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File 151153214014.jpg - (206.08KB , 864x617 , 151135181618.jpg )
118111 No. 118111 ID: 008b25

Maid quest is going to be a lot more free form and silly then Princess Quest (Wich despite appearances actually has a plot idea behind it)

This quest is basically me venting all the silly ideas and fan stuff that rattles around in my head at all times, so expect Victorian fashion, cat girls, techno magical nonsense and tomfoolery galore! HUZZA!
No. 118121 ID: c90861

Am I just indoctrinated or did you manage to sneak a jojo reference into the last update?
No. 118132 ID: b2198b

Shhhhhhhh... Also i think imma retcon the age, say 19-22 ish, i wanted a age where you can belive her ignorance on certian things but still get up to shennanigans.
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