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File 153960227620.png - (134.07KB , 700x600 , disthread.png )
126039 No. 126039 ID: c1eaac

Figured I might as well make a separate disthread for AGGREGATE! If you haven't taken a glance into the Hearts Goetia disthread, my (sfw) curiouscat is https://curiouscat.me/hellpolitics and I'll crosspost any relevant questions over here if I get 'em. I'll also answer questions here, and it can be a space for you to develop your Aggregate-sonas!
No. 126044 ID: 3a4f06

whats the general mood of the hivemind - are we gonna be an evil one trying to recruit people or a benevolent one thats just basically friends chilling?
No. 126045 ID: a64fd6


it's honestly up to you guys what direction you take it, via your advice to Esme! my only initial notes/advice to you is that everyone in the Aggregate has the innate desire to assimilate others, but they prefer people be voluntarily assimilated b/c if someone gets added involuntarily it kind of screws up the emotional spectrum of the whole Aggregate.
No. 126054 ID: 476f93


didn't have time to post this earlier, but have some pinterest boards for characters who are/will be in aggregate! they're all just favorite characters cribbed from other projects of mine but shh it's a secret
No. 126061 ID: d887c0

I think I can see why people wouldn't want to get assimilated even knowing that the majority of your individuality and personality remain intact.
Imagine that you have a chat room open in your head at all times, something like Discord or Skype. Everyone has a mic and a camera, there's no way to go silent or turn it off, and you still have that one guy who keeps screaming for no reason and another guy who is nothing but memes and puns all the time.
It'd scare me off, tell you what.
No. 126062 ID: 1872dc

It's not like Sens8 is it? It feels less intimate, less personal.
No. 126063 ID: c1eaac


it's not! it's more like how the implants in Limetown work. i can share my specific notes on hivemind mechanics if anyone actually wants to read them, it's not really spoilers or anything.
No. 126064 ID: 1872dc

I certainly wouldn't mind that. But for now I'll start by listening to Limetown! Sounds interesting.
No. 126065 ID: dc3ea2

here's a super basic rundown on how the hivemind works:
you can pick up on and be influenced by strong emotions/thoughts from people in close proximity to you who are also in the hivemind, but usually can’t detect the underlying intent behind the thought/feeling (so you have to ask out loud if you want to know, and people can lie)
you can hop into the heads of hivemind members literally anywhere in the city and be fully immersed in their thoughts/feelings/intents, gain physical control over their body, or psychically talk to them one on one without the rest of the hivemind listening in. it’s considered a little rude to do most of that with people you don’t know intimately or have permission from
some people keep their minds “open access” so the rest of the hivemind can see/comment on what they’re doing sort of like a livestream, some stay closed off unless they need something from another member
people can and Do offer unsolicited advice/support to other people in the hivemind, some people appreciate it and some don’t
everyone in the hivemind has the innate desire to assimilate others (mostly on the grounds of ‘it feels awesome, everyone else doesn’t know what they’re missing’) but they prefer people be voluntarily assimilated bc if someone gets added involuntarily it kind of screws up the emotions of the whole hivemind
No. 126068 ID: 1872dc

That's really cool, thanks!
No. 126135 ID: 1872dc

Uh, holy shit thanks for pointing out Limetown, it's so exactly my wheelhouse.

Okay, since you mentioned the similarity, and also talked about emotions, I'd like to ask if that also worked in reverse. To push your own emotions on someone?
No. 126138 ID: c1eaac


omg isn't it great?? season 2 starts on halloween so i just re-listened to all of it in one day.

also pushing your emotions on someone via Aggregate probably works but only to a certain extent? you can send vibes to nearby people to try and calm them down or etc but pushing strong feelings on someone or forcing them to feel/act a certain way can only be done if you're entirely immersed in their mind.
No. 126148 ID: 1872dc

Yeah I'm really looking forward to season 2. I wonder what the format of it will be, especially.

Alright I'll definitely keep that in mind for later. It really helps to have such a clear picture.
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