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File 153319383924.png - (187.68KB , 1279x1233 , Melody.png )
124607 No. 124607 ID: 68cfa0

first thread is complete so i think i should make one of these.
so... ask away.
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No. 124608 ID: 094652

So... you ended the first thread with an insane goddess' head casually ripped off.

No. 124610 ID: 68cfa0
File 153320126193.png - (128.87KB , 691x1233 , Melody.png )

thanks :3

also colored Melody
No. 124611 ID: ff82d2

I can't quite make out what's going on on the last quest panel. Is there a person standing, or is it us looking down on the ground below the road? I'm also unsure which body part is which. If that's Sound, then I certainly can't spot where her cute ears would be.
No. 124612 ID: 91ee5f

Gods can’t be killed, so Sound is still alive, but has a massive headache! XD
No. 124615 ID: 68cfa0
File 153323856450.png - (20.61KB , 427x417 , 125.png )

melody is looking at the ground below the road

and her ears are inside her head.
No. 124616 ID: ff82d2

Thanks! It was mostly an issue arising from the fact that we haven't really seen what she looked like before she was dismembered :D

Well, I'm sure she'll be fine!
No. 124617 ID: 68cfa0

yes, she is fine, unconscious but fine!
No. 124618 ID: ec79e4

There is any form or shape of angels or demons there? Architects would count as angels?
No. 124619 ID: 68cfa0

the architects are also known as "world shapers", they create mountains, caves, anything. Melody misunderstood their jobs, they give shape to something, they dont create.

now demons can be guardians of hell, that depends what the god wants, same with angels.
they can be guardians of heaven or becoming one can be a prize for being a good person in previous lives.
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