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File 151626698739.png - (64.04KB , 244x217 , disthread.png )
119690 No. 119690 ID: 4a443f

Discussion on how to make sure this successfully launches as a proper sci-fi waifuquest


oh and other things
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No. 119700 ID: c31aac

step 1 through 20: study brom's quests
step 21: make sure the waifus are hot and interesting
step 22: provide optional husbando option(s)
No. 119704 ID: 9876c4

1. There's ample room to diverge with brom. Find your own voice.
2.Options! Musclegirls, Psuedololis, Tsunderes. Make the fetish complement the species.
3.Write good space travel and sci-fi. No Mitochloridans
4. The HK79 complements that rifle's contours far more than an AG36.
No. 119705 ID: 2fe26a

But the midichlorian is the powerhouse of the Force.
No. 119706 ID: 9876c4

Ok, I repent
No. 119712 ID: 4a443f
File 151631409085.png - (346.23KB , 1260x549 , fug.png )


behold I created a monster

ISTEC ISL launcher and the G11
No. 119713 ID: 9876c4
File 151631451927.png - (547.01KB , 640x444 , thisisdelicious_1_.png )

Would date.
No. 119718 ID: 3583d1

Best waifu
No. 119847 ID: 4a443f


While I was joking about the 'waifuquest' bit, thanks for the suggestion. I think I might have just stumbled on some great ideas going forward...
No. 120776 ID: 094652

Okay, I'll bite.

We've been holding our breaths for the next scene, the one filled with caramel dessert. You coming back or gone for good?
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