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File 151705672002.gif - (6.72KB , 464x405 , kipz.gif )
120008 No. 120008 ID: c914a9

I procrastinated on making this because of anxiety i’m such a fag

Leave your thoughts, critics, and everything else regarding the quest here!

I may also use this to post some updates and also some concept art.

Warning: This thread just may contain large amounts of furfaggotry and fluffy cats.
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No. 120009 ID: 13fded

How honest was Kip when he painted himself as a saint oppose to his caste characteristics? I though that could be a lie, Kip setting up a "mindfuck" for the readers.
No. 120011 ID: c914a9

I don't wanna give spoilers so soon like that, but at the same time I really wanna answer that question. All I can say is:

Kip is, legitimately, very much a good boy. A chaotic good boy, but still very good.

His sincerity and respect towards his species may be questionable, and so are his feelings towards his kind, but his loyalty to his duty and his wish to protect what he treasures the most should never be questioned.
No. 120012 ID: 13fded

Seems like I'm close to something...
Don't take my question as a demand for answers. It's just a doubt I though would fit better in a discussion thread than in the quest itself.
Even if Kip is lying to us it's better to have him believe we trust him completely than initiate an unnecessary confront. It's funny how small lies can quickly become a manipulation game.

Speaking of lies and confrontations, what is the deal with Kip going from rabbit obsessed foot fetishist "no one need to know what happen in the privacy of four walls" to innocent and inexperience virgin that lose his fath in humanity after a few pederast jokes? Is him been dishonest or did you changed the character to avoid an uncomfortable subject?
No. 120013 ID: 4cf31e

Loving your stuff so far. Cute cats with mind powers are the best!
No. 120017 ID: c914a9

I cannot control myself though, this is such good questioning. Part of me is dying to just answer all of this. Don't worry, I'll control my self enough to not spill out any important information. Though I still want to answer a few minor non-spoiler-y questions.

Don't be harsh on poor dear sweet Kip though. He's doing his best. And yes, that's a good approach to it.

Kip has always been ridiculously innocent and inexperienced though, by Therran standards at the very least.. All the deal with the rabbits has always been nonsexual. It's hard to explain, but Therran mating doesn't really work very similarly to earthling mating. They don't do it "for fun"; and it's very violent. He simply is a little too amused with all the very concept of earthling intercourse. There is a reason why the mating age for a Therran is high; they need to be physically ready for the ordeal they'll partake.

Kip was ENTIRELY honest on that part. And no, he hasn't lost his faith in humanity though, it'll be pretty hard for him to lose it that easily. The "Faith in the Voices" chart just illustrates Kip's very own pouty feelings and how comfortable he's. Looking closely, you'll see nothing much has changed in his behavior before he acting a little more nervous.
Like I said, Kip has a hard time with jokes, specially dark humored ones.

And explaining, he isn't that shy about the rabbits, he merely feels guilty for having a liking of this sort towards earthling creatures, considering it's forbidden by the Therran queen to have any kind of bounding of THAT sort with one out of his kind. He's just indulging on his very own obsessions and then regretting it DEEPLY afterwards. Kip likes to put himself through emotional roller coasters a little too much.
No. 120018 ID: c914a9

Thank you so much! I'm really happy you like it, and yeessss!
No. 120019 ID: 13fded

So it's a Calliope thing. That make me fearful of possible future nonsenses, after all Andrew Hussie included a lot of bullshit in his story to mess with the readers.

Regardless it's still a half true, he is innocent from an alien point of view. He certainly explored encounter of sexual nature with others, just not the kind practiced by his specie.
If those activities are different from Therrans mating why are they considered a taboo? It sound like feeling ashamed of pollination. Naught, naught bees...

I'm sorry if I seem harsh. It's not my intention, my way of speaking don't work very well in written format...
No. 120022 ID: c914a9

Exactly! We can surely put it that way.

Kip's views are all based on alien standards. That's EXACTLY the point I've been trying to get to, so you're entirely right. It's mostly frowned upon socially due to the pride of the Therran society. A Therran mating with beings from a different species is seem as a really shameful act and looked down upon by all the Therran castes and classes.

Kip has hardly engaged in intercourse though, even with earthlings, except for a few times, though he's usually taking a more passive and submissive approach to it than the usual very fierce way Therrans do it.

You're fine, don't worry!
No. 120023 ID: 13fded

What confuses me is that the terraqueous reproduction is so different from the therran that Kip doesn't even consider the practice sex but at the same time the sexual connotation is so shameful that Kip's participation cost him his job. That make me think he is hidden behind technicalities.

I'm not sure what you have in mind for the therran reproduction, and ultimately it's not really relevant for the story, but the suggestion that it's so distinct it's not even considered the same thing. That raise questions about what Kip is gaining from such activities if he isn't stimulated by the acts but that could be like asking how fetishes work.
Earlier I made a comparison with plants but it occurs to me that the reproduction strategy doesn't have to be so dramatically different to result in sexual acts with completely different sensation. One example that comes to my mind is a weird mite that specialized in reproduction through rape. The males don't introduce their penis in structures shaped to receive it, instead they use their spear like sexual organs to penetrate any parts of the bodies of others members of their specie injecting sperm in their blood. The sperm get stuck in the females system fertilizing their eggs every fertile period they have for the rest of their lives, and also get stuck in other males making them eject some of the foreign sperm along their own during reproduction.
If that isn't an aggressive alien reproduction I don't know what is. I bet whatever you imagined wasn't this brutal.
No. 120025 ID: c914a9

I'd rather leave the more specific details for interpretation, but there are some things I can clarify, just so it'll make sense.

Therran mating is far different from just the "hit and quit" thing earthlings tend to have. It's a lot more ritualistic. Penetration is a small part of it only, and there are so many other steps to take into consideration. Just penetrating is not considered a full ritual; you'll STILL be considered a virgin until you take part in a true mating ritual. And mating rituals ALWAYS have the purpose of breeding a new Therran for their world.

Let's just say it's not something you'd wake up and naturally want to do in a Sunday morning.

Whether the creature's sex is male or female doesn't really matter in intercourse. All the differences between the sexes are irrelevant on reproduction, it only affects some aspects like physical and magical attributes. When it comes to genitalia, let's just say there's a very... wide variety, but they mostly serve a same purpose for both males and females. This leaves a wider range of ways for intercourse to take place, and it goes pretty wild. Open to interpretation. Specifying this would make it less fun anyways.
No. 120055 ID: 13fded

We wouldn't want to, but would the therrans be naturally inclined to do it in a Sunday morning? I imagine they would, after all sex is only pleasurable to stimulate reproduction.
If the genders don't have reproductive function why do they exist? How can they even be identify as different genders? You are describing a hermaphrodite specie.
Maybe you are suggesting their current reproductive practice is artificial and doesn't correspond to the act they evolved to do. We can go one step further and say they are evolving to become dependent of the current method and the original process no longer work, so their stimulus don't fit perfectly the process, yet.
No. 120057 ID: c914a9

What I meant was that it wouldn't be meant to be something casual, but yes, they do have a set day, time and place to do it.

I never said they possessed the exact same kind of genitalia, all I said was they serve the same purpose; as mentioned, there's a wide variety of shapes the genitalia can take, but, quoting my last post, "they mostly serve a same purpose for both males and females". The WAY the intercourse happens can differ a lot depending on what kind of shape you're dealing with though. Like I said, I'll be leaving the details for interpretation, so I think any weird kinds of alien sex you may be imagining could just happen to be canon in some corner in their planet.
The outcomes in magical and physical traits vary a lot in breeds depending on gender and caste. Every aspect balances each other out; and they have a deeper meaning for their own existence rather than procreate and survive, or at least so they believe. It just couldn't work any other way.

Yes, kind of. Something important to keep in mind is that the Therran society revolves all around magic. Breeding is no different. They believe their methods enhance the chances of a stronger future generation, and the rituals ensures the healthiness and strength of their child. It's all a little too methodical, and varies a lot from place to place, being less classy and more rustic in some areas and very respectful yet still sadistic in some others. They have made it so common and methodical a big part of them barely feels the stimulus at all and chances are they HAVE grown dependent of the rituals too.
No. 120058 ID: 13fded

Maybe that's not the angle you are interested in, but if the magical ritual truly affect the genetic combination to promote beneficial characteristics faster than the natural selection you may want to take a look at something called Phenotypical Revolution. Overlooking the french guy political opinions, it's a fascinating idea that would fit well with your alien specie.
No. 120061 ID: c914a9

That sounds interesting, I'll certainly check it out! :3
No. 120457 ID: cb585b

I'm wondering, if Kip has an obsession with rabbits, why doesnt he...

Become Bun?
No. 120459 ID: c914a9

It just overwhelms him a little too much. Taking shape of a soft, fluffy bunny rabbit is just too breathtaking. And also, he wanted something that would be close enough to his real form, and cats are the closest thing.

He... still did it sometimes. When he wanted to.

A few times. In his room, alone. For researching purposes.
No. 120463 ID: 13fded

So much research...

Any particular reason for the rabbit obsession? Not from Kip part, from you. You could had chose any creature or anything. Was rabbits just good enough? ...or fluffy enough?
No. 120468 ID: c914a9


I just really like rabbits. Maybe a little too much. Fine, way too much. At this point I just may have an obsession too please help me
No. 120482 ID: 13fded

I though you would be more like a cat-person.
No. 120484 ID: cb585b

Kip's Bun Partner-in-Crime(?) when?
No. 120502 ID: c914a9

I love cats AND rabbits. They're both by far my favorite animals!

...What? I'm not sure what you're trying to say.
No. 120503 ID: cb585b

Kip's probably incoming Rabbit teammate in the future? :V
No. 120548 ID: c914a9

shhshshhsh no spoilers
No. 120550 ID: c914a9

And also, a small update.

Due to some things happening in my life, I'll take a very small break from the comic for a while.

I'm a really big emotional wreck all the time too and I already lacked the will to even get up from the bed on most days, and things keep only getting worse; I've been having to deal with really painful bruises on my skin which just don't let me concentrate on anything at the moment. That being said, I don't want to obliterate the quality of the comic by simply rushing everything and half-assing it. And I will still be working on the big update, just a bit slower than I was before, but still; I just won't be able to update the Intermission chapter for a while.

Thanks for reading and I hope you understand! <3
No. 120552 ID: a81b0d

Don't worry dude, take it easy.
No. 120557 ID: 13fded

Take your time.
I'm sure you can find within yourself a reason to keep going, until then i advise trying new things. Wish you the best.
No. 120768 ID: 13fded

Kip romantic strategy remind me of a guy who used to take city dudes to his farm to play with his jaguar. She wasn't even a pet, she was just an wild predator he started to feed. The photos of young gay dudes at the pool with the gigantic feline were hilarious.
No. 120914 ID: c914a9

No. 121060 ID: c914a9

Alright, I promise I'll finally get back to this quest now. I'm super duper sorry for the long wait. <3
No. 121572 ID: a363ac

did you make the music for this update yourself?
No. 121576 ID: c914a9

Yes, I did! Music is a little hobby of mine too besides my art stuff. :3c
No. 121586 ID: a363ac

well done!
No. 121588 ID: 4ba5d9
File adK5X82_460sv.mp4 - (584.94KB )

No. 121590 ID: c914a9

Thank you very much! Glad you liked it!

No. 121756 ID: c914a9

Alright, the next update will be big, around 12 pages or so. That being said, I'll be taking a while to finish it, but not that long. I'll get back to more frequent updates soon too when I'm done with this part of the story!
No. 121759 ID: 4ba5d9

Are you talking about the elevator of horror or the bunny debauchery?
No. 121765 ID: c914a9

Ah, the answer is obvious!

... The bunny debauchery.

BUT I SWEAR I'LL GET BACK TO THE HORROR STORY IN THE END OF THE INTERMISSION! I promise now, once I'm done drawing more 100 pages of bunny porn.

Nah, Just kidding, pretty soon.

Hopefully. You can count on it. I think. Yeah.
No. 121767 ID: 4ba5d9

You can delay the dark future by as many pages of indecency as you want, no complains from me.
I was just asking to get a feel on the theme that will be receiving so much attention. Guess it's not heart clenching tension.
No. 121768 ID: c914a9

Yaay! Though regardless, I don't plan on making the intermission too long, I just got caught up with it because drawing bunnies is addictive. I promise I'll try to make the next update worth the wait too! :3
No. 121997 ID: c914a9

So, since I realized I've been procrastinating a little too much I decided to make another update here to explain some things, ask a few questions and stuff like that.

First of all, I'm sorry. Gonna get back to it as soon as I can.

And secondly, should I make a Drawthread? Like, I don't know, I'd love doing some doodle and a few requests for people here and such and just having a thread for my trash doodles of floofle monsters sounds pretty comfy.

Lastly, I have a Tumblr if you wanna follow me and see more of my stuff! I'll be posting a lot more art and some music stuff there.
No. 122004 ID: a363ac

hey I just want to let you know I legitimately enjoy your art and music and look forwards to when I have a moment to read all of it.
No. 122005 ID: 4ba5d9

I would like that. A single thread with every random doodle will make an easier to use archive.
No. 122009 ID: c914a9

Aaaah, my gosh, thank you very much! I'm really glad you do! <3

Alright, makes sense! I'll do it later then! :3c
No. 125120 ID: 90c9c4
File 153544237098.png - (88.83KB , 822x970 , Kipfloof.png )

Alright, I think I owe you guys an update, so here it goes:

- This quest is NOT dead. I'll continue it at some point, I just lost the inspiration to continue writing it for now. A big part of the reason why I updated it so much when I started it is because I had a lot of fun writing it; and because I love gay cats, but mostly because I had a lot of fun writing it. As I went, though, I realized all the flaws it had, which were a lot more than the usual for my silly fictions, and I just found some parts of it ridiculous. I have been re-writing many parts of it and many future characters, and I plan on continuing the quest soon in a much better way and with muuch more steady updates than what I was doing a bit before the quest died once for all. Although I won't do it for now. I'm much more excited about a new story I'm gonna start, and I'll focus on it for a while, but don't worry, Kip is still my favorite story of mine and I'll go back to it at some point, I just don't wanna mess it up. I'm *terrified* of messing it up, and I wanna make sure I'm on my best of moods when I continue it to make sure it won't happen. I love Kip too much to let my moods ruin his story in such a way.

- I'll continue this story as soon as I finish the new quest I'm about to start right now. It won't be a looong one so don't worry, if the suggestions are quick enough I'll be able to finish it very quickly, and as soon as I finish it I'll get back to Kip Quest for at the very least another big, big thread, in the same old style, in the same way I was doing before, and I'll try to continue it in the best way I can.

- I AM still working on this one big update I kept rambling about, don't worry. I'll do my best to make it worth all the wait! And when I do continue the story I mean I'll continue it in the real Chapter 2 and not the Intermission, as much as I like the idea of writing the silly adventures of a gay alien cat figuring out how society works and such, but I'll leave all the silly Intermission stories for when I'm done with the Thread 2 at least. I mean, or maybe I'll just do it at the same time, I don't know. I'll continue both of them though, so yay!

And last but not least; I've not left the site, so don't worry! ... I mean... I don't... think anyone worried, but I'm not, so yay! Although I've been inactive here for quite a while and inactive on my Tumblr blog too, I haven't left. I'm just shy and I don't post anything unless I have something good to post. And that includes posting anything in my drawthread or on my blog and such. I'm still around though and I'm still checking this site and checking my blog often, I'm just not saying much. I'm a lurker for the most part, but I'm here. So yeah, don't worry! I'm still around and I've no plans of leaving anytime soon. :3c
No. 125124 ID: ff82d2

As long as you're not worried, that's great. Hope to see the new quest soon then!
No. 125136 ID: 90c9c4

Yaay, thank you! And I've finally started it! I'll do my best to keep the updates very fast and steady!
No. 125648 ID: a48264

Love your work! I hope you aren't feeling too pressured by any of this
It's always okay to take a break or even drop a project if you aren't feeling it anymore
Either way, you've still gained experience from it, and others got to experience it!

I hope you find something that brings you joy, whatever it may be!
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