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File 126647345584.png - (12.99KB , 489x500 , channel.png )
10833 No. 10833 ID: 3416ec

Starting a Channel discussion thread for Loli since it might need one.
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No. 10834 ID: 32cc0e

Awesome quest is awesome.
No. 10835 ID: 12f282

I love this quest.

I love Jacques.
No. 10837 ID: d6a592

its okay. this quest, I mean. it has potential
No. 10838 ID: 3416ec

Naomi is one of the more smartly-dressed characters I've seen on /quest/. Handbag and everything.
No. 10861 ID: c1b520

I'm enjoying this quest so far. Seems to have plenty of potential. I'm highly interested on what your portrayal of 4chan is going to be like.
No. 10864 ID: 3416ec


I imagine it would depend on which section we would land in.

/co/ is full of neckbeards, but they are usually level-headed.

/k/ is full of crazy redneck gun-toting lunatics enthusiasts.

/b/... well, you get the idea.
No. 10865 ID: 1963d1

Oh hell no.
We don't go to /b/.
We don't get anywhere NEAR /b/.
No. 10866 ID: f52552

"We can't stop here.
This is *engulfed by wave of urine and other foulness*
No. 10867 ID: c1b520

We should check out all the boards at least once imo.
No. 10868 ID: 1963d1

I suppose one could poke their head in, just for a second...
But that's still taking a big risk.
No. 10870 ID: 12f282

Let's go to /v/!

All the fun of /b/, plus vidya gaems!
No. 10871 ID: 3416ec


/b/-tard dodgan gaems!
No. 10872 ID: c1b520

So long as we don't run into the bad parts of /x/ we should be able to survive. We can take care of most physical injuries, it's mental damage we want to watch out for.
No. 10875 ID: 1963d1

>it's mental damage we want to watch out for.

So... we stay away from /b/.
No. 10877 ID: fdcff1
File 126655087895.jpg - (39.07KB , 221x362 , 1245572214996.jpg )

oh you guys
i didnt knew you'd like my quest that much to make a thread about it~

anyways, sorry if my updates seem extremely slow, i get busy during weekdays
No. 10878 ID: 6834bc

I'd still love to see you in #rubyquest and/or #tgchan, if you can ever get IRC working.

But anyway, great quest is great; and don't worry about update speed. People can handle it.
No. 10880 ID: fdcff1


as for IRC, i tried mibbit but nothing happened. i'll have to find out another way to make it work..

another thing,

i'd like suggestions on what they should be like.
No. 10890 ID: 3416ec


Here's what I do.

Open Mibbit in Firefox. Then go to TGChan, click on the #tgchan link, and it should say Do you want to use Mibbit? Say yes, then enter a username and hit Go.
No. 10891 ID: 3416ec


Maybe I should clarify this a little:

Go to http://www.mibbit.com, click on the button that says "Launch Mibbit WebChat." Then go ahead and leave this page and go to TGchan. Click on the #tgchan link on the sidebar. If all goes well, Mibbit should launch in your browser automatically and you should be in #tgchan.

Make sure to also join #rubyquest by typing in /join #rubyquest.

Fair enough?
No. 10892 ID: d42e75

Here is an alternate method that I use and it's real easy, guaranteed to work.

Go here: http://www.mibbit.com/chat/

At the top, it has a drop-down menu next to "IRC:". Scroll down and click on "Rizon [webirc]". Then type 'Loli' into the "Nick:" box. And then just type "#tgchan" (without the quote marks) into the "Channel:" box.

Then hit the 'Go' button and you're in!
No. 10897 ID: fdcff1


Alright, much easier. Thanks
No. 10967 ID: 3416ec


Also, join #rubyquest. It's more livelier than #tgchan.
No. 10987 ID: 3416ec


Oh hell, just download Chatzilla for Firefox.
No. 11083 ID: fdcff1


But I don't use firefox..
No. 11089 ID: 3416ec


Can you still chat with us though? :o
No. 11090 ID: fdcff1


No. 11092 ID: 3416ec


No. 11104 ID: 950529

anon44 and loli sitting in a tree
K - I - S - S - I - N - G
No. 11109 ID: 3416ec


No. 11125 ID: 9891a9

[つ⊙д⊙]つ Don't do it! He's not worth it!
No. 11129 ID: fdcff1


I'm not going to anyways.

I don't want cooties. eeeww
No. 11131 ID: 3416ec


Girls are gross and play with Barbies. Bleh.
No. 11133 ID: 3aeeaf

Your love for each other is so obvious, it's only a matter of time until you both realize it. Until then, hilarious antics shall ensue.
No. 11134 ID: fdcff1
File 126699113252.png - (207.53KB , 468x354 , ha.png )


What are you, cupid?
No. 11135 ID: 3416ec


Do not hold your breath, sir.
No. 11137 ID: 3aeeaf
File 126699180691.jpg - (7.90KB , 320x240 , matchmaker.jpg )

Nnnnot exactly...
No. 11138 ID: 12f282

I lol'd heartily.
No. 11140 ID: 7630d5

Trust us. Were the orb of infinite psyche, after all. Were greeeeaaaat with relations.
No. 11142 ID: c0f3bf


Most of the time.

On good days.
No. 11144 ID: 6834bc

Our good days depend on the moon cycle.
The moon cycle of a world a few hundred light years away. In another dimension. Where it's always daytime.
No. 11145 ID: 3416ec

Moving on.

So apparently there are darker forces at work than previously imagined (besides the furfags of course).

Any conjectures?
No. 11148 ID: 620bfb

I hope we have to fight the whole group of pedopals.
No. 11152 ID: 8ecfd4

That would be awesome. But would the final boss be Pedobear or Gurodragon?

I mean Naomi is rather violent when killing things, all that blood and violently crushed genitals, that should get Gurodragon all turned on.
No. 11154 ID: 27e85a

It would be Pedobear as he's the defacto leader, but Guro Dragon would probably be his second-in command. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheDragon
No. 11155 ID: e3f578

I can't wait to see how the hackers do things. I wonder if they actually just carry axes or could just use complex algorithm's to tear of Naomi's clothes kinda like with psychic powers.
No. 11156 ID: 3416ec


No. 11157 ID: e3f578

Yeah, you got a lot of threats to the chans. Remember when I asked about them? Hackers are one of 'em along with the pedos, furs, babyfurs, and other horrific microcosm's of the internet image boards.
No. 11158 ID: 3416ec


Huh. Never thought about hackers.

Also, updated the Channel wiki page.
No. 11159 ID: dcd0b2

What a sweet gesture.
No. 11224 ID: 3416ec

Well, the evil inside the house has been loosed. I want to say it's Z̦̪͉ͣ͠A̝̣̺̙̜̠̝͛ͧL̖̖̜͈͈ͧ̈ͤG̸̲͖̤͕ͨÒ͈̘̖̲̗̍̃͋ but then that would seem like an easy guess.
No. 11227 ID: 3416ec


Unicode has failed me. :(
No. 11954 ID: 3416ec

No. 12697 ID: 3416ec

I miss this quest... :(
No. 12700 ID: b1f998

As do we all.
No. 12701 ID: e3f578

Dirtbag weeps manly tears for this quest.
No. 12908 ID: fdcff1
File 126905596121.png - (92.10KB , 300x300 , 12553300363.png )

i'm really sorry, you guys, for not updating lately.
i've been busy, and i kept forgetting to update.
please don't consider channel dead... i just need a break from it

and i should of told you sooner.
again, please do not consider this dead, i will make a part b for the chapter when i get the motivation for the quest back.

please don't lose hope, i will be working on that motivation, hopefully soon!
No. 12909 ID: 1ac39d

that's all we needed, hope.
No. 12912 ID: 3416ec


Sweet deal!
No. 12923 ID: 5a2e05

Huzzah! Now we must continue holding out hope!
No. 12927 ID: 8ecfd4

Sweet. It's just too bad that most chapters take place when I sleep. But they're to awesome to not read. I'm looking forward to Naomis fight against whatever abomination it was that knocked her out.
No. 12946 ID: a85626


You are dead to me. Dead to me! You hear that?


lol jk update whenever you want. only update regularly if you want to be popular.
No. 12952 ID: 3416ec

>>only update regularly if you want to be popular.

This is a fallacy. Quests can be popular even if they don't update regularly.
No. 12956 ID: 632862

Yes. For instance, Deep doesn't update regularly, and people love the fuck out of it.
No. 13028 ID: 4b1405

Also, The End.

And Rape Quest. ;_;
No. 13045 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126929141995.png - (14.85KB , 714x768 , gnyoro.png )

No. 13046 ID: c1b520
File 126929220991.png - (7.11KB , 466x392 , Happy.png )

No. 13047 ID: 16de3a

No. 13049 ID: e31d52

No. 13052 ID: bffa2a

I can't actually care for any of the quests currently ongoing. They just update way too slow for them to hold any intrest. Which is an achievement in itself as a one picture per day schedule would be quite enough. Then there would be something to look forward every day and it would stay intresting with minimal effort.

Currently I could care less about any of them as they just trudge in place and feel like they're going to the abandoned projects pile soon. And that is a shame because I really liked the start of a couple of them. Tozol as example.

Another end of the spectrum is those quests who feel the need to crunch all their updates on one day (most likely weekend) and participation depends on if I happen to be in front of computer right then and there. Damn you Bitequest. Here one update a day comes through also as it allows everyone to participate on their own time and see the results next day.

Just a suggestion, hidden in some random thread.
No. 13053 ID: 0fc814

>Currently I could care less about any of them as they just trudge in place and feel like they're going to the abandoned projects pile soon. And that is a shame because I really liked the start of a couple of them. Tozol as example.
Have I really gotten that bad? I guess maybe I have.

I have some excuses, but who cares about that.
No. 13058 ID: 15f6d6

I actually did one update a day for this last chapter because I wanted everyone to be able to say whatever to Moriga.

Also, my school is fucking terror as far as work is concerned. I really don't have time during the week, and probably wont have time these next few weekends either. This summer I will try a slower update schedule (probably faster than one a day, but not sessions like I do now) because I really like having a decent number of well-planned suggestions.
No. 13059 ID: c1b520


You have stated your points and they will go through processing. Personally i like my weekend set up because well i just like things en bulk, but if it might help you and other readers like your self I will try and set up a weekend where one (or all) of my quests gets at least one update per day. And if it's successful I will continue the pace and we'll see what goes on from then on.
No. 13652 ID: 3416ec

All work and no Channel makes Anon44 go something something.
No. 13684 ID: 77ab74

...go update June Quest?
No. 13689 ID: 3416ec


No. 15425 ID: 3416ec

No. 15426 ID: 1ac39d

the graveyard?
No. 15427 ID: 620bfb

I am disappoint. I sage with a very faint hope.
No. 15433 ID: 1963d1

Then ye sage in vain!

As do I ;_;
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