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File 153636434042.png - (155.40KB , 1000x606 , disthread header.png )
125348 No. 125348 ID: 56a05b

here we go! i'm ready to suck my own dick and get poisoned

had to repost this because the image was too small, sorry! off to a great start
No. 125349 ID: 56a05b

to start off, here's the first quest i'm doing, IN THE FLESH: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/900892.html

it'll take a couple updates for the setting to become clearer, but to hook you in, it's an urban fantasy quest involving DEMONIC POSSESSION, WITCHES, THE POWER OF LOVE, AND MUCH, MUCH MORE
No. 125350 ID: 56a05b

i plan to only run one quest at a time, but i may start another concurrently if i find i can take the workload! either way, i definitely have more planned once ITF is done.

for now, i'll post related sketches and information that doesn't come up directly in the quest here!
No. 125353 ID: a44ac6

What's the main person's name?
No. 125355 ID: eeb7d9

Cool, let's see what this is about! Besides of what you already exposed here that is.
No. 125363 ID: 56a05b

their name is quinn!
their names will come up in the quest very soon ofc, but i'm also working on little character profiles to warm up before updates for quicker reference!
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