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File 152131805492.png - (847.95KB , 1093x819 , 1B1887B0-BB64-4AD4-B8B8-3E56505C7BF1.png )
121589 No. 121589 ID: 3583d1

Hello there! My name’s Harbard if you didn’t know already know! Welcome to my pub! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Today the doors are open to all who want to have a drink or maybe earn a few bucks if they want to help serve some drinks or perform up on the stage. We’ve also got some axes to throw if you want! Or darts if that’s your thing. Everything is on me today so don’t be shy to share a drink with your closest friends or enemies!

Anyway Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!
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No. 121599 ID: 216755
File 152133405288.jpg - (442.21KB , 1305x1078 , Beautiful butterfly 207.jpg )

No. 121600 ID: a30024
File 152133626854.png - (187.43KB , 627x700 , kelpiedrink.png )

Another tall green drink. Drink for Nixxy!
No. 121601 ID: 91ee5f

As is tradition, if you’re not wearing green, you get pinched. So here you go! *pinch*
No. 121639 ID: eaf326

(This isn't precisely on topic, but there was a St Patrick's Day drawpile where we drew some crossovery drinking antics: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/src/152136044291.jpg )
No. 121644 ID: d887c0

What do you call a water horse's self-portrait? A kelpie selfie!
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