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File 149963470109.png - (195.98KB , 591x591 , 2.png )
113382 No. 113382 ID: 0ef2b1

Just in case anyone wants to ask any questions about this one. It's all pretty vague, after all, so I wouldn't mind giving things away.
No. 113403 ID: 91ee5f

So when are you going to finish this? I kinda want this to be finished so that we can start it!

.....just kidding! XD
No. 113406 ID: 3ce125

Is the main character's goal in life to become someone's OCDNS?
No. 113407 ID: b27cac

Is there any nobler goal? Waifuhood, perhaps.
No. 113449 ID: 0ef2b1

Mostly, the goal is to become a finished character. Outilines, colour, finding the exit to the void, that sort of thing. Of course, beinga waifu is totally possible XD
((Also, no idea what OCDNS means, sorry!))
No. 113450 ID: be0718

Original character, donut steel.
No. 113451 ID: 0ef2b1

Oooooooooh, that makes sense now! Heh, you know that's pretty much the goal. It's not supposed to be a very long quest. The only things left to do are find colours and the exit. Of course, there's always the 'blue friend' sidequest to complete, if you want to.
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