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File 150837667492.jpg - (257.34KB , 640x720 , QuestDis.jpg )
116808 No. 116808 ID: 2474dd

** NSFW **

This is where all the naughty bits of Spooky Date Quest go!
Expand all images
No. 116809 ID: c88e6d

I love his facial expression.
No. 116811 ID: 2474dd
File 150838134219.jpg - (197.02KB , 640x720 , NSFW_Lilly_bw.jpg )

This is the WIP for Lilly. She's got Barry down on her operating table. Very NSFW.
No. 116842 ID: 5767a6

Holy moly that is lewd
No. 116870 ID: 2474dd


I wanted to set the lewdness level tone. Actions of note will be illustrated here as I have time. Due to the nature of the grue-girl she won't show up here except as bonus material.

Details about the encounters can also be requested here, but I like to keep it vague so people can fill in the details themselves.
No. 116941 ID: dba948

Might want to draw those M pics. Looks like E is winning, but it never hurts to be sure.
No. 116942 ID: 5767a6

Let us see what that (second) mouth can do
No. 116967 ID: 2474dd
File 150873420755.jpg - (147.44KB , 640x720 , NSFW_M.jpg )

This is the WIP for M. She was a tricky one to sketch. NSFW, and kinda weird.
No. 116970 ID: 91ee5f

No. 116972 ID: 5767a6

Damn that's actually really hot/cool. I'd smash 4 tits face/vag lady.
No. 117227 ID: 5767a6

Maybe fishy mating press with red on top?
No. 117390 ID: 2474dd
File 150940096201.jpg - (130.60KB , 640x720 , NSFW_Red.jpg )

This is the Red scene. While this never happened during the first date (Barry was on top), it could have happened later.


I kinda went for a Little Mermaid parody, especially since on Red's first outing in Doodle or Die, she was called "Lesbian Ariel".

Red's not a lesbian. Short hair is just way more practical underwater.
No. 117529 ID: 2474dd

We have a new poll.

This poll does SOMETHING. But I'm not saying what yet.

No. 117553 ID: 2474dd

By narrow margin, Lilly has come out on top. (Effect of poll results vary depending on winner and point in story.)

As she's the current favourite, TGChan can now decide some of her colours for her NSFW lewd.

Please suggest a hair colour. This will be considered her 'true' hair colour:

A. Red
B. Blonde
C. Black
D. Blue
E. Green
F. Violet
G. Other?

Please suggest a skin tone. Please note that despite her Joisey accent Lilly is not Caucasian, but due to my not colouring her in normally she's still in the lighter spectrum.:

A. Bronze
B. "Creamy Coffee"
C. Dusty Rose
D. Other?
No. 117556 ID: 5767a6

With her accent I cant imagine her as anything but blonde
No. 117557 ID: c88e6d

Hair: F) Violet
Skin: A) Bronze
No. 117563 ID: 3d229a

because why not
No. 117579 ID: 493949

No. 117587 ID: d6afc2

Hair: F
Skin: A
No. 117631 ID: 2474dd
File 151008237488.jpg - (345.87KB , 640x720 , NSFW_Lilly_cwip.jpg )

Current colours WIP for very, very NSFW Lilly. Lilly is a very 'pliable' lover and is OK with a lot of stuff. Now that her hair being more upwardly mobile is a more standard part of her design, seeing it all down like this just makes it look more 'messy' and a sign that she's had a very good time.
No. 118244 ID: 5767a6

Important question: Why is Nem so cute?
No. 118247 ID: 2474dd

That's why I asked that question in the quest, with some possible answers. ;)
No. 119755 ID: 2474dd
File 151642688021.jpg - (337.99KB , 640x720 , WTF_JJSDC.jpg )

Every so often a dev or designer will do something they think their audience will love, only to discover that only a small percentage of that audience is amused. The Anime World that makes up Barry's Domain is one such mistake.

So I present a quick guide to WTF this JoJo stuff is.

In JoJo's world, Stands are a psychic representation of someone's power. They're the explanation for the various anime bullshit that happens in the story. While the Stand user has no special properties, the Stand itself tends to have various super-powers. They can grow, shrink, shield, stop time, punch stuff, catch bullets, and so on and so forth. Stands themselves seem to only be able to be hurt by other Stands. What happens to the Stand happens to the user however, so if you kill the Stand, you kill the Stand user.

Basically, picture Superman as Clark Kent's stand -- the big guy with the S flying around doing stuff but completely controlled by Kent. Instead of his weakness being kryptonite, his weakness is someone shooting Clark Kent in the head.

In Stardust Crusaders, episodes revolve around figuring out the power of the enemy Stand and then figuring out how to defeat it.

Our Hero Stands

Nem has multiple Stands, a fact which she is trying to keep concealed so that she has an element of surprise if she needs it. The Stand that is 'known' is her Death Stands which has three forms -- Red, White and Black. Black Death represents PLAGUE, and it fills in for one of the established character's Stand abilities (Kakyoin). In quite a few instances, Kakyoin had to use his Stand to do something on a microscopic level, or attach itself to something. Since the original story had a team of 6 heroes and we have 3, our heroes' stands pull some double duty.

Nem's Red Death represents WAR, and fills in for Avdol's fire stand. It does burning, explosions, etc.

Nem's White Death represents CONQUEST, and it is a divining function, fulfilling some of Joseph's Stand abilities.

As to Nem's hidden Stand? She's not sharing to ensure it will be a secret weapon later.

Red also has multiple Stands, and she also is packing her Ichor Gun -- which is essentially CHEAT MODE since it lets her instantly kill a single target, at the cost of it potentially kicking her out of the story.

Barry has pictured Red to look like Cutie Honey, from another anime. As such, she's got a sword that effectively replaces Jotaro's Stand's speed attacks. Her main Stand ability -- which she's not used because she hates anime -- actually mimics Iggie's Fool stand more, allowing her to glide and create shields as well as hit enemies with wave style attacks.

Lilly has a single Stand that effectively lets her take the role of Polnareff, except with the addition of her 'SCIENCE' ability that lets her handle the rest of Joseph's Stand abilities. 'SCIENCE' lets her scan targets and otherwise collect information not available to the group. Her main Stand abilities are fast attacks.
No. 119759 ID: 2474dd
File 151643095630.jpg - (356.41KB , 640x720 , WTF_JJSDC2.jpg )

The other stumbling block is assuming anyone knows what the hell is going on with the plot of JoJo. Again, I thought it was more popular with my readers than it actually was.

So you might be asking "WTF is going on?" in terms of plot.

Internally, Barry envisions his predicament to parallel the JoJo gang trying to kill the villain DIO in order to save Holly, the main character's mom.

In this case, said mom is Barry, the JoJo gang are Nem's gang, and the main villain is Freddy.

However, the problem is that while the JoJo gang had a time limit too, the time that Nem's gang has to save Barry is much less than the time it will take if they stick to the plot as is. This is Freddy's doing so she can get her tendril's into Barry's brain and try to take over. If Barry goes mad from the CURSE, it means that Freddy can effectively jack his body -- represented by FIO taking over the world. Additionally, for legal reasons Red must be present when Freddy is killed to verify Barry is clean.

So to get around the time limit, Nem is using the Tarot Deck as a plot device to effectively skip over episodes. 1-2 episodes center around dealing with an assassin the main villain has sent after the heroes, so by changing the assassin the group has to deal with from the original set path, they can reach Freddy ahead of schedule.

Ideally, you want to jump ahead as many assassins as you think you can get away with. The more you jump in one go, the more you screw with the plot. However, you're not the only ones who can screw with the plot -- Freddy is also free to alter the plot in turn to her own advantage based on your changes. She's got similar limitations to you though -- if she deviates too much it will make the world turn on her, which is good for you.

*** The Assassin List in order of defeat ***

N'Doul & Geb
N'Doul is a blind Stand user. His Stand, named after the Egyptian god "Geb", had a water based Stand that could sneak-attack through the sand. The actual god is an earth god whose laughter created earthquakes and was responsible for crop growth. He managed to injure one of the heroes before being defeated when Jotaro basically threw Iggi at him.

Khnum's Oingo and Thoth's Boingo
Brothers; one used a shape-shifting Stand and the other a future-predicting Stand in a joke episode that operates like a Roadrunner Cartoon, with the heroes completely unaware they were in any danger as all their attempts backfire.

Stand Thoth was a comic book, which is actually somewhat appropriate as the god Thoth was of writing and wisdom.

Khnum was the god of the Nile and clay, thought to be a shaper.

The assassin IS the Stand this time, who took the form of a sword that would control whoever wielded it. Anubis is the god of death. Anubis gets broken by Jotaro before Iggi gets him tossed into a river. Without an owner, Anubis is helpless.

Bastet's Mariah
Mariah was a woman in a red hood whose Stand Bastet caused the target to become uncontrollably magnetic, getting weighed down by various metals or attracting dangerous things like power lines.

The goddess Bastet is a goddess of war and protector of cats, having just about nothing to do with the Stand.

Joseph and Avdol get magnetized with opposite poles, but they defeat Mariah by getting on either side of her and crushing her between them.

Set's Alessi
Alessi's Stand Set took the form of a shadow, and whoever stepped in it would become rapidly younger. Set is the god of anger, chaos, storms, violence, disorder and outsiders. Alessi goes after Polnareff first, and then Set makes Jotaro younger; this proves futile as Jotario is a mean little kid and beats him anyway, causing Set's powers to wear off.

D'Arby the Gambler and Osiris
D'Arby is a gambler and forces the heroes to bet their souls to get information on DIO. The episode is mostly ass-pull cheats that finishes with Jotaro bluffing and making him go catatonic in a panic.

Osiris is the god of the dead and judgement.

Hol Horse and Boingo
Another joke episode. Hol Horse uses THE EMPEROR Stand - essentially a gun with remote-control bullets. Boingo returns to team up with him. While this time the heroes are actually aware of an opponent, the episode runs on auto-pilot with dumb luck things happening the culminates in Hol Horse and Boingo hospitalized.

Pet Shop and Horus
Pet Shop is an eagle, and his Stand is Horus -- which is ice-based and apparently shoots out his mouth. Iggi faces off against Pet Shop alone after discovering the location of DIO's hideout. Iggi has to sacrifice a paw and kills Pet Shop by clamping his beak shut during an attack.

Horus is the god of Egypt.

D'Arby the Player and Atum
Forces the heroes into an illusionary world via Atum with their soles on the line, except they have to play video games. He can sort of read minds via Atum in terms of basic truth/false queries. Loses when he thinks he's playing against Jotaro when he's actually playing against Joseph.

Atum is basically the first Egyptian god and rules air and moisture.

After this list of assassins, the group enters DIO's mansion to fight against his body guard Vanilla Ice & his Stand Cream, before the final show-down with DIO.

Thus your goal should be to try to 'jump' to the later assassins like Pet Shop or D'Arby the Player.
No. 119767 ID: 2474dd
File 151643483170.jpg - (373.77KB , 640x720 , WTFTarot.jpg )

So, how do you influence the Tarot cards to fight assassins who are no longer named after Tarot cards?

In short, you're going to need to create a description of the target assassin by combining the meanings of 3 cards.

Another complaint I received was basically a lack of knowledge of the Tarot. I had expected people to Google it, I expected wrong.

While Nem will definitely help you along the way by explaining each card's meaning, it would probably help to have a short-hand available for the major arcana. I'm not going to go into the minor arcana since that's lot of freaking cards, but Nem can help you with that as well.

Minor Arcana in a Nutshell
WANDS are communication, expression, creativity and the arts.
CUPS are emotions and artistry
PENTACLES/COINS are physical, material
SWORDS are intellect, violence, aggression.

And now... the Major Arcana

0 - The Fool
In the quest, this is one of the cards that represents Nem. In the original game that used Tarot cards, it was the potentially most powerful card and definitely the most versatile. In divination, it is the Blind Card -- some event or trigger that will start everything moving. Represented Iggi, one of the heroes in the JoJo anime.

1 - The Magician
Transformation, but with knowledge and learning preceding it. Represented Avdol, one of the heroes in the JoJo anime.

2 - The Priestess
Hidden, mysterious, or occult.

3 - The Empress
Represents woman and femininity

4 - The Emperor.
Represents man and masculinity. Represented Hol Horse's Stand, one of the lesser villains in the JoJo anime who actually lives through the thing.

5 - The Hierophant
Religion and order. Also Kakyoin's Stand, one of the heroes in the JoJo anime.

6 - The Lovers
Choice, often to do with relationships.

7 - The Chariot
A victory, but not always your victory. This is Polnareff's Stand in the JoJo anime and thus also represents Lilly, as she's in his place.

8 - Strength
This is one of those cards that's exactly what it says on the tin.

9 - The Hermit
Isolation (but necessarily loneliness), age, wisdom and sometimes a quest. Also Joseph's Stand, one of the heroes in the JoJo anime.

10 - The Wheel of Fortune
Can be interpreted as possible inversion of fortune, but also cycles of fortune.

11 - Justice
A complex card symbolizing anything legal and heavily dependent on the other cards drawn.

12 - The Hanged Man
Another complex card that indicates sacrifice. In one extreme it is suicide (needless sacrifice of self) to the other extreme of sacrifice for genuine spirituality or the good of all.

13 - Death
Again for this quest, it is Nem's other chief card and always means she is involved. It is change, but sometimes change does involve death.

14 - Temperance

15 - The Devil
This is always a card of ill omen. Fear, seduction, addiction -- anything detrimental.

16 - The Tower
Another ill omen card. It's change, but chaotic, destructive, shit-hitting-the-fan change. It can also mean liberation, but it's the same sort of liberation one has after the bomb hits and civilization as you know it is gone.

17 - The Star
It can mean hope, travel, "Yes", and clarity as well as technology. It is also Jotaro's Stand, the hero of the anime. As Red is taking his place, it also is her card.

18 - The Moon
It can represent deceit, illusion, self-deceit, mystery, animal nature. It can also represent a persona or reflection.

19 - The Sun
Good times and success, innocence and joy. This is basically the 'always good' card.

20 - Judgement
Change, but with more focus on the rebirth or progress as compared to Death, which is more focused on ending of the old ways.

21 - The World
The world itself, often connection between the end of one cycle and beginning of another. It is also the Stand of DIO, the main antagonist and villain of the JoJo anime and consequently represents Freddy (FIO) in the Quest.
No. 119775 ID: d36af7

Instead of messing around with three-card combos for gods, couldn't we just draw the Emperor to skip to the joke episode with Hol Horse near the end?
No. 119787 ID: 2474dd

>Instead of messing around with three-card combos for gods, couldn't we just draw the Emperor to skip to the joke episode with Hol Horse near the end?

Potentially but I would advise drawing some 3-card readings anyway since a single card gives Freddy leeway and she's already demonstrated she's on to some of your games.
No. 122073 ID: 2474dd

So there's still a few things to post here, and that's not counting the follow up date with Nem to fulfill her promise.

One of which is the reveal picture of Nikki for completing the quest. I'll have to tally up the XP for rewards later, I know Quest has earned a few for avoiding some pitfalls like killing Barry or Lilly. Personally I'm shocked that Nem's love life survived -- it came pretty close to another bitter-sweet end.

If you have any questions let me know; be sure to watch this space for spooky girl porn.
No. 122076 ID: 600f38

What girls didn't we meet?
No. 122077 ID: 2474dd

There's two - the girl in the spooky woods and a spidery sort. You were set up to meet the Spooky Woods girl but never did. Red, Clay and Amunet knew Junko but as she couldn't help your situation she was never mentioned.
No. 122078 ID: 600f38

I assume the two hearts won are Nem and Lilly. Or are they Barry-centric and Nem and M?

Will NemXLillyXBarry work out? At least in the short term, I mean. (Also, does Nem like to watch?)
No. 122079 ID: 10c408

I'm honestly impressed that the shipping war between Nem X barry and Lilly X barry ended the way it did.

(RIP barry X red, though. Alas.)
No. 122080 ID: 10c408

So here's a question. What would have happened if we followed basement girl's advice?
No. 122081 ID: 2474dd

>I assume the two hearts won are Nem and Lilly. Or are they Barry-centric and Nem and M?

Yes the two hearts won are Nem and Lilly.

>Will NemXLillyXBarry work out? At least in the short term, I mean. (Also, does Nem like to watch?)

It should, really. Nem, Barry and Lilly have the right combination of shared values and differences that they'd be good friends. In terms of attraction it's all pretty mutual -- Nem's not really into big dick but she thinks Barry's pretty cute (Nem likes her men soft and her ladies with big ol' horns).

>I'm honestly impressed that the shipping war between Nem X barry and Lilly X barry ended the way it did.

That more or less wrote itself. As Lilly's character developed the reasons for her eccentricities became more valid although the rapid-fire progression of the relationships is more a combination of it being a quest and also that Lilly can peek into people's souls.

>(RIP barry X red, though. Alas.)

Barry x Red would have never really worked out beyond friends; Red just can't get into the nerd stuff.

>So here's a question. What would have happened if we followed basement girl's advice?

If you followed her advice without Barry's infection being accelerated you'd still have to deal with Freddy but her resources would have been drastically reduced. Post-acceleration it's a moot point -- the girls would have forced removing Freddy first.
No. 122083 ID: 91ee5f

I know I’m extremely late in asking this, but I’ve just gotta know, what exactly was going on here: >>/quest/839913 ?

I understand that cultists were getting killed, but how exactly were they being killed? What would be happening to them to make Red complain about them sometimes making a huge mess that needs to be cleaned up?
No. 122088 ID: 2474dd


Oh, one of the cultists exploded with force.

Normally Red's gun basically makes them "pop" by the way her gun's ichor rounds work, which is sort of an explosive decompression of their brains. She doesn't actually have to make head-shots with it, but it's kinder to do so since death comes quicker (although still messy).

The skull she used was activated with a kiss (it's a concept I've had kicking around in my head that I thought was just kinda a neat way to arm something) and then basically bursts with ichor after a timer.

Any cultist caught in the initial blast radius would pop similarly to the first one, but it also chain-reacts due to the way ichor interacts individuals with their psycho-spiritual composition.

Like most metaphysical weapons, it's possible to resist it through force of will. The problem is that resisting the weapon doesn't actually 'save vs. death' as much as it's more 'prolonging the inevitable'.

In horror stories, there's often that one villain who just won't die. They suffer multiple, terrible injuries but keep coming back to menace the survivors.

These are the ones whose brains don't just pop. They just hold on through sheer bloody mindedness while more and more of their body is consumed by the ichor. Their absolute refusal to die just means that the ichor gets put under a lot of pressure.

Eventually they succumb. The delayed reaction makes them explode.

Red's house was covered in a mixture of cultist insides and vile-laden ichor. As noted, the ichor would eat away at the paint and cause the wood to rot.

However it wasn't just the fact that she'd have to hose down her house that killed her mood. She'd also have to order up some repairs and if the cult was agitated enough to send a group of people out to try to do kill someone it also meant they were prepared to cover it up, which meant that Red would have to kill some people in protected positions.

But before she did that, she'd have a lot of reports to write up. Her superiors would need to know that the situation had accelerated, that she'd have to act, who she would potentially need to act on, possible repercussions from humanity's law enforcement and the likelihood of it being entertaining enough that Lulu might want to watch.

All in all it meant a lot of extra work for her and it's the sort of thing that really puts a dampener on a day she had planned to reserve for casual sex.
No. 122094 ID: c88e6d

Fascinating. Can mystical wards protect you from Ichor explosions? Also, what does Clay think about this adventure after the fact?
No. 122103 ID: 2474dd

>Fascinating. Can mystical wards protect you from Ichor explosions? Also, what does Clay think about this adventure after the fact?

Yes, you can use mystic wards to protect against Ichor. Without them it's a matter of metaphysical structure -- half-bloods tend to be resilient to immune, regular humans can get very sick but usually not explode -- it's the humans who have a high demonic contamination that pop.

As far as Clay goes, I might be saving that for later but in general she's upset and confused by why Lilly's decided to forgo any more rebirths.
No. 122104 ID: 3abd97

What was the unspoken agreement Nem and Red reached here? Red finds out Nem had heretofore unknown flight capabilities, threatens to record it, Nem wants her not to (I assume) and... they agree to something where Nem asks for a concession, which is weird because she was the one asking before.
No. 122106 ID: 2474dd

>What was the unspoken agreement Nem and Red reached here? Red finds out Nem had heretofore unknown flight capabilities, threatens to record it, Nem wants her not to (I assume) and... they agree to something where Nem asks for a concession, which is weird because she was the one asking before.

Red wasn't threatening to record it, she was informing that she will have to record it. And there's two ways she can record it -- either simply reporting that Nem let it slip she can fly, or Nem can agree to an in-depth interview about precisely when she gained this ability.

The unspoken agreement was that Nem would be speaking candidly during the interview and tell them what they'd *want* to know as opposed to just giving them what they'd *need* to know and in exchange she could call in special favours in regards to Barry's well-being.
No. 122139 ID: 2474dd
File 152299255754.jpg - (119.13KB , 640x720 , NikkiTheGrue_Revealed.jpg )

Nikki is very shy and she hates being revealed. She thinks her boobs are too floppy, her legs too short, her teeth too crooked, etc, etc.
No. 122158 ID: 2474dd

So I've crunched the numbers based on key decisions including not getting Lilly or Barry killed and also for avoiding the "Depressed Nem" ending (which you would have gotten if Nem killed Freddy alone).

Quest has earned 2 rewards. Pick 2:
(you can pick 2 from A, 2 from B, or one from each)

A. Porn of one of the following characters:
1 - Lilly
2 - Nikki the Grue
3 - M the Succubus
4 - Red the Deep One
5 - Clay the Flesh Golem
6 - Amunet the Mummy
7 - Shuu the Eldritch Creature (not encountered)
8 - Junko the Juromundo (Spider woman, not encountered)
9 - The Stitched Teacher (the one who put cursed panties on Nem)
10 - Barry (note if you want pre/post mutation)
11 - Macha
12 - Freddy (before she was burned)

B. More information about of one of the following characters:
1 - Lilly
2 - Nikki the Grue
3 - M the Succubus
4 - Red the Deep One
5 - Clay the Flesh Golem
6 - Amunet the Mummy
7 - Shuu the Eldritch Creature (not encountered)
8 - Junko the Juromundo (Spider woman, not encountered)
9 - The Stitched Teacher (the one who put cursed panties on Nem)
10 - Barry
11 - Macha (how she's been since Nem's Quest)
12 - Freddy (before she was burned)
13 - Nem (what her life is like at the Department of Change and her general duties)
No. 122160 ID: 10c408

B: 8 and 13
No. 122163 ID: b93a7b

No. 122175 ID: 2474dd

(just a side note but 'porn' includes anything from nudes to hardcore; that will be figured out later)
No. 122176 ID: 3abd97

B9, B13.
No. 122179 ID: 5767a6

I just wanted to say how glad I am that a conclusion has been reached, and i'm happy to of helped keep things afloat when votes werent happening. A1, B6
No. 122180 ID: 5767a6

I just wanted to say how glad I am that a conclusion has been reached, and i'm happy to of helped keep things afloat when votes werent happening. A1, B6
No. 122184 ID: 176036

Oh look, someone made my votes already. I guess this is just a “plus one” post, then.
No. 122186 ID: 2474dd
File 152316733511.jpg - (167.30KB , 640x720 , Amunet.jpg )

Secrets of Amunet Revealed

Amunet lives in a trap-filled tomb that has to be reached through a portal in an Egyption exhibit in the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. She is a former protector of the Pharoh but was usurped by Mut and was retired to the Faerie World, which worked out in her favour after the Fall of the Egyption Pantheon somewhere between 100 BC and 300 AE. She was in danger of being cannibalized by Neith but was saved when the Department of Change forced the reconsiliation of the human and Faerie world, putting an end to spiritual cannibalization and forcing an adaption to mortal life.

Amunet's loss of stature via Mut has left her bitter and angry, and the fact that hardly anyone in modern civilization even knows who she is just rubs salt in the wound. After discovering the Internet however, Amunet has basically been wasting time dominating people online, shitposting in forums, and trolling Tumblr. The only practical things she's done involve learning how to program and hack various types of operating systems, servers, IP Management and anti-cheat software as well as seeing how she can interweave spiritual hacking with digital.

Her primary needs revolve around proving she's better than everyone else, all stemming from her being usurped centuries ago.

Amunet is not above cheating in online gaming, but she has enough real skill that when she does cheat it's incredibly difficult to prove and this has made enemies with Lilly and M, who know she cheats because they're skilled enough that they force her to do so to win.

Amunet doesn't have any real friends -- the closest thing she has to one is Junko, who is more a business associate. She and Red know each other but nothing beyond official business.

Amunet's wrappings are prehensile and actually form the borders of a pocket domain. It's been so long since she's had a physical form that she's actually forgotten what it was and so while her sexual partners can certainly experience physical love they can't actually see what she looks like. One of Amunet's few hobbies outside computers is art as she's been trying to figure out a new form but can't seem to settle on one she likes.

Amunet is a literal royal cunt because she's miserable and nobody likes her; nobody likes her and she's miserable because she's a literal royal cunt.

If Amunet had cursed Barry, she's the only spooky girl who does so out of sheer malice after one of the other girls posts pictures of her and Barry online. It's not so much out of jealousy that she curses Barry but the fact that he was seen with another girl is taken as a personal insult.

Amunet's Curse would have inflicted a severe thirst on Barry that would cummulate with him being turned to dust.

It had three possible cures -- sweet talk her to lift it, send Nem after her, or it could be cured by performing oral sex on Red due to the nature of a Deep One's sexual juices.

If Amunet had assisted in lifting Barry's curse she would have attempted to also hack him to replace his feelings for Lilly with feelings for herself along with saving his life. Because she's a cunt.
No. 122237 ID: 2474dd

So the remaining popular votes seem to be divided between Nem's life in the Department of Change and porn of Amunet.

As Amunet is tricky to porn, I'm going to need some ideas as to the kind of scene you'd want to set for her so I have something to work with. I might just incorporate Nem's life into her follow-up date quest which I need to draft. Obviously something wacky has to happen since we've already done one Nem Date Sim already. ;)
No. 122274 ID: 10c408

Inter-office nerf gun war or some other form of PLANNED shenanigans that Nem can't be a stick-in-the-mud about since her bosses are in on it.
No. 122283 ID: 5767a6

Is Lilly gonna appear at all in the follow up? Considering the time she spent talking to Nem, and how much she confused her sexually. Also that Grue is thicc af.
No. 122286 ID: 2474dd

You are in for a pleasant surprise then; Nem is taking Barry on the date and not the other way around.

Lilly might show up in the background but she won't be a major focus since it's pretty much a given that the two will be close.
No. 122329 ID: 600f38

No. 123985 ID: d97fa9

Did I miss something? Where was talk about a child name Macha before this?
No. 124012 ID: 2474dd


Nem is from "Nem's Quest", in which Macha also makes her first appearance. Macha has a special connection to Nem, which you can find out about in Nem's Quest - http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/589725.html.

Currently Macha is lacking in physical form. She won't get one until Nem has her first child.
No. 124075 ID: 2b3689

Now that this affair is resolved, I wonder: at the start of the thread, who was phone? Was it Freddy herself, or some banshee working for the celestial bureaucracy?
No. 124079 ID: 2474dd


If you're asking who called Barry originally, it really was Nem -- as she said, she got a tip-off from an associate about Barry's fate.

If you're asking about who tipped Nem off in the first place? Nem doesn't realize it, but it was someone from Division Zero -- not the 13th. The 13th rarely deals with mortal passing and Barry's predicament would normally not on the Department of Change's radar.

However, agents from Division Zero operate in unusual ways, even by Department of Change standards. People from Division Zero tend to act like Willy Wonka or Ms. Frizzle -- there's some sort of reason for their actions but their motivations and methods are mysterious at least (and outright insane at worst).
No. 124085 ID: 2474dd


In the months that follow, Nem seems to be getting less assignments. She tells you that the 13th Division has had her doing more log work than anything else; writing down her experiences and advice. It frees her time up for more dating -- both with you and with Lilly. Nem is a passionate lover and her vigor on your first date is just the tip of the iceburg -- she is intensely curious about every aspect of sex and willing to try once just about anything Barry or Lilly can think of.

In the meantime, Barry begins to write a book about the power of love -- not a tawdry tale of demonic lust, but the enormous impact of love on the supernatural creatures that are now part of human soceity. How it makes them willing to give up their immortality, how it can kill them, how they desparately desire it and how they are terrified of it.

The Department of Change even invites him to use their case files and tell the stories of spooks who found love and gave everything up for it. It turns out that the hard part is finding the case themselves; the DoC's idea a filing system involves mining through a cavern of words. Almost literally.

They pay well however -- they have Barry publish the book for free (fae are quite big on the freedom of ideas) and compensate him with a considerable amount of cash and resources.

More than enough to purchase a lovely engagement ring for Nem and ask her to marry him. She says "yes" of course.

And it turns out this is the release for her contract. She is free, and her family debt is paid. While officially retired from the 13th Division, Nem is told she is welcome to take on any jobs she would like.

Nem: Pardon my vulgarity, but fuck that.

Meeting Barry's Family

Barry warns Nem of his mother's understandable predjiduce towards spooky girls, but after accepting a crucifix and reciting the Lord's Prayer she winds up charming his mother completely. She describes Nem as "the most honorable, well mannered young lady I have ever met" and the fact that Nem listens to her explain Christianity with interest makes her more than willing to accept her as her daughter.

"Poor girl needs the one God she can't kill,"

Meeting Nem's Family

If meeting Barry's mother was surprisingly easy, meeting Nem's family is easier still. While worried about the fact that Barry is human, her parents are just flatly thrilled that Nem is getting married at all. Barry is instantly welcomed to her family and by her community. When they discover that you helped release her from her contract, he is hailed as a hero. Lilly has no troubles being accepted either, considering that socially she has demigod status.

The food sucks though. You're a little relieved that Nem would rather live in your world, and amused that the primary reason for this decision was indoor plumbing and good toilet paper.

Married, With Children

Having Lilly as part of Barry's marriage turns out to be wonderful because not only does she help raise the children but Barry actually can't keep up with Nem and Lilly's combined sex drives. The fact that you can tag one in when tired is both fun and useful.

Barry loses a considerable amount of weight as Nem takes him exploring nature on Earth, in her world and occasionally for an adventure in some of Lilly's choice locations. At Nem's request he also grows a beard.

Macha shows up exactly nine months after your wedding night, which is no surprise given you were warned. You were also warned she would be a colossal pain in the ass, which she proves to be and it's a good thing Lilly's there to help. Still, your heart melts every time she falls asleep next to you and she is fiercely protective of her sibblings despite how much she torments them.

The biggest surprise is when Barry gets Lilly pregnant. She just shrugs and says it was probably bound to happen eventually given how much being in love changes fae.

Nem's Dream

Nem eventually finds out her dream: Exploration and adventure, which is what her family provides (and not just in the cliché 'raising kids is an adventure' way either).
No. 124086 ID: 094652

>Exploration and adventure, which is what her family provides (and not just in the cliché 'raising kids is an adventure' way either)
So what, it's like "The Amazing World of Gumball" on sex and dungeoneering?
No. 124087 ID: 2474dd


That's stories for a later date. Let's just say for now that even though she's retired she's not done with the Department of Change just yet.

I will be writing Nem a little more relaxed now though.
No. 124105 ID: 2474dd

Barry, Nem and Lilly as a married trio will go through some life changes.

Barry will lose weight as a result of exploring nature with Nem, as well as not eating to fill a void. He will grow a beard at Nem's request because beards turn her on.

As Barry's guide, do you have a style request for Nem in exchange?

A. Nem should cut her hair shorter. That's a lot of hair. She could do more if she didn't have to spend so much time maintaining it.

B. Nem should trim or shave her pubic region. Her nethers are full and natural because that's the Gaelish style. If Barry has to gain a beard, Nem can lose one.

C. Something else? Asking Nem to shave her legs is a bigger job than anything she's asked Barry and it'd be out of character because it's a serious non-human trait of hers, one of Barry's turn-ons.

Other things to suggest on:

1. In Gaelish culture, the man takes the lady's last name. Barry's last name is Wallace. Nem's is Morrigan. Should they go by Morrigan-Wallace, Wallace-Morrigan, just one of the last names or do they change it based on where they are? As Nem's "Unique Choice", Lilly isn't obligated to change her name although she might because she is an equal third partner as opposed to just Nem's.

2. Nem and Barry have pretty much well decided to live in Boston, but do they live primarily in Lilly's Lab or in a house? (And they can more than afford a large house -- between the two of them they're upper-middle class at least as Nem's Retirement Scrip is worth a pretty penny and Lilly does OK but is terrible with money)

3. Schooling for the children -- does Barry think they should be home-schooled like Nem was, be in the public education system or a private education system? It's pretty much well a given that their children won't be able to integrate into normal human roles. They could even fund their own private school for half-blood and fae-touched children. Boston's a college town after all and if all else fails Nem could just threaten to use her connections to obtain the paperwork required.

More to follow as it comes to me. I am planning for some future quests to feature Nem's children and in some cases Quest will be able to decide on some minor character generation.
No. 124106 ID: 094652

C - Polish her horns so they aren't too sharp.
1 - Eh, don't change either of your last names.
2 - House near the lab, but no science near the kids.
3 - Online Tutoring. Every school has its bullies, but this time they have to be nonphysical and anonymous or it could cause severe trauma. For the bullies.
No. 124107 ID: 2755f5


1-they should each keep their last name, and give hyphened last name to the children

2-live in a house

3- public schools are filled with all sorts, children from all manners of family. children from the Morrigan-Wallace family are more likely to find a niche group of friends that match their specific interest.
a private school for fantasy children could also work.
I also think these locations would lead to more interesting story oppertunities
No. 124108 ID: dbf422

A- Yes
B- No
C- Dunno. Darker outfits and makeup sometimes?

1- Morrigan-Wallace
2- A house. Nothing against the lab but it's a lab.
3- Hard one. We don't have hybrid children and it's already pretty bad for some kids. A special school is the safest but is it the best long-term? Home-schooling introduces bias. I can't choose sorry.
No. 124110 ID: 4f1cbc

D- Nah.
1- Walligan seems like a better portmanteau than Morrace, go with Walligan.
2- House. Labs are fun to play in, but less so to live, especially with kids.
3- Public schooling. There's too much essential social growth tied up in interacting with peers, and with with a demigod and death insisting their kids get good schooling, it'll probably mean the school is better off than it would be otherwise.
No. 124247 ID: 2474dd
File 153180127439.jpg - (357.87KB , 640x720 , NaughtyNemxxx.jpg )

Nem finally gets her money-shot. She was curious as to what it would look, feel and taste like. Nem's curious about what the experience of a lot of things she's seen in porn is actually like.

For those curious, Nem doesn't find the taste of jizz to be particularly off-putting but neither does she find it that pleasant.
No. 124276 ID: 5b93d3

I expect "Kevlar Shibari" is somewhere in Barry's search history.
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