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File 125044348287.jpg - (132.62KB , 900x815 , NQ_ChapterOne_End_02.jpg )
1101 No. 1101 ID: f4963f

Since we don't have one yet. I enjoy feedback!

Recently, there was discussion about the art style in NicQuest. Apparently the majority of you prefer the more stylized appearances (larger eyes, lack of nose) to the 'realistic' images used in some of the close-up shots. This has lead me to do some experimentation.

Anyway, thoughts, feedback - love to hear what you guys think so far. Knowing how the quest is working out helps me make a better quest for you.
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No. 1103 ID: bde1b8

Trust me, this picture looks a LOT better. You listened well.
No. 1106 ID: 9e9b47

I'm intrigued at the world built with KaraQuest and Apocalypticon. I've been wondering what Nic's psychic power is. It's probably not telekinesis or suggestion, but that'd be crazy if it ended up being pyrokinesis or something.

Maybe we can team up with Kara to stop that Rastin fella.
No. 1107 ID: 6faa8c

I'm personally impressed that it happened with what seemed like no planning at all.
No. 1141 ID: cd08c0
File 12505083847.gif - (6.79KB , 400x400 , 147.gif )

From now on, this thread is about both NicQuest and KaraQuest.
No. 1144 ID: f4963f

>From now on, this thread is about both NicQuest and KaraQuest. Discuss.

I love KaraQuest. So much. <3

But you already knew that.
No. 1870 ID: f4963f
File 125185402344.jpg - (108.42KB , 877x675 , Ch2_Trigger_03.jpg )

Hey guys, it's me again. I'd just like to say a few things after closing out chapter two.

First, I'd like to let you guys know that there's not going to be any NQ updates for around a week or so; I'm going to be on a vacation with my family during that time. When I do update, it will be on a new thread, as the current NQ thread has exceeded 300 replies.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on the quest and how it's going. In particular, I've been doing things a little differently in the second chapter, and I'm curious as to whether or not they're improving the quality of the quest. Both praise and criticism are helpful, as they let me know what I'm doing right, and where I'm falling short.

So feedback is appreciated. Thanks for your interest.
No. 1871 ID: ab91ae

I am liking the mass of updates in sequence. Makes it feel a bit more cinematic. I dislike that this means one post a day, but I will deal.

Nic tilts his head a lot. He should get his neck checked.
No. 2020 ID: 43d730
File 125207700292.jpg - (47.05KB , 444x512 , funny-pictures-cat-naps-on-stairs.jpg )

That's it. I'm sick of all this "Masterwork Text Macro" bullshit that's going on in the internet right now. Lolcats deserve much better than that. Much, much better than that.

I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned a genuine lolcat in icanhascheezburger.com for 1,000,000 internets(that's about 20,000 lollars) and have been d'awwwwing with it for almost 2 years now. I can even cause heart failure in slabs of solid dog lover with my lolcat.

Creepy fat neckbeards spend years working on a single lolcat and photoshop it up to a million times to produce the finest images known to mankind.

Lolcats are thrice as d'awwesome as rofldogs and thrice as funny for that matter too. Anything head a rofldog can make explode into candy, a lolcat can do so better. I'm pretty sure a lolcat could easily make Lance cry at his wasted life with a simple 'I can haz cookie?'.

Ever wonder why Victor never before bothered conquering Icanhascheezburger.com? That's right, he was too scared to see the disciplined lolcats and their hijinks of d'awww. Even in the early days of the internet, sysadmins blocked the sites with the lolcats first because their d'awwwing power was feared and respected.

So what am I saying? Lolcats are simply the best .jpgs, .gifs, and .pngs that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in this quest. Here is the stat block I propose for Lolcats:

(One-Handed Exotic Weapon) 1d12 Damage 19-20 x4 Crit +2 to hit and damage Counts as Masterwork, autostun on hit and 50% chance to cause either a diabetic coma or charm.

(Two-Handed Exotic Weapon) 2d10 Damage 17-20 x4 Crit +5 to hit and damage Counts as Masterwork, autostun on hit and 100% chance to cause both a diabetic coma or charm.

Now that seems a lot more representative of the d'awwing power of Lolcats in real life, don't you think?

tl;dr = Lolcats need to do more damage in Nicquest, see my new stat block.
No. 2022 ID: 43d730
File 125207788072.jpg - (21.97KB , 450x329 , tiny-gun-2.jpg )

That's it. I'm sick of all this "Masterwork Holdout" bullshit that's going on in NicQuest right now. Derringers deserve much better than that. Much, much better than that.

I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned a genuine Derringer in Switzerland for 2,400,000 Euros (that's about $4,800,000) and have been practicing with it for almost 2 years now. I can even surprise slabs of solid steel with my classy derringer.

Swiss gunsmiths spend years working on a single derringer and miniaturise it up to a million times to produce the tiniest guns known to mankind.

Derringers are thrice as easy to conceal as gold-plated deagles and thrice as awesome for that matter too. Anything a golden deagle can shoot through, a derringer can shoot through with more class. I'm pretty sure a derringer could easily destroy a bullshit mary-sue trenchcoat-deagles-katana-wielder with a simple surprise shot.

Ever wonder why no one ever bothered conquering Switzerland? That's right, they were too scared to fight the disciplined chocolate eaters and their derringers of classiness. Even in World War II, Nazi soldiers targeted all the men because they couldn't tell which ones had derringers.

So what am I saying? Derringers are simply the best guns that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in NicQuest. Here is the stat block I propose for Derringers:

(One-Handed Exotic Firearm) 1d12 Damage 19-20 x4 Crit +2 to hit and damage Counts as Masterwork, can be hidden anywhere, double damage on surprise strike, always strikes with surprise

Now that seems a lot more representative of the shooting power of Derringers in real life, don't you think?

tl;dr = Derringers need to do more damage in NicQuest, see my new stat block.
No. 2023 ID: 43d730

Should be 'Any head' instead of 'anything head', and And instead of or in the second statline.

Well, hindsight is 2020.
No. 2025 ID: 65732b

I'm enjoying the quest, but one thing I disliked was the lack of direction - during our first visit to ignometrics, I had to reread the quest to remember we mentioned visiting the mayor. Also, that was the ONLY option I could see, besides the default 'run around the city looking for adventure'.

So basically, instead of asking 'what now?' all the time, give us options a, b, c, in ADDITION to option ???.

But that's just me.
No. 2033 ID: e498d9

Somebody had asked in the quest thread why I said a katana or any similarly light sword could handle unarmored opponents more easily then claymores/broadswords or anything else in that category. The reason being is that swords with that kind of weight and size take far more time to swing and broadcast their moves more openly then the smaller swords. Against armored opponents, it doesn't matter as much, since even people who train in armor their whole life will still move slower then a lightly/unarmored opponent, but people wearing leather armor, or reinforced jerkins, or whatever, have enough mobility and speed to simply move out of the way, then use the longer swing recovery time that comes with bigger/heavier swords to get in and attack the wielder. I'm not trying to say "MONOMOLECULAR KATANAS STUPID BAKA GAIJINS", I'm just saying that katanas aren't as useless as people seem to think, and that thinking heavy weaponry of any type is the "be-all, end-all" solution is just as stupid.
No. 2113 ID: 01383e

ugh, dodging isn't the reasoning at all behind katanas being better against lightly armored folks. people in heavy armor have always been suprisingly spry- the real advantage is that because you can swing faster, you can move on to the next target faster. over time, the pile of peasants murdered by a katana user will beat those murdered by a claymore user, unless the claymore user is using performance enhancing mushrooms or something.
No. 2115 ID: e498d9


I'm pretty sure that a person in light armor can dodge faster then a person in heavy armor, and even then, that's not the point I was trying to make. What I was trying to say is that while a claymore or equally heavy/blunt sword is good against armored opponents since they can actually damage the armor, unlike sharp, light blades, swords in those size categories require greater body movements and longer recovery times, and therefore make your moves more obvious to your opponent.

You are correct however about light swords having a faster killing speed compared to heavy swords, although if the heavy sword wielder can maneuver into a position where he takes out multiple opponents with each swing, then it would be feasible for him to keep up with the lightly-armed combatant.
No. 2117 ID: d2ea61


And you obviously know nothing of swordfight and believe heavy swords are swung like fucking clubs and the warrior wielding such will stumble around and take a long while to recover after each blow.
Also, you seem to believe that heavy swords swing so slow and require so much winding up that a person can just dodge them like that.

You, sir, are an ignorant fuckwit with no common sense and even less any real knowledge.
No. 2118 ID: d2ea61


Oh, and to continue. You also seem to believe that large European swords were used to bludgeon and crush and were dull and heavy. This is also so horribly wrong.
No. 2124 ID: 33bb8b

Why is this discussion happening?
No. 2125 ID: 01383e

because I suggested it be placed HERE, and not in the main thread. better, no?
No. 2128 ID: 9e9b47


No katana arguments are fairly stupid anywhere.
No. 2129 ID: 01383e

so you would have preferred the argument stayed in the main thread?
No. 2130 ID: ab91ae

I think he is trying to say it never should have happened in the first place.
No. 2131 ID: 1574c5

In case anyone is confused, "Katanas are Underpowered in d20" is a meme. You can find the original post and some pretty funny copypasta here:


My favorite is the duct tape.
No. 3293 ID: f4963f

So! Chapter three is done, voting is underway.

I'm curious what people thought of chapter three. I feel like I'm improving here. Feedback is welcome~
No. 3294 ID: b5bc7c

I'm surprised at the lack of sexual tension between Joel and Nic.
No. 3295 ID: 4553b2

I am enjoying this crazy adventure. Also it seems like voting pulls people out of the wordwork.
No. 3296 ID: e3f578


Just goes to show that people here actually don't want sexual themes in EVERY quest. Or at least Adept doesn't. It's quite refreshing.

However, I do suspect our lawyer friend will get laid by the end. Charismatic characters are always bound to get laid unless they're Abstinent.
No. 3297 ID: 43d730
File 125392582063.jpg - (103.02KB , 500x394 , sprint_katana2.jpg )

Adept, I'm very very sorry for this.

That's it. I'm sick of all this "Sexual Tension Free Quest" bullshit that's going on in /quest/ right now. Nicquest deserves much better than that. Much, much better than that.

I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned a genuine interracial magical semi-apocalypse sexyquest on the internet for 2,400,000 fanarts (that's about twelve googol hours in MSPaint) and have been fapping with it for almost 2 years now. I can even cut slabs of solid shock images with my fapping.

Questers spend years working on a single sexyquest and spam suggestive actions up to a million times to produce the finest fetish fuel known to mankind.

Pornquests are thrice as hot as Japanese katan-I mean hentai and thrice as boner-inducing for that matter too. Anyone a hentai could cause to ejaculate, a pornquest could make them orgasm multiple times. I'm pretty sure a pornquest could easily make a eunuch spontaneously regenerate their sexual organs and immediately climax.

Ever wonder why Fa/tg/uys never bothered conquering /d/? That's right, they were too busy fapping to their pornquests. Even in that whole '/x/-tan is /tg/'s girlfriend' debacle, /co/ targeted the pornquests first because their fapping potential was feared and respected.

So what am I saying? Suggestive quests are simply the best fapping material that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in /quest/. Here is the stat block I propose for Sexyquests:

(One-Handed Exotic Fapping Aid) +5 to Masturbation checks, x2 Ejaculation power

Now that seems a lot more representative of the fapping power of Sexyquests in real life, don't you think?

tl;dr = Nicquest needs more sexual tension, see my new stat block.
No. 3298 ID: f4963f


Still in a 7 to 7 dead heat between NEW POWAR and TELEKINESIS++. Didn't think it'd be this close.

Actually, I was sort of suspecting Telekinesis to win by a landslide. If there's not a clear winner in the near future, I may have to just go with whatever's more... interesting.
No. 3305 ID: 6faa8c

Will of XOM?
No. 3306 ID: 7eda8b

Seven people want five to seven different new powers.

Seven people want telekinesis.

I'd call that a tie-breaker.
No. 3307 ID: f4963f

Actually, a tie-breaking vote just came in earlier today. I'll post up the results in a little while. First gotta get over my LAZY with a nice infusion of CAFFEINE.
No. 3323 ID: 931ee5

What's with the d'awwwwwwwwwchaeopteryx?
No. 3328 ID: f4963f

Just an author avatar / artist's rendition. :>
No. 5602 ID: f4963f
File 125721955551.jpg - (111.38KB , 503x534 , Ch4_IRS_04.jpg )

This is the author again. Another chapter's gone by, and despite being over 100 updates into this quest, I'm still playing around with the art and exposition style.

As is typical, I'm going to take a pause between chapters and ask for feedback.

I may also run a short quest between now and the next update, probably something around the length of SquirrelQuest. If it gets longer than that, I'll cut it into chapters and alternate. Just as a heads up.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about NicQuest, particularly the art and story. Is it improving any? Are there any aspects that bother you? Insufficient extradimensional whale sex?

The next update will, incidentally, be in the same thread. I'm not very fond of Ch4's splash, but after all the wiki work I've done, I've found quests that're fragmented in the archives even more annoying. ;)
No. 5604 ID: e3f578

I'm enjoying it a lot. We're past always sticky exposition and gotten into complex and fun actions scenes. I forgot if we have super coffee or not though. That switch party system sounds awesome and definitely could use implementing. Also a pimp cane shotgun eventually for Tyrael but that can wait.

If you make another short quest akin to squirrel quest than fuck yeah.

Also more whale sex on the moon please, we have to feed the whalers somehow and adding to the whale population always helps.
No. 5608 ID: 7eda8b

>I may also run a short quest between now and the next update, probably something around the length of SquirrelQuest.
>probably something around the length of SquirrelQuest.
>probably something around SquirrelQuest.

No. 5609 ID: 9891a9

I'm loving the flamboyantness of Tyrael, and definitely Nic's growing appreciation for Mappy.

The art and story elements are definitely improving as you go, so that's definitely a good sign.

And yes, we need more extradimensional whale sex.
No. 5613 ID: 9d41ab

I think the pacing of the story has gotten better. You're a lot better about moving us from scene to scene where we have a lot of options/input to provide, whereas in the beginning you would occasionally leave us hanging on a frame where there was nothing to say.

I've always liked the style of your story, what with action, plot and dicking around in equal measures. We still get the idea that we're going somewhere and doing important stuff, but the drama never overtakes the humorous style.

Also, def. needs more extradimensional whale sex (The males are based off of placoderms).
No. 11229 ID: f4963f
File 126725773044.jpg - (141.11KB , 841x600 , Ch5_Unterwegs_03.jpg )

So, uh. I'm sorry for the terrible pacing lately. University's been very busy lately, as has my personal life. Hopefully there should be more frequent updating in March. I'm torn as to whether it's preferrable to do 'update sessions' (say, on Sunday), or instead just squeeze out one or two updates over the course of a week. Your thoughts on this, anon?
No. 11230 ID: 9891a9

I think one or two a week whenever you feel like it would be better than confining yourself to any sort of schedule. Take heed to past quests, if you start to dislike it by forcing yourself, there's no fun for anyone. Slower yet enjoyable is the way to go.
No. 18632 ID: 49f18c
File 127775422461.jpg - (135.35KB , 841x600 , Ch5_Give_em_Hell_01.jpg )

Wow, has it really been four months? Bluuug.

Anyway, I'm going to be back from Germany soon, and thought I'd slowly start the ball rolling.
No. 22655 ID: f4963f
File 128372182529.png - (478B , 16x16 , NicQuest_Icon.png )

It's about time I made one of these, huh?
No. 22680 ID: e3f578

What ever happened to the poor hat's face? Is he dead? Why isn't he speaking any more
No. 22929 ID: bbfc7d

"Hey. Do you have magic instruments? I could use a wireless electric guitar. One that shoots lightning and death. I'm ready to pay a lot of money to make this happen."
No. 22930 ID: d560d6

That is the best use of a MIDI guitar I have ever seen.
No. 22949 ID: f4963f
File 128418207095.jpg - (204.20KB , 825x675 , Nicquest_Doodles.jpg )

Using my free time tonight to finish up a commission. I'll be keeping away from commissions for the next few months to keep my artistic focus on this project, which I'd like to see completed.

In lieu of an update for tonight, please accept this doodle. This is the one and only doodle I did before starting the quest, during which I had convinced myself I would stick to this stick figure thing the whole time through. In practical terms, this seems to have meant 'The first 6 updates'.

In retrospect, why'd I ever think the noseless thing was a good idea? Ah well.
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