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File 153505664773.png - (5.24KB , 400x300 , Psychic Quest.png )
125035 No. 125035 ID: 31eb45

It's the disthread no-one asked for, because I'm scared the quest is dying and maybe having a disthread will help revitalize interest.
No. 125038 ID: 51d5a1

Don't fear, my buddy. I'm 100% sure this quest is going to live for a long and ol' time.
No. 125039 ID: 31eb45

I guess, I'm just not sure why you think that? It seems like viewership has been pretty strongly declining since the start. It's the best I can expect from a text quest, I guess.
No. 125041 ID: 270774

the only way a quest will die is if you as the author let it, which is something i am qualified to say as a veritable quest serial killer. if you ever get to that dreaded point where you post an update and Nobody replies, for like a week or something: just update again anyway. push it forward. if nobody's suggesting, it's because they don't know what to do! also, you gotta cut yourself some slack. you started this quest barely a week ago - readership can grow slowly over time, and while i don't personally have experience with text quests, i imagine it's the same as with image quests, where sometimes it's better to give people a few days to read and respond (and to give new readers a chance to catch up). in your last update you only waited a day to update again - so sure, there were only two suggestions, but who knows if after a day or two more people would have caught up and suggested.
No. 125042 ID: 31eb45

I guess I'm worried that if I update without responses, people are going to lose interest because it might deemphasize player involvement? And that it's just going to annoy people that I'm bumping a quest that people possibly just don't like back up to the front page. Likewise, I'm scared that if I let it sit for too long it's going to end up too far down and people are going to forget about it.
No. 125044 ID: 270774

well, i'm saying bumping without responses would be an absolute last-ditch effort. if you're really worried about not getting any responses organically, honestly, shamelessly wrangle your friends in from elsewhere. i bang pots together and loudly plug my shit on twitter all the time and a portion of my suggestions come from personal friends of mine, which i know feels different than strangers choosing to read your stuff with no personal investment in You, but like, it's SOMETHING, and it keeps things moving.

absolute 100% worst case scenario, where all your nightmare catastrophe thoughts are true and nobody actually likes it? (which i'm seeing is untrue, because you DO get replies, even if they're slower and sparser than you want them to be): make another quest. try again! not every quest works out - like i said, i've got a dozen dead ones, for various reasons, and sometimes that's just how it is. it sucks when you've put a lot of time and thought into something, but if it's causing you more stress than fun, you gotta try something else.

but again, this is all worst case scenario stuff. i still think you're totally jumping the gun bc your quest has only been up for like 6 days, and a lot of quests have a slow start, especially when you're running a text quest which is just gonna have lower readership as a baseline. sometimes it takes me weeks of seeing a quest thumbnail over and over again on the first and second pages before i'm finally like "ok, you know what, i'll check it out," and i'm sure a lot of other readers are the same way.
No. 125045 ID: 270774

also, along the lines of banging pots together and shamelessly screaming that you want people to look at your work: i know how strong the urge to self-deprecate is, but when you're saying stuff like "it's the disthread no-one asked for" or "it's the best i can expect from a text quest," you aren't doing yourself any favors! if you don't act like your stuff is cool, nobody who has yet to check it out is gonna be enticed into thinking it's cool, either. even if you're doing a little "fake it til you make it," you have to at least project some excitement and pride about your work. again w the twitter thing, i made an info/promo tweet about acid soup where i was literally just like "i really want everyone to read this because i worked hard on it and i think it's really good," and that got more genuine response from people than anything else i've ever tried. it's okay to be proud of stuff you work hard on and to openly say that you think it's cool and that you want attention for it, and doing that is more interesting to potential readers than putting your stuff down right out of the gate.
No. 125046 ID: 31eb45

That's fair, though I don't really have any friends who are interested in questing? At least, none who aren't occupied with their own stuff on other sites. Also, I just. I don't know. It's hard to even pretend to be proud about something when I don't know people are going to like it, but I should probably stop airing out my psychological dirty laundry, since at best it's tangential to what this thread is for.

Thanks for offering some advice, and sorry for potentially being a distraction. I hope you have a nice rest of your evening (?) and that your present and future projects go well.
No. 125047 ID: 4f1cbc

It's unfortunate, but it is pretty well established by this point that there's a smaller audience for text quests on this site than image quests.

Text quests can be fun despite this, but it's something to be aware of. The usual advice is to either persevere with that smaller audience, or work to include even limited art for broader appeal.
No. 125048 ID: 31eb45

That's fair. I will try to persevere.

Also, to answer your question in the quest thread, the MC does know where Hyacinth lives, I just forgot to mention it. Sorry.
No. 125052 ID: 4f1cbc

No prob. Character's aren't supposed to be perfect anyways, and follow up questions are a way to interact.
No. 125069 ID: 31eb45

After only a little more than a week, a psychic power finally, actually happens on screen, in Psychic Quest.
No. 125181 ID: 31eb45

Psychic Quest is canceled.
No. 125187 ID: ab52c1

If you don't mind some completely unsolicited criticism, I think part of the trouble for getting suggesters in was low stakes to choices.

I can see you wanted to go for a slow burn to reveal suddenly psychic but it didn't build up the character or the setting much. Doing something like establishing problems in the protagonist's life would give a lot more hooks for "OK I have psychic powers now, what might I do with them?"
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