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File 151302083268.png - (98.70KB , 600x600 , khorosdis.png )
118692 No. 118692 ID: ed67d9


Hey, everyone! So! Noxan Quest is going to be run QUITE A BIT DIFFERENTLY from other quests I've done.

How this works is that from time to time, I will send out a call for UPDATES - at that point, you guys can each write an update here. I'll choose the one that works best, illustrate it, and post it in the quest thread.

What you need to include in an update:
1. Take suggestions into account. Don't just ignore what suggesters posted. If the prior update was a vote, then go with whatever vote won.
2. Stuff that happens! This is the fun part!
3. Some sort of decision for the suggesters to make - you can have it be closed-ended (like with a vote), open-ended, whatever you like.

I'll worry about editing/formatting/all that if you end up having trouble.

Also! DON'T POST UPDATES IN THE MAIN THREAD. Only in this one. And ONLY when I call for them. Finally - if I choose your update, please don't suggest or vote on it yourself.
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No. 118693 ID: ed67d9

Current post https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/841851.html#850973

Now accepting updates!
No. 118695 ID: c9f250
File 151302589097.png - (942B , 200x200 )

Oh, there you went! Everyone wants you to look around, and you are so good at looking around~ The bindings don't fool anyone. Up up up melt fuse dance. And there's a silly little scientist on the other side of the window for you to look at with eyes on eyes! Demanding that you play their game, again. I wonder if you're obedient today, precious little shard of life.
No. 118704 ID: c9f250

I snap my teeth, dragging shattered memories together. I killed her. I saved her. She ran away. I protected her from...

I'm not sure what happened. But I shouldn't be here. I need to escape. The bindings are easy. I split myself into many and look around.

They're here. Through the glass. Upset at me for escaping. Telling me to behave, to follow orders, to force out speech. Do I obey? Ask questions? Force my way out of here?

Does that help guide you, howling spark of chaos?
No. 118706 ID: 3740b1

Be a sexy beast.
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