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File 153682138447.jpg - (146.65KB , 608x558 , Q3125Dj.jpg )
125429 No. 125429 ID: d49498

Alternate title: Spambot is trying to spur some productivity in himself so he's poking tgchan again.
This'll have a lot of NSFW in it, depending on player choices.

Third time's a charm. For this quest I'm trying to add more overt game mechanics to work with and dumping the more melodramatic writing tone, or at least what I felt was a too melodramatic tone. Hopefully this'll make the world a bit clearer and the tone wont have people taking things too seriously and complaining about other posters in the dis thread. Please don't do that.

Hopefully the super RNG heavy play wont be a put-off, I dusted off an old dice RPG system I never finished to make the 'logic' behind the game. Just kinda the first thing I have at hand. I'm still keeping details obscured so there's some exploration and discovery to be had.

I haven't worked up any kind of concrete plot to things, the rough idea I'm messing with is a kind of endless survival rpg. So the intent is to have mostly dice-rpg style character building and constant world building stuff being generated based on player character actions, and I'm largely just playing dungeonmaster while suggesters get total control over the players' character. No great plots or specific story though, well nothing super rigid anyway. Also shitloads of porn because I need the practice. 8D

I haven't been paying lots of attention to tgchan for a while but people keep bringing it up in conversation now and then so I got tempted. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything important by just diving in this time. Posting the discussion thread first here so I can link it in the first post in /quest/ itself.
Hopefully all things will go smoothly enough this time and I'll be able to run a long and entertaining thread or two. Also draw lots of porns.

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No. 125430 ID: ff82d2

Sounds interesting. Altho if you're making a NSFW quest, you'll need a plot that's relevant to it. In case of survival, my guess is that you'll get a lot of suggestions focusing on survival rather than NSFW parts, that is, I don't think survival and NSFW go together very well as they're basically pulling in the opposite sides. Of course, it depends on the exact execution, but in general I think it would be difficult to make it work.

Other than that, I wish you good luck and lots of fun!
No. 125431 ID: d49498

Yeah, I can see what you mean there. Hopefully the mix doesn't come across as too forced, but if things drift mostly into survival focus I'll still have plenty to draw. I'll have fun seeing what works and what doesn't, hopefully that wont burden the suggesters at all.

Thanks too!
No. 125432 ID: ab52c1

Scavenging things and building stuff out of those things is always something I always enjoy in quests. Good luck!
No. 125433 ID: d49498

Yes! Lots of scavenging and looting planned. Maybe not too many opportunities to build during this first chapter, not opposed to it though!
No. 125436 ID: ff82d2

Btw, what kind of update schedule do you have in mind? Because, based on the art style, I'm guessing you're doing sketching and inking the traditional way, which seems like a bit too high of a production quality for a quest.
No. 125444 ID: d49498
File 153692655917.jpg - (212.83KB , 912x684 , SAM_0001.jpg )

Aiming for an update every day or so. I'm only doodling them out on little squares ruled onto A4 bleedproof pad paper while I warm up in the morning. Not being terribly fastidious about getting it perfect, plus I've been getting faster at scribbling things out. These little panels are probably the easiest thing I do.
These early few posts have extra panels because there's just that extra stuff to cover, later on I'm sure it'll streamline out a bit, maybe even multiple posts a day, morning and afternoon for me if it's down to single panels. Though I want to give time for a few suggestions to come in.
No. 125464 ID: d49498

Phew, yeah I'll be happy to get to the stuff that isn't so info-dump-ish. I hope that last post is all understandable enough. :v

Whoops, let's just repost this discussion post with sage in the right field this time. For what it's worth.
No. 125467 ID: 93f082

Oh, it wasn't that bad. It's just that size of the post made it look that way. I'd say that, when there's multiple panels and a lot of text, perhaps it would be better to make multiple posts with 1 panel per post. That way it's a bit easier to read because it's easier to see which panel the text paragraph refers to. And it also works against spoilers, that is, I won't look at the next panel before I'm done reading the text of the previous one.

Also, I gotta say for the last update. Dat ass...
No. 125475 ID: d49498

True, I may as well break up the posts into sections, it'll be easy.

Also oops, 'bring light' was supposted to be 'bright light.' I guess there's no way to go back and edit.
No. 125478 ID: 93f082

Editing involves contacting the mods so, I suppose reporting the post would do the trick. However, I think it's a bit late to be editing, now that most people already read the update. I think it would be better to just add the correction as spoilered text at the beginning of the next update and it should be fine.
No. 125561 ID: 93f082

I'd like to apologize to the quest author in case they're offended by the recent suggestions involving the MC's gender and would like to point out that they shouldn't feel obligated in any way to follow those suggestions.

I'd also like to say that we're all here to have fun, and we all understand that doing stuff you don't like doing (such as drawing and writing stuff you're uncomfortable with) isn't fun.

As far as my personal opinion goes, I don't particularly care about the MC's gender, that is, I'd choose whatever the author prefers. However, and forgive me if I'm wrong but, as far as I understand, the MC's gender is female. This is because the narrator refers to her with female pronouns instead of gender-neutral ones. In other words, if there was any doubt about her gender, then "they" would probably be used, which isn't the case. And if the author wanted the suggesters to vote for the gender, they would've written so, which also has not happened.

Unsolicited pushing of fetishes onto the author is bad.
No. 125565 ID: 2202fb

You have made me feel ashamed of myself. Although despite that, i feel that i have nothing to apologize for. If the quest author were to have said something, i would have ceased and desisted, however that didn't happen.

Anyhoo, the idea that pronouns carry that much biological weight is absolutely absurd regardless of the way this quest goes. This is 2018, and while i may not agree entirely with them, i think the LGBT movement has been really shown how little pronouns have to do with genitalia. It is kind of narrow-minded to assume someone is one way just because they view themself as a woman.
No. 125573 ID: d49498
File 153750411936.jpg - (119.64KB , 608x986 , MLsketch02.jpg )

Hey guys! I'm sorry! There's no problems, I'm just busy with some other stuff in meatspace and assumed the quest threads hadn't received any replies beyond the ones from the 15th, the thread slipped below the first page or two. I got the next images drawn up but haven't got to scanning them in and writing things up is all. I didn't actually realise it'd been so long! I'll get to it later tonight, I've got to get some commission stuff and a job interview done for this afternoon beforehand.

In regards to MC gender, she's female in both pronouns and the mechanics of her equipment. Sorry that wasn't all too explicitly clear in the earlier panels, I was avoiding putting her crotch front and centre too much to keep the opening panels like some kind of striptease as she gradually disrobes.

Hermaphrodites are possible in the game but talking about it much more would be a bit too much exposition, sorry to obscure things there but letting suggesters figure out the specific mechanics and apply names and proper descriptions to them during the story is part of what I'm going for. Misconceptions about how the game logic works and the shenanigans caused will hopefully be part of the fun, it's all about funishment for bad endings, character building from level-1, and exploring things.

Have a doodle unrelated to the quest, there is boob in it. <3
No. 125604 ID: 8c4b3b

Awesome style! Got a gallery anywhere?
No. 125638 ID: c9afbd
File 153777094078.png - (37.46KB , 800x600 , rat.png )

Oh yeh, I've got a couple of gallery sites set up but I haven't been updating them much lately.

All pretty heavily NSFW.
Twitter for semi-regular doodleposting.
The usual furry stuff, that's where I've been getting most of my commission business through so I've been trying to pay attention to them.
There's a couple others, Hentaifoundry, DA, tumblr, but they're pretty empty at the moment.

Bonus irrelevant spooky rat thing.
No. 125871 ID: c9a8c5

Been a little swamped, sorry for the weeklong gap there, I'll be getting onto the next update today or tomorrow.
No. 125878 ID: 93f082

Thanks for the status update. I was starting to get kinda worried!
No. 126126 ID: 1d9a0d
File 154014028115.jpg - (188.81KB , 587x1063 , Spolikujyhtgrs 001.jpg )

There we go, I'm back.
Kind of glad I didn't do the writing for those panels at the time, by the looks of how rough they are my attention was divided pretty thin.
Have an extra doodle, it's not too much of a spoiler, I was doodling to try some things out.
I don't think people will be too wired about spoilers in a half-porn quest I hope.
At least it's a nicer pic than the two panels for this update, it'd just be a bit of a waste to redo them.
No. 126128 ID: 7efe6b

Seems "an update every day" was a bit too optimistic hehe

Even if you say it's a spoiler, I wouldn't be able to tell since it's not a character we've see yet, or know if we'll ever even see.

Discount huh? Even if she was 99% off, I'm not sure if I'd buy her with a face like that...
No. 126294 ID: 1d9a0d

Yeah, a little ambitious, but circumstances haven't been too great at the moment so the unpaid stuff was the first to suffer when I had to prioritise. Still, I've been having fun and I'm looking forward to getting more constant updates out sometime. Hopefully the wait isn't going to be too much of a pain for folks at the moment.
No. 127911 ID: fcbb55

So essentially an indefinite hiatus?
can wait, because the art is badass
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