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File 150897555856.png - (14.85KB , 294x225 , Fuck.png )
117118 No. 117118 ID: c0641d

Alright, this is the discussion I'm starting that has to happen before I can run my first ever quest.

"The House" is a story about a furry (scaly, feathery?) guy and/or gal picking through the abandoned Rising Sun entertainment complex in totally not New-O'leans, and ends up having to exorcise ghosts by going back and temporally possessing various sleuths across history to show them the who, how, and why of their decades-cold murder cases. It's basically Quantum Leap meets either Ace Attorney Investigations or Colombo, depending on how the poll turns out.

And now for something completely different; the poll. Do you want the MC (and by extension, you guys) to see the murders play out in their entirely before they're turned loose on the scene, leaving the fun more to the "howcatchum" than a true "whodunnit," or do you want to set everything to Hard Mode(TM) and (try to) solve the cases your own dang selves?

Finally, the elephant in the room. Ho-ly crap, oh my god. I like to think I'm "pretty good" with paper and pencil, but as an astute reader might notice, my ability to do art with a computer mouse ranks around the range of "complete garbo." Hence, why I'll be asking to collab with an artist in this endeavor. My desired level of quality and detail ranges between GoldeKlovr's HALL and a lot of Appolo's work. Someone on the same level as Toxoglossa would be amazing. Sorry if this comes off as begging, but... yeah, I mean, look at this.

So... yeah. Any questions?
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No. 117120 ID: 3ce125

Do you have a scanner?

A camera with reliable lighting that takes photos clean enough to edit out the grain afterwards?
No. 117125 ID: c0641d

Nope. Not that I know of, anyways.
No. 117127 ID: c0641d

Actually, I have an idea, and another poll ready for you; should I do a text quest instead of waiting for an artist to partner with? Either way, I won't start until I have at least three votes in either direction on this and the poll I already stated before.
No. 117128 ID: c0641d

But then, I do have a few friends on the outside that might be willing to team up with me. It'll be a first time experience for them, though, for sure. What do you guys think I should do?
No. 117154 ID: d36af7

The single most important thing is thread-start images. Even if you've got no other art, that's what people will see when they're browsing /quest/, so that's a major part of what attracts the potential readers, and reinforces the interest of people who've already started to participate. Make sure it looks good, and by "good" I don't just mean pretty clip-art (though that can work, if you choose it carefully). Something distinctive, memorable, uniquely relevant to and representative of the content of the quest.

I'm speaking from experience here as somebody who runs a multi-thread text quest. I haven't always measured up to that standard, but it has always been the thing I'm aiming for, and getting closer always leads to better results.
No. 117170 ID: c0641d

Already been told that, but thanks for the advice!

Although, I'm a little concerned with how no one has answered either of my polls, so I'm thinking I'll clearly restate them here:

- Cast that line out, and see who in the community bites (even if it takes a while)!
- Maybe call in one of your friends to help, even if they've never quested before either!
- Nah, just do a text quest! I'd still read it!

- Colombo style; We know exactly who did it - and how - from the start. The why is still a mystery though, and the fun part will be more in road leading to the culprit's capture; I'm confident you can make solutions that are interesting enough even if we already knew them from the start!
- The classic; the sleuth doesn't get any prior hints, and we have to figure out the who, how, and why all on our own; I'm confident you can craft a setup that's fair to us!
No. 117188 ID: d36af7

Do the art yourself, or pay someone actual cash money to do it for you. If you can't manage either of those, do a text quest. Begging someone to illustrate for free a project they're not really passionate about will end badly.

Classic mystery, not Columbo-style. Just be careful about choke points when you're designing the scenario. http://thealexandrian.net/wordpress/1118/roleplaying-games/three-clue-rule
No. 117404 ID: b6b2b1

Testing testing.
No. 117405 ID: c0641d

No. 117406 ID: c0641d

No. 117410 ID: c0641d

No. 117411 ID: c0641d

No. 117412 ID: c0641d

No. 117985 ID: c0641d
File 151122108539.png - (423.27KB , 1024x768 , Codex; Guiding Court of Kadath (R).png )

No. 117988 ID: c0641d
File 151122186860.png - (423.27KB , 1024x768 , codex; guiding court of kadath (r).png )

Testing posting on mobile.
No. 117994 ID: 3ac12a

I wouldn't mind helping out with some illustrations. I'm fairly busy already, however lately feeling tempted to try questmaking again, it'd be nice to have something to warm up on. Just posting on my phone at the moment too, if you're still looking I could post examples later.
Mindy time is a bit limited so daily posting may not work.
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