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File 149037065914.jpg - (21.18KB , 183x250 , 149036857066s.jpg )
110005 No. 110005 ID: 008b25

This is the Discussion thread for Princess quest, here ill post news and other bits and pieces.

Feel free to ask the ladies questions and such, ill try and answer as fast as I can. Im using public internet and scanners, so updates and quality are not going to be the best of the best, but hey its all fun and games.

Least till someone looses a eye..
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No. 110006 ID: 008b25

Just so you know we will be getting round to all four princesses so don't worry to much if your fave don't get chosen at first.
No. 110092 ID: 008b25
File 149053948246.jpg - (213.62KB , 1024x754 , tarn.jpg )

A rough map of the Continent the tale takes place on, probably wont get to see all of it in this quest but theres more stuff going on im more then likely to come back too :)

Also Yes I Am cthuhlu, but don't worry im sticking with this quest, all the ones I ran before I was running while I was a depressed alcoholic so they where doomed from the get go, but im sober and medicated now so lets get Crazy up in here, Butt quest AWAY!
No. 110093 ID: 008b25

Oh and just so you know the names of the other ladies are (Clockwise) Sidah, Rivia and Lila.
No. 110118 ID: ba506f

so from what kingdom do the other princess come from and what are the relationships of all the nations? I'm guessing people don't really like the land of the dead if I had to make a guess.
No. 110136 ID: 72de6c

Sidah is a jako from jaka, basicaly angry scottish rabbits with horns. rivia is a Peavan from sellen and lila is a Na-bajju from bajjum (might have country names wrong but am on ds so i cant check =3= ) Politicaly things are tense but theyve been tense so long people are getting complacent, like just before ww1 all itll take is one small push...

As for the Dead there a grey area, as they udsed to be citizens of other nations now sworn to the DK but theres way to many to fight, as long as the dead road stays open they ignore the living anyway so the concensus is "Dont poke the sleeping dragon"
No. 110137 ID: 72de6c

It helps that there way out in the middle of a desert with giant, spider infested mountains in the way..
No. 110155 ID: 11b65e

Its actually a good thing you choose lil to star with, as she makes a good lightherted audience surrogate where her ignorance about the world isnt a incongruity.
While she is 6000 years old she has learnt precisly nothing due to her bieng a easily distracted idiot living in the middle of a eternal mardi gra.
No. 110221 ID: 188451

Just noticed the quest. Good to have you back, I love the colors of Mardi Gras land.

>Yith Monastery
You sure like the Lovecraft mythos. (The only reason I know any of those names aside from Cthulhu is because of the Eldritch Horror board game.)
No. 110244 ID: 008b25
File 149097531523.jpg - (108.42KB , 766x1024 , Fchar.jpg )

I do love me some lovecraft, if only he wasn't so racist...

While I work on the next pages heres some more char art.

Dis be Lila the Nah-bajuu princess, she buff as hell which is the bajuu ideal of femininity, they like their women able to bench press their own weight.
No. 110245 ID: 008b25
File 149097544995.jpg - (104.49KB , 728x1024 , Sidah_1.jpg )

Heres a Nice pic of Sidah I kinda forgot I had, showing some tasty thigh here.
Ignore the notes on these some of them are out of date
No. 110247 ID: 008b25
File 149097575799.jpg - (83.48KB , 614x1024 , Jako.jpg )

Male jako warrior.
One thing you'll notice is that the jako don't smile much. Despite that there actually fairly jolly people when not angry, problem is there angry about 85% of the time..

Fun fackt, the jako do not believe sex causes babies. Magical conception was developed long before that information was revealed to them, so they find no reason to believe it. Consequently they have no word for Father, the closest they get is Dag'ajig which means "Mothers Man/Men"
No. 110248 ID: 008b25
File 149097598355.jpg - (115.39KB , 655x1024 , Doda.jpg )

A kichuk from Didachuk.
There are no records of a kichuk dying of natural causes, they appear to be biologically immortal.
They had a vast empire once, but climate change forced them underwater with only Didachuk remaining above the waves, unlike some precursor races the Kichuk are totally fine with this state of affairs, They had their time in the sun, now it is a time of deep water.
No. 110249 ID: 008b25
File 149097609997.jpg - (102.12KB , 746x1024 , Icos_1.jpg )

And finally (for now) a Icos from Icost.

A artificial race spat out by a strange and hidden creator, the icos are suffering from a mild case of existential horror as they try to find some reason for their creation.
No. 110251 ID: 008b25
File 149097755778.jpg - (165.83KB , 687x935 , 1.jpg )

Next update will feature packing and clothes ill leave this here to let peeps kit our fine snake lady with what ever she will need for a trip through nightmare to find Lovely lady lumps.
No. 110256 ID: 0b99d7

Yer killing me here, I really want to see her story more and more with every picture released.

That said
Who can say no to a cheerful snekeleton!

(Okay I kind of love the design of all the entities on display here, good job and good luck with the quest!)
No. 110262 ID: 3abd97

Gonna have to pack spare boobs if they give up the ghost that easily.
No. 110267 ID: cdddb5

Given how we lost the first pair I'd personally reccomend we use those sparingly if not only when a disguise demands them...
Which I have a feeling all of them will having typed that >_>.
No. 110317 ID: cdddb5
File 149114536453.png - (4.35KB , 281x286 , snakey.png )

admittedly, I haven't seen anything to suggest this beyond those bug precursors, but I'm willing to bet if Princess snake for a butt could hide the 'undead' part she could probably get away with showing that she has a snake tail instead of legs, so this costume is basically about wearing armor to hide the undead-part, since that snake-butt looks solid enough from the outside to not obviously be a skeleton.
Or she could just paint it living snake colours.
No. 110319 ID: 0b99d7

Princess of the dead needs to wield the coolest headsman (looking) axe known to Urgekind - the ebony battleaxe http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Ebony_Battleaxe?file=Ebonybattleaxe.png
No. 110341 ID: 188451

Personally I always go to fire emblem for weapon ideas.
No. 110344 ID: 54f9ca
File 149121904410.jpg - (210.61KB , 1275x1754 , Scan.jpg )

Dese be a few of the more populr pets in Tarn.
Flans, Scarps, Sneks, Tumble bugs , Snufflers, Radient Butterflies and Roomin.

Scarps exist purely because I found the shark puppy comics and there the cutest thing ive ever seen.
No. 110372 ID: 54f9ca

Soon stats will become a thing in the quest, and while for the most part they will be self explanatory for people familiar with this sort of thing I thought it best to do a run through for new peeps, so here we go.

Strength (Str)
How much you can lift and how hard you can hit, good for combat and weapons.

Constitution (Con)
How many hearts of health you have and how likely you are to ignore damage all together.

Agility (agl)
How flexible you are and how likely you are to hit things.

Magic (Mag)
The number of runes your capable of safely wielding, as well as your general knowledge of magical items and events.

Speed (spd)
How fast you are and how quickly you can react to events.

Luck (Lck)
How likely things are to go your way.

The average guy on the street has a base stat spread of 5 across the board, the princesses get +5 spread across stats the stats to start (i've already spread them among the princesses but others will be open to your choice ;) ) with background bonuses like so

Liik'il's Stats
Str 7 (5+2)
Con 20 (5+5+10 Undead bonus)
Agl 6 (5+1)
Spd 7 (5+2)
Mag 5
Lck 5/100 (as a undead her luck is boosted to max when in the land of the dead.)

Due to her being Hella crazy time older then everyone else Lil starts with 10 points to spend, so she's is slightly stronger and faster then average, but tougher then most plate metal armour...

Combat will use dice rolls and shenanigans an will most likely change as the quest continues, but it wont have simple hand waves to escape injury and mutilation...
No. 110396 ID: 02beb9

Official national anthem of the land of the dead https://youtu.be/hGcWOapC49A
No. 110446 ID: 3b2ea3

Was https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/789976 >>791643 a Fallen London reference?
No. 110459 ID: 72ed6b

If you average rolls, they're going to trend strongly towards the middle. That's going to produce odd results with a "roll under the stat" system and stats going from 1-10. Look at http://anydice.com/program/236a and switch to the "at most" view.

With an average of three dice, 78% of the time we'll roll under 6, and 91.6% of the time we'll roll under 7. If you average more than 3 dice, success becomes even more certain.

See https://pastebin.com/MhwpNLBm for more on quest dice.
No. 110468 ID: 54f9ca

I was gonna have you guys roll for things so that I don't just roll myself and post the numbers (avoids suspicion of shenanigans) but it looks like thatll just get messy, so here's the deal, ill roll myself and post the numbers and ill make sure to inform you of the skill a choice would use and how hard it will be to succeed. Hopefully that ill both look and flow a lot better, thanks for the patience so far :)
No. 110469 ID: 54f9ca

also Sivartis I just get 404 on that link, but knowing me it most likely is :)
No. 110663 ID: d9d492

If you want to put the small images in post text, you need to post them to a thread in the icons board first. The sticky thread at the top has the instructions on how to use them.

No. 110763 ID: 008b25

Thank you so much! its going to look so much better now that I don't have to have vast blank spaces or whole pages for one quick chat :)
No. 110825 ID: b15da4

What elements does Earth Manipulation extend to exactly, if we were able to use it on a (seemingly) wooden door? Also, is there a limit to what Body Manipulation can do in a round of combat, or a cooldown on runes in combat?
No. 110828 ID: 89ae36

Most runes will have no cool down, but larger more complex runes may be subject too cool down's or time limits.

The elements as we know them, earth air ect, are all part of Force on Tarn so earth manipulation can, with skill, be used on anything found within soil.
unfortunatley thats somewhst beyond lil at this stage, she only targeted the door beacuse she failed the magic roll and forgot how to use it, and it only “worked” beacuse nightmares rules are even more slapdash then Tarns.
No. 110892 ID: 008b25

This is why I love these Quests, you plan for things to go one way but the suggestions bring up images you just HAVE to draw.

Im glad the library I use to upload these images has out of sight computers, I really don't want to explain the land of Books and Butts... let alone Lady Boobie mcDonkey..
No. 111149 ID: c2d115

Behold. This is how lils chapter will end.
Not with a bang, but with a booty.

No. 111874 ID: 338757

I havent vanished again dont worry. Ive got me a new job andd im still working sheduals for when i can get posts up, if it comes to it i can use my phone to upload small pics but i dont really want to do that...

I should have the next bits up soon, doin a little special thing for a certian shouty man..
No. 112153 ID: 80bbba

Orchilium: crystalised magic harvested mostly from mountaines. Powdered and used as paint to make runes.

Nightmares voice: https://youtu.be/dt63zDbTU5M
No. 112155 ID: be0718

Why would anyone care if it was cracked if they're just going to grind it into powder and snort it? paint with it?
No. 112160 ID: 314aa2

When orhilium cracks it earths some of its charge, lowring the magical stores within it. Runesmiths train to cut the crystal down in ways that have significantly less power loss then a natural Crack.

Theres also the possability that cracked orchilium may shatter, resulting in a rather nasty explosion.
No. 112165 ID: be0718

I imagine we just saw that power being loosed.
No. 112337 ID: 008b25
File 149685513986.jpg - (79.51KB , 594x392 , 1 001.jpg )

Heres a Pic of the loot.
No. 112495 ID: 008b25
File 149719014509.jpg - (1.10MB , 1866x1353 , 1 002.jpg )

And here is the final, more or less, map or Tarn.
The gold spots are capital cities, the bronze simply cities, not shown are towns and villages as there are thousands of the bloody things all over the place.

The grey lines are major roads, the deep blue is deep water and the light blue shallow water.
Im making a little Guide book on the side that goes into detail on the nations and their peoples that ill be popping up from time to time, but for now im working on the next update solely, when we FINALLY get out of the nightmare and into the land of the Living! Huzza!
No. 112496 ID: 008b25

Almost forgot, the silver spots are... Other things.. things that should be left alone.
No. 112498 ID: d328bb

"poke the silver sports to find out what they are"

Gotcha, boss.
No. 112687 ID: 008b25
File 149779679252.jpg - (123.64KB , 604x843 , 1 002.jpg )

The races of the world, Deets will follow soon, sorry for sloppy stuff today but im running out of time for internetty stuff -3-
No. 112698 ID: 3ce125

Are any of these races not bipedal?
No. 112768 ID: 008b25
File 149806485859.jpg - (124.92KB , 830x578 , 1 001.jpg )

Jako: Angry rabbit people, tend towards the slim, short side.
Colours: Shades of brown mostly.
Politics: Matriarchy
Most common sexuality: Bisexual
Pros: Punches and horns plus so much sex... So much
Cons: So angry all the time. Viewed as slut's due to open and easy sexuality.

Nah-Bajuu: Big tall blue dog people
Colours: Shades of Blue.
Politics: Kingdom
Most common sexuality: Hetrosexual
Pros: Tall, muscly ladies, not much clothing.
Cons: Kinda hard to blend in when your a blue giant. Looked down on for their tribal living.

Kithara: Smol snake people that control trade on the crescent sea, they keep the peace and get Crazy rich of the back of it.
Colours: Shades of Blue, green and red.
Politics: Republic
Most common sexuality: Bisexual
Pros: So smol! Hella rich and Huge tails
Cons: So smol.. hella greedy and lazy. No boobs.

Feg: Quadruped rulers of Urksom, a race of hardy and sensible people.
Colours: Light brown
Politics: Parlimentary kingship
Most common sexuality: Hetrosexual
Pros: Horns, big ole butts and six arms!
Cons: Your really not sure where they keep their genitals..
No. 112774 ID: be0718

Are these our options for disguising as the local inhabitants, or will you be posting more detailed profiles like this?
No. 112778 ID: 7e6ffc

Ill be posting more soon. Sorry this bit is a little messy and confusing but my free time has evaporated recently, things will caln down to normal soon though.
No. 115898 ID: 008b25

Buuuuuggghhh sorry I vanished guys, life got in the way and I had no time to get anything uploaded. Also ive learnt that when giving players the option to go to a location MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT THE LOCATION LOOKS LIKE BEFORE HAND! =_=

But after a few redraws and some shenanigans i'm nearly ready to post, ill be putting the pages up on Saturday so get ready for everything you could possibly want to know about dragons! woo!
No. 115900 ID: 3ce125

No. 116013 ID: 008b25

Promises to post on Saturday. Gives self food poisoning.. sigh.

Right, I have the uncoloreds ready to go for today, so ill upload them and post the coloreds here when there done, this delay has gone on long enough!
No. 116616 ID: b9b4da

Murder, regicide, and a kingdom in collapse on the front cover, and we chose to help the princess who wanted to chase butts first.

The best choice, really. :hadayy:
No. 116618 ID: d887c0

No. 116619 ID: d942de
File 150775384110.jpg - (7.78KB , 276x183 , e58.jpg )

No. 116620 ID: be0718

No. 116622 ID: 328936

Be quiet Adorable you dont get a vote
No. 116624 ID: 43e0ce
File 150776251752.png - (135.77KB , 626x258 , f4dba09fcdfef98a6c36243eb4e29944b3ce041f969bea76de.png )

No. 116638 ID: 113730

To be honest the liling of lady lumps seems to be a running heme in my chars, i dont seem to be abke to write a staright female charecter =_=.

Two of the princesses be liking manflesh though, have fun finding out which ones!
No. 116645 ID: 570efe
File 150784332263.jpg - (121.81KB , 601x500 , 0c8.jpg )

No. 116660 ID: 3abd97

>Two of the princesses be liking manflesh though
I'm not sure literal man-eaters count.
No. 116680 ID: 008b25
File 150798683175.jpg - (183.86KB , 573x824 , 1 001.jpg )

Taken from Parliamentary census 19/09/326

Province: Didachuk.
Species: Kichuk.

Population: Unknown
Gender division: Unknown
Age range/ avg: Unknown
Currency: Unknown
Political structure: Unknown
Religion: Unknown
Language: Unknown

Trade goods: Coral, Orchilium laced basalt, Sea grown Orchilium, Inflated leather balls (popular with children of all races) and Kik fruit (Highly nutritious and tasty, goes well with fish)

Landscape: A vast saltwater swamp notable for its think, hardy plant life and occasional spiral stone ruin.

My lord Hanolver.
As you can see our records on the Kichuk people's are severely lacking, but I would like to stress that this is no fault of our intelligence gathering methods, there simply is no intelligence to gather..

The species as a whole seems to be virulently opposed to forming any sort of identifiable social structures, both physical and mental, going as far as to have no spoken language what so ever!

While it could be assumed that they are simple beasts that share the Dreamers shape, as we all do, they frequently embark on 'trade missions' to all races they can reach, depositing large amounts of their produced goods in various warehouses and leaving without accepting pay or even acknowledging the people who address them!

I currently favour the theory that they have been cursed, by a element, Concept or even Nightmare itself and are attempting to atone for bringing such a doom down on them in some way.

My advice is to simply let them be, they pose little threat and their shipments provide a pleasant boon to Tarns economies. If they wish to live silent lives in their swamp then I wish them well.

Your loyal inspector.
Hans Thelmun
No. 116689 ID: 3abd97

Good thing we didn't pick one of those for our disguise, then. Breaking the never talking rule would get a lot of attention.
No. 118059 ID: 33cbe7

In the interest of keeping things straight on the wiki, do you want your name on the wiki updated to Azathoth or to stick with Cthulhu?
No. 118090 ID: 008b25

Best change to azathoth as im using that a lot now
No. 118506 ID: 008b25
File 151249197693.jpg - (165.59KB , 609x855 , 1 001.jpg )

Taken from the letters of Hans Thelmun 13/11/390

Province: The Land of the Dead
Species: The Dead

Population: Unknown, but modern mathmatics places it somewhere in the billions
Gender division: Unknown and somewhat redundant
Age range/ avg: 13/9000
Currency: None
Political structure: Kingship, theoretically..
Religion: Unknown
Language: Lengua de los muertos, Tongue of the Dead

Trade goods: The Dead export a frightningly strong alcohol known only as Los muertos, its unknown what its made from and frankly i belive that is a good thing.

They also export games of chance via ambassadors parties, the most common being games revolving around Cards.

Landscape: On the outside the land of the dead is a desert about 20km square, with one road running through the middle and nothing of interest visible.

On the inside however, it is a near infinite space housing a continent sized city resplendent in light and music, a land of mysteries and magic.

My lord Hanolver.
The land of the dead is a fascinating place, i could write entire libraries of books about the road of the dead alone without once mentioning the dead themselves!

While the name The dead dose conjure images of a dour and slow people they truth is the exact opposite, worries from life are forgotten, the weight of flesh removed from the lively and energetic bones beneath and hardly a moment goes by not filled with laughter and song.

And that's just on the road! i can only imagine what a riot of color and sound the city itself must be, alas i cannot reach it, nor can any other living being, no matter how far or fast you travel down the Road of the Dead the city is forever just on the horizon.

Whether this is intended to protect the Dead from the living or vice versa i do not know, but i can say it is a foolish man who would attack a people who outnumber his own, at a conservative estimate, four thousand to one.

As requested i include a portrait of one of the dead, taken as he passed through the camp, notice that the skull has already begun to change, the eye sockets sealing shut and the nose cavity darkening.
I believe that this

(The rest of the page is missing, having been carefully cut from the book)
No. 119941 ID: 008b25

I don't think I explained the whole Dead thing very well so ill lay it out clearly here.

Basically when a member of a sentient species dies there's a percentage chance they will get back up as one of the Dead. Their flesh rots off, their sockets fuse shut and they wake up knowing the language of the dead even if they have never heard it before. They also know the way to the Land of the Dead and that they should probably go there at some point.

How and why this happens is a total mystery but it seems to be connected to magic in some way, as during periods of strong magic flow (times when the dreamer is asleep) the chance of rising is somewhere around 1/50 or even as much as 1/20. When the magic flow dries to a trickle (the times the Dreamer is awake) the chance drops drastically to 1/500.

the only way to absolutely guarantee that someone wont get back up is to behead them, nothing can resurrect a beheaded corpse, no one knows why.

The land of the dead itself is both real and not real, being reachable only from the road of the dead and infinitely large despite being in a dessert only about 20km square from the outside.
No. 125654 ID: 2202fb

So, is this quest on hiatus or is it dead? It seemed interesting and since it went dark relatively recently i figured i would ask.
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