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File 148881269012.png - (46.28KB , 637x526 , SurvivorQuest Dis.png )
109521 No. 109521 ID: 66629a

For all questions and updates about the quest.

Yes this is still active.
No. 109522 ID: 66629a

Hey small update. Got a new job so the next update will be slow coming, but it's coming I promise!
No. 109530 ID: 9876c4

Thanks for letting us know.

I'll be happy to see more!
No. 109563 ID: dcc44a

I can't wait until we set up shop (literally)
No. 110731 ID: 66629a

Sorry for the short updates that are low in detail. Got exams soon and still adjusting to my new job schedule. I'll try to keep updates to once a week at worst, twice a week if things are slow.
No. 111415 ID: 8d4593

Now that this show is gettin on the road...
What caused the apocalypse and why does everyone wear masks?
And how long ago was the apocalypse?
No. 112090 ID: 66629a

Sorry for taking so long, lot of stuff been happening that kinda sapped my motivation, namely losing my job and getting into financial problems.

Everyone's fairly certain the apocalypse was nuclear, hence the need for gas masks and nuclear winter. I say certain because it kind of came so fast nobody ever really knew, as for how long ago, it's been 6 years since the event.
No. 116236 ID: 66629a

I'm sorry to say but I'm losing steam for the thread. I've got a lot going on with academics and preparing myself for a job so I can't keep up with SurvivorQuest. I apologize to everyone who was invested but I've just lost the motivation and time.
No. 116241 ID: 66629a

That Said. I'll at least try to continue.
No. 116243 ID: 9876c4

It's been good so far, and I'll always want to know what happens.

That said, life comes first, and quests gotta be fun on both ends.
No. 116245 ID: 66629a

Like I said, I'll try to keep going as long as I can. But don't be surprised if I wind down.
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