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File 151092264441.png - (844.05KB , 1000x1047 , QUESTDIS.png )
117871 No. 117871 ID: 87da28

This will be the quest discussion for KATABASIS.

Drop questions or other puzzlement here. I don't guarantee I will answer them tho.
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No. 118023 ID: 33cbe7

That was more of a heckle than a goof, for future jesting reference.
No. 118071 ID: e0b748
File 151140000191.png - (47.50KB , 150x138 , PROMPTRESIZE.png )

I may have overdone panel 18.


I am not against any sort of heckling attempts or other such acts, I only ask that they are made and posted in the Quest Dis. The prose will get easier to read through, that much I will make of your complain.


Of much interest~ This quest will not be that serious tho, it will be short. If (we can hope) follow-up quests happens, I'll maybe hoof around being more serious.
No. 118080 ID: c31aac

lil tip: you can set your talk image there as an icon on /icons at the top there so you don't gotta resize it every time you talk with us
No. 118083 ID: 66a4ca

I think that's limited to max 64x64px, so too small.
No. 118123 ID: b1b4f3

I'm finding it hard to take this quest seriously.
No. 118139 ID: 936a16
File 151162490674.png - (52.64KB , 150x138 , Questresize.png )


Elaborate; Feedback is absolutely welcome, especially if it makes the quest better.
No. 118195 ID: b1b4f3

Well the art isn't very readable in some panels and the writing seems excessively flowery, to the extent that it's sometimes hard to understand. Altogether the quest comes off as pretentious.
No. 118200 ID: 068f2b

The text probably seems more obtuse than intended. I get the impression English isn't Arkomeda's first language?
No. 118390 ID: b7627b

What am I supposed to check here for?
No. 118391 ID: 936a16
File 151218874517.png - (134.12KB , 803x294 , ANSWER.png )


English is not my first language. And I'm also learning German as my Third, so it ends up mixing.

Beyond that while I do admit my writing is not something that would be of interest, the art not being readable would be an indictment. I will try to improve its composition and contrast.
No. 118393 ID: 936a16
File 151219125871.png - (28.22KB , 125x115 , NOTES.png )


I shall begin, starting from post 25, for each new update on the main thread, to make a commentary note post in the quest dis.

It will both give reason to check the quest dis thread, and provide updates in regards to the creation and maintenance of the quest.

In that regard, you may have noticed there was a 5 day break between this post and 24. I had to pause, due to an issue regarding one of my 14 year old second cousins relationship with me. The issue has been cleared, and I'm now able to continue this.

Art is not very visible due to the lack of flashlight as well. I also need to learn how to draw hands well.
No. 118398 ID: 66a4ca

My comment for this update would be that, it's a bit poor on the pacing. Basically, nothing really happened as a result of any suggestions and the situation is still the same. So the suggesters would basically be suggesting the same things as for the last update.
No. 118445 ID: 936a16
File 151229504634.png - (28.22KB , 125x115 , NOTES.png )


Yey for reusing existing panels. This is just a zoomed in 22 if you had noticed.

[26] Same goes with this. Took 23, painted light on top of it. It's nice to have a valid backup.

[27] No, that's not beef jerky coming out of the wall, its supposed to be rebar. Should have painted it better tbh.
No. 118447 ID: 66a4ca

>sensuous fantasies
Is he referring to the fantasies about a different world, or is he just thinking about fucking something?

>A single whiff took you for a split second to far off harbors. It smelled like moonlight
The smell takes him far away, as if it had deep implications, but then he says it smells like moonlight, which doesn't really mean anything.
In other words, he can't identify the smell and this is his way of joking about it?

So what this part tells us is that something unusual happened here. But I'm not sure what the info about the nails tells us.
Does it mean the wall over there could be destructible?
No. 118600 ID: 07de7f
File 151270641135.png - (134.12KB , 803x294 , ANSWER.png )


1. That's just me musing on the suggestions. Let it float in your imagination.

2. Subtle, but a nice interpretations. I just used moonlight cause that's just how I metaphorically picture moonlight bouncing off white surfaces to smell like.

3. Figure it out owo
No. 118601 ID: 07de7f
File 151270657292.png - (28.22KB , 125x115 , NOTES.png )

[28]You may have noticed I didn't color his face exactly. That's just me going "Meh, good enough". Even I have my limits when working on something.

[29] Concerned about the visibility here again, even if I'm satisfied with the pic. It was a mistake making the place too dark. I'll try to have them get used to the light or something. Also, the flashlight clips on to the straps, so that's why it floats at chest level.
No. 118603 ID: 91ee5f

>his face
Her face. We have a female character, remember?

And the text at the bottom of 29 looks like it got cut off before you finish typing it.
No. 118605 ID: 6cc25a

His face.
No. 118606 ID: 6cc25a

I'll interpret it as a perspective that includes the Purkinje effect, that is, the fact that humans become virtually color-blind when the eye adapts to darkness.

The visibility is ok if the image is opened in a new window (with dark background), so that's as good as it gets I suppose. Still better than making it look like it's daytime. And it's not like there's anything important to see in the darkness. I didn't notice anything weird with the flashlight tho what I wondered at first was why the light is egg-shaped insead of round, before noticing that it's shining on two angled surfaces, so the shape makes sense.
No. 118615 ID: 07de7f
File 151281726930.png - (28.22KB , 125x115 , NOTES.png )

[30] Turns out I'm not as good at painting hands digitally as I am in ink. And I'm not particularly swell about these ones here, but they get the job done. Wall's not the best one as well, but again, this was just a simple action. Doubt we will be seeing from the wall again.

[31] This was fun to paint. Fairly quick as well, less then 10 minutes. Thought I was going to pump this update out quick. Then I had to do 32.

[32] This took a track tone of time to create. Both because it had been a close up, and because I needed to create a sideways shot that was in model with what you previously had seen, while keeping it at the same amount of cuteness (there will be lewds in the quest after all, and I want our MC to look the part). I spent a good two hours just getting the outline right, but now that I have it, I should be able to use it for reference. I have an unlit version. The one I posted has the weird lighting because the light is supposed to reflect from the mirror back to the MC.
No. 118616 ID: 6cc25a

>A little bit of spit went a long way as you started to knead it with your hands

>the meds
The meds usually refer to "the medicine", so this sounds a bit strange. Maybe "the docs" would've been better.

It looks like cleaning the mirror provided a little bit of info about the MC's past. Not much of a reward as the info is quite general. But better than nothing and it does clear up a few things.
No. 118648 ID: 07de7f
File 151290504533.png - (28.22KB , 125x115 , NOTES.png )

[33] Reusing assets yey~ But for real I need to make this quest start going again.

[34] I also just realized I forgot to draw the stone owo I hope nobody no- shit they noticed.

[35] Not the best reflection, I know. I also combined two pics basically to make this. I also dropped a huge hint in the text.

[36] Derpy eyes. Had to post and delete it three time before I got it right. Good times.
No. 118650 ID: 07de7f
File 151291213175.png - (49.76KB , 153x138 , PROMPTPOLL2.png )

It's been nearly a month since I started the quest. I believe it's high time I started a small poll thing to gauge some of the feedback with the quest.

QUESTION: What do you think of the art so far? Do you like the pixel art? Is the 500px square resolution well enough? And are there any difficulties with the readability.

QUESTION: Is the prose too purple? Too formal? Are the hints I'm dropping too subtle? And should it be shorts/more concise?

QUESTION:The update sqeudule so far is updates every 24 hours. Any objections to that?
No. 118651 ID: b7627b

It's a bit on the purple side for me, it's confusing to the point where i don't know what to suggest.
No. 118652 ID: 4769c1

Slightly purple
No. 118656 ID: d5b450

I actually have been enjoying the art style that you have been going for, please keep it!

As for the prose...I suppose it could be turned dow juuuust a tad.

The hints so far have only just been clear enough (to me at least) as to let me know that they exist. I don't know how you would change them for the better, but right now everybody is just banging there head against a wall to see what sticks, which is fun for nobody. I know whaching us fumble about searching for an answer which is probably right in front of our faces must be equally ammusing as it is frustrating.

Criticism aside I am so far really enjoying this quest so far
No. 118657 ID: 6cc25a

Art is really nice. Even if it's pixelated, the fact that it's colored and shaded makes it high quality. I may change my opinion on this once we get to the lewds tho :P

I think that for an average reader the purple prose is a problem when important facts and hints are mixed in it. When you don't know what's important and what stuff should be taken into account, it becomes hard for suggesters to make informed decisions. And suggesters like making those.
If it was just pick A or B, then things would be easy. Too easy heh. I'm ok if the quest isn't easy. But I'm not sure how to make it easier without making it too obvious.

I don't think anyone would say they would prefer less and slower updates heh. I mean, if it was me, I'd prefer one update per hour, or update as soon as enough meaningful suggestions are made.
No. 118658 ID: af6e04

Your art is damn beautiful.

I think 'purple prose' is a very vague criticism. Main problem I see with your writing is the run on sentences.

>It had been said, back before the world had gotten into the mess that it was, that the sixth building, the only one remaining in that area, was once a hospital, specializing in mentally ill patients, that was abandoned at the beginning of the world war.

That is hard to follow. Try to cut it up into smaller sentences.

When giving hints, try to keep the transparency illusion in mind. Things you think are obvious will fly over most readers' heads, just because they're not using the same thought processes as you are to reach their conclusions. http://yudkowsky.tumblr.com/writing/solvable-mysteries

Looking forward to more.
No. 118661 ID: c88e6d

The art is fine, and a 24 hour schedule is fine.

The prose on the other hand makes me think our protagonist is very non-sane, and it makes it difficult to come up with courses of action to take. They're already in a surreal situation, and with their surreal view of the world around them it amplifies it and makes it even more difficult to understand.

Therefore, if that's your intent, it's working. I admit, however, that I did not anticipate this when 'realist' was selected as class.
No. 118680 ID: c8d2b2

The art is very nice. With the established standard for quests being quick sketches, your art quality stands out and is very impressive.

The purple prose itself isn't an issue for me, but sometimes you lean into it hard enough that, especially combined with the intentional vagueness and withholding of information, that I get confused about what's actually being said.

An update schedule of 24 hours is plenty. In my opinion the most important thing about update schedules is consistency and sustainability. Don't burn yourself out, is the big thing.
No. 118689 ID: 9e4723

Well, the art is fantastic, so keep that going!

Since i don't speak English, i mean, is not my mother language, i takes me some time, and the vocabulary here is pretty complex, but i like it so far.

We are making progres, so i guess you could keep the prose and the hints like this, but maybe if you give us somthing more concise it might help. Let just try and see what happens!

The sqeudule is fine like this, take your time, i personally don't like to rush artists. Go with with the time you think is apropiate for you.
No. 118699 ID: 07de7f
File 151303401068.png - (134.12KB , 803x294 , ANSWER.png )


Hmmm, your last comment about the realist approach is spot on. I've been playing them closer to a symbolist if anything. Realist is supposed to be closer to Tarkovsky's heroes rather then anything.

I'll try to figure out something in order to keep in closer to the class chosen.
No. 118700 ID: 07de7f
File 151303411073.png - (28.22KB , 125x115 , NOTES.png )

[37] Had difficulty getting his back a bit. Idk, something's off with it and it doesn't sit well with him. Eye came out cool tho.

[38] Reused 31 with extra paint. Gotta love how fast it comes.
No. 118723 ID: 07de7f
File 151308665272.png - (28.22KB , 125x115 , NOTES.png )

[39] I have to admit, I painted the shit out of that hand. Used my own reference as well.

Bottom panel is reused, just added a radio there.
No. 118797 ID: 07de7f
File 151320794482.png - (28.22KB , 125x115 , NOTES.png )

[40] I probably should have painted the hand touching the mirror. Oversight it seems. Either way, the hand came out well.

[41] Reused 2 pics here actually. Painted the radio from panel 10 over the other one. Quick piece that does the job.
No. 118929 ID: ceeb42
File 151346933444.png - (28.22KB , 125x115 , NOTES.png )

[42][43][44][45] This whole sequence is influanced and imitates a page of Alan Moore's Miracle Man. Even the quote is a bit similar to the Nietzsche quote that appears on it. Anyways, the face you may have noticed is a bit different then the previous one. That's because its from an unused inventory screen.

[46] The first animation~ All of them actually have been done on Photoshop. Basically I manipulated images and played around with masks and settings.

[47] Magenta's a pretty unique color. It's also my favorite. It doesn't actually exist in actual wavelengths of light, its just your brain trying to wing it trying to connect red and violet, two colors that are on completely opposite sides of the light spectrum.

[48] Not the best image I know, but its actually just a 49 that I made small. Filler panel basically.

[49] Format screw! Expect this to happen later one again. The symbol is from a book on alchemy that I am reading.

[50] *Doom intensifies* The radio's from previous panels too, but I painted the hand better again.

[51] Took an unlit 32 and played with the masks. Enjoy the glow too.

[52] Obligatory eye shot. Took panel 45 and extended/repainted it.

[53][54] Mostly fillers to end this. Just previous panels with slight modifications.

I also realize that this is a pretty bizarre way to start a porn quest...

Wanted to make porn smut, ended up making Neon Genesis Evangelion
No. 118956 ID: ceeb42
File 151363370914.png - (28.22KB , 125x115 , NOTES.png )

[55] Small variation. Somebody told me the MC looks cuter in this pic.

[56] And another one, this time I just took 22 and added a few more things.

[57] Dig that perspective bruh. Tho I kinda screwed up the tonality a bit. I did forget to add that flashlight, but just keep quiet about that one ;>
No. 118957 ID: 6cc25a

Not much to say about the last few updates. It's been pretty straightforward as far as decision-making goes. The reading seems to be somewhat easier.
No. 118970 ID: ceeb42
File 151367016983.png - (28.22KB , 125x115 , NOTES.png )

[58] Did quite a bit of painting for the next three. Actually half of 58 is a reuse, but the ladder isn't. I'm trying to get the same color thematic, as well, I don't want the place that was say, dark desatured violet be orange next time we see it.

[59] This isn't a reuse actually, I took the old pic and painted a close up shot. Looks a bit less majestic, but does the job well.

[60] Excuse the color saturation, I just thought colors would look more vibrant if you spent too much time in the dark.
No. 118971 ID: ceeb42
File 151367071615.png - (24.00KB , 99x99 , PROMT2RESIZE.png )

Just a quick reminder:

While I kinda bangled it up in regards to the characterization, I should mention that we are still working as a REALIST. As a result, I recommend we at least have this baseline, to work with, instead of having a blank slate personality. Doesn't meant that other approaches aren't welcome either.
No. 118972 ID: c88e6d

Engage Cautiously? There's no cautious engagement here for the spooky robe beast.
No. 119094 ID: 54c9b7
File 151403648379.png - (28.22KB , 125x115 , NOTES.png )

[61] A fairly standard shot, just got the same palette as the last elevator and painted this quick. We have a hole in the elevator now :o

[62] Getting quite cinematic with the shots as well. You could almost see the movie cuts. But yeah I didn't work on this massively.

[63] Tried my best to show a falling down MC, but I got this first try and I was like "Good enough". Actions are hard to draw owo

[64] Weird pose and perspective I know. The MC is supposed to be getting up and re orientating. But here they look like they are about to pull some sweet dance move.

[65] I know that face is terrible pwp, I didn't have sketch on me at the time and I needed to do it by memory. Still no excuse for bunching it that hard, but it is sort of alien face.

[66] I actually drew a sketch of the monster 2 weeks in advance. Thought that, since I didn't have it in the setting, it'd make a nice introductory creature. But yeah, shit your pants moment :V
No. 119130 ID: 60d78b
File 151415066662.png - (28.22KB , 125x115 , NOTES.png )

[67] Perspective's good, but the face wasn't the best. Too cartoony instead of shock. Otherwise, the rest's pretty good.

[68] Much better face as well~ also reusing panels basically.

[69] Big magical red titties.The first spoilered pic of the quest as well, and its three twin pairs of perky breasts.

[70] I have backups of all the pics btw, on PSD with different layers. Only thing I needed to do is find the original elevator and paint over it. Dig the fabric tho. Also no legs because its less spoopy.
No. 119185 ID: bfec60
File 151456231317.png - (28.22KB , 125x115 , NOTES.png )

Happy Christmas everybody by the way~ I was out.

[71] Hands down, one of the best panels
I've drawn. Check out that three point perspective. Took an old blurry panel and worked it full.

[72] Took 70, made it big, retouched, added blue milk titties.

[73] And that fabric <3 as you may have noticed, I loved painting these 4 pics.

[74] Anddddddd this must be one of the most lazy. I needed to ask a single question, make sure that users were sure of their choice. But I kinda rushed it owo
No. 119461 ID: 4f28ae
File 151550201765.png - (28.22KB , 125x115 , NOTES.png )

[75] That face took several tries to do. But I did it, and it came out pretty cute.

[76] Another panel I am satisfied with! Tho the MC looks a bit blurred out because I had to stretch the image. You can see too how perky the creature's breasts are, if you are a pervert and you eyes went towards that.

[77] This isn't that sequential tbh. Couldn't get the action of licking fingers that well.

[78] This is just that old profile shot that I had made modified. Looks kinda sleepy here too.
No. 119462 ID: 4f28ae
File 151550219175.png - (34.46KB , 250x250 , PROMT2.png )


Comment on the prologue here until Chapter 1 begins.

Any and all feedback that you think can make the quest better is appreciated.
No. 119463 ID: 9e4723

Well this was certainly something interesting. I will be waitting for chapter one. Good work!
No. 119464 ID: d97e27

So far so good, though I feel like it should have taken us less time to get to this point.

Also just out of curiosity was drinking the milk inevitable or was there another way put of this?
No. 119468 ID: ffa39e
File 151554132304.png - (134.12KB , 803x294 , ANSWER.png )

This is not a deterministic quest. Of course there was another way, as I had a scene in case the players didn't fall for the titty milk bait. Sadly it will go unused, but either way, the quest has begun now!
No. 119480 ID: 6cc25a

So what was the alternative scene?
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