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File 148991089341.png - (2.50KB , 256x256 , title.png )
109865 No. 109865 ID: 144af2

I feel like this might be necessary, given how confused people already seem to be in relation to this quest.
Discuss ways to avoid pissing off the tiny gray cat here.
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No. 109866 ID: 144af2

Original Thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/786835.html
Author's Soundcloud, where music is posted: https://soundcloud.com/rgbycm/
No. 109869 ID: 70983e

To start, let's refresh our memories (already?) with the post explaining the status bars! >>/quest/786863
I've also included this information on the wiki article.

So, do those bars along the bottom of the emotional meters indicate some correlation between feelings?
No. 109870 ID: 144af2

Righto! I was worried no-one would notice. The connections aren't vastly important, but they exist none-the-less.
No. 109876 ID: 094652

First up, can you re-state the colors and their co-ordinate function? >>786863 clearly used the incorrect colors, so posting that in the discussion thread while it's less than 10 posts long may be of use as a quick reference.

Second, it should be noted that some people viewing this quest may be colorblind. Please consider a poll on whether or not to add emoji prompts for different colors.
No. 109877 ID: 60700b

You forgot the /quest/ in your >> so instead of the link headed to the /quest/ board, it checks /questdis/ for it instead, which results in a 404 error.

But yes, I agree with that on both points.
No. 109878 ID: 144af2
File 148993313612.png - (576B , 32x32 , icons.png )

For Reference, Once Again:

Orange: Anger :aqanger:
Yellow: Confusion :aqconfusion:
Green: Happiness :aqhappiness:
Cyan: Sadness :aqsadness:
Blue: Fear :aqfear:
Violet: Empathy :aqempathy:
Red: Embarrassment
No. 109881 ID: c31aac

@ rgb
No. 109942 ID: 85cc2c

really interested in where this is gonna go, not just as a reader but someone living w/ DID/dissociative identity disorder- super digging this story so far!
No. 109958 ID: 144af2

sounds like you would be interested in yet another story involving a tiny cat.
No. 110003 ID: 8159df

I wonder what would happen if we had a passion meter?
No. 110009 ID: c31aac

This would quickly evolve into an entirely different sort of quest is what.
No. 110010 ID: ca0e20

The tilde bar had prior engagements and was unavailable for this quest. =P
No. 110011 ID: 70983e

Progress will be slowed, but not stopped.
No. 110012 ID: 144af2

I don't think Ash needs another stat bar to worry about. Seven is probably enough. ;)
No. 110023 ID: 90050a

All of you have lacks imagination. Of course it would slow down and become an entirely different beast, we're on this site after all.
But imagine what a passion transformation would look like, the powers it would have, the utter existential horror it would bring to the table!
I think we can all stop and appreciate the fact that no such thing exists. And if you can't then imagine what would happen if we got angry and horny at the same time.
You're grateful now ha.
No. 110025 ID: 70983e

Hybrid forms! What a good idea! We should try to form those as well.
No. 110060 ID: 144af2

i'm not sure i want to design that many characters lol
No. 110322 ID: 144af2
File 149115044284.png - (714B , 64x64 , pause.png )

Very sorry about the slowness on updates recently; i have the next page ready but i can't bring myself to upload it for whatever reason.
No. 110350 ID: 8d4593

Still, lay it on us!
We're ready!
Want us to cover it in emoji? We can do that!

Or don't!
We'll still be here when your ready.
Just sittin here.
Nice and cozy like a kitten in a hotpocket!
Or somthing of that nature.
No. 111510 ID: 144af2
File 149446402844.png - (546B , 64x64 , extraneous-info.png )

I'm very sorry for not updating for this long. Life has made it's presence known, and this is not helped by the fact that I'm having quite the difficulty figuring out exactly how I want the nearest events to play out. It's not going to die, don't worry, just gimme a little (a lot) more time to figure this out. :P
No. 111511 ID: 143250

Understandable. I want to make a quest of my own, but I have a busy schedule with 2 jobs. Take your time.
No. 111516 ID: 7b95d9

You handle you.
No. 111518 ID: 8d4593

We seem more or less content to take our time in this quest, so just write organically, a path will show itself eventually!

Life happens! We all understand this. We will still be here when you find the time.
No. 115502 ID: 2a13fa

So, um. You might have noticed this quest has slowed to a halt...again. This time it's because I've been focusing on other things recently, and have been neglecting this quest as a result. I'm also pretty bad at writing apparently, which is making me somewhat self-conscious about the quality of the quest, which might be a contributing factor to its multiple delays. It'll start up again soon! I think. Probably. I just need to figure out how to get things rolling again.
No. 115503 ID: 12aed4

>I'm also pretty bad at writing apparently
Since when?
No. 115505 ID: d24cff

I think you're doing great! We all liked Happy Ash, if you have the other personalities fleshed out beyond "daww I'm sad" and "rawr! hate! world-shattering power! kill!" we'll spend more time trying to unlock them all! Then it's just a matter of developing a simple 'strategy' for the narrative, doesn't have to be original as long as you're confident it won't be too predictable. Good luck with your IRL stuff!
No. 115508 ID: 8a251a

i love this quest!! :D i'm excited to see it come back
No. 115516 ID: 3ce125

This quest is cool, and good
No. 118414 ID: 2a13fa
File 151225626874.gif - (7.47MB , 817x480 , walkaround.gif )

A visual example of why there hasn't been an update in a while.
No. 118416 ID: ae9b99

Oh wow. That is impressive.
No. 118423 ID: 4324ce

What are you making it in?
No. 118432 ID: 2a13fa

Clickteam Fusion. Not exactly grand, but it gets the job done.
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