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File 151469440943.jpg - (289.07KB , 1000x800 , labyrinth-logo.jpg )
119222 No. 119222 ID: 12b116

General disthread for Labyrinth, where we will design cutebolds etc.

This quest is sort of an already planned out module, and any mechanics questions will also be answered here.
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No. 119224 ID: 12b116
File 151469481233.png - (52.23KB , 359x794 , bold ref M.png )

First off, does anybody want to design some village bolds? Give me a color, a name, and some basic clothing or accessories. You can also suggest up to three kobold related skills or change their appearance (such as head shape)if you want to give them a more loaf-shaped (generally male) or dome-shaped (generally female) head, erase/change teeth, etc. I'll need about a dozen or so kobolds in the end and I'll take any designs that aren't completely ridiculous. They will have access to stolen materials mostly, and tend to produce clothing from grass and plant fibers, as well as possibly hides/leather if there's a leather making kobold which I haven't decided on. Here's a male template to get started.
No. 119225 ID: 12b116
File 151469496004.png - (50.69KB , 359x794 , bold ref F.png )

Basically if you want a background character or possible future party member this is your chance. Kobolds are grey to brown-grey colored and range from dark to light in shade. I color their nose pink but that doesn't have to be the case always.

Make sure the bold's fur color is visible!

This is the female template
No. 119226 ID: 12b116

One other note, they might die horribly if /quest/ does something real stupid.
No. 119227 ID: e1c8f7

I'm no artist, but a village and/or party needs a 'bold who makes some good fishing spears from wood. Light grey is a good ascetic as any. I guess he would use a decent metal knife (stolen) to make said spears. Uhhhh big straw hat? That's all I got, dunno if that works for ya, boss.
No. 119228 ID: e1c8f7

oh dang, name. Uuuuuhhhhh..


No. 119229 ID: c4809e
File 151469757729.png - (47.53KB , 359x794 , Ruffles.png )

Ruffles The Chefbold! Will try and cook anything a couple of times.
If stealing a pan is too hard, a simple wooden spear to make food on a stick is just as fine.

Or if cooking is already full, Smectyx Potter/Mud bold! will make messy pots and jug/ mud pies, walls, or other simple mud things.
No. 119230 ID: ed67d9
File 151469758348.png - (48.45KB , 359x794 , scarfbold.png )

Name: Oubliss
Scamper Shameless Dodge

Notes: She has a scarf she wove out of grass. She does not like to wear normal clothing unless it is very cold.
No. 119234 ID: 4421a6
File 151471037692.jpg - (101.91KB , 359x794 , Minj.jpg )


Job: Archer/Hunter
Decent ranger skills.
Would definitely kill over her bitchin' hat (Stole it from somewhere she forgot).
No. 119238 ID: c88e6d
File 151475779147.png - (65.39KB , 359x794 , Cutebold Female Bribblenif by Captain Slowpoke.png )

Bribblenif, War-Bold!
No. 119343 ID: a606da
File 151504103631.png - (109.95KB , 356x787 , Old Bold Corta.png )

Color: Steely Gray
Age: Yes
Name: Old Bold Corta
Unboldsmanlike Conduct Swords But No Legs Bane of Whippersnappers

Once, there was a kobold girl who went to see the world! She ended up working for some goblins in cave, doing cave-related business and making a semi-honest cave-related living.

But then the cave was attacked by adventurers! Everyone in the cave died, while only one of the adventurers bit the dust. The rest wandered off arguing about loot and whether caves could be counted as fabric for the purposes of some spell or another.

Left in the classic Adventurer Victimpile, Old Bold Corta managed to survive, albeit without her legs. She picked up the adventurer's swords and now uses them to walk around by holding them in her hands like canes.

She is the oldest and angriest bold known! Her hobbies include stopping whippersnappers from going out on adventures, teaching people about the perils of cave business, and knowing lots about lots of unusual things. Often criticized for having picked up non-boldlike behaviors during her travels. Also for having swords but no legs.

Good at swordfighting, though not as much as you'd think.

Calls youngsters 'fewmets' when she's upset.
No. 119365 ID: 94373f
File 151510708346.jpg - (134.28KB , 359x794 , Shav.jpg )

Name: Shav

Minj's little sister

Thief by trade, hobby, and compulsion.
No. 119374 ID: 12b116
File 151512696245.jpg - (37.69KB , 476x150 , KRM.jpg )

OK, thanks for making bolds. I don't need any more now!

Now I've applied them all to the kobold relationship matrix here. Blurred out the numbers and omitted names to prevent gaming my system.
No. 119572 ID: 12b116
File 151595169528.jpg - (144.76KB , 1000x800 , inventory Kloldril.jpg )

No. 119573 ID: 12b116
File 151595170737.jpg - (127.63KB , 1000x800 , inventory oubliss.jpg )

No. 119574 ID: 12b116
File 151595173697.jpg - (171.67KB , 1000x800 , inventory tronklis.jpg )

No. 119575 ID: 12b116
File 151595175578.jpg - (185.94KB , 1000x800 , inventory slorsnis.jpg )

No. 119578 ID: 3ce125

The inventories listed in the quest don't agree with these images... also Oubliss is carrying 3 units of something in the quest but there's no indication of what that something is. She should be carrying at most a waterskin, right?
No. 119593 ID: 12b116

The ones in here are correct, I made a typo in the main quest because I wrote the post after I should have gone to bed
No. 120179 ID: e1c8f7

Can we get a stat screen? Also the 'bolds should tell camp stories
No. 120210 ID: 6cc25a

Chapter 2 when?
No. 120212 ID: 12b116

Do you want simplified stats or detailed stats?
No. 120224 ID: 12b116
File 151753796221.png - (64.72KB , 1000x800 , detailsheet Tronklis.png )

Should be fairly self explanatory, kobolds will roll these for some checks or to see if they can do a thing. Figuring out the brain on the drug pamphlet was a brain was a check against their knowledge, for instance.

Every 'bold has their own set of skills. Most of the skills are interchangeable and can be learned by anybody. Special powers can only be learned by magic or other means and can't be taught to other kobolds.
Slashing, Piercing, Crushing, Brawling, etc are all melee fighting skills. Throwing is used for sling use as well as throwing other things.
Speed is basically action points in combat and may also be checked against in certain situations
carry Is the carry limit, a chest is 5 pts and a bag is 1
HP Hitpoints, how many wounds a kobold can take
Fatigue Used for several things. Combat, powers, and attacking use fatigue.
Health How healthy a kobold is, used to check against poisons/sickness or other things. A barrel is 20pts, a basket is 10, an apple is 2
Madness, Terror. Rolled against when a kobold has to take a check for seeing something that breaks reality or is terrifying. Goes up on a failure, and also acts as resistance for future madness/terror checks. Kobolds start behaving erraticly if either one gets too high.

weapons Damage, and action cost Maybe also ammo.

The only skill that everyone can learn at the moment that nobody has is

The biogun uses the user's Fatigue as ammunition and can be used to learn the Handgun skill without wasting ammunition for something else.
I will spend points according to what people suggest. Raising stats is the most costly. Raising powers gets more costly as the level goes up. Raising skills costs more after every 5 points invested in the skill.

The point of this between thread activity is to suggest what kobolds should train in as the quest progresses. Suggestions do not need to be super specific or can go into detail with specific skills/stats
No. 120229 ID: 12b116
File 151753899157.png - (59.15KB , 1000x800 , detailsheet oubliss.png )

No. 120230 ID: 12b116
File 151753900296.png - (62.38KB , 1000x800 , detailsheet Slorsnis.png )

No. 120233 ID: 12b116
File 151753949381.png - (62.98KB , 1000x800 , detailsheet Kloldril.png )

:tronklis: Tronklis is the expedition leader, he is more of a generalist skill wise and has the Object Reading psychic power. His favorite color is yellow

:kloldril: Kloldril is a well-rounded melee fighter and the only one wearing armor. His favorite color is green

:slorsnis: Slorsnis is the only kobold with any sort of medical skills. She can use Psychology to calm down panicking kobolds. She is somewhat lazy, and her favorite color is Red

:oubliss:Oubliss is now OP after getting stat increases from a wish, and is almost as good as an average human or dwarf. She can do a lot of damage due to her high strength but isn't particularly skilled in anything but spears. Her favorite color is Purple
No. 120234 ID: ed67d9

Tronklis: - Psychometry. Well-rounded skills and stats means that we pump points into his power.
Oubliss: - Dexterity. This, paired with her strength, will make her more adept at being essentially our goofball kobold assassin ninja.
Slorsnis: - Willpower. We can't afford to let our healer go crazy! She's the lynchpin.
Kloldril: - Perception. Having a 'bold who can spot threats is gonna be a godsend.
No. 120236 ID: c4809e

These all sound pretty good for the bolds to have, Tronklis could practice his Psychometry on the small gear they have or the questionable water basins.
Oubliss would juggle Toilet paper rolls or urinal cakes to get some more dex.
Slorsnis would take a nice nap or have relaxing chats.
And Kloldril can just practice playing I spy in the infinibathroom.
No. 120238 ID: c88e6d

What happens if you stick your dick in the Fleshlight Gun?
No. 120244 ID: 12b116

Nothing, unless you have a prehensile dick
No. 120245 ID: b1b4f3

Shouldn't Oubliss have 5 chests? Her carry limit is 25. Kloldril should have 3 chests since his carry limit is 15.

Also holy crap that whip is stronger than I expected. I figured it would do shitty damage, but it's twice as strong as the hand axe??? Maybe the hand axe is more like a wood chopping tool than a weapon. What are the stats on the iron knife compared to the combat knife?

What is the Art.Weapon skill for?
No. 120254 ID: 3d336d

Carry weight shows wrong stats for Oubliss and Kloldril
Dexterity should be related to Speed. Tronklis and Oubliss have the same Dexterity, but Oubliss is much faster.
Tech and Magic should be skills, not stats.
If a stat is temporarily increased/decreased or not at max, then it should be indicated what the current/original/max is supposed to be.
What's the difference between Brawling and Wrestling? Do they even need to be separate skills?
Who can do Lockpicking?
Why is a 9mm pistol damage so weak?
What is weapon damage before and after applying skills/stats?
Where is sling damage? I think it would be better to show a list of weapons/damage/type/ammo in a separate sheet. And armor stats.

In general, I think it would be better to simplify a lot of these stats.
No. 120255 ID: 91ee5f

>Shouldn't Oubliss have 5 chests?
No, because no matter how much muscle she’s got, she’s only going to get 1 chest. She would look weird with 5 chests!
No. 120257 ID: 772fe4

well she is based off of someone with 3
No. 120258 ID: 12b116

>Shouldn't Oubliss have 5 chests? Her carry limit is 25. Kloldril should have 3 chests since his carry limit is 15.
Yes, I can't count.

>Also holy crap that whip is stronger than I expected. I figured it would do shitty damage, but it's twice as strong as the hand axe???

It does do shitty damage but her strength is ridiculous.

>Maybe the hand axe is more like a wood chopping tool than a weapon. What are the stats on the iron knife compared to the combat knife?

It does decent damage but her strength is shit. The stats on everything are different depending on who is using them! I'm not going to get too into the combat mechanics but whenever there's a fight I run several rounds at a time then just draw what's most relevant. The knives are functionally the same, tronklis deals 2 damage with it but Oubliss would deal 4

>What is the Art.Weapon skill for?
Articulated Weapons, So you don't tangle yourself up in your own whip/chain/flail, etc. Without it you can end up hitting yourself in combat if you fuck up badly enough.
No. 120259 ID: 12b116

>Carry weight shows wrong stats for Oubliss and Kloldril
Yes it does

>Dexterity should be related to Speed. Tronklis and Oubliss have the same Dexterity, but Oubliss is much faster.

It is not the only factor

>Tech and Magic should be skills, not stats.
Not in this setting.

>If a stat is temporarily increased/decreased or not at max, then it should be indicated what the current/original/max is supposed to be.
It is!

>What's the difference between Brawling and Wrestling? Do they even need to be separate skills?
Striking vs holds. Also things like punch daggers use brawling

>Who can do Lockpicking?
It's not a seperate skill in the system I'm using and I forgot to actually add it as one even though I meant to.

>Why is a 9mm pistol damage so weak?
Stoppin powah

>What is weapon damage before and after applying skills/stats?
Based off of the HtH damage stat which is hidden

>Where is sling damage? I think it would be better to show a list of weapons/damage/type/ammo in a separate sheet. And armor stats.

Oops, I forgot that too, 1/2 - 1 heart (one to two points of damage)

>In general, I think it would be better to simplify a lot of these stats.
I did, there's a bunch of derived stats and social stats that I left hidden because they aren't very pertinent. I'm using a very simulationist system and this is about half the numbers involved with things. It's not really necessary for the running of the quest, I am doing most of the book keeping myself and using suggestions as a guideline for where to take the characters rathing than asking for suggestions for very specific builds.
No. 120260 ID: 12b116
File 151759004196.png - (60.60KB , 1000x800 , detailsheet oubliss.png )

No. 120262 ID: 12b116
File 151759296863.png - (62.86KB , 1000x800 , detailsheet Kloldril.png )

No. 120326 ID: 12b116

Let me just say what happened in that last combat was ridiculous.

The first update represents about 8 or 10 rounds of melee with the wheelmen and foundryman just slugging it out. The foundryman has a lot of armor they have to get through first, but they have what's basically a force field that he has about a 50% chance of getting through.
Everything is being rolled with percentile dice, and this is what I posted on discord about it:

ok. So the first thing I roll was a 40
on percentile.
To figure out hit location I do like WHFRP and reverse the numbers, which comes to 004 making it a head shot
they have a 30% chance to hit because that's the close range bonus of the guns they have
so when shooting into a melee there's a chance you'll hit an ally if you miss, which he did. So I determined which one it was randomly and it was the one with 2hp left, although that would have also instantly killed the one at full health as well if it got through his defense field.
Kloldril shot next, he missed with a 50 something, then rolled a 99 which is kind of like a crit fail but then there's around a 20% chance the gun will jam on top of it, which I rolled a 12 for
slorsnis easily hit the guy but didn't even begin to penetrate armor at that location, and oubliss just completely missed everything
Then I rolled ANOTHER head shot in melee and it broke through his defense field as well so rip
No. 120545 ID: 4ac1a7

I am using a different program while I'm away from my main computer, if people prefer this style I can change to it permanently or go back to how I was doing it before. Do people prefer this https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/src/151836830073.jpg
or this?
No. 120546 ID: c88e6d

I like the first more, I think!
No. 120547 ID: c26b70

I definitely like the first one better as well.
No. 120549 ID: 006e5c

I think both styles are more or less the same. However, I'd choose the first (newer one) because the lines are a bit thinner, and thus they will produce a bit more detail.

But thinner lines also means a bit more work. As such, I'd guess the newer style is a tiny bit slower to draw with.
No. 121081 ID: 12b116
File 151995731179.png - (66.11KB , 1000x800 , detailsheet Tronklis.png )

No. 121082 ID: 12b116
File 151995732336.png - (63.13KB , 1000x800 , detailsheet Slorsnis.png )

No. 121083 ID: 12b116
File 151995733352.png - (62.67KB , 1000x800 , detailsheet oubliss.png )

No. 121084 ID: 12b116
File 151995735479.png - (64.97KB , 1000x800 , detailsheet Kloldril.png )

Updated character sheets.
No. 123446 ID: 5fa661

Someone suggested getting Oubliss pregnant and now all I can think about is Oubliss and Chop having a litter of musclepups.
No. 125622 ID: 93f082

I think that some sort of a minimap would be really helpful in this quest because every time I'm trying to suggest, I have to reread a bunch of posts to be able to figure out where we are and where we can go.
No. 125629 ID: b1b4f3

Probably best to just not think about where we are until we start running out of places to go.
No. 126015 ID: b1b4f3
File 153946994354.png - (15.31KB , 796x680 , map.png )

I made a shitty map!!!

Should be self-explanatory for the most part.
No. 126034 ID: 12b116

I am not going to provide a map, but

This is correct so far!
No. 131661 ID: b1b4f3
File 157637979580.jpg - (50.85KB , 1000x800 , labyrinthmap.jpg )

Alright here's an updated, clean map.
No. 131668 ID: b1b4f3
File 157645853121.jpg - (66.10KB , 1500x800 , labyrinthmap.jpg )

Whoops I forgot we went down the right passage already.
...the kobolds didn't say how the turns went to get to the sock hole, this is the best I can do.
No. 131772 ID: 0a2444

yeah that's correct, pretty much. They are at the ? now though
No. 141759 ID: 2f41db

I hope this isnt considered necromancy, but it didnt seem too near the bottom of the catelogue so...

Just finished reading through and wanted to say thanks.
It was clear a lot of effort went into this and even as a non participating reader it was engaging and enjoyable.
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