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File 152476632969.png - (158.43KB , 1200x768 , S&S Discussion 1.png )
122616 No. 122616 ID: 820864

This is the discussion thread for the quest Soul & Soma:


So some of you may remember me as that author who starts a quest for two updates, abandons it, vanishes for 6 months (or longer) before starting a new one, over and over again.

Depression is not fun, would not recommend.

I can’t guarantee I won’t give up on this one either. But I believe I have found that spark again, and I have invested much of that inspiration in this quest’s setting, which I hope explore with you and to continue to for as long as there are folk making suggestions to keep it going.

Now then…

This is the discussion thread for the quest Soul & Soma. To start with, I’d like to ask what you think the best dimensions for the quest’s images might be. Should future ones be bigger or smaller, or are they fine as they are? And there may be some inconsistency in the art for the first few updates. As we start on this adventure I may take a little time to find a comfortable style. I hope to update at least once a week, but we will see if I can work any faster than that.

As a bonus challenge, see how long it will take you to realize what work heavily inspired this quest!
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No. 122617 ID: 33cbe7

was it Atoll
No. 122618 ID: df6733

The quest images are normally between 500x500 and 1000x1000 as keeping the dimensions even makes stuff a bit easier to draw. But I'd recommend 800x600.
No. 122619 ID: b1b4f3

Image size doesn't really matter to me so long as it's not desktop-size. It should load comfortably and not require zooming in if it's bigger than like 1200x800.
No. 122622 ID: 3abd97

1200x1920 is prooooobably bigger than you need, at least on a regular basis.

Nah, Atoll is by Cirr.
No. 122629 ID: 33cbe7

How would that stop it from being the inspiration?
No. 122634 ID: 5f3f48

Oh, whups, I misinterpreted that as "was Atoll one of the earlier quests you left" not "was Atoll the big influence". Sorry!
No. 122779 ID: 820864

It is taken into account. This one is at a lower size. I just like the level of detail a larger size allows, but then maybe I should focus more on getting them out quickly. I'd appreciate further feedback on whether this is small enough.

I wanted the reader to scroll. Trying to utilize the infinite canvas of digital art, building a moment of 'suspense' as the reader must manually scroll to see what lies beyond. Like opening a door without knowing what lies beyond.
No. 122826 ID: f72ae2

>As a bonus challenge, see how long it will take you to realize what work heavily inspired this quest!

what was the answer what was the answerrrr
No. 122828 ID: b1b4f3

Well there's obviously SOMA the game, but it could also be Journey. Or Demon's Souls considering we got a fade-in nametag for the first area.
No. 122876 ID: b1b4f3

Ok definitely getting some Dark Souls vibes here, with the cowering statues acting like the non-hostile Wretched and the lore from what are effectively item descriptions.
No. 122904 ID: 820864


there we go. I've always been reminded of the quest format by the Souls' item descriptions, maybe because they both have the whole 'text augments/adds to the visuals' thing going on.

That and I'm just really inspired by the series' storytelling in general. It's really amazing. The side story of Slave Knight Gael alone is more interesting and compelling than the entire plots of many other media, and he has hardly ten lines of dialogue and what, a minute of cutscene? Hopefully I'm able to live up to that caliber of storytelling.
No. 123310 ID: 820864

So it is ten updates later. Truly a monumental achievement by every measure, isn't it?

So I'd like to take this moment to humbly ask for feedback from anyone who happens to follow or participate in this little quest.

What do you like and dislike about it? What am I doing right? Wrong? How do you think I could improve it?
No. 123312 ID: b1b4f3

Well, I'm not sure how much combat we're supposed to be doing now, since we finished the first fight with pacification instead of a knockout/death.
No. 123315 ID: 166e1c

I do enjoy exploration for it's own sake and mysteries indifferent to my understanding of them, so don't take the following as a complain from me, but for most people clear goals and motivations are important to sympathize with a character and engage with the story.
The protagonist is facing the unknown, great, but there isn't a reason to affront adversity other than exploration. If the purpose was to find our own meaning I would dispense with the guide, leave coherent individuals as something distant and absent, a mystery in itself, and force us to find companionship in whatever humanity is left inside those broken minds. If there is a greater purpose, a mission, you're taking too long to give us a hint.

Assuming some tropes from games are relevant, the low level generic enemies are too sympathetic and not hopeless enough.
They don't seam to comprehend much of what is going on, the emotional reaction is exaggerate but coherent and they are open to dialogue as far as their cognitive capacity allow. I can't resent their actions.
At the same time they don't seam to suffer to the point death would be a more dignifying alternative. Rejection of one's own body and disorientation can be dealt with, maybe even becoming functional and satisfy. Considering the protagonist condition isn't all that different we can't justify killing them out of pity unless we also consider the protagonist life similarly undesirable.
We're left with only two reason to fight them: necessity or greed.
No. 123353 ID: 820864

No need to worry about that, there'll be plenty of combat to look forward to and soon. I wasn't remotely expecting anything like the suggestion to comfort, so that outcome is kind of a fluke.

That's a lot of things. I really appreciate it though, I'm just still mentally chewing through it. I'm definitely going to keep it in mind.
No. 124210 ID: 1a2b42
File 153167822588.png - (130.93KB , 1200x768 , S&S is on hiatus.png )

I want to apologize and give thanks to the generous folk who granted me the honor of your readership, but Soul & Soma is going on a hiatus (of sorts.) I desperately wish to continue it, but I want to direct my spark of inspiration toward pursuits I feel are more important right now. I definitely will come back to this, but that won’t be for a long while.

tgchan and /quest/ is one of the reasons I had ultimately decided to pursue a life of creation. So thank you again for reading.
No. 124216 ID: 575ec0

Aargh. I knew something with as much artistic effort wouldn't last. In that same vein though, I understand completely.

Good luck in your pursuits, good sir!
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