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File 151562653209.png - (139.71KB , 800x800 , xqdisthread.png )
119482 No. 119482 ID: ed67d9

Discussion of XenoQuest here! With a focus on the NEW VERSION, woo.

Quest: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/852936.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/XenoQuest
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No. 121646 ID: 10c408

There were three votes to turn E-sight back on. Four if you count the very first suggestion who put his or her vote in parenthesis. Aside from the other random suggestions like possessing astarte, there were four to warn khoros about FSD or five is you also include the one who chided astarte and upset her.

That's not a consensus. And I wasn't aware that we're suddenly being judged for uniformity amid all involved parties, which would require such cooperation that everyone involved would have to be on the IRC channel (spoiler: we're not)
No. 121647 ID: ed67d9

I choose suggestions based on whatever makes the most sense at the time. This isn't a strict-majority quest.

Sometimes all it takes is one suggestion, sometimes a majority, sometimes just a few are enough.
No. 121650 ID: b1b4f3

"too late to fix" shouldn't mean we're blocked from doing anything constructive for the rest of the thread! A reasonable author would have let us talk to him about parasites immediately after that because we had no idea he knew anything about ethereal parasites until then! Instead you immediately threw Fierce-Stalking-Death at us and gave us absolutely no safe period to do anything but try to warn Khoros until the end of the thread.

>what makes sense at the time
You mean whatever you feel like doing at the time. Every single time you make a quest it's like we're being dragged around between whatever idea you suddenly have for something that needs to happen next. Occasionally we get a really obvious choice situation so it's not exactly railroading, but otherwise we're along for the ride and it is really frustrating when the ride is going somewhere nobody wants it to go.
In this case you decided that since we ignored the parasite there needed to be consequences, and getting captured by a tribe of cannibals was what you decided upon(for some reason). You accomplished that by cherrypicking suggestions and outright ignoring an entire update's worth of suggestions by switching focus without notice.

Fucking seriously, half an hour of hugging and Khoros ignoring any signs of danger in the middle of a forest in the ruins that he already knows are dangerous? That's absolute nonsense!

Every time you make a new thread I'm like "maybe Raptie won't pull the same bullshit this time" but no, it's always some meta bullshit and trying to turn the suggesters against eachother alongside scatterbrained plot points strung together and then the thread gets abandoned half the time. I'll admit this thread was an improvement but you just slid back to your old tricks.
No. 121655 ID: ed67d9

To be honest, you're totally correct.

I mean, I am flattered that you have such a high opinion of my storytelling prowess. I honestly am.

But... you seem to be under the impression that I'm some sort of accomplished storyteller, and thus you have expectations of me doing things in a logical, clear, focused fashion.

The reality, of course, is that I'm not really any good at this. I'm actually pretty shitty at storytelling. You said so yourself - scatterbrained plot points, meta bullshit, cherrypicking, and illogical character actions.

My only real defense here is that I'm still learning how to tell stories. I really, really, genuinely wish that I could meet the standards you're holding me to, but I'm only going to disappoint you.

Anyway, I appreciate you putting up with me and being willing to give my work another try. Maybe if you come back in a couple years or so, I'll finally be the author that you're looking for?
No. 121657 ID: bdf713

Actually, one more thing:

If you're looking for quests that have straightforward narratives, lots of options for interaction, and rational characters...

... then why do you keep reading my quests?

I figure you would have gotten scared off a couple quests in, but by your own admission, you keep reading them!

If you're lacking for stuff to read, I can recommend things. You don't have to keep punishing yourself by dealing with my shitty quests. Like... you have yourself to blame for that one.
No. 121658 ID: 006e5c

You can say that you don't like the meta stuff, but isn't this simply your personal preference? My opinion here is that such features make the quest more unique and actually increase participation.
I don't know what you mean with "scatterbrained plot points". That's not very constructive.
I will agree that there are some rare instances where the character actions are illogical, such as Khoros and Astarte, two strangers, suddenly hugging for half an hour. Well, this may simply be due to my own (non-)expectations.

Anyway, for one reason or the other, things didn't go the way we wanted them. So what? I don't think it's the end of the world.
But I really don't think that you have any right to say which suggestions should be taken into account and then call the author unreasonable when she doesn't. As she said, she's the one that picks which suggestions she's gonna go with, and I see absolutely no problems with this "cherrypicking" that you mention. If your suggestions aren't getting picked, well, then try to write them more interesting and don't expect that the majority/consensus is going to be followed. Needless to say, I don't see any railroading because she does, in fact, follow suggestion(s) every time. Sometimes yours, sometimes others.

And even if Raptie always and only went with a consensus, trust me, she could spin the story in such a way that we'd end up in an even worse situation. So either way the author would seem unreasonable to you. Lastly, I wouldn't worry about it because Raptie did say that the stakes were low.
No. 121662 ID: b1b4f3

I've been reading them because your art is very good, the stories and characters are interesting, and I can *usually* have fun with what's going on. There are ups and downs to your quests, the ups are way up there but the downs are way down there. I'll admit there's been times when I seriously considered giving up. I've never felt as conflicted about any other quest/quest author, and yet the positive aspects are enough for me to keep coming back.

Honestly though you are improving rapidly, it certainly won't take years for you to improve enough that I won't get so mad about it. Oh and when I said "this thread" was an improvement I meant "this quest"-- last thread was better too.

I'm sure you can rationalize the end of the thread in some way. The damn parasite made us go numb and unresponsive, and Khoros felt too awkward to stop the hug because Astarte fell asleep standing up or something.
No. 121664 ID: 4854ef

I wouldn't be surprised if Astarte's just really liked the hug. It didn't help that Khoros was just starting to cry a bit and seemed really depressed.

..That makes me wonder, could Ethereal stuff affect normal people as well? Or Khoros? Since he knows of Ethereal stuff.
No. 121665 ID: b1b4f3

Eh... I guess it could just be from Noxans being kindof weird.
No. 121666 ID: ed67d9

Thank you for answering the question. Feedback like this really helps.

I'm going to be as... direct... as I can without giving too much away:

1. Khoros and Astarte hugged for a long time because I've been in similar situations where I had to comfort someone and be comforted and time slipped away. It's less crazy than one might think.

2. There is an actual reason for why certain suggestions get chosen. And why sometimes it feels like there's reduced agency.

I literally cannot say anything more on that - even that much risks spoiling.
No. 121676 ID: f6785d

Hey guys, i am having some trouble with the story line. Could someone give me a quick rundown of the story? I kind of started when we where creating Penelope. But the rest is all confusing. Or maybe i should just read the other quests?
No. 121678 ID: b1b4f3

Noxan Quest is non-canon.

Here's some of what we know about Penelope in regards to the current quest:
1. Penelope and Khoros are twins. Penelope had a male body but liked being female so it's safe to think of her as being MtF. She enjoyed possessing Outissa, and they're friends.
2. Khoros and Melinoe were in a relationship. Melinoe shattered Penelope's mind when she was ethereal. That forced Penelope into a fully ethereal state alongside the fractured thought processes she holds.
Khoros said it was because she was jealous of Penelope and wanted to eliminate the competition. I have NO IDEA why Serpens thinks it was due to sleep deprivation.
There's a gap in time here. At some point Outissa went to the city, but Khoros and Penelope did not.
Khoros decided he wanted to move to the city as well then something happened to make Penelope lose her memories (maybe a parasite or predator wounded her? or she went hungry too long?)

other assorted facts:
Penelope's ethereal powers used to run on food like other noxans but now they run on the emotions of herself and others. They're evolving and we chose the Ethereal path which resulted in gaining advanced Ethereal Sight but that also opened us up to more side-effects from having an ethereal parasite.

Anything else you can read the damn thread for. It's not even that long.
No. 121680 ID: 4854ef

>Penelope had a male body but liked being female

I may have read that section wrong but I thought she was saying that she had an issue possessing Khoros because he was male?
No. 121682 ID: b1b4f3

"Being in a female body always felt somehow right to you. You love your brother Khoros dearly, but being his identical twin definitely had its drawbacks when you were mentally female."
They're identical twins. That means same sex, same appearance. I'm not sure why the fur and eyes are different in this case, it's possible Noxan powers can alter eye color and they're not genetically determined, plus Khoros might dye his face black.
No. 121683 ID: f6785d

Ok, i see now. Some of this i allready knew, most of it actually. I got kind of lost when Khoros and the rest appeared, like they where allready introduced before, and i didn't knew from where. I actually was the one that suggested Penelope's original powers, so yeah, THAT thread i readed. When i asked about if i should read the others quests, i meant about the otherones where Outissa is the protagonist, not us, To understand this thread, but if it not canon, then i guess is not necesary.
No. 121685 ID: f6785d

Did we ever established who that white noxan in the beginning was?
Penelope's boyfriend or something?
No. 121686 ID: ed67d9

If you're talking about Noxan Quest, that wasn't a noxan! That was Joy-of-Dreaming, a character that can be seen here in this NSFW link: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25864286/
No. 121689 ID: f6785d

Oh, ok then. But unfortunately, i can't see it. The site doesn't let me see the image "due to the content filter settings". What ever that means.
No. 121694 ID: 05ff2f

Here, have a direct link to the image (NSFW): https://d.facdn.net/art/caedere/1514325887/1514325887.caedere_joyofwalking4.png
No. 121697 ID: f6785d

I... can't see it either...
You know what, don't worry about it. I will get the chance of seen it some other time, i don't want to be a nuisance.
Thank you Raptie, you are too dedicated!
No. 121699 ID: 86564f

Edit: So I forgot to account for the fact that Khoros can't be mind wiped or whatever, but Astartes is, so Astartes was mind wiped to be very not-serious and get very sad, therefore Khoros would become overprotective, assume what we said was false cause we hurt Astarte's feelings accidentally, into ignoring us.

Translation: I erased memories and planted fake memories, and made them ignore you via manipulating Astartes. Khoros said he would be fine about hearing what we saw with Ethereal Sight. This is all your doing and its ridiculously obvious.

Look at these two quotes directly said by Khoros and Astartes.

"Okay. Sister, if you insist that this is the case then I trust you. You can always ask me—

—or me!

...if you have questions about ethereal things. I know that there are many kinds of entities. Some of them are predators. Some are parasites. Some are harmless."

Look at the later quote.

"There is no danger. But I know you are going to use it anyway. Just please keep it to yourself this time."

Direct Contradiction. Makes no sense. No reason to change their opinions over 5 minutes.

This makes no sense, both said they were completely fine with answering questions. Another thing Melione is doing is reinforcing the validity of the Hallucinations, therefore giving her more power.
No. 121701 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think that's correct, but the fact of the matter is we can't really trust anyone's behavior (except Khoros I guess) while Melinoe is anywhere nearby.
I wonder if the city has a ward against mind bullshit.
No. 121702 ID: f6785d

You mean like some sort of ability nullifying ward? Wouldn't that have negated Astarte's ability as well?
No. 121707 ID: b1b4f3

The city. We have not gotten to the city yet. We're still in the "ruins".
No. 121708 ID: f6785d

OH. I guess it should, it would be kind of problematic if Noxans could use their powers whenever they like.
The city should have some sort of control over Noxans abilities.
No. 121711 ID: 05ff2f

>Translation: I erased memories and planted fake memories, and made them ignore you via manipulating Astartes.
You've gotten that wrong. Melinoë's power can not create memories, it can only destroy memories. That's what Khoros said, if I remember correctly.

That's odd. Direct linking usually gets around Furaffinity's mature content restriction. Are you on a network that restricts access to certain sites, like a school's?
No. 121712 ID: b1b4f3

Didn't Raptie say all noxans hate vanilla?
No. 121716 ID: 05ff2f

Melinoë's explanation for how she was able to follow Penelope, Khoros and Astarte close enough to listen in to their conversations by continually wiping their memories doesn't hold water because Khoros is immune to Melinoë's power. Thus, Khoros should have been able to see Melinoë. Dunno if this inconsistency is intentional or if it's a mistake or oversight on Raptie's part.

Also, Melinoë is not trying to keep her voice down when she said her reason for not wanting Penelope to go is because of a worry of invisible members of Fierce-Stalking-Death's pack hiding nearby doesn't make sense. Melinoë is blabbing her whole plan and her powers out for anyone in earshot. One pack member slinks off to warn the rest of FSD's pack before the rain starts and there goes the plan. They'll know to hide in ambush where they're sheltered from the rain so Melinoë can't target them. Is it a mistake on Melinoë's part or for some reason does it not matter to her that they hear?
No. 121717 ID: b1b4f3

Penelope isn't immune, Melinoe already demonstrated the ability to wipe our memories of her presence. We couldn't see her at all in the hotel. I think she was close enough to see where Penelope was to target her/us but far enough away to remain unseen by Khoros and Astarte. Which is really difficult. Maybe she has practice in stealth. Or maybe Khoros is unobservant.

If Khoros was right and she talked to us with those notes in order to try to make us create a Laertes figment, then that means she was actively trying to harm us and we can't trust her. ...however that doesn't make sense. Khoros knew Melinoe was afraid of Laertes, which is why he put on the mask. Why would Melinoe try to make us create a figment of someone she thought was real? Did Khoros lie to us, or was he just confused?
I'm thinking Melinoe really did believe in Laertes.
No. 121718 ID: 05ff2f

>Penelope isn't immune, Melinoe already demonstrated the ability to wipe our memories of her presence. We couldn't see her at all in the hotel.
Yeah, I wasn't solid on that so I went back to check and saw the update where Astarte "lust bombed" the room and Melinoë appeared 'cause she couldn't focus enough to use her "perception filter" memory wipe on us. Then I posted a revised text and deleted the incorrect post right before you posted yours.
No. 121721 ID: 4ccc6a

...I am going to have SO MUCH FUN with Melinoë's answers to the questions in the quest.

No. 121724 ID: b1b4f3

Aw man, I realized there's no way Melinoe is on the level. She knew where FSD was because we loudly pointed her out, and had no reason to doubt us. She could have fucked with FSD's head to get her to go away or at least not bring her entire tribe back. She wanted this to happen, so she could play the hero and/or get Penelope alone.
No. 121736 ID: 2120ee

Khoros routinely thinks he's smarter than he is and can't be trusted. His judgement can't be trusted. He's inflexible when confronted with information outside of his expectations.

And then Melinoë's claims are super shifty. If we assume that Khoros wanted her around as an insurance policy, despite the mechanism of it being a continuing violation of Penelope's perceptions which he should know better than to encourage, then his decision to stand around in a hug for half an hour makes no sense. The extended embrace is entirely out of keeping with the kind of attitude of caution and wariness that would inspire the truly inappropriate plan they allegedly hatched together.

It doesn't add up.
No. 121922 ID: 006e5c

I wonder. Can these pack noxans see us?

If yes, then, how were we able to stay behind? In >>/quest/874373 they clearly said that we need to come with them, or Astarte get hurt.
If no, then why not? Astarte, Khoros, and many others have demonstrated that they can see us. Even we can see ourselves in a mirror. So why wouldn't these noxans be able to see us too?

Or is it that we can control how transparent we are?
No. 122110 ID: 4ccc6a
File 152296594851.png - (92.68KB , 800x800 , qatissa.png )

Hey, everyone! In anticipation of the first page of my new comic going up tomorrow on https://outissa.com , I'm answering questions about XenoQuest and other quest stuff!

I'll do my best to answer, although some things that may be spoilers I will have to defer on. <3
No. 122120 ID: 4854ef

While we know that Noxan's can tend to eat near everything (except for Outissa and her dislike of Vanilla). What do they primarily grow/eat on a more daily basis?
No. 122121 ID: 12b116

No. 122122 ID: c88e6d

Are the frilly webs between your fingers sensitive?
No. 122123 ID: a363ac

No. 122127 ID: 12b116

What are the non noxan people at the entrance to the ruins?
No. 122131 ID: 4ccc6a

So! The dislike of vanilla is universal to all noxan, not just Outissa.

As for what they grow/eat - pretty much whatever! They're extreme omnivores, and noxan cuisine is varied even moreso than that of humans. It's also a bad idea to eat noxan food if you're not a noxan.

touch a snoot

Sensitive for some noxans, sure!

Checkerboard, paisley, argyle, pinstripe.

Kyrtrae is populated by many species, not just noxans!
No. 122132 ID: b1b4f3

Pff, so Melinoe decided to lie to us about her breakfast. Amusing. I wonder if she's a compulsive liar.
No. 122140 ID: 4ccc6a

Hey - some people have a taste for things that most people would consider to be abhorrent-tasting!
No. 122144 ID: 2251c3

How well do noxans see in the dark?
No. 122145 ID: 4ccc6a

About as well as cats do! They're not nearly as good at navigating in extremely dark places as cats, however, due to lacking the sensory array of whiskers.
No. 122152 ID: 12b116

Can we get a quick run down on the other races? Or are they not fleshed out?
No. 122182 ID: 4ccc6a

That's a tough question to answer! Noxans don't really just inhabit a single setting or anything, so there are a looooooooot of potential other races!
No. 122189 ID: 2251c3
File 152317555192.png - (281.84KB , 800x600 , illusion.png )

I missed two updates, but still.. I wonder if the green stuff in the middle was a coincidence.
No. 122191 ID: 05ff2f

Is that a image taken directly from the quest thread or one you took out and put through image adjustment?

Also, I don't see the "green stuff" you're writing about.
No. 122192 ID: 2251c3

It's the image from >>/quest/877715 with some adjustments. The green stuff in the middle (between the doors) slightly resembles Laertes' mask.
No. 122193 ID: 2251c3

This is some serious shit that's suddenly going on. Poor noxans :(

I'm having trouble wrapping my head around this event. Wasn't Laertes supposed to be fictional? Someone's definitely getting mindf*cked here.

It could be that Laertes is real. A person or a manifestation of something.
But there's also a slight chance that Khoros did this. He was the one that had the mask, and until a few minutes ago he considered them to be hostile.
It could also be Melinoë. Who knows what she's like if she panics or goes crazy.
The strange thing is that.. it seems this happened when Melinoë's pattern came close to the Khoros' fragment.
No. 122194 ID: 855334

Aside from terrifying implications of the latest update.... I find it equally dark that Penelope's (temporary) return to physical form was because all of the herbivore noxan were, presumably, brutally fucking murdered off-screen.

...Oh no, I know who it is. It's an alternate version of khoros that went bug fucking nuts insane. We're dead.
No. 122197 ID: 4854ef

That's not all either, mixed in with the pain and panic was the intense feeling of joy. Given that the Feed and Hunger was what Penelope was feeling due to the intense emotions, the only one that is unaccounted for is the Joy.
No. 122199 ID: b1b4f3

Melinoe could have a massive hardon for murder. She could've erased memories to hide her killings.
Or yeah it could be Khoros and he's secretly been evil this entire time. I don't think the extra Khoros signature was near the hallway though.

It's not like Raptie wants to tell us anything actually useful right now though.
No. 122200 ID: b1b4f3

There's no green in the original image you ridiculous person. Boosting the brightness in the way you did it also boosted the color saturation, so some areas that weren't a perfectly balanced grey (due to the gradients or some other reason) showed up as greenish or blueish or purpleish.

Also Raptie isn't the kind of person to hide a secret in a way where we can't tell what it is once we find it.
No. 122201 ID: a363ac

We should hug our FEARs. The only way to conquer a fear is to confront it and come to terms with it or to avoid it forever, and I doubt that this fear is willing to leave.
No. 122202 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, you called it.

Not entirely sure how we're supposed to deal with an evil version of Khoros, actually. His power is very dangerous, both in combat capability and ambush potential. Plus he's about to bring Laertes into this universe, or already has. Either we need to break the gate so he can't do it, or we need to just avoid both of them until we regain full control over our ethereal power and then kill Laertes with it.

It'd be easy. We already know Penelope was able to turn part of her body ethereal, so what we do is leave all of her body ethereal except for a single claw, then shove it into his heart.
Killing Evil Khoros would be much more difficult.

Maaan, we still don't know who/what the orange signature is. Maybe it's Laertes? You'd think his signature would be green though.
No. 122203 ID: b1b4f3

Also now we know why Raptie wouldn't let us tell Khoros there was a second signature associated with his color. That would've revealed the twist too early.
No. 122204 ID: 4ccc6a

Honestly? I had it written out for the last interaction with Khoros and forgot to put it in. It was basically, "I did not split off any fragments" but I don't think it would have revealed anything.
No. 122205 ID: b1b4f3

Well I dunno about anyone else but it would've made it clear to me that there was a second Khoros, which meant it was an alternate-dimension Khoros, which meant he probably killed everyone.
Then I would've suggested to tell Khoros that, and asked which direction the exit was so that we could warn Melinoe.
No. 122207 ID: eeb7d9

Oh, so we are THAT much fucked.
We need to get your body back permanently ASAP.
I am still kind of lost with this, about this new Khoros and Laertes. But, could it be that he is an ethereal being? I mean, we are one, kind of, and we know that there is a ethereal world with creatures in it. So somehow Laertes existed there all along?
No. 122208 ID: b1b4f3

Well, being able to control someone against their will is sortof like possession, which we can do just by being Ethereal.
I guess it wouldn't be too far off base to think that "Laertes" could be an ethereal creature able to possess people so long as he knew their name. It's not the long distance mind control attributed to Laertes but it's close.

On the other hand, maybe we don't have to worry about mind control at all. This evil version of Khoros isn't the same one from the original XenoQuest thread, so maybe his version of Laertes isn't as powerful? Or maybe he doesn't even have a version of Laertes and the mask has a similar connotation to our Khoros's mask. It's a symbol of fear rather than a real person.

Maybe it's better to remain skeptical until we have solid evidence there's an alt-universe Laertes that has mind control powers.
Like you know, The Brokehorn? He's got the same markings Laertes had under his mask.(I wish I had saved that image...) I'm quite curious as to what his deal is.
No. 122209 ID: b1b4f3

Man it would be a really dumb twist if Penelope believed Laertes existed so hard she became Laertes.
No. 122210 ID: 4ccc6a

>This evil version of Khoros isn't the same one from the original XenoQuest thread

It more or less is
No. 122212 ID: b1b4f3

He's missing an eye, though.
No. 122214 ID: b1b4f3

Seems reasonable to assume Brokehorn had a name-related power.

XenoQuest threads seem to follow common themes so I wonder if every noxan universe has a Laertes, a Khoros, and an Outissa? Perhaps the difference here is that this Laertes was defeated before he was able to grow too powerful.

Hey Raptie, does Penelope remember her parents?
No. 122215 ID: 4ccc6a

I dunno! Do you?
No. 122217 ID: b1b4f3

So Penelope had no memories whatsoever at the start of the first thread?
No. 122221 ID: 4ccc6a

Not really, no! She knows what you know!
No. 122222 ID: 91ee5f

You know what? I wouldn’t be surprised if Brokehorn is the Orange/brown that keeps showing up on Penelope’s Ethereal Sight.

And if I’m right, then we’ve just gotta figure out why Penelope has a bond with Brokehorn.
No. 122225 ID: b1b4f3

So... almost yes, then. We didn't know anything outside the context of that first thread that we didn't immediately get told by Khoros anyway.

That's never been clear, you know. Once we found out we were controlling a person and weren't just fragments or whatever, I just assumed there were other memories associated with that person that we just had to think to ourselves about or something.
No. 122244 ID: eeb7d9

But Raptie allready said that "we" are Brokehorn. If that is true, and i am no saying that Raptie is laying, then he might be from the same universe, but it has nothing to do with her. We are part of Brokehorn, we are not Penelope.
No. 122245 ID: 91ee5f

>We are part of Brokehorn, we are not Penelope.
Duh, I know that.

I’m just saying that Brokehorn could be the Orange/brown that keeps showing up on Penelope’s Ethereal Sight and that would mean that Penelope has some kinda bond with Brokehorn.

The only way to know for sure is if we can restore Brokehorn’s memory to see if he/she/it is Penelope’s friend.
No. 122250 ID: 4ccc6a

Hey! Taking a break from updating XQ for a week or so in order to let my brain recharge! <3
No. 122252 ID: eeb7d9

That i didn't negate. I think so as well. I mean, come on, there is no way that every single person that stands in that roof is not connected somehow. I mean, it is the SAME roof EVERY TIME!
No. 122307 ID: 4ccc6a

Hey, ya'll - I realize I violated a promise I made earlier, which means I have a question for people:

Would people prefer that I deploy the reset button I planted and roll the story back to a point of your choosing (to at least before a shit-ton of people died)


Carry on as it is right now?
No. 122308 ID: 12b116

Could quest have prevented their deaths and just failed to do so? I'd say no

If it was going to happen and now you want to give quest the chance to go back and save them? I'd say yes.
No. 122309 ID: 12b116

Addendum: Is Glinp involved? Definitely yes then.
No. 122311 ID: a363ac

No. 122312 ID: 9071b8

> >>122307 >deploy the reset button
Make it so.

The reasoning doesn't matter.
No. 122313 ID: 3abd97

Let the dead rest, foul necromancer-slash-chonomancer.
No. 122314 ID: 0c3c2c

Having a chance to save the not-noxans would be nice, but the story progresses one way or another. Perhaps Amaranth manually winding time back would help move the story in this direction?
No. 122315 ID: 0c3c2c

As a clarification, I would vote for a reset as long as it is done in-story.

Don't stop Brokehorn's adventure though, I wanna see how things go for him.
No. 122316 ID: 12b116

another addendum: What I would do is move it back to a point where we can stop and get rid of evil khoros. Give /quest/ the tools to stop him and see if we can figure out what to do to fix it.
No. 122318 ID: f61d52

Carry on with it
No. 122320 ID: 4854ef

Carry on
No. 122322 ID: eeb7d9

Carry on.
No. 122332 ID: 3740b1

Carry on.
No. 122340 ID: b1b4f3

>the reset button I planted
You planned to reset it?

Do whatever makes the tone of the quest more consistent.
No. 122384 ID: 91ee5f

I say carry on.

But if you want to keep someone alive, then you could have Fierce-Stalking-Death Flowing-Swift-Dances as a survivor but she’s heavily injured.
No. 122414 ID: b1b4f3

...hold on, you didn't say what promise you broke or what action would keep that promise.

You should keep your promises.
No. 122415 ID: d2e2ce

The one where Raptie said she wouldn't really hurt or kill her characters.
No. 122422 ID: b1b4f3

I thought that was more of a couldn't than a wouldn't.
No. 122426 ID: d2e2ce

Raptie feels otherwise.
No. 122726 ID: 86564f

Here is the meanings behind the name "Zelus"

"Zelus personifies dedication, emulation, eager rivalry, envy, jealousy, and zeal" (the Greek God of Jealousy and Rivalry)

Zelus the Bug - the assassin bugs - Some species have been investigated for their potential as biocontrol agents in integrated pest management. Zelus is also known for a sticky trap predation strategy. Sticky resin produced from a leg gland is smeared on hairs to aid in prey capture. This is somewhat analogous to the carnivorous plant sundew.

Zelos - An alternate spelling of Zelus of Greek mythology

Zelos, the main antagonist from Konami's side-shooter; Salamander (video game)

Earthly Strange Star, Frog Zelos - Minor? Antagonist of Saint Seiya.

Zelos the SONG -
VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION, VIXX's year-long project is themed around the gods that appear in Greek mythology and their 5th single album concept is based upon Zelos; the Greek God of Jealousy and Rivalry.

-Courtesy of Wikipedia

Completely trustworthy.

(P.S. Blame Homestuck for this research)
No. 122728 ID: 86564f

Also, I just noticed something crazy.




They literally sound so similiar I think the europeans ripped it off of the Greek word, made minor changes, and said "Yep, completely original"
No. 122732 ID: 91ee5f

There’s also Zealous: having or showing zeal.
No. 122737 ID: 56ef14

"Zealous" is straight from Greek; "jealous" is via Latin and French. This kind of thing happens a lot in English.
No. 126470 ID: 770875

so are there gonna be updates at all?
just curious.
No. 126473 ID: 05ff2f

They'll probably be sporadic for the foreseeable future since Raptie's got a lot of other stuff on her plate right now. As far as I know she's working on her own webcomic, doing coloring and shading for Out of Placers as well as commission work. That doesn't leave much time for quests, I figure.
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