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File 149344266248.jpg - (101.56KB , 674x1000 , __original_drawn_by_houtengeki__38650c84ba1f6721f0.jpg )
111249 No. 111249 ID: 68b0a8

Hi guys. Discuss your plans for/opinions of wrong side of morning here. If you have questions or suggestions then post them here.
Pic related: Ray's mother.
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No. 111271 ID: 3ce125


Isn't this just a fuck quest?
No. 111272 ID: 094652

I hope you archived your 4chan threads because [i]they just died[i].
No. 111273 ID: 3abd97

They got archived in time. Wiki links correctly point to the suptgarchive.

No. 111274 ID: 67d5dc

Many of us on tgchan have 0 context for whatevers going on atm. You were warned about 4chan threads expiring after all.

I mean, we started having sex in the third update and have been going at it since. What plans could we possible have?
No. 111277 ID: 67d5dc

well I read over the first thread, and...

>We're a paladin whose oath is to spread his seed far and wide.

So I guess thats goals covered.

We could probably use some world building after this, to have context for any political stuff you wanna do in the future. Kinda like how we had no knowledge of the state of the army for the Chimera part.
No. 111650 ID: cf30f1

So guys, I think we have to summon FMKER again.
No. 111654 ID: a523fb

Let's not.
No. 111655 ID: 3ce125

Let it die.
No. 111664 ID: 70983e

Sage advice.
No. 111665 ID: 9876c4
File 149509178028.png - (75.09KB , 500x255 , tumblr_nwac0vf7HV1uz7m2so1_500.png )

No. 111666 ID: ddda3b

New here. Why this quest got so much hate?
No. 111667 ID: f08985

Contextless porn doesn't make for the best first impression, and iirc this was the same guy who was running the market thread, which was a bit of a shitshow.
No. 111668 ID: f08985

Also, you know your posts have IDs even if you clear the name field?
No. 111682 ID: 067ab8

The context was in the previous two threads.

But yeah, understandable. The quest moved here because of the sex, which means the first impression here was a prolonged sex scene.

(However, QM isn't the same person who ran the market thread, just someone who trolled running it for a bit when the QM of that thread left.)
No. 111694 ID: 3ce125

FMKER's ID changes reasonably often. 0cb2c4 was his ID for part of the Market Mistress thread(which was during some ERP, not trolling), and is the same ID he started "Wrong side of morning" with. His last known ID was ddda3b.

If FMKER hijacked the Market Mistress thread to ERP that's honestly pretty pathetic. Hijacking threads is against the rules too, unless the original author okays it.
No. 111706 ID: 9876c4

Maybe I'm the minority, but I don't feel like bullying writers in their own disthread is the best policy.

I've got lots of quests I don't like. Generally, I shut up about them.
No. 111710 ID: 7f7ea0

YEah lets just leave the guy alone, he is doing something he enjoys and some others enjoy it as well, why not let them have their fun
No. 111833 ID: 5ef0ff


He didn't okay it and didn't okay me selling his charrie to a dragon dude. But he had fun with that and I didn't okay him downloading a fuckton of viruses onto my gaming pc while trying to get free movies or some shit. So we agreed we're even.




Cheers again.

Anyway. Howdy all. My schedule is about to become less insane and I should be able to start updating regularly again. I'll probably start posting character and world lore to this thread so y'all have something to help you make decisions. Thanks for your patience.
No. 111837 ID: 72ed6b

Was basing it on the post at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/1320965/#p1350911
No. 112625 ID: d644f1

Is OP ever coming back?
No. 114219 ID: 31fd44
File 150223415595.jpg - (49.21KB , 477x800 , __original_drawn_by_houtengeki__be2f205efe13b89308.jpg )

Hey guys.

First of all I want to apologize for my constant absences when this quest was alive. It turns out I've got chronic fatigue. That combined with studies pretty much floored me for weeks at a time.
If it wouldn't be necroposting and if anyone is still interested I'd love to make a new thread and continue this whole thing. But either way; thanks for reading my first quest everyone :)
No. 114220 ID: 3abd97

Necroposting is really only a thing here when inconsiderate people or bots bump inactive quests.

There's no restriction on authors bringing old quests back from the dead (by either starting a new thread, or asking a mod to pull your old one back out of the graveyard).
No. 114222 ID: 31fd44


I see, thanks! I don't think I'll do it unless a couple of people show interest, not much point in cluttering up the quest board right? Also I'm planning on doing just a little time skip ahead to morning the next day.
No. 114345 ID: 5b93d3

I'd like to see it continue. Moving the current thread out of the graveyard makes more sense than starting a new one.
No. 114437 ID: 31fd44

Good to hear! How would I go about doing that though?
No. 114444 ID: 5b93d3

Either message a mod on IRC, or 'report' the post asking for it to be resurrected.
No. 114548 ID: ffbc52

Ok! Reported thread, now we wait.
No. 114884 ID: bcfb0f

We're officially back in business!
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