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File 150973203373.png - (28.51KB , 245x215 , Nervous.png )
117504 No. 117504 ID: a8be48

Idk if I should even ask this here or whatever but whats a good free tool to make gifs? I don't wanna do just plain pictures cause that gets boring and it'd help save time/posts.
No. 117506 ID: 66a4ca

You could use http://gifmaker.me/ for instance. Upload the image files, set timing (delay in between two images), and then click Create GIF Animation and View or Download.
No. 117507 ID: a8be48

Oooh, it doesn't leave a watermark or anything? Thats my biggest problem with these things
No. 117508 ID: 66a4ca

No watermark there.
No. 117509 ID: 33d4be

What program are you using for your non-gif images?
No. 117510 ID: a8be48

For just drawing and such? A free version of SAI I found on devieantart
No. 117514 ID: e0f785

Both krita and gimp can make gifs and are both free programs. You'll need to find a guide on how to use the animation features though, they get complicated!
No. 117515 ID: ca0e20

FireAlapca also kinda can. I haven't used it extensively but it has a weird thing where the tools are there to animate, but once you want to make the gif, you have to save it a certain way and then go somewhere on their site with that folder file to make the actual gif.
No. 117516 ID: be0718

GIMP has an animation function. 1 layer per frame.
No. 117519 ID: 9df962

That's how I do my animation.
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