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File 150268939131.png - (292.04KB , 3024x3024 , Clock Prime (faded).png )
114466 No. 114466 ID: 5245b2

This is a mistake.
But I'm going to do it anyways.
Howdy TGchan, Name's Clock.
Well, Clock Prime if you wanna get technical.
I'm lacking inspiration so I thought, "Hey, I don't hate myself enough, let's spill my storytelling guts to the internet!"
Like I said, this is probably a bad idea.
So once again, Howdy.
Ask away.
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No. 124648 ID: 1502e2

rolled 18 = 18

>Rolling Boss initiative...
No. 124653 ID: d491b4

rolled 20 = 20

Rolling again to see who goes first.
No. 124654 ID: d491b4

Oh... I guess I do.
No. 124660 ID: ee34ba

2>Acryporos (BOSS)
4>PFC and Fraxure (Acting as one entity)
No. 124661 ID: ee34ba

No. 124664 ID: d491b4

rolled 18 = 18

Amon charges forward teeth bared but suddenly jumps to the left and pushes and attempts to bite into Acryporos’s leg going for his hamstring.
No. 124669 ID: 1cef1b

rolled 6 = 6

Acryporos goes for a barrier spell. "CRIMSON WALL!" He shouts, bearing his teeth.
No. 124674 ID: d491b4

Amon shatters through the spell, breaking through the wall.
COBALT FANG!” and his teeth sinks into Acryporos left leg.
No. 124676 ID: 1cef1b

[roll 1d100 for damage, anything above 85 cripples the leg, crit tears it off]
No. 124677 ID: 1cef1b

Reminder for the rules of battle:

One action per turn unless specified otherwise.
Actions are:

Inventory can be checked at any time without use of a turn, along with team's statistics.

Each Character has 5 Physical attacks, one of which must be a grappling attack, number of Spells may vary, and unless a specific spell has a cooldown, can be used as often as necessary (MP permitting).
No. 124679 ID: d491b4

rolled 82 = 82

Rolling for the damage.
No. 124680 ID: d491b4

Amon’s mouth fills with hot blood from his bite. It may not have been to fully cripple Acryporos, but just barely. It was certainly more damage than he had been expecting from him. Amon figure he would probably favor the right side since another shot to his left leg might finish the job.
No. 124681 ID: 1cef1b

The arcane edge slices into Acryporos's left hind leg! He yelps, but quickly regains his fortitude and is still able to stand on it.
"My turn! CRIMSON THREAD!" All at once thick ropes of muscle appear below Team Mindscape's feet, anchoring themselves deep within the soil, then to surrounding boulders about 20 meters away! The muscles then contract, flinging the boulders down onto Team Mindscape!
[Roll 4d20, anything below 5 is a hit for a boulder, dealing 50 damage]
(Order of Roll to Player is decided by the Initiative order.)
No. 124684 ID: 3583d1

rolled 17, 12, 20, 19 = 68

Team mindscaps attempts to dodge the falling rocks...
No. 124685 ID: 3583d1

And all of them dodge! No “rocks fall everyone dies,”’ today
Amon looks over at Femel.

“You’re up!”
No. 124687 ID: c663f6

rolled 18 + 1 = 19

Femel step towards Acryporos then sharply spins, long tail slicing through the air...
>Femel uses Whiplash!
No. 124688 ID: c663f6

...but Acryporos Sidesteps! The move hits his right ear, and not much else!
PFC cracks his knuckles, and his eyes light up!
No. 124689 ID: c663f6

>HP: 60,000
>MP: 240,000
>PASSIVE ABILITY: Crimson Corruption: MP increases 2x HP
>ACTIVE ABILITY: Crimson Moon: Turns nearby animals to Acryporos’s Side, Lasts max 10 turns consuming 100 MP per turn

>ATTACK TYPES: Physical, Magic, Sonic
>ATTACK RANGE: Close, Eyeshot

>STRONG AGAINST: [-5 damage] Psychic, Blunt Melee,
>WEAK TO: [5+ damage] Bleed
>SPECIAL: Inkleech: Created by the Ink, Acryporos cannot take Mana from potions or artificial means, he must drain it from other things with Mana (i.e. Mana Pools, Magic Imbued Creatures, other Magic Users)

>ATTACK1: Pounce: Acryporos leaps onto a smaller opponent, pinning them to the ground. [Stuns, but makes it easier for Opposing team members to land a hit (+5 to each targeting roll)]
>ATTACK2: Ripping Bite: Acryporos bites and pulls away at his opponent (roll 1d100 for damage, 1d20 for bleed chance, anything above 15 bleeds [num x10 for turn effect, x2 for bleed damage per turn})
>ATTACK3: Rending Gale: Acryporos howls loud enough to stun opponents and with enough air pressure to deal 15 HP. [Sonic Based Attack]
>ATTACK4: Battering Ram: Acryporos strikes with his horns, can be used to pin opponents and stun.
>GRAPPLE: Crimson Thread: Creates muscle fibers out of thin air, binding Two targets together, then the muscles contract, pulling the targets to each other. 5 MP per 1 meter long/2in diameter chord.

Crimson Wall: A barricade is created of flesh and bone. 10 MP per meter cubed summoned
Crimson Maw: Large mouths made of little more than muscle and teeth are summoned. 20 MP per meter diameter.
Crimson Mist: A thick red fog is summoned. 30 MP for 150 meter radius cloud
Crimson Fang: Buff. Increases Bite attacks damage by +10, 50 MP per turn used.
Crimson Sea: Converts all water in a 150 meter radius to a sticky, viscous and highly acidic substance. 60,000 MP, cooldown 15 turns. Last 2 turns, deals 20 HP per hit. Best used in Deep Water or Rain.
No. 124690 ID: d491b4

Amon holds his action, but stands ready to dodge. He looks over towards Femel, and says,
No. 124864 ID: 5245b2

{FINALLY! I CAN UPDATE AGAIN! (was on the road a while on the East Coast of Oosah, but I'm back and ready to Update!)}
No. 124998 ID: 3b64f8
File 153479543504.jpg - (1.57MB , 2464x3408 , D1D54FF1-5D59-4866-8EEE-96F123092883.jpg )

Hoooooly fuck we’ve actually done it! We got out of the lower eds!
No. 124999 ID: 3b64f8
File 153479563913.jpg - (1.18MB , 3024x3024 , 3898FD6B-DF32-46C9-948C-F1E7D307D396.jpg )

Today marks my first day at college (or the culag, as I’m told) and I’d like to keep in touch with my fellow questers, So I’m starting a small discord server, that way I can have a more personal connection with my readers and I can share things when I can’t update!
No. 125001 ID: 3b64f8

No. 125071 ID: 5245b2
File 153525918294.png - (60.18KB , 1000x900 , Black Sea3.png )

Bye Fraxure! Have fun on vacation!

No. 125079 ID: 5245b2
File 153532117685.png - (716.32KB , 4032x3024 , Crimson Acryporos.png )

Meanwhile, We shall deal with this cornered animal.
No. 125081 ID: 82f100

Ooh... he ain’t looking too good...
No. 125093 ID: 5245b2

Oops! Fraxure's vacation blog is actually https://bowties-and-bloodshed.tumblr.com

Sorry for the broken link!
No. 125133 ID: 5245b2

The Crimson does that to things. Horrible, Horrible mutations caused by it, and this dumb shit EATS IT. WHY? He still has control of his body somewhat, but this was a bad paln for him.
No. 125162 ID: a37bff

Unless someone convinced him to do it...
No. 125175 ID: 5245b2

Who are you proposing?
No. 125179 ID: 2f1c1e

Not sure...

Well chaps, it looks as though we have a mystery to solve!
No. 125321 ID: 362247
File 153619599848.png - (384.18KB , 500x480 , 0E299190-02F3-4A58-888B-38321FC34753.png )

When you see the boss go into its final phase, but you remember you’re on vacation
No. 125902 ID: 89bf4e
File 153902649962.png - (125.09KB , 407x653 , EF33910E-CB8A-42C0-9936-93211A9A216D.png )

Fear not TGchan! I AM HERE! AGAIN!
(Lord help me I’m back on my bullshit)
No. 126642 ID: 5245b2
File 154386838697.png - (158.76KB , 1301x976 , Klokwork Cackle.png )

Da-dada-daaaa! I'm back! A rat fleeing a sinking ship and finds himself back home! Oh man, I've got so much to talk about!
No. 126643 ID: eeb7d9

It's alive, It's alive!
No. 126647 ID: 0155c6

Yay! I’ll put the tea on for your stories!
No. 126653 ID: 5245b2
File 154390018137.png - (2.93MB , 4032x3024 , Calus2.png )

Oh man, I missed you guys SO MUCH!
You could even help tell them, Harbard! You were there for a lot of it!
No. 126654 ID: 5245b2

^picture unrelated
No. 126655 ID: 5245b2
File 154391106170.png - (555.61KB , 3024x3024 , Intro.png )

New Post on the Drawthread! Check it out, It's going to be a running thing there!
(Pic Related)
No. 126667 ID: 362247

Hey Admins, can I have Return taken out of the graveyard?
No. 126689 ID: e3a778

Report the thread and put this request in the “Reason”
field, that’s a more surefire way to get their attention and makes it easier for them (because then they have the link instead of having to go hunt for it.)
No. 126704 ID: 5245b2

Thanks much, anon!
No. 126710 ID: bfb318

It's back in /quest/, update it soon to prevent the auto-graveyard function from putting it back in the grave.
No. 126726 ID: 5245b2

Thanks much!
No. 126820 ID: 5245b2

How many times must one rise from the dead until he is considered immortal?
No. 126821 ID: 5aeb11

I think you quality for lichdom at the very least.
No. 126823 ID: 5245b2

Lich Clock? I like it!
That begs the question, what kind of Lich?
No. 127088 ID: 5245b2

Hey guys, back again. I think this time I'll be taking an indefinite leave from TG. I've lost a piece of myself, and I don't think I'll ever get it back. If this is the last post I ever make here, I'm sorry.
No. 127426 ID: 70be57

No. 132159 ID: 9876c4

I'll keep it positive and say there are probably better places to reaffirm your humanity. I sincerely hope you find one of 'em.
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