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File 150606144616.gif - (1.36MB , 529x317 , Chapter1Title.gif )
115947 No. 115947 ID: f9400c

Blah blah. Discussion thread. I guess I should have made an official one before posting so I could link it, but oh well. Here it is.
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No. 115973 ID: 5471c9

I am very very exited for this quest just so you know.
No. 116059 ID: f9400c


I did notice that. What is exciting you so much about it? :O
No. 116073 ID: f7fd32

Well when you linked Yark's Team Prototype I went to go check it out and ended up really liking the setting and then I found your tumblr and may have fallen in love with your characters, especially Rime.
No. 116082 ID: f9400c

Huh. I wouldn't have expected Rime to be a crowd favorite, but cool.
No. 117276 ID: f9400c

A brawl is surely brewing...
No. 117778 ID: f9400c


holy shit

these animations took so much effort no more animations this complicated for a while

No. 117780 ID: 91ee5f

Did you almost work yourself to death from how complicated the animations were?
No. 117781 ID: 33cbe7

You've gone above and beyond the call of duty.
No. 117785 ID: f9400c


The combined time for making both of these animations was at least 24 hours, over the course of two weeks.

And that doesn't include the time cervink spent drawing the lines.
No. 123802 ID: 65b0da
File 152995831654.jpg - (98.27KB , 286x323 , 136402328504.jpg )

No. 123803 ID: eeb7d9


That sounds fun as heck.
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