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File 151910391765.png - (32.29KB , 410x410 , Simple Greeting.png )
120813 No. 120813 ID: 413b9f

Hey all! My name's Kei! Clock got me curious about sharing my ideas here, but I can't choose one to start with...
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No. 120814 ID: 388cdd

Greetings Kei! Any friend of Clocky’s is a friend of mine. So what kind of ideas have you been having?
No. 120819 ID: 5245b2

No. 120820 ID: 413b9f
File 151911180902.png - (33.57KB , 410x410 , Explanation.png )

Well, where to start... If you remember when Clock started the Animal Crossing idea, I was actually involved in that. Since we didn't get to see too much of that, I thought maybe I could try to pick it up, seeing as I had a... fairly major role.

I'm involved in a lot of fandoms and only recently started with my own work. Sometimes I struggle a bit with that as I tend to come up with a character and throw them into everything I do. I'm thinking maybe it's time to stop that because now I have more characters than I know what to do with.

Also, I should mention that I will ship anything. I don't believe I've ever finished a story that didn't have something fluffy and romantic in it.

I think that's about the best explanation I can give. I'm stuck on ideas because they're all jumbled together.
No. 120821 ID: 5245b2

Maybe do a slice of life with Kirea and the gang?
No. 120823 ID: 413b9f
File 151911460399.png - (27.84KB , 410x410 , Frustration.png )

And I just want to warn everyone who follows one of my threads... I often forget where the story was going. Usually because I'm tired. That's what I get for having an inconsistent sleep schedule, I guess.
No. 120825 ID: 3583d1

Thats more understandable then you realize...
No. 120826 ID: 00c285
File 151911555252.jpg - (7.61KB , 400x400 , welcome-to-the-family-meme.jpg )

Well I am glad to hear that we are having a newcomer to this site. Welcome I hope this will be a pleasant experience and that you will have fun writing your story. Also I would like to see your characters who they look and what are their personalities
No. 120827 ID: f22969

Well good luck. Hope you settle on something you enjoy.
No. 120836 ID: 6e27fb
File 151916190296.jpg - (2.14MB , 4032x3024 , 20180220_132032.jpg )

Ah, it doesn't upset me too much. It's annoying, sure, but nothing more than that.
>>120826 >>120827
Thank you very much! I'm excited to start something!
No. 120846 ID: 69d4b9

Maybe use a tool like yWriter to help you keep it all straight?

Anyway were you a Marine or something? I'm trying to understand the significance of your author avatar having a jar head.
No. 120852 ID: 413b9f
File 151919062142.png - (33.57KB , 410x410 , Explanation.png )

yWriter? I haven't heard of it, I'll look into it!
And no, I wasn't a Marine. My head is an inkwell.
No. 120856 ID: 3583d1

Hmmm so does that mean when you need to draw you just sort of put your pen into you head?
No. 120875 ID: 413b9f
File 151925570533.png - (40.39KB , 410x410 , Why did you make me think of that.png )

... No. I tried it once. Let's... not go into that...
No. 120878 ID: b0f04f

It seems I hit a sensitive area... Sorry bout' that...

Hows the brainstorming going?
No. 120881 ID: 413b9f

I managed to come up with something, so there's that! Just working with the character designs right now.
No. 120882 ID: 00c285

Cant wait to see the character designs
No. 120906 ID: f6785d

Hey, new people!
We will be waiting your story!
No. 120908 ID: bfadb3
File 151933562192.jpg - (1.90MB , 4032x3024 , 20180222_133725.jpg )

I appreciate the enthusiasm... but unfortunately I probably won't be starting the quest any time soon. It'll have to wait until I'm in a better and more stable emotional state. I'm terribly sorry.
No. 120909 ID: 00c285

No need to rush it, this will be your story create it by your own pace
No. 120970 ID: 3583d1
File 151967201155.png - (293.02KB , 1093x819 , 06A67FB0-2515-4925-B511-2D38B8404F3D.png )


Hey hey! Let’s not get too down, you know what just to lighten the mood up and get everyone together, QUEST MAKER SELFIE! Bring it in guys!


No. 120973 ID: 96292d
File 151967952132.png - (19.06KB , 500x500 , say-cheese.png )

No. 120979 ID: 413b9f

This is so sweet of you!! Thank you!
No. 120981 ID: f04559

My pleasure! Hope this brought a little smile to all of your faces and brightened your day !
No. 121175 ID: 413b9f
File 152021421044.png - (27.84KB , 410x410 , Frustration.png )

Ugh. I'm still not feeling my best but I've finally got an idea for something and I'm not about to let myself forget this one. I'll be starting a thread soon, watch for it if you're interested.
No. 121177 ID: 5191f1

Can’t wait to see it!

By the way it seems Clocky isn’t doing to well at the moment but I’ll get him back.
No. 121178 ID: 413b9f

Yeah, we've both been having a rough time lately. But we'll get through it eventually. Thanks for all you do, Harbard, I really appreciate it.
No. 121186 ID: 5191f1

My pleasure! I see you’ve gotten your quest going! Can’t wait to see where it goes! Best of luck!
No. 121214 ID: 9876c4

I do too. We''re sometimes a collective of jerks here.

Nice to see someone move past it.
No. 121224 ID: 69d4b9

A jerk of all trades.
No. 121227 ID: 96292d
File 152034397105.jpg - (17.53KB , 182x268 , MV5BYTJiOTQ4NTktZjBiYy00ZjlhLTlhZmEtYTg2YjhjOTZkNz.jpg )

No. 121406 ID: 413b9f
File 152082837625.png - (29.08KB , 410x410 , One of those nights.png )

Well, that was quick.
No. 121460 ID: f04559

Writers block?
No. 121462 ID: 413b9f
File 152098594186.png - (29.08KB , 410x410 , One of those nights.png )

No, nothing like that. I think this is burnout. Happens too easily for me.
No. 121464 ID: f04559

Well I mean it’s not like there is a deadline to updating. But to be fair you’ve been doing it pretty diligently from what I’ve seen. So I can understand why you might be feeling off. Anything you want to talk about?
No. 121537 ID: 413b9f
File 152108992090.png - (33.57KB , 410x410 , Explanation.png )

It's nothing unusual. Trying to do too many personal projects at once while balancing that with schoolwork and worrying about everyone. I'm more tired than anything else.
No. 121573 ID: 754c1b

Ahh, I know what that’s like.
No. 121945 ID: 413b9f

Just an update: I'll be opening a separate discussion thread for Curequest. This one will stay open as a way to test new ideas for other stories as they come.
No. 122276 ID: 1442f4
File 152346296334.jpg - (2.54MB , 4032x3024 , 20180411_084059.jpg )

I'm sorry...
No. 122278 ID: 8205d9
File 152347466539.png - (188.42KB , 1093x819 , 5E189B36-BD53-4D80-9B46-8F854D7C443B.png )

What is up with so many people apologizing for things that are out of their control around here? I’m not sure what’s happened, if you are apologizing for not updating or if something has happened recently, but I hope you are okay. I’m gonna start going around giving people hugs after this, a lot of people seem to need it lately.
No. 122279 ID: bccf1a
File 152347602987.png - (154.66KB , 1093x819 , 4A7EE56E-1822-484A-B40C-6187E7382122.png )

A big hug from me to you, it will get better Kei, I promise.
No. 122287 ID: 413b9f
File 152349211332.jpg - (2.54MB , 4032x3024 , 20180411_084059.jpg )

It's a little of both. I haven't been updating because I just don't have the motivation or energy to do things like I used to. Everything feels awful and only seems to get worse every day, and to top it all off, my family has suddenly decided they don't want to support me through it. I'm relying on all of you and I'm worried it'll get to be too much for you to handle when I know you have battles to fight as well.
No. 122288 ID: c81293

That's why we support each other when we have battles to fight. I have no problem listening and helping you out. You don't have to face things alone if you don't want to.
No. 122299 ID: 413b9f

I want to trust you on that, I really do. But I'm losing everyone. I'm scared.
No. 122300 ID: bdfc92

And it’s okay to feel scared, but I don’t go back on my word once I’ve given it. I don’t plan on going anywhere for a long time. Let me know if can help you out in anyway. Alright, even if it’s just having someone to hear you out when you need it.
No. 122301 ID: bdfc92

It’s kinda funny, it’s going to be a part of my job once you get done with school, to give support to kids. I’m studying to become a teacher. So I promise I’ll be around to help you. But I want you to promise me and yourself that you will ask for help when you need it because you are someone that deserves to be helped when you need it. Okay?
No. 122302 ID: 3583d1

once I* get done with school, stupid phone keyboard.
No. 123570 ID: 413b9f
File 152879223149.jpg - (2.60MB , 4032x3024 , 20180612_012912.jpg )

Hm? Oh yes hello good morning... been a while, hasn't it?
No. 123573 ID: 3583d1

That it has, how’ve you been?
No. 123574 ID: 413b9f

Right now, pretty great! Sorry for the relative inactivity! My updates have been slow because I was trying to focus on my mental health after the last post to this thread. Then the last few weeks of school were so busy, so I've been spending a lot of time resting. I've been out for about two weeks now and am finally getting the energy to start posting again. I'm back to working on Curequest!
No. 123575 ID: 413b9f

And how are you? You mentioned working to become a teacher, how is that going?
No. 123579 ID: 273c30

I’ve hit a bit of a speed bump there honestly. I’ve changed up my majors going from elementary education to secondary. So instead I’m going to be working at the high school/middle school levels. Specifically I would really want to teach history.
No. 123580 ID: eeb7d9

Wait, hold on. Are you guys teachers?
No. 123581 ID: 16652f

I am, I’ve worked as substitute for a lot of the schools in my town. I’m currently working on getting my full degree.
No. 123585 ID: eeb7d9

DUDE, COOL! I am actually studying to become a teacher myself!
English teacher, to be more precise.
No. 123586 ID: 3583d1

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