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File 153203382632.png - (515.11KB , 996x996 , Discussion.png )
124297 No. 124297 ID: 40232e

Hello, Hi, Yes. Important things to be discussed.

Firstly, an Introduction. I am referred to, at least here, as Ozaenin. I have a bad habit of not completing quests I make, exception of my last one, Clownquest. During that time I've gone by Nautilus, Warden, Spook, So on and so forth.

I am the creator of:
Pumpkinquest (Didn't see that one coming didja)
Room Quest
Clown Quest

It's nice to meet you. Again.
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No. 124298 ID: 40232e

That said: An important Question for you all.

What should my next quest be?

I can either:

Continue the Nautquest, Spookquest, Housequest, or SAVE lines

start a new Clownquest

Or try one from one of your suggestions.

I won't be continuing the Pumpkin Quest line (That was a halloween only bit, sorry) or the Room quest Line (I made the rules too complex early on, and it really screwed the whole thing over.)

I am, however, willing to try a revamp of the Room Quest.
No. 124300 ID: b1b4f3

What kind of pie was it?
No. 124301 ID: f85fa8

Okay first off,

Second your quests always give me severe chuckles

I'm all for SpookQuest continued.
As for new ideas dapper raptor gets lost in New new new New newyork city.

the one on mars 2.
No. 124302 ID: f8802e

We went with a clown, how about a mime this time. Either that or revive spookquest.
No. 124303 ID: 40232e


Yes! I did. And no, no lasting damage... At least, serious stuff anyway. I have a scar on the back of my head hidden by hair, and one of my arms can't lift quite as high as the other one anymore.

1 Votes SpookQuest, you guys really liked that, huh.

1 Votes Dapper Rapter in NewX5 York City


1 vote Mimequest: an even worse idea

2 Votes SpookQuest
No. 124305 ID: 33cbe7

Mime Quest, aka. bring back Spookquest!
I had a feeling it was you, but couldn't be sure. Hello again!
No. 124308 ID: 8a947d

Real glad you're back, real glad you're okay after being hit by a car. I did like clown quest and another one would be fun to see, but I vote for more Spookquest!
No. 124310 ID: d6f282

Oh so sorry to hear about the accident. Glad you're OK.

Afraid I didn't have the opportunity to read your older quests but a revamped Room Quest or continued SpookQuest or anything new you want to do would be great.
No. 124312 ID: dbf422

I liked clown quest a lot, so Mime Quest would probably also be really fun.
No. 124313 ID: d887c0

I am V E R Y glad that you are okay. I had no idea about the car and your arm. I'm very sorry.

Anyway, I would like to see the return of Spookquest. It's the quest that got me into your art and characters, so it's what I think of when I think of you. Also, it was fun, engaging, and the questions it posed and the thoughts it provoked were endlessly fascinating.

That's my take.
No. 124314 ID: 094652

I want to see Sapphire again. (that's a vote)
No. 124320 ID: 40232e

Well, the votes all appear to be gearing towards SpookQuest, something I'm surprised with. Still, I suppose I should have seen something coming. Therefore, a followup.

Would you prefer to

>Continue: LAVENDER

>Continue: DOLORES

>CONTINUE: New Person?

For the lattermost choice, I'd allow you to... essentially custom make a monster. Rather than choosing what the appearance is, you'd vote on qualities. VISCERAL, HORROR, MENTAL for the base type, and then individual qualities like [Soft] [Weaver] [Paranoia Agent] [Metadata] so on.

You'd probably start near Sapphire.
No. 124324 ID: b1b4f3

Please let's not start all over again introducing ourselves to everyone.

I'm leaning towards Lavender.
No. 124325 ID: 33cbe7

Let's continue with Lavender. Plenty left to do in her arc.

On a possibly unrelated note, how do you feel about questionable/lewd art of your characters?
No. 124326 ID: 33cbe7

If we did start a new character, we could pick up with them after they had been introduced to the other members of the house already. Plus the 'voices' are sort of a distinct character that everybody knows by now.
No. 124327 ID: 40232e


Actually, on this note, the 'new character's arch would be during the party Lavender holds for everyone. The spectacle of the night? The voices getting their own body and a name. Everyone would already know you, so there'd be no re-introductions. Just a new body for them to interact with and...

Get frisky with, too.
No. 124328 ID: 40232e


Posted from my computer, not my tablet. Didn't realize it didn't hold over the name, Sorry!
No. 124330 ID: b1b4f3

Well now I'm really tempted to go with the "new" monster. Though I guess we could start with Lavender and get our DARK METAMORPHOSIS during the party and switch then.
No. 124332 ID: 8a947d

I'd like to continue with Lavender
No. 124333 ID: d887c0

I'd actually like to continue as Dolores. There's just something about being a human amongst all these monsters that fascinates me.
No. 124334 ID: f8802e

Would like to continue as Dolores, maybe go to the party Lavander was trying to make if still on the table.
No. 124337 ID: 91ee5f

Lavender please. I miss her. )-‘:>
No. 124338 ID: 40232e

Lavender it is! At an overwhelming 7-2 for Lavender vs Dolores.

I'll get started on the artwork here soon!
No. 124361 ID: 40232e
File 153213744740.png - (245.64KB , 996x996 , spookquestdemo.png )

An important question for you all

I would like this iteration of Spookquest to have characters able to move about the house a little bit more, rather than being stuck in one place. Therefore, I might go with a style switch, something similar to the shown picture (With, of course, color and detail in the completed work)

The characters would be in a similar style (Shown are Saint John and Lavender) to how is displayed, and therefore I'd be able to place them into scenes. This would also mean you'd get to see what the rooms of the residents actually look like.

Should I change the style or stick with the old one of first person movement and portrait style interactions?
No. 124362 ID: d887c0

I think a style change is good if it keeps things fresh for you.
No. 124363 ID: 91ee5f

I like this new style! I’m voting for keeping this!
No. 124365 ID: 33cbe7

I like this style, also liked the level of detail on the portraits. What if we still switched to those when we entered a conversation?
No. 124460 ID: 67179c

At the current moment, in addition to making the tiny house sprites I’m busy with making the talking portraits. On that note, I’d like to resdesign a few characters, as their designs don’t really pop enough. I wanted to get the okay on which ones first, just in case everyone was particularly attached to certain designs.


All have potential redesigns incoming. Any you’d particular like to hold on to?
No. 124462 ID: d887c0

8bit. His look was stylish.
No. 124466 ID: 91ee5f

Are you gonna explain it in the quest that they all evolved off screen or something? Because I’d be ok with that.

>Who not to redesign?
I agree with >>124462 , don’t change 8bit, please.
No. 124468 ID: 33cbe7

Luna was pretty cute. Please be gentle!
No. 124475 ID: 40232e


Depending on how minor or major the design change, yes. Time has passed since we last saw the group, after all.

I'll still be making new art for everyone, regardless of design changes or not. As a result, there may be discrepancies.
No. 124500 ID: 40232e
File 153256580301.png - (477.30KB , 996x996 , Worldsprite Set.png )

Just some proof on characters. Only a few are properly colored thus far, I'm still working on talk portraits. Note: A few characters have updated, and a few haven't been jotted down yet.
No. 124501 ID: d887c0

They're all just as cute/creepy as I remember.
Love these guys and ghouls.
No. 124502 ID: 8baea2

Why they're so damn cute? God, I love them.
No. 124549 ID: a363ac

you make good quests
No. 124551 ID: 40232e
File 153283834520.png - (598.20KB , 996x996 , Worldsprite Set.png )

Our spritesheet is complete!

Any last minute touch up recommendations?
No. 124553 ID: 91ee5f

>Any last minute touch up recommendations?
Nope, everything looks good to me!
No. 124556 ID: 33cbe7

-Matilda's eye looks like a full front-on hole like Daisy's now. Could be smaller to leave the possibility of a twin existing for the viewer (though there isn't one sticking out from beneath the hair, if it's the same size)
-Equip arms for Luna? Moff wings are too delicate to hug.
-A solid hair color for Teleste? I'm just being greedy now, aren't I.
No. 124557 ID: aeb1cf

Give each one of them a weapon and call it the spook games quest, a lot of monsters enter, only one gets out.
No. 124558 ID: aeb1cf

Also I forgot to mention, where is peabody?
No. 124559 ID: 33cbe7

No. 124564 ID: 91ee5f

He’s not in the house anymore. Didn’t you read the previous threads?

But on the subject of people not here on the spritesheet, where’s Dolores? Is she still in the house? Will she also be attending the party?
No. 124566 ID: aeb1cf

Fuck, that's sad, Alexa, play despacito.

For a moment I still tought dude was in the house, oh well, I can live with that.
No. 124574 ID: 40232e
File 153293859526.png - (611.68KB , 996x996 , Worldsprite Set.png )




Dolores is busy keeping a few... less than welcome people away from the house during the party.


>Reduced Matilda Eye Size

>Added 'Arms' Buff to Luna

>Changed [Xerxes] to [Nito Undertale]

>Updated Vanilla's Description
No. 124576 ID: 91ee5f

>Dolores is busy keeping a few...less than welcome people away from the house during the party.
Poor Dolores, she’ll be working while everyone else is partying.

But if she’s keeping people out of the house, then I guess she can technically be considered the Bouncer to our party.
No. 124586 ID: d887c0

>As the party is winding down and everyone is heading back to their rooms, Dolores comes stumbling in
>She's bloodied, injured, and exhausted
>Without missing a beat, she asks, "So how was the party?"
No. 124588 ID: 080362

Oh I really like how they came out with the coloured lines. The slightly exaggerated detail's great for the smaller size too.
No. 124651 ID: 40232e

The title is ready to go! but, firstly, a question. Should I A:

Finish all of the room art now


B: create the room art as we enter new areas?
No. 124652 ID: 33cbe7

Probably A? We tend to scuttle to and fro fairly often.
No. 124655 ID: 91ee5f

A for the same reason mentioned by >>124652 .
No. 124741 ID: 40232e

Here we go!
No. 124754 ID: 40232e

Oh, and try to keep discussion for Spookquest here, yea?

Some of the monsters from the contest will still show up, but it'll take a short amount of time.
No. 124757 ID: 290936

Oy, sorry then!
No. 124770 ID: 91ee5f

>Oh, and try to keep discussion for Spookquest here, yea?
Good thing I saw that before I posted something in the old disthread.

Now for my actual post:
It’s been a while, but if I’m remembering correctly on how Spookquest works I think it goes something like this:

Lavender will repeat everything we say out loud, but she will not repeat anything that’s hidden under spoilers.

So if us voices want to talk to each other and we don’t want Lavender to say it out loud to the other monsters, then we should talk to each other under spoilers.
No. 124784 ID: ba56e6

Though she does seem to parse it in her own phrasing now, rather than just act as a voicebox for us.
No. 124791 ID: a307f1

Can I just say how excited I am for spookequest......... its for real one of my favs on tgchan.
No. 125173 ID: 40232e

Work is heavy, but updates will continue!

Slowly... But they'll continue!
No. 126814 ID: 40232e
File 154484670471.png - (173.09KB , 1196x1196 , Part I.png )

No. 126815 ID: 40232e
File 154484672196.png - (202.89KB , 1196x1196 , Part II.png )

No. 126816 ID: 40232e
File 154484675181.png - (504.53KB , 1196x1196 , Part III.png )

No. 126817 ID: 40232e

>So what's happening with spookquest?

I'll be honest, spookquest is one of my favorites that I do on here.


It is also completely



Exhausting to work on.

I enjoy it! But after some time it starts to feel like a very large amount of hassle. I've decided to take a break from Spookquest. Not to worry, your friends are all fine, and I'll likely visit them again. But for now? Something dumb, fun, and silly.

Something more in line with the original Nautquest.
No. 126819 ID: 5aeb11
File 154485716424.png - (617.31KB , 1093x819 , 4E809EC6-268F-4872-997E-9072F24FFA23.png )

Welcome back, don’t know if you ever saw this from a while ago, but have some fan art of you as Cegorach, laughing god of the Eldar.
No. 126825 ID: d18b05

Excited to see what comes of clowning around!
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