.
No. 129169 ID: b1b4f3
File 155566046423.png - (383.50KB , 1024x576 , 100-type Concerto.png )

Roland at level 999.
No. 129173 ID: d3602f

Vol was worried this day would come. The day his brother in arms would get drunk on aura and decide to make it his goal to high five everyone. Human, mutant, demon, angel, or god. Five fingers, ten, or one. Two hands, four, or none. It matters not to the One Who Commands the Sea of the Red Hands, for all shall be high fived in the end. No world is prepared. You can only hope that he decides to give you an up high, instead of the dreaded down low. Pity upon those who are too slow, for no one can save them.

(If we get that many we should call it Caesura Symphony)
No. 129177 ID: eeb7d9

Experience C A E S U R A.
No. 129208 ID: 5ba090

Is Stuck in a cell canon
No. 129262 ID: 7f9773
File 155634822639.png - (716.85KB , 1000x1000 , unknown[1].png )

I'm sure that Indigo was petrified more times that he can count.
No. 129349 ID: a9af05

Heretic, I can't believe you posted something as lewd as fingerbanging without putting it behind spoilers!
No. 129351 ID: d3602f

I just imagined Roland just walking up to Nolan, acting all serious, than doing that gesture while making a bunch of "pew pew" noises. For, like, ten seconds before stopping.
No. 129360 ID: a9af05

Nolan was an assassin, right? What kind of assassin was he?

Was he loud and proud or was he silent but deadly?
No. 129361 ID: 91ee5f

>Was he loud and proud or was he silent but deadly?
Did...did you just make a fart joke?
No. 129362 ID: eeb7d9

I am positive that that was a fart joke.
No. 129367 ID: a9af05

Can you blame me? Nolan has wind powers! It's not that hard to make fart jokes about him!
No. 129369 ID: a451fc

I'm cancelling D3 Slight Return. This all your fault.
No. 129372 ID: 4e16f6

Finally we can sacrifice the pleb "D3 Slight Return' for the patrician "Stuck in a cell".
No. 129374 ID: 972422

This training arc is giving me the impression that Pagans have a complex, in-depth system for developing their own unique magical powers, and everyone else just gets one power depending on the circumstances.

Personally, I don't think this is a good idea. It's very interesting to have a magic system that lets us try and deduce how someone's abilities work and think up imaginative ways to counter them, and also lets us develop new abilities of our own, but I don't think it should be something that only one faction has. It just seems unbalanced that way.

I noticed that something like this happeend with the original version of the quest, with Gallows being able to summon a variety of demons and also learning other spells he could cast using his blood, while other magic users were given one specific ability that went along certain themes. It looked like you were moving away from this in the reboot, with the whole "making a pact with a demon to share their powers" thing which gave Pagans more specific powers, but now there's this whole system with Aetherial auras and temperament and everything which is totally different from how things worked before. It's all fun and interesting to have a system like that for magic fights, but I don't think it should be something that only Pagans have.

Speaking of which, I also don't like the idea that sharing Vol's powers was "doing it wrong". We've already spent a while seeing Roland's magic slowly develop that way, and the way we're basically starting over makes that seem kind of pointless. Not entirely, but somewhat.
No. 129375 ID: a451fc

Thank you for voicing your criticism on how Pagan magic was handled.

I've been thinking about the same thing you've stated with Pagans having too many abilities at once, I intended for Pagans to use every part of their Temperament in tandem to make one overall ability. Wick's main thing is Get Wicked and Daisy has Daisy Chain and even though they have multiple abilities the best way for them to be used effectively is if they're all being used together to essentially make one specific power. I did it because I was worried about making Pagan magic and Saint magic too similar, so I decided to go with Pagans needing to work with their aura and getting a small variety of more limited abilities they'd have to learn to make into a full power. Sorry if I didn't handle it well, but at this point I can't really change it too much. You're also right about the Vol situation, poorly handled.

I do think it's a little unfair to say that only one faction get's this when I haven't introduced Voodoo or Church magic in full yet, but you have made me think about how I'll handle the magic of Voodoo Users and The Church. Sorry if there were issues you had I didn't understand well. Thank you for telling me what you thought.

I also have a Curiouscat if anyone wants to ask questions. https://curiouscat.me/KrylonHeretic
No. 129386 ID: 8d4593

I personally think your magic systems make sense, but I take issue with the saints you've introduced so far.

First off power level. It seems obvious that their powers should be the most limited in scope of all the types, but from what we've seen, it's not particularly powerful either.
From a purely meta perspective options are equivalent to power. To balance a magic system with vastly fewer options than another, the options it does have should be vastly more potent.

There's also some potential here that isn't being tapped.
I feel like saint's relationships with their angels should play a larger role. I mean one day you suddenly have a magical second personality chilling inside you. It could potentially do a ton of different things. Talk, argue, banter, berate, vie for control, cause hallucinations, alter perceptions in real time, Manifest itself (To just you or perhaps near you for all to see.), Play with your emotions, mess with your dreams, take over your body and when you go to sleep causing you to effectively live a second life, comment snarkily on things you do, obtrusively share it's opinions on the company you keep, make you suddenly say mean or embarrassing things to people, force you to inadvertently get into fights, take control of a single body part when your distracted, use it's magic when you aren't expecting it for whatever reason. The list goes on.
No. 129388 ID: a9af05

>Saint's relationships with their angels
Yeah, like the better they get along with each other, the Saint's ability becomes stronger.
No. 129389 ID: eeb7d9

That sounds good, a good way to make character progress with the Saints, given how picky Angels are. Gaining favor from them sounds great.
No. 129390 ID: 5ba090

These ideas remind me of Paranatural.
Which isn't a bad thing.
No. 129391 ID: a451fc

I definitely planned on fleshing out the relationships between the Saint and Angel, mostly with Troy and Gemini. These are all great ideas though.
No. 129392 ID: d3602f

Feel like the two need to be more in tune for it to work, rather than earning favors. Most people don't want to die, and angels are probably no different, so the only reasons I can think of that an angel wouldn't give all their power to their Saint would be
1. They hate their Saint enough that they would keep their power from them even if it's a danger to themselves
Or 2. They can't actively increase their Saint's power. I do feel like it might be interesting to make some Saints capable of hijacking angels without relating to the angel if they have enough willpower. You know, to justify a Saint being a terrible person without an Angel needing to be. Not to say there aren't angels who are psychotic assholes.

That last part with the arms, anyone have any ideas about that? Does Channing have some kind of corpse manipulating angel?
No. 129402 ID: 8d4593

Maybe, but that could be some Voodoo shit. In the old D3 Voodoo powers were typically all grim and wacky. Controlling corpses or just the limbs thereof would be thematically correct for it. If Voodoo in Slight Return maintains it's Deal-With-The-Devil aesthetic in regards to Loa as well, that would also fit what we know about Channing's personality.
No. 129412 ID: 524154
File 155771475801.png - (674.44KB , 936x810 , Heavy Loadout.png )

(Is fan art of a fan character fan art?)

More attempts at fan art, this time Gwyneth

Shes having a bit of a rough day
No. 129415 ID: d3602f

Geeze, how heavy is that thing?
No. 129419 ID: 419ea7

That is super cool! I kinda wanna see this happen now, dang.
No. 129421 ID: a9af05

What happens when you feed your demon arm too much food? This.
No. 129425 ID: b8a0ce

By the Mods, Heretic, if you update any faster it'll be faster than I can read. You're making me feel slow.

And I'm saying this now, because I haven't before, you're really running a great quest here. The setting in particular is immensely interesting, and the characters, regardless of role, all have amazing depth. Kudos and luck to you. (As if you need either.)
No. 129428 ID: 972422

Well, I don't really have a problem with the number of different things Roland could do with his aura. Like I said, that's an interesting system and could allow for a lot of fun and creative decision-making. My main issue was just that it was something only a specific subset of the world's "magic users" could actually work with. I can tell you're going for a Hunter X Hunter-style "spirit energy" system where fighters can use it to enhance their strength and speed and do a variety of other simple things in addition to their own special power, and I like that idea but I think it would be better if magic users in general could do it, or something like it.

On that note, it doesn't seem all that in-theme for Pagans. Their main concept seems to be dealing with demons and relating to them, and a system based on harnessing their own personal energy and developing techniques around it doesn't reflect that very closely. There was that legend about all of their energy coming from Athmoor, but still.

>I did it because I was worried about making Pagan magic and Saint magic too similar
I didn't see it that way beforehand, and I don't think it was a problem. All of the magic users we've seen gained their powers from spirits in various ways, but they all have their own different relationships with spirits nonetheless.

>Sorry if I didn't handle it well, but at this point I can't really change it too much. You're also right about the Vol situation, poorly handled.
Well, we've really only heard Flint's opinion on the matter. He prefers to train people a certain way, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the only "right" way to use demon magic, or that the legends we've heard are the whole truth. Other Pagans might see things differently.
No. 129429 ID: eeb7d9

I agree, and i think you still have time to make your power/abilities systems more flexible if you so desire. Pagans had a lot of ways to fight in the original D3, you can still do that.
Vol only knew some runes, but other demons might know more, and depending of the phisical and mental capability of the pagan, they can use more runes simultainiusly and even combine them, just like thier aura. Or the more powerful is the demon or the pagan, their abilities can grow further.
I don't know, i'm just throwing ideas.
No. 129433 ID: 7dc36a

In theory, anyone could have access to Pagan magic, but I wouldn't be surprised if angels use its energy as their source as well.

Actually, I've been getting into this quest because I find Pagan magic, and the magic systems in general, be a really good metaphor for how to cope in a hard world. Pagan magic is about self-improvement and independence, and Pagans tend to compete with each other to improve. Saint magic is about obedience to a higher power, and the Church, or at least the Channing gang, functions by recruiting vulnerable people into their ranks.

I was thinking about what would happen if multiple angels were to host in the same Saint.
It's literally having lightning to strike multiple times in the same spot, but having someone act like an unhinged Quest protag was amusing to think about.
No. 129442 ID: eeb7d9

That is is a interesting way of seeing magic in the Quest. I didn't thought about it that way.

And the idea of having rare cases of multiple angels in one body sounds chaotic but interesting, like having multiple demonic runes. It could come with multiple pros and cons, making the system fair but powerful.
No. 129454 ID: 972422

Actually, I see how it could have been an issue in the original D3Quest, where Gallows had an increasingly long list of demons which he could summon with the right ingredients, as well as several different spells he could cast at will. Having that many powers at once isn't necessarily bad, but it didn't seem to fit the kind of story the author was going for; it left Gallows without a "special technique" of his own. I noticed that we were already drifting away from that as the quest went on, with him trading away his ability to summon some demons in order to power up his others, and all the other Pagans we saw tended to specialize in much narrower and more distinctive areas.

The current system is a good one. It also lets an aura user do a lot of different things, but they're all based on certain basic principles so it's still about using powers creatively, and since there's a system for developing techniques we can figure out how an opponent's skills work and plan around them.

Now that I look back, this arc with Roland learning to use his aura reminds me of that scene in the original quest where Roland was learning to use the magic that Ada's people used. It had the same concepts of harnessing his inner power and using color to visualize it, though we didn't progress much farther than that. Pagan magic seemed to be themed more around organic and monstrous creatures, like the way we cast spells by using our blood, and the way that demons tended to be oddly-shaped physical beings like the tentacles that Roland liked to summon or the demon that Gwyn uses as an arm. If I were looking for ways to distinguish it from other types of magic, I'd do something to emphasize that.
No. 129469 ID: d3602f

So that's what you meant long ago when you said you were keeping the "evolving" aspect of demons.
No. 129536 ID: a9af05

Is anyone else asking Heretic questions on their curious cat >>129375 ? I kinda feel like I'm the only one talking to them.
No. 129537 ID: 91ee5f

You’re not the only one. I’m talking to them too.
No. 129539 ID: 5ba090

I didn't even realise that existed.
No. 129541 ID: 4b3bec

I post something there time to time.
No. 129555 ID: b2dda2
File 155928705462.jpg - (338.59KB , 1558x1064 , image.jpg )

Who else gets serious Doctor Mcninja vibes from this image?
Pretty cool, actually. Major nostalgia.
No. 129556 ID: 91ee5f

>Doctor Mcninja
No. 129557 ID: a5b87f

Protagonist of a webcomic by the same name, Dr. McNinja.
It's old now, long since finished. But one of the best action/comedies I've ever read. I'd highly recommend it. The one-off style in previously mentioned image was reminiscent to me.
No. 129561 ID: c0d5e7

>Dr McNinja

Aw man, that shit is super great. The first few arcs are kinda eh but pretty much everything else is so incredible. Death Volley being probably my favourite.
No. 129580 ID: 04ca3e

How I imagine this part is going to end up https://youtu.be/d8mop0VxYFE?t=25
No. 129653 ID: a451fc

I'm going to start another quest. Possibly a short one or one I can pick up and drop when I feel like, but I'm not giving up on D3. I'm just curious about doing a different quest.
No. 129654 ID: eeb7d9

Cool. What's it about? Can you give us a sneak peek? Also, why do quest authors keep making new quests when they have other quests on going? I never understood that.
No. 129656 ID: a451fc

I couldn't tell you why others do it, but I did it because I had an idea for another one and I wanted to try it.
No. 129657 ID: a451fc

No. 129659 ID: eeb7d9

Ah... How didn't i see that?
No. 129687 ID: 12d426

What you really should do is tie them both together somehow, probably with Chunk going into D3. Dont ask me how, cuz i have no fucking clue, but it would be cool nevertheless.

I like the art style of Chunk btw. It reminds me a lot of Fortuna.
No. 129688 ID: 3ce3ca

I wouldn't say that's necessary, the Chunk can be its own thing. Although that could just be me and my dislike of crossovers.
No. 129689 ID: 8d5b51

That'd be pretty difficult, considering the earth has kinda been ripped apart. I guess I could see Chunkquest being set in the far future of D3, after *something* happened, but i don't think it would feel very natural for that hypothetical connection to become relevant to either of the stories' plots, outside of just some minor reference.
(Also Fortuna good)
No. 129722 ID: 3738cd
File 156127418628.png - (150.38KB , 500x384 , Chunk.png )

It's 4 a.m where I live, A.K.A the time where my comedic peak is achieved. Slightly related to this, I guess that Arrayan has a natural talent at poking people in the eyes, huh?
No. 130954 ID: 8fb3ba

Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck.
No. 130955 ID: 010168

Only the real will get this reference.
No. 131109 ID: ce39da

Is Heretic taking a break right now, or is there something I'm missing? I recently caught up with Slight Return, and it and Chunk Quest are some of the best stuff on this forum at the moment.
No. 131114 ID: 91ee5f

Heretic started slowing down once school started up, so I’m just going to blame school for the lack of updates.

I’m sure he’ll come back once he gets that under control.
No. 131117 ID: eeb7d9

Man, school sucks...
No. 131186 ID: eeb7d9

Yay! Heretic is back, baby!
No. 131292 ID: 8fb3ba

Okay so, school has been a part of the lack of updates but that's not really all of it. I'm not swamped with work or anything, the big issue is more internal. A general lack of energy due to personal problems, and the fact that I can never stick with one idea for long, an issue that's been getting worse. I still plan on trying to continue D3 but it might be a bit slow, I'm also interested in doing other quests, maybe smaller, when I feel like it. Maybe doing other ones will help with my motivation.
No. 131362 ID: ce39da

Do you mean like Chunk Quest? I find that bouncing back and forth between two or three ideas helps if powering through doesn't work. Not that trying to power through it anyway even if you aren't motivated isn't the first thing you should try. Take it from me; I'm doing NaNoWriMo and it's been... "fun" so far.
No. 131397 ID: 8d4593

Well whatever you do, a /quest/ with Heretic is better than a /quest/ without.
No. 131553 ID: eeb7d9

Her, Heretic. I don't know if you hace a QD for Solrg, But i had a question. How does Intelligence exactly works in the quest?
No. 131554 ID: 8fb3ba

I should make one shouldn't I? Intelligence checks come up against threats that would weaken or harm your mind, deceive you, or confuse you. Certain things can't be achieved with low intelligence at all. Does that make sense?
No. 132069 ID: 8fb3ba

So, there's going to be an art change. Maybe smaller or big, depends on how I feel. Also a small writing change, everything was in second person before for the characters, now it's in third person.
No. 132073 ID: 996d42

I like the first change! ANd i don't mind the second one. Glad to have you back.
No. 132099 ID: c6f30f

So killer7, Yume Nikki and now Little Nightmares?

Someones got good taste in vidya
No. 132464 ID: 29dccc

ok i just want to say that this new quest is very good, and while i expect the other shoe to drop and for the story to just entirely shift away from where it's heading at some point, if you actually end up making an adventure about sburb (or some game like sburb) here, on questden, while continuing to take commands, i will be flabbergasted and amazed, and i will support it at every step.
No. 134110 ID: 5f4030

The Song of Roland- A song written about a Frankish knight of the same name, and nephew to king Charlemange. This version just has such a western sound to it, somehow it just works.


Also if Roland in D3 ever does get a battle horn like the one in the legend, it should summon a horde of demons to aid him.
No. 136304 ID: 7333f4

Hey do is...
Is there gonna be another update?
Or is D3 officially dead?
No. 136311 ID: 8fb3ba

>Is there gonna be another update?
I'd hate to say no, but probably not. Sorry.
No. 137644 ID: 7333f4

No. 137745 ID: cdbcf8

Quick question, and sorry if I'm being rude posting here, but what would being A Priest would've been like? I mean, we've seen what they would be able to do and how they do it, but what would've it been like for US to do it?
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