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File 151735211102.png - (85.86KB , 800x600 , quest-discussion.png )
120117 No. 120117 ID: cf24af

Originally I thought it'd probably be the case that if people wanted to ask questions they'd have the Asteroidquest discussion thread or my general questdis thread to ask.

Then I realised like a dolt I forgot to put my name on the OP and I've now introduced enough elements that are absolutely in no way related to the Asteroidverse canon that it feels like I should head this off at the pass.

So, feel free to ask questions about anything in this quest. If you are lost and don't recognise something then don't worry, I estimate it is incredibly unlikely anyone is going to recognise everything here. I AM HERE TO PROVIDE ADDITIONAL EXPOSITION FOR YOU
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No. 120118 ID: c88e6d

Is That Hacker Asshole's entire race a bunch of jackasses, or was he merely exceptional in that regard? What kind of prick tries to murder some random bystander who just crawled out of a heap of burning wreckage?
No. 120119 ID: fdb08b

Can we bang the arkots

Also can we bang the neumono
No. 120120 ID: c88e6d

Man, that electric shock really did cause brain damage.
No. 120121 ID: 3abd97

Now that we have a dis thread just wanted to share this terrible secret about the name of our mad science snake bug gal with everyone.

Jan 27 21:24:29 <mageykun>Also: in a pique of irony, I used the neumono name generator to come up with my saliaki name suggestion.
No. 120123 ID: cf24af

That remains to be revealed, and a pretty goddamn rude jerk, that's what kind.

see >>120120

archived for delicious irony for all eternity
No. 120124 ID: 91ee5f

.....now I’m curious if any of the neumono in the quest will recognize it as a neumono name and tell Sisirri?

I kinda want to see how she’ll react to discovering she has a neumono name! XD
No. 120130 ID: fda98a

Totally heretic.
No. 120132 ID: 80a84b

>I forgot to put my name on the OP
Yeah, I didn't put two and two together until I saw panel 18.
No. 120237 ID: cf24af
File 151754181968.png - (44.94KB , 800x600 , saliki-jojo.png )

<k0bold> what would a salikai jojo pose even look like
<Cirr> what the fuck would a salikai stand look like

Hi I haven't read or watched a Jojos so this is probably super wrong. After trying to think of whether this should go in fanart I put it here instead.
No. 120241 ID: 12b116

Where does this fit on the canon tree?
No. 120242 ID: cf24af

it's probably a couple canons over from polokoa tbh
No. 120243 ID: 3abd97

>the canon tree
I just finished updating that, actually!
No. 120741 ID: 90124d

0x42 0x45 0x20 0x4e 0x4f 0x54 0x48 0x49 0x4e 0x47
Hex Code = B E N O T H I N G
0x46 0x4f 0x52 0x47 0x45 0x54 0x20 0x49 0x4d 0x50 0x45 0x52 0x49 0x55 0x4d
Hex Code = F O R G E T I M P E R I U M

Well damn. The next step is obvious. Befriend the AI and use it against their greatest friend.
No. 120742 ID: ad51b8

I don't know why but this suddenly reminds me of this theory I heard once about what 42 meant in hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, that In the ASCII Language (computer language), 42 is an * or "Wildcard" or in short the computer that was built was asked what the meaning of life is and it literally told everyone in it's language that "Life is what you make it" and now I'm stuck with the mental image of Imperium do all this shit just to find out what 42 means because he fell into the trap of overthink it.
No. 120744 ID: 2efe4b


You should include a little loop off of Asteroid Quest to show when we altered the timeline so that Jessica survived.
No. 120780 ID: c86a58
File 151901967291.jpg - (6.68KB , 178x237 , images.jpg )

You know it occurs to me,...

The only way Sisirri could get back at Imperium is to not return. Not only this, but the hopes of anyone else doing likewise also hinges on her getting her happy ending.
What better way, after all, to prune a galaxy sized weed with than with an exogalactic threat of countless avenging crusaders nobody had even the faintest clue existed. Not only that, but no one can ever get to her again at that point.

Make of that what you will with your beautiful black megalomaniacal hearts.
No. 120781 ID: cb585b

While true, it may also be useful to A: Reconnect to the second half of the research group, and the rest of the Superculture in general, and B: Send agents in to rally forces in Imperium owned territory. Allowing that idea to work, along with another front to distract and waste Imperium's resources at the same time.
No. 120782 ID: ba56e6

Her best chance at a happy ending is probably going to the Superculture and making a new life there. Help them prepare for Imperium in case it ever finds another artifact to spread itself to other galaxies.
No. 120783 ID: c86a58

Excellent points.

My own concern in relation to the Superculture specifically is more so ensuring that there's enough data available for her new friends to be able to take care of her. Technology is fucking great, sure, but it'd be a real down for bug snek to catch some alien space cold.

And speaking of science and data, my second concerns is keeping any new alien mad scientists from getting any ideas. Or, rather, any more than there are currently.

I admit I sincerely doubt we'll be able to ever get around to implementing the plan however considering the massive scale involved.
No. 120784 ID: c88e6d

We can't go all Light Of The Spire on their ass, we'd need to blow up the Akashic Record first.
No. 120790 ID: 91ee5f

We’re making all these plans for Sisirri to stay in the Superculture and to send the neumono back home.

But you know what would suck? Us being put in a situation where Sisirri has no choice and has to go back home with the neumono.

It’ll probably end up being a situation where somehow Tirzi and the other aliens are also forced to come with us, but still, it'll end up with Sisirri going back home.
No. 120929 ID: 3abd97
File 151944195473.png - (60.54KB , 800x600 , Hey look at this.png )

No. 120931 ID: 91ee5f

If anyone is going to start shipping people together, then I would not at all be surprised if Aza is canonically the person that would actually ship people together! XD
No. 120939 ID: c9f250
File 151951003965.png - (13.26KB , 800x600 , hug.png )

Oh right, not forgetting to upload things.
No. 120946 ID: c88e6d

Amazingly adorable.
No. 120947 ID: ba56e6

hugs for bugs
No. 121014 ID: 138717
File 151977195284.png - (321.02KB , 800x600 , mythos-forest-sun.png )

The Forest and the Feud

(shown: jade relief, unknown sculptor, "Forest bequeaths gifts to the salikai")
Curator note: Despite specimen's near-pristine nature, specimen appears to be easily millennia old. Precise dating unavailable.

In a time long passed, no spark of wit or flash of insight graced the world we call our home.
Then, there were the numinous forces, the will of the world made manifest. Sun, Sea-sky, Earth and Forest.
While the Sun held silent witness, Sea-sky, Earth and Forest created beasts to live within their domains, each striving to make more superior beasts than the last.
From its throne, Sun granted all three of the powers below a single request.
Sea-sky wished to hold the deepest secrets, and became inscrutable and ineffable in its depths.
Earth wished to hold the greatest treasures, and became rich with veins of ores of many varieties.
Forest wished to be home to the most clever creatures of all, as they would serve any request it could ever make.
Thus began the salikai.

The Sun was enraged, as thought was the domain of the numinous forces, not of mere beasts.
It masked its anger behind the Moon while it began to plan a way to punish the Forest for its impugnity.
During this eclipse, the Sun secretly gave Sea-sky and Earth their own thinking creatures.
After the eclipse, the Sun screamed to Forest that if it were to have creatures that could think as the powers, it would see them hunted for all eternity.

Before Forest could ask what it had done to upset the Sun, it sank into the world, and from its incandescent rage were forged the neumono.
The salikai were chased and hunted into the depths of Forest, which watched in despair.
Its most precious creations falling victim to the claws and jaws of new hunters from outside.
But the salikai were clever.
They slipped away into the undergrowth where the hunters could not find them.
They whispered the words of power into the lesser beasts, and swarmed the hunters with their easily led minions.
They tricked and deceived the foolish hunters, turning their violence against them.

Forest watched and gifted the salikai with more deceptive creatures to use.
Mimickry only the salikai had the insight and reason to see through.
Mimickry put to great use.

The salikai were forever hunted, but each new day they survived, they found more ways to survive.
They tore the riches from Earth and stole the secrets from Sea-sky, and the Sun watched, furious.

And so, the Sun took from the salikai their link to the Forest, and their many beasts ran feral.
Salikai turned on salikai in the chaos, and their trickery and deception proved their undoing.

Now salikai dwell in only the most hidden places, still hunted, but with nothing to look over them.
Forest, in its despair, fell into slumber for eternity, and those numinous forces still awoken craved the end of the salikai.

And the salikai still run and hide, and will never find safety again, so long as the Sun can see them.
No. 121028 ID: 906811

Of course Siphon would be in on the shipping game.

The Salikai really are victims aren't they? The fact that some of them are straight up evil dosen't exactly help their case.
No. 121030 ID: 261652

You'd be to, if the only life you knew was being hunted by even more evil, bankrupt monsters. The neumono painted them as fiends to be despised and exterminated at all costs without question rather than merely avoided like the plague. The indoctrination is built into their culture, and no one has any interest in weeding it out. A self enforced status quo that quite literally stretches back beyond the history of either species.
In trope terms for the salikai, there was little they could do but say "Then let me be evil." It's a pretty universal concept,... The monsters we know today were created, knowingly, willingly, and deliberately driven so far beyond the point of return. Hell, the neumono haven't even grown out of it, and are still as tribal as can be to the modern era. It wasn't even long ago either! A hive is the same old village just writ large, and their wars are fought in the same ways with the same goals. Kill those who look (empathically) different but no anyone who "fits in", plunder shinnies etcetera They're even built with an inherent flaw, the inclination to fill with nothing but yes men. And now they will spread that very same hatred to the rest of the galaxy, only serving to further ostracize a species already filled with bitter hatred, giving them even more reason to return the same amount of hatred ten fold.
I'm of the mind that the only reason the galactic community hasn't came cracking down on them like the danger to society they are is because they're cute and cuddly. A great way for a galactic scourge to go unchecked.

The bug snakes are to be condemned, of that there is no doubt, but alas, when it comes to who's truly at fault for everything that has happened they're innocent.
I'm honestly unrepentant 'n proud to say I've been on a salikai's side from the get go. Shit's fucked up. At the very least, they're the ones who have the self awareness/balls to admit they're monsters. You've gotta respect that much,...
No. 121033 ID: 906811

>MORALLY bankrupt monsters
True as the saying goes "Evil begets evil" and "Sin begets more sin, and more sin brings on judgment".
The Salikai never had a chance to be anything other then monsters so they might as well be the best monsters there are.
No. 121076 ID: 300f7e

I think it's pretty telling that a Neumono is more likely to be friends with mind controlling Neumono eating Predators or John Carpenter's The Fufu than a Salikai. When literal monsters get more sympathy than you then it's time to rethink your survival strategy.
No. 121080 ID: 4854ef

>I'm of the mind that the only reason the galactic community hasn't came cracking down on them like the danger to society they are is because they're cute and cuddly.

There's probably also the fact of how much it takes to deal with them during fighting.
No. 121086 ID: 261652

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn- funny you should mention thaaaaaaaaaat, what with that not being a normal,... "free thinking" neumono let's say. Not one of the normal neumono, who,.... you know,... kinda,... systematically hunted said predators to the doorstep of extinction.
I mean,...
I'm a horrible authoritarian monster. If you're going to accidentally a species to extinction that's one thing. Kind of unfortunate annoying side effect of civilization. But total extermination -an entirely separate second instance of such a campaign, from the same people on the same planet- is a bit much compared to alternatives. How many critters running around on earth are super blood thirsty and vicious?

If an asshole such as moi who's fine with relativistic bombardment of neumono hives if that's what it takes to suppress them turns around 'n starts throwing major shade, claiming that even THAT level of silliness is a road too far,.... You really do probably need to rethink,.... a lot of things I'ma be level.
Call me cynical, but over time I keep finding more reason to think the little bastards are sadists. It probably has something to do with the disproportional number of actual sadists.
No. 121093 ID: b1b4f3

Sisirri definitely has emotions and attachments to people, but she seems to have a really hard time identifying her own emotions.
No. 121100 ID: ad51b8

>I'm of the mind that the only reason the galactic community hasn't came cracking down on them like the danger to society they are is because they're cute and cuddly. A great way for a galactic scourge to go unchecked.

I think it's just more a mix of politics and bad luck. Remember the Neumono were uplifted so by the time the salikai were discovered a lot of time, effort, and I'd assume money went into trying to get the neumono away from they're tribal ways and formed into something more modern. It also probably didn't help that the war hive that forced most of the other hives on the planet into the ultra hive which is basically a very large political entity that popped up over night that in effect controlled the planet's resources giving it some economical power as well AND the (most likely) poor first showing of the Salikai to the general public when they tried to brainwash the entire war hive and escape probably painted them in a bad light. So when you got a brand new political and economical entity that shows up and says that they'd like to join the galactic community club and all they ask for in return is for the other club member's to let them hunt down and try to exterminate this less know and kinda unpopular race do to a bad first impression they probably just shrugged and said sure since the ultra hive was probably seen as the underdog in the war they just fought, plus people probably have been around the neumono enough at this point that if the powers that were decided to say no to the neumono's request and it turned violent... well let's just say that people back home would probably be pissed to say the least, and neumono being cute probably would have some effect on that as well.

So yeah I don't think it's so much that the other galactic powers agreed with the neumono more then it was just simpler for everyone just to agree and move on. Although now that I think about it why the hell would people uplift a stone age civilization to the point of space travel? That just seems like a bad idea to me.
No. 121101 ID: e54266

>Essay length response
No. 121104 ID: 8edb2d
File 152001700611.png - (61.92KB , 188x157 , toomanywords.png )

No. 121106 ID: 13fded

Which post are you complaining about? None seem particular lengthily or tiresome. The longest is "The Forest and the Feud", is this the "essay"?
No. 121108 ID: 91ee5f

They’re agreeing with >>121101 about the length of >>121100 ‘s post.
No. 121111 ID: 13fded

That is too long?
So how many words a comment is allowed to use? What part of that comment was unnecessary for the coherence of this speculation? How would you resume it?
No. 121113 ID: ad51b8

really? i've seen longer but whatever, don't read it if you don't want to. simple as that
No. 121114 ID: 261652

Eh, not sure if that is agreement or not. Seems more kinda like a snarky quip about said complaint. Then again I live and breathe snark so everything sounds sassy to me when I read it in my head voice. It would be very fitting as mockery, being and image with words, since this is a board that by its very nature is composed entirely of too many words with the odd pic thrown in for visual flavor and story telling tools.

On more constructive topics,
That's a surprisingly sound and very fair assesment of the situation. Hadn't thought about it from that perspective, but it does make a lot of sense.
To answer your last point, if memory serves me correctly -and yes I am too lazy to trawl through threads, sue me- part of the reason they got uplifted was because they were being exploited heavily. A specific citation being that shady people were using them, and they were starting to turn up in combat roles on the black market/amongst outlaws or something to that effect. People were already slipping them technology before an actual response arrived stupidly late to the scene. I imagine the primary culprits being people like arms dealers looking to bankroll warlords more or less in exhange for the equivalent of blood diamonds from savages that didn't know better.
Now that I bring that up though, I have once again sucessfully baffled myself. Why not just picket the planet in the mean time while someone went down and uplifted them in a more proper way, I get that that would be horrifyingly expensive if you took it slowly, but if you're a cheap skate you shouldn't be investing in any kind of uplifting in the first place.
However, I am certain there's an answer for that somewhere, but it elludes me for now.

As an aside, increasingly tempted to go all Wind Waker up in this joint. I'm not the only one seeing enough potential paralels to make a parody right?
No. 121118 ID: 3abd97

>the war hive that forced most of the other hives on the planet into the ultra hive
Are you making the assertion that Rokoa's hive caused the ultrahives to form, or even that it was the impetus that drove many hives to join? (It's hard to be sure since 'war hive' is both what we usually called her hive in the intermission and a broad label).

If so, I'm sorry, that's incorrect. The ultrahives formed years (if not decades) earlier, followed by a series of wars (aptly named the Ultrahive Wars). We don't have a lot of details on those wars (certainly nothing saying a single warhive kicked them off), except that there used to be more Ultrahives and some got destroyed, or broken up, or absorbed into the others in the fighting. After the war died down were only two Ultrahives left, the Tree and the Coalition, as global superpowers.

We only know of three hives Rokoa's hive pushed into joining the Tree, Sealock, Gianthive and (a small number of) Korli's science hive. Although they really only deserve partial credit on the latter two. Rokoa's war hive might have pushed more hives into the ultras over the years they were active and uplifted on the homeworld, but they were just one small military force among many and the surviving ultras are global in scope.
No. 121119 ID: 8edb2d

Snark, but less at the posts in the disthread and more at the monolithic monologues people are suggesting to deliver to Ekasarra. I doubt she'd sit through that many words.

I assumed that was what >>121101 was referring to in the first place. I'm not sure why somebody would complain about essay-length speculation in the disthread.
No. 121120 ID: ad51b8

eh, it doesn't really matter. At the end of day the Neumono joined the galactic community and as a whole said they wanted the Salikai dead and the rest of the galaxy just kinda shrugged and said "ok".
No. 121128 ID: 074011

A quest dealing with genocidal enemies with personal losses being forced to collaborate, people completely displaced from the familiar, beings that achieved their every ambition and were defeated by that very fact, a handful of civilians facing planet-scouring armadas with somewhat realistic prospects, the vulnerability and unreliability of ones own mind and senses... is likely to veer towards the speculative and philosophical. Long posts seem inevitable.

If the author wants un-or-weakly justified orders for a quick romp and a fun time, then that is honestly great. I would honestly be loath to impede such wonderful entertainment. Such doesn't seem to have been telegraphed by the subject matter.

Vernaut have their obsessions, Voklit have their conduct, Neumono have hive loyalty and predators, predators and fufa seem generally agreeable and simple, arkots are arkots, salikai seem by default to assume social contact as an attack. Everything except salikai seems to have an inherent control mechanism, and salikai seem to have a gift for bioengineering... Neumono even go so far as to have very little known species that anatomically resemble them, while being pretty much exactly what you would get if you took the design philosophy of a fufa(which seem expensive to produce and unreliable in the field) and applied it to a mammal.

The salikai-hate seems like a pretty clear-cut case of advanced bioengineers being destroyed by their own creations. Their crime is likely a combination of well-founded but inaccurate confidence in their own superiority with a long list of atrocities that such attitudes tend to cause. Once the revolution happened they had mutually-intended genocide and nobody was in a position to seek peace. Everyone else is playing a sci-fi Civilisation while the salikai are playing a post-apocalypse Resident Evil.
No. 121129 ID: 13fded

You just blow my mind!
No. 121130 ID: ad51b8

yeah but you'd think that something would exist even if only in ruins from the time when the Salikai had the technology to actually pull something like this off, from old cities, a monument, or even just old wive's tails. Personally I find it more likely that Neumono simply evolved from fufa or at least share the same ancestor.

I also think that both Neumono and Salikai just kinda evolved around the same time and fought each other to become the dominate life form on the planet. I mean from what snippets I've gathered ancient Neumono seemed much more warlike then they are now and if this >>121014 has any truth in it they might have actually stuck first since old hives at best tolerated other hives so it isn't to far of a stretch to think if they came across something as alien as a Salikai they'd strike first if simply because they thought them to be some beast to be hunted or out of some form of fear/xenophobia.
No. 121132 ID: 8edb2d

I'm not saying that the information is invalid. I'm saying Ekasarra is in a highly emotional state right now. Trying to feed her a lecture doesn't seem like the best solution, nor does letting anger take the wheel. It would be better to plant the seeds of an idea by drawing on less volatile emotions, such as regret and sadness, and explain/hypothesize when she is in a more stable state.
No. 121133 ID: 261652

>The crux of the matter. The message of the lecture. Moral of the tangent? Either works.

I must observe I disagree. Even if it does turn into some huge emotional outburst, it would pay at minimum to get people in the lab to realize that Sissiri has more emotional states of being than just cold/calculating and dead. She's a cool cucumber though, so I have that much faith at least.

More importantly, as I believe it was put in the thread; "brevity is the soul of wit." Which is nice and all. But at best, wit is irrelevant to clarity, at worst it is an opposed enemy. The entire thread we've been on the back foot, simply reacting to events and trying to do damage control and triage as the case may be.
Kinda tired, I'ma be blunt. I, at the very least, want to provoke thought. Inject some brutal logic into this emotional chaos. Long, hard, internal self reflection. Kan and,...
What's-her-other-other-face be damned, salikai don't like not being in control and neither do I. We need to reign things in. We need to actually start solving problems once and for all where possible. There's not a single character that isn't overwhelmed all whilst being haunted by their own demons and interpersonal conflicts etc, etc etc. Otherwise we'll just be increasingly overloaded and no amount of machine gunning more reactionary responses is going to help. Yes, I am extremely well aware that a lecture is not a good choice for the situation. I would have preferred to keep my input much more succinct. But I realized as I went on that that would not be possible, not if we wanted to cut to the heart of the issue and resolve it as much as possible. I ain't fine with our status quo being the same as a rubber ball, and I'm perfectly prepared to sit down and have a nice long intervention with Ekasarra. There's a lot going on there, we should know more about her mental state if nothing else. We sure as hell don't want doubts to continue to plague her, and be an easy opening for an enemy to exploit, that much everyone should be able to agree on.

My only hope is that more suggesters start to buckle down and resist the storm before everyone gets blown away. Batten down the hatches; we're the immovable rock in the storm both physically and emotionally here. People seem to have forgotten that, at least a few. Dysfunction will just breed exponentially otherwise.
No. 121139 ID: 8edb2d

As it is, Sisirri was called after as she was in the middle of leaving to do something else. If we want to talk to Ekasarra at length, we should do that and clarify it as such. And if we want to make an emotional impact, we can't lecture her in such a condescending way, or she will simply resist and ignore what is said. It needs to be a patient and mutual conversation.

If we want Sisirri to go do what she was already doing, we need to give Ekasarra a short emotional statement that will give her something to consider. Anger is an emotion, yes, but it breeds more anger. We've seen Sisirri flip out before with Aza and it definitely didn't help, and in this case the other party can and will fight back if Sisirri tries to intimidate them.

Grief is also an emotion, and less provocative. The common ground we already found with Ekasarra was shared loss at the hands of Imperium and a shared desire to see it avenged.
No. 121141 ID: d2e2ce
File 152011883475.jpg - (225.23KB , 814x491 , 5cb.jpg )

No. 121142 ID: b1b4f3

Who are you directing that towards?
No. 121144 ID: ad51b8

I have no idea if you're being serious right now or just trolling? I mean this is a dis thread, people will discuss things and discussions tend to be wordy. Hell this Dis thread seems pretty average to me.
No. 121217 ID: 074011

So who actually is Sissiri? There are lots of hints at being an overall nice person, but she keeps having... "Salikai moments" where she identifies and considers the most brutally defensive pragmatism. For example she clearly regards a "neumono control mechanism" as inherently valuable.
>Needlessly destroying data like this when it could be the key to making a jammer and/or neumono control mechanism is out of the question.

There are a lot of suggestions that she doesn't care about species, but I fear that such would ring hollow to Ekasarra, as it rings hollow to me. Ekasarra asked if Sisirri would kill her "just for being a neumono". I think that "being a neumono" is sufficient for Sisirri to consider someone a danger that can't be allowed to threaten her. If that means killing them, then it looks to me that Sisirri would do so. Sisirri isn't inclined to kill them now because she knows these specific neumono and they appear to not be a threat at present, probably, but let's get this jammer up quickly!
No. 121220 ID: 4854ef

2/3rds of them are not out to kill her, 1/3rd seems pretty set on it however. I would say Kan is still very much a current threat to her existence.
No. 121222 ID: 13fded

I would want to have a neumono control mechanism if I had to interact with them. They are a bunch of "ours vs. them" tribalists that can literally transmit temper tantrums to each other. Would you want to be at their mercy without any defense just because their advantages over you were inherent to their biology?

Here is the thing with killing neumonos only if they represent a threat: having any information about Sissiri location, or even her existence, revealed to neumono society would be an existential threat because of their genocidal campaign. That means in most possible encounters Sissiri would want to kill them just to be sure.
The exception would be neumonos in underground circles already interacting with salikai like Ekasarra used to be. So if they've meet each other when Ekasarra was working for Hidira, Sissiri wouldn't try to kill her. Maybe she wouldn't like her, but killing would be less desirable than minding her own business.
No. 121229 ID: 8edb2d

I think >>/quest/871590 encompasses all ways in which we would realistically react if we were in control of Sisirri.

If it was a neumono we were familiar with and sympathized with, we wouldn't kill them.
If they were a hostile neumono, we would (because non-lethally incapacitating one is too hard).
If they were not a threat (most likely because we were unseen) we would simply avoid them and be on our way, because engaging would mean alerting any other neumono nearby to our presence.
No. 121230 ID: 261652

If only! But I would point out that based on her personality we wouldn't have to nudge her one way or the other anyway to begin with.
Almost assuredly, something silly would have to complicate matters.
No. 122546 ID: 12b116

I can't believe there's motherfuckers dense enough to not want to immediately kill Voidsong.

"Don't need it. Get rid of it."
-Karl Pilkington.
No. 122547 ID: 90f3c0

Yeah, keeping an evil asshole who is capable of long range psychic attacks alive seems like a bad move.
No. 122571 ID: ba56e6

No. 122596 ID: dc91a0

Am I the only one who still thinks this is all still a phychic illusian and were still in the base, probably convulsing on the floor?
No. 122597 ID: de3949

ok for real if people still think this is all a big illusion there is literally nothing I am going to be able to do to dispel this notion

I know I tend to play with that thing time to time but I'm just going to underscore that there were non-illusion based reasons Sisirri had such an easy time and they are all very related to the fact she got her head invaded seconds after Voidsong went down

ok bye
No. 122598 ID: 33cbe7

Your psyops won't fool me, Voidsong!
No. 122602 ID: dc91a0

Voidsong did interact with us directly before...
It wouldn't surprise me if she could be here in the dis-thread, too.
No. 122604 ID: ba56e6

This is the future you chose
No. 122605 ID: 7ffa9a

What if Sisirri's still trapped on the ocean floor???
No. 122614 ID: dc91a0

Then this entire quest is like... purgatory?
No. 122615 ID: 91ee5f

You mean like that “Lost” tv show?
No. 122666 ID: 12b116

It's more coherent than Lost already though.
No. 122889 ID: 074011

Is that a compliment? I feel that a Shakespearean first-draft script run through autocorrect then googl translated across 5 different languages and narrated by the thickest accent you can find would be more coherent than Lost, but your reply was 666, so Lost must be true.

Truth's Knife is going to sacrifice itself to destroy Imperium. Unless it is imperium, but that would be a hassle. How to save Truth's Knife?
No. 122890 ID: ba56e6

Break time.
No. 122991 ID: 12b116

Are we in fishverse?
Are the Kiter from Fishverse?
Has this universe been taken over by them?
Do I need to ask this sort of thing in the quest to get something of an answer?
No. 122993 ID: 05ff2f

I think we're currently in a third universe (Kiter-verse) with crossovers from Asteroid-verse and Fish-verse.
No. 122996 ID: b1b4f3

>going to sacrifice itself
No, it's already dead. The bit that's left in Sisirri's head is incomplete. Just enough to protect her from whatever mind-switch Imperium left.
Or maybe that part was just a dream. Wishful thinking on the part of Sisirri's subconscious.
>to destroy Imperium
I don't know where you got the impression THAT was going to happen from Truth's Knife doing what it did.
No. 122997 ID: 3abd97

It's a Fish-Asteroid crossover, yeah.

Feb 19 12:07:57 <Cirr>but yeah the general topography of this quest is Feb 19 12:08:36 <Cirr>asteroidverse galaxy (milky way) --- salikai quest galaxy with kiter empire (maybe another dimension entirely???) --- fishverse galaxy (unnamed superculture galaxy)

In-quest, the exact location of the planet we're isn't something we know for certain, but the Fish-alien team found evidence we're not in the superculture's home galaxy (see >>/questarch/866448 ). Sisirri also assumes she's not in her home galaxy, but she hasn't done any astronomy to confirm this yet.
No. 123030 ID: ffede5
File 152634672745.png - (11.21KB , 694x600 , the_bends.png )

I wonder

did that one layabout we found in the pod and assigned to guard duty make it to safety?
No. 123031 ID: ba56e6
File 152634884532.jpg - (28.00KB , 386x363 , pleasesgaga.jpg )

Personally I thought of this when I saw that face.
No. 123208 ID: a8b0c6
File 152719098903.png - (165.49KB , 800x1000 , sisirris pants.png )

If Sissirri wore pants would it be like this or like that?
No. 123214 ID: ad51b8

so this is what happens when someone convinces lackey to start wearing clothes, he becomes convinced that everyone needs to start wearing some and starts coming up with ideas for all the nude aliens on base. This was him asking for an opinion on saliaki clothes final design.
No. 123219 ID: 05ff2f

Thinking seriously on this, since all the bits that would need to be covered would be at the "bulb" end of her, it'd be the lower option, except cut back to only the last pair of legs.
No. 123220 ID: 3abd97

The top one looks more like pajamas or a snuggie to me.
No. 123223 ID: a363ac

gonna go with 2 here. need to keep the meaty parts warm more then the leggy parts
No. 124442 ID: 094652

At this point, the story could have veered off in a whole different direction. Fiddle with the gate a little and it could be used as a bisecting weapon. But we're not going to do that.

So how will the gate work? One-time only deal, or can it save coordinate velocities so the portal can be re-opened at specific areas? Or is there only enough PWR in the base to maintain the portal for like five minutes?
No. 124452 ID: 7fad5d

I suspect we'll have to find out the hard way.
No. 124508 ID: ba56e6

We'd probably need a key that isn't compromised by Imperium-tech first.
No. 126909 ID: 221205

hi so I fucked up the number of legs a salikai has in the art a lot
For some reason I remembered them having ten legs when it's closer to ten pairs, and also I seem to be drawing said legs about twice the length they show up in Lago art
so if the leg number and style abruptly changes this is why
No. 126912 ID: d18b05

It honestly didn't register. Don't stress too much!
No. 127943 ID: 8eaf98

so I thought of something that while it may not be pleasent may stave off starvation, the healing gel seems real good at fixing whatever ails ya, and malnutrition seems to fit the bill of an ailment.
Alternatively, this gel seems to be renewable and my understanding is it works, at least in part, by providing nutrients to relevant affected areas of the body, thus it has the required nutrients to sustain someone should it be consumable.
Also, did we try farming the fruits, if so how did that go?
No. 127947 ID: ad51b8

honestly one thing I'm hoping for is that their is something in the basement where saliaki's boyfriend was trapped that can help us make food. I mean I remember one part when we first learned he was down their that his minions where trapped down their as well and seem to have set up some way to gather food for themselves to live down their so I'm hoping that we can find something like they did and give the base some food.
No. 127949 ID: 91ee5f

What if those guys are the reason that we’re out of food?

I assume that they’re the reason some of the arkots have gone missing, most likely to be butchered and eaten. And the food that’s gone missing and causing the arkots to start fighting each other could’ve also been stolen by them.
No. 127951 ID: df5c09

I highly doubt even one of that tribe coulda gotten up top without being noticed and either offed and hauled off a arkot or two with no trace or raided the fruit bin in the middle of Arkot Central unseen.

However, whether they could pull that off or not, they still would have had to have a food source for the time after they arrived and before Sisirri or the Superculture science team arrived. It could be down in the depths of the complex or raiding the surface from another exit or who knows what. Thus, it deserves further investigation to find out just how have they been feeding themselves all this time.

Also, there's the related question of where that group has been getting fresh water from. They'd need that as much as food to live down there as long as they have. We probably won't be needing water any time soon given how much it's been raining on the surface, but I'd still want to know where they've been getting their water in case we end up stuck in the complex depths for any length of time.
No. 127954 ID: df5c09

I reread the update in thread 1 where the 'tribe' of Kitsiksu's servitor species first appeared (>>/questarch/870561) and it's written right in there that they tend a hydroponic garden which is presumably where they get their food from. So that most likely answers that question. Doesn't rule out the possibility they're getting additional food from elsewhere, but for now that is just speculation.

However, this doesn't answer where they're getting the fertilizer and other nutrients needed to keep the hydroponics growing the plants, nor where they're getting their fresh water from. Both those would be worth finding out, since if they turn out to be plentiful then the hydroponics can be scaled up.

Also, the plants they're growing in the hydroponics beds are probably ones engineered by Kitsiksu and likely better than wild or normally domesticated varieties. Maybe they grow faster or have better nutrition. Thus, getting some seeds from 'em would make sense.
No. 128479 ID: 2cc14c

So. Anomaly's in the graveyard. Does this mean that the events in it should be disavowed and disregarded?
No. 128482 ID: ad51b8

nah, Cirr has a habit where he'll drop a quest for a few months then come back to it later or start a new quest then come back to it.
No. 128759 ID: 5ba090

This is a good quest.
I have a question though. There's this tv show called 'Prisoner Zero', which is about a bunch of space-traveling rebels trying to fight an oppressive galactic empire.
The empire is called Imperium, and is ruled by what appears to be a shadowy council that not much is revealed about, but they only talk to their subjects through digital means. They are strongly associated through with the colour red, and they control the empire through use of something called the Bioweave, which is a kind of psychic network that is implanted into all the empire's citizens and enables control of their minds.
Was Salikai inspired by this show at all, or is this just an interesting coincidence? Here's a short clip of the show btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj7ruGtBPOk
No. 128837 ID: d88fe2

Well I can quite safely say I've never heard of this show, but I can also safely say not a whole lot of ideas I use in my works are ever original so that kind of tracks.
No. 128842 ID: 094652

Wow so drama :Doge:

But seriously, what is going through Lackey's mind right now? That was just plain sadistic.
No. 128843 ID: b1b4f3

Well we DID see during Lackey's intermission that he's vulnerable to extreme mood swings, irrational behavior, and inner turmoil.
No. 128846 ID: 8eaf98

I think these are more issues of training. these seem like some of the behavior I imagine you would want out of cookie cutter soldiers. when questioned gives straight accurate answers, when not questioned shuts up and does as told. I do not think sustained 'in charge of self' was ever supposed to be part of operating parameters, and as such, the system is just doing the best it can to adapt.
No. 128851 ID: 2cc14c

What you've gotta remember is that Lackey is basically a baby. A baby crammed with memories of soldiers and tacticians, none of which has likely ever had to earn the respect of the troops under them. Or use any social skills at all, for that matter. Jakar in that unsecure comm with the stran was just as robotic as you'd expect from such an "upbringing", and the antipathy of the Kiter leadership towards each other may be a symptom of this.
Though I gotta say, from what little we've seen, Gol seems notably incompetent.
No. 129305 ID: 2202fb

You know, Eka might be very malleable right now, rather than truly going rogue. The reason she doesn't feel like a neumono (which may be quite literal) may be because she spent too much time with Lackey. She hasn't spent enough time with Lekka and her empathy is simply conforming to those she feels closest to.


Alternatively, altering neumonos' empathy to coincide with his own may be one of Lackey's latent abilities, allowing him to gain allies highly unlikely to betray him. Tactically speaking, it would be a huge advantage if you could toss one guy into an enemy force and turn them all into allies.


I was thinking about Lackey's parting words. He may be hinting at Kitsiksu's fungal system being a vulnerability. Shit would go really really bad if Voidsong somehow "hacks" the system and uses Kitsiksu like a puppet. The system should probably be fully removed and a new one installed, just like Sissiri's implant.
No. 129312 ID: 0fae41

I don't think it makes Kitsuksu any more or less vulnerable to infiltration than any other member of the team already is - in fact, it may be so basic its protocols cannot be overridden. Avenues of infiltration thus far have been more technological - though I'm not sure it was even the tech side of Ekasarra that was being hacked.
No. 129314 ID: 8eaf98

Actually I would go with the Kiter being primarily biological in their vectors, but having encountered tech so much in opposition that their bio can create signals that hack it directly.
No. 129315 ID: 2202fb

I think it was said earlier on that it is both. There are different kiter sections and one of them is bioengineering. That is the only one we have come across so far, however.
No. 129321 ID: 9a17c4

>There are different kiter sections
Yep, 1045 said as much. >>/questarch/883488
>Many are assembled in bulk to serve a specific function

You know, we haven't made a list of kiter types and specialties. Allow me to fix that.

Known non-stran kiter:
Carax: Soldier, best guess is footman equivalent, appear to use biotech rifles attached to their bodies, (>>/questarch/864387), reason for attachment to body unknown, purpose of fungal growths unknown
Ess: Soldier, best guess is tank/heavy support equivalent
Neno fi: Tech specialist, biotechnology and paraspace
Neburi: Tech specialist & field support, electronic warfare and possibly non-biological tech
Blaukesch: Unknown, only known individual has title of coordinator, possibly strategy, as well as physical and paraspacial logistics
??? (Unsure if blaukesch): First kiter seen (>>/questarch/862575), was also in the group targeting the arkots with some carax and neburi (>>/questarch/864387), possibly scouts, have some electronic warfare capability.
No. 129322 ID: 9a17c4

>There are different kiter sections
Yep, 1045 said as much. >>/questarch/883488
>Many are assembled in bulk to serve a specific function

You know, we haven't made a list of kiter types and specialties. Allow me to fix that.

Known non-stran kiter:
Carax: Soldier, best guess is footman equivalent, appear to use biotech rifles attached to their bodies, (>>/questarch/864387), reason for attachment to body unknown, purpose of fungal growths unknown
Ess: Soldier, best guess is tank/heavy support equivalent
Neno fi: Tech specialist, biotechnology and paraspace
Neburi: Tech specialist & field support, electronic warfare and possibly non-biological tech
Blaukesch: Unknown, only known individual has title of coordinator, possibly strategy, as well as physical and paraspacial logistics
??? (Unsure if blaukesch): First kiter seen (>>/questarch/862575), was also in the group targeting the arkots with some carax and neburi (>>/questarch/864387), possibly scouts, have some electronic warfare capability.
No. 129508 ID: 1231f6

Got a possible name for that last one from >>/questarch/865209
No. 131385 ID: 77c3b1

So... Did you just leave the Kiter Carax and the possibly-Kiter moth outside for now?
No. 131386 ID: 77c3b1

Shoot, was supposed to post that in thread 3. PLEASE DISREGARD!
No. 131411 ID: b3b0e2

Time to dissect!
>a reckoning had followed our ancestors to this world
So the Khepallii peshgiene showed up from space to colonize (reason unknown), likely set up shop on the landmass with the domes...
>Rather than treat the zizene itudak and ningkiene zalak as primitive natives to exploit...establishing permanent trading posts became less and less of a priority as they learned from the natives
...set up trade posts where they didn't settle, some went native...
>Things would change when news of the significance of the ruins reached Khepalliion and expeditions began.
...Khepallii saw value in ruins (probably from the tech used by "The Warning"), so sought to study them, sent forces to secure...
>Raids and skirmishes of both sides began...Things may have only escalated from there until the Tirannan were but another heathen movement consigned to history
...hostilites broke out (the use of "heathen" is odd, are the Khepallii theocratic?)...
>The first contact with the Kiter began as a scouring of Korai, the once capital city of Khepalliion
...Kiter arrive, attack Khepallii capital (unknown if global capital or galactic capital).

So, that should be a rough overview from Khepallii peshgiene arrival to Kiter arrival.
No. 131675 ID: 422cea

Today I learned genital slits are considered the same thing as clothing in paraspace. Or I have horribly, horribly, misinterpreted what Lackey meant.
No. 133826 ID: ed202d

update: have now seen parts 1-5 of jojos anime, please god don't let me take that picture I drew two and a half years ago and make an unrelated spinoff alternate universe quest where stands are a thing, because that would be really really dumb and stupid
No. 133827 ID: 2aa5f0

what was the picture you're talking about in this case if you don't mind me asking?
No. 133828 ID: ba56e6

The one in the post he linked, I think.
No. 133829 ID: 2aa5f0

I... I don't know how I missed that. I think I need to wake up more before going online.
No. 134485 ID: 16d082
File 160763043144.jpg - (14.01KB , 236x239 , low_resolution_image_of_kermit_honking_at_interlop.jpg )

>Cirr watches JoJo
>becomes gay
No. 134497 ID: e2f5cc

No. 134636 ID: a979d8

I mean I’ve been some form of bi for like ten-ish years now, that it took this long for anyone to notice feels like a failing on my behalf
No. 134641 ID: 864e49

Be more gay, Do moar crimes.
No. 137310 ID: f0bf00

looking back on it, sisirri is drawn with a different number of legs every time and now i cant unsee
No. 137469 ID: b01382

How long of a hiatus is the quest on, or are you done with it?
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