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File 152524406852.png - (24.63KB , 1000x500 , Discussion Page.png )
122761 No. 122761 ID: d1fa83

So I like to make these ahead of time (Just in case anyone actually cares about my horrible creations.)

This is gonna be the place for:

-Extended Discussion and Critique of My Hair Is Wet!

-Any Spoilers I may or may not want to post, WHICH WILL BE TAGGED ACCORDINGLY!

-Questions That I may or may not answer!

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No. 122775 ID: d1fa83
File 152533051683.png - (15.52KB , 500x500 , Yellow Girl 2.png )

I offer an early character design idea for a yellow spectrum girl. Possibly will be used at some point.
No. 122853 ID: d887c0

I like her hair.
No. 122854 ID: 3abd97

Where's her crown I thought they were all royalty. Imposter!
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