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File 149909686433.png - (407.38KB , 500x550 , IntroDis.png )
113112 No. 113112 ID: 7b6983

I feel weird creating this on the second day of a test run, but I wanted to hear everyone's opinions, thoughts, and questions about the quest so far! Or you can just talk here about the Rain World... world, in general.

Please feel free to give any criticism -- negative or otherwise -- that you have, because that's probably the best way for me to learn how to better run a quest (I've been going by the wiki articles -- which are great! -- since it's my first quest).

Warning: This thread and the actual quest may contain spoilers for Rain World (a really interesting game, you should check it out)!
I'll attempt to hide any spoilers in spoiler tags. This quest also takes place in a different time period than the game, so we'll be going through a completely (or mostly) different plot, but with the same lore in place as Rain World.
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No. 113118 ID: add027

Your art seems familiar, have you ever ran a quest on 4chan's /qst/ board?
No. 113125 ID: 7b6983

I can't say I have! This is my first time doing a quest anywhere; maybe I just have a similar style? If you can call it a style, haha. This is my first time sketching in probably 4 years, so I'm still getting the feel of things.
No. 113133 ID: add027
File 149912039103.png - (140.25KB , 800x600 , 1495681774255.png )

This is the quest your art reminds me of.
No. 113135 ID: 7b6983

I've never seen that quest, but it looks interesting!
No. 113301 ID: c88e6d

SLUG CAT FUCK YEAH. I cannot complete the game unfortunately. I am bad.
No. 113346 ID: 7b6983
File 149954446561.png - (12.89KB , 271x300 , SlugcatWidgets.png )

Somebody on Discord said that slugcat needed more widgets...
So I delivered.
No. 113348 ID: 7b6983

Hang in there! There will be an update soon that adds difficulty option!
No. 113350 ID: 7b6983
File 149954541062.png - (10.38KB , 424x394 , SlugcatWidgets2.png )

Slugcat notices and isn't amused
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