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File 151795779192.png - (6.05KB , 362x232 , untitled.png )
120362 No. 120362 ID: fc93e4

This is the discussion thread for Instrumentality. I would prefer fanart, jokes, and theories be posted here.

On the topic of theories, I may debunk or confirm some of theme. Here, I'll Debunk one already that's probably going to pop up. No, this is not related to Evangelion. Yes, the main character is named Shinji, but I let the people who posted decide.

Anyways, feel free to discuss things!
No. 120366 ID: fa226c

Just a quick piece of advice: all posting fields except for the message text are optional.
No. 120443 ID: ffa7ee

So... I have a question for what little readers/players I have.

I'm considering using icons to show whos talking in dialogue, and I wanna know, which of these sound the most appealing to you?

1. Static icons with varied expressions


2. Animated icons with 1-4 expressions
No. 120460 ID: 918480

Static icons seem fine. That way you've got much less work for setting up less frequently appearing characters.
No. 120480 ID: ffa7ee

Ok, static icons it is.

I also found a way to make my life easier while making this.

I can make Danganronpa sprite edits of the characters, instead of drawing them everytime.

This may seem lazy, but by making sprite edits, I can make the updates at school, or at place/times i don't have my drawing tablet, so I don't have to wait a week for updates, or make blurry pictures that strains people's eyes. Yes, I can access this at school, and yes i am surprised as this as you are.
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