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File 151004043137.png - (553.10KB , 2243x1689 , coverdis.png )
117617 No. 117617 ID: 2c322d

It's cold in here, huh?
No. 117620 ID: c88e6d

Please lower the resolution on your posted comics! As delightful as they are, the great size makes them hard to read.
No. 117622 ID: be0718

Welcome back!
No. 117623 ID: be0718

There should be a zoom option in your browser that fits them to your screen, possibly at the click of a button.
No. 117633 ID: 4324ce

Wonder if she IS a Yuki-Onna. Not fitting the classical stuff, though...either way, wonder if she wants anything in particular from us.
No. 117634 ID: be0718

To show a little gratitude, for starters?
No. 117721 ID: 2c322d

I can try and make the pages a bit smaller :)
No. 117722 ID: b5fb67

This is a good quest.
No. 117806 ID: 2c322d

usually I would do daily updates but I have two big out of town vacations planned back to back in the next coming week so sorry if I'm slow ;;
No. 117808 ID: 179856

No. 118733 ID: 2c322d

sorry about slow updates! finals week ends in 2 days, and then its update update update from here on out.
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