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File 151616115912.gif - (82.34KB , 371x394 , Clippy.gif )
119639 No. 119639 ID: f9400c

Discussion for the new quest
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No. 119645 ID: 87a124

So what will be the quest about?
No. 119647 ID: 3ce125

No. 119648 ID: e1c8f7

Will we get to see other gods? The God of Knowledge in particular
No. 119660 ID: f9400c


Absolutely. There will be plenty of gods that show up here and there. And I've already got the design thought up for the god of knowledge.
No. 119662 ID: f9400c
File 151622805662.png - (5.80MB , 4000x4000 , doodle (1).png )

Also, some beautiful fanart. Wow~~~~
No. 119811 ID: c88e6d

No. 119815 ID: ef4275

I came here to say, for a quest with a death bloody dragon corpse as a title... this quest his cute as hell, really like this style and your animations, great job
No. 119851 ID: 830fb7

Model of a modified version of the temple (concept).
No. 120511 ID: 497b5f


Wow, that's really cool... I might have to use that for a later iteration. I wonder what the depressions around the spike could be for...
No. 120513 ID: cb585b

Hot tubs?
No. 120558 ID: 830fb7

Thanks for the feedback, I'm still working on the model and am currently working on the area around the temple to give it a little more character (anything you would like me to add)(I've added more detail to the spike along with the rest of the temple in the updated version). Originally I meant for the for the area around the spike to be some kind of spirit pool but it doesn't really matter what it gets used for in the end.
No. 120693 ID: 830fb7

Update on the (WIP) temple design concept
(Its split up into parts because the model kept coming out wrong or breaking when uploading).
No. 121695 ID: e1c8f7

Dang that's pretty heckin' neat!
No. 128969 ID: f2320a

I hope you come back to this super cool quest
No. 128970 ID: 864e49

I hope Kaed comes back in general.
No. 133834 ID: 147147


I'm back, now with updated assets :V
No. 133835 ID: e7c7d3

Welcome back
No. 133838 ID: 864e49
File 160058772956.gif - (661.36KB , 480x360 , aYWVd12_460sv.gif )

Whalecum back.
No. 133839 ID: 1189d3

Welcome back!
No. 133846 ID: 913dff

wow, that hiatus was almost 3 years. I only just read this but I'm glad it came back, I'm enjoying it so far.
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