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File 148532305975.png - (153.30KB , 640x480 , A nice chat with Y'kaas.png )
108035 No. 108035 ID: 14f8aa

With the prologue done, I figure it's time to make this.

General quest discussion, speculation, Q&A, shitposting, etc.

>Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Puruu_Quest

Just like another quest here, Puruu Quest takes place in the setting of Primordial Evo. No prior knowledge of the setting needed, but here's a link for those curious about it: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Primordial_Evolution_Game
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No. 108292 ID: c45b7e
File 148592121916.png - (34.06KB , 640x480 , 148340565181.png )

well, if there's not enough in the spawning pool to finish the job we always have options.
No. 108294 ID: c45b7e
File 148592171986.png - (37.34KB , 640x480 , PuruuMC.png )

No. 108297 ID: d155e9

Now we just need a knife and some kind of dart gun and we'd be set. So what race would act as the metal gear?
No. 108348 ID: 1d7899

>geist titan
>A lem'uy
>A gorriog
>One of those giant mutant govkars
>Vyrii fit perfectly but are cheating
>Kwagos fit the profile of metal gear perfectly
No. 108365 ID: 14f8aa
File 148610446243.png - (123.21KB , 1200x1100 , zY6BayY.png )

>geist titan
I actually found this in an old folder. Reminds me of RAY a little bit.
No. 108382 ID: 14f8aa

Looking back, I think that was drawn when MGR was still the big thing, so that similarity is likely deliberate.
No. 108924 ID: a40597

That thing was actually something I intended to use in Freak Quest back when I was running it on /tg/.

t. Nad.
No. 108933 ID: 14f8aa

Whoops. I just have all your drawing saved in one big, unsorted folder.
No. 109048 ID: 1d7899

I thought for sure Neis would really be Arupa. Too bad his whole tribe is dead, but now he could become the elder of a new one!
No. 109049 ID: 398fe1

It's not tho. Signs point to an evacuation, and he's looking straight at two survivors.
No. 109363 ID: 1d7899

bordlebordle bordbordbord ai pendant plans for world domination through jellyfish people bord bord borldebord bordle
No. 109366 ID: 2cab9c

Well, someone called it. Can we just call that OOC knowledge for now?
No. 109389 ID: 2cab9c
File 148841239211.png - (23.74KB , 640x480 , demo neis 2.png )

Finally got around to finishing this. Indonesian Gentleman said something in the IRC about an inter-quest TF2 tournament a month back or so.
No. 109391 ID: 837e86

Could Neis and her species even metabolize scrumpy?
No. 109400 ID: 1d7899

Yeah. It's not like a guard in a jungle tribe of puruus would know a single thing about ancient nanomachine monsters created by aliens thousands of years ago. We don't even have a timeframe yet, so this could be well before the Black Ramel War or even the formation of the Enclave. I'd put the amulet down as bordtech washed up on the seashore, till it got traded into our tribes predecessors.

Blung field near the tribe is scary as shit though. Given a few days they'll show up in the village, and when the spread some blungfield into the spawning pools they'll be basically tainted and useless, and the village is doomed.
No. 109416 ID: 2cab9c
File 148847516610.png - (123.50KB , 1000x800 , 1341390314451.png )

Probably, considering how they brew mead among other things. There is a species of bug that does produce honey. However it a bad idea to consume it as-is. Some sort of processing, such as fermentation, is needed to break down the poison they infuse it with. It causes inflammation of the mouth, esophagus, and stomach.
No. 109442 ID: c45b7e
File 148856756163.png - (10.79KB , 187x232 , 1337822279147.png )

This creature makes crude silk like a spider. However the silk is used as a blinding and binding agent to capture prey and defend itself, coming out as a sticky blob that rapidly dries and becomes a tangled mess of fibers. They are about the size of a tennis ball.
No. 109443 ID: c45b7e
File 148856767116.png - (75.53KB , 2038x876 , rider.png )

and well. This one is fun.
No. 109455 ID: 1d7899

>Laser cavalry chickens
Well how about that
No. 110103 ID: 31daba

Little things involving the Thigh Day pic. There's a tribe of Puruus called the Ruufaya that also lives in the jungle. They're pink rather than blue due to the rare strain of runu that make up their bodies. The clothing depicted is made from the skin of Titan Lubs.

Titan Lubs are massive, photosynthetic, jellyfish-like creatures. In a way, they resemble the missing link between early plants and early animals in this world.
No. 110573 ID: 31daba
File 149188577262.png - (13.99KB , 396x275 , Lineup scale1.png )

Doodled a size chart.

[reposted to fix a misspelling.]
No. 111871 ID: c45b7e
File 149555160587.png - (554.94KB , 2576x1936 , 1342121089172.png )

This latest update has me...pumped.
No. 111876 ID: 3ce125

No. 111928 ID: c45b7e
File 149572730173.png - (9.44MB , 2826x1732 , 1377795245906.png )

world for reference.
No. 111929 ID: c45b7e
File 149572750366.png - (25.80KB , 339x287 , AaVHr.png )

earliest meme.
No. 111941 ID: b2bf87
File 149576477872.png - (9.15KB , 141x144 , shogun glund.png )

No. 111946 ID: ce19bd
File 149579310654.png - (13.62KB , 307x337 , my overly high expectations.png )

Oh man I didn't think I'd ever see primordial evo brought up here.
No. 111976 ID: b2bf87
File 149584108058.png - (571.79KB , 2644x1856 , bord chart.png )

Indonesian Gentleman actually brought it over first. Bord Quest is actually a prequel of sorts.
No. 111977 ID: c45b7e
File 149584728638.png - (18.39KB , 506x428 , fucking vyrii.png )

mighty nice setting you guys have there. sure would be a shame if two alien races...fucked everything up forever.
No. 111981 ID: ce19bd

It was going to end with an apex race holocaust somehow.
No. 111982 ID: ce19bd

Also if it isn't clear from the art similarities. I was responsible for the frowgs and the vyrii.

I am pleased by the catastrophic outcome.
No. 111988 ID: b2bf87
File 149589454147.png - (105.77KB , 800x600 , Virii.png )

Would that make you the person who went by the name "the obsessive faggot who made the frowgs what they are?"

Not sure if you were around at the time, but the origins of the Vyrii have been changed some time after it was determined that Bords could not be the descendants of any creatures currently on the planet. Rather than macroviruses, vyrii are now constructs made of degenerate bord nanomachines.
No. 111990 ID: ce19bd

Honestly I wanted that to be their origin but I didn't wanna be "that guy" and go full tilt into the extra terrestrial. Rogue nanites that evolved into silicon based life is fine by me and hardly changes the final product, for what little that means at this point after so many years.

I saw some concept art of vyrii reproducing by infecting other lifeforms and viciously exploding from within akin to real virus reproduction, which also was within my personal intent.

I couldn't afford to keep up with the threads so after a few days, much to my original disappointment and now newfound amusement looking back at it all.
No. 111991 ID: 70983e
File 149589911040.png - (65.47KB , 897x1030 , tumblr_o2p2wuWwCt1tn7fu1o2_1280.png )

Of all the forms they could take, they took Chryssalid forms...

There's no hope for that planet. Glass it and look elsewhere. I'm sorry.
No. 111993 ID: ce19bd

You see one four legged arthropod-like alien monster, you see them all I guess.
No. 111998 ID: b2bf87
File 149592724850.png - (161.06KB , 2096x780 , 1355622268858.png )

Oh yes. This one.
No. 111999 ID: ce19bd

Will this quest possibly venture to other continents with throwbacks to all this nonsense?

>Self-aware vyrii outcast party member when.
No. 112001 ID: c45b7e
File 149594915314.png - (41.77KB , 926x567 , 1356324006121.png )

There are two offshoot settings of the primordial quest:

Inheritance and Exodus. Neither has gone live yet, and both probably need some more refining and pruning before thy are ready for prime time.
No. 112002 ID: c45b7e
File 149595252567.png - (178.49KB , 850x600 , 1378998110233.png )

*laughs in vyran*
No. 112373 ID: 1d7899

>Kill thousands/millions of Vyrii in a great war to protect the world from them
>Kill the overmind with a ?Nuke?
>There are still Vyrii left over that became genuinely intelligent, and they live all over the northern mountains
General Prebyn weeps, if the dead weep
No. 112517 ID: c45b7e

Great Vyrii war was bitter for all involved. Enduring rage can be felt from the base deep zero all the way to the bones of the black ramel. A single great threat was shattered, to create a thousand small ones. At least a few of them turned out to be allies, though the crestlanders may find them suspect even many generations later.
No. 112665 ID: 526ec4
File 149774641454.png - (6.35KB , 290x260 , Yapap home improvement.png )

Arhra's new quest reminded me of this old thing I doodled four or five years back.
No. 118806 ID: 7579d8
File 151321601980.png - (15.53KB , 260x226 , 1341512872859.png )

Wanted to share what Genkwaku was gathering pieces from in the secret santa thread. >>118742
Colored exoskeletal patches from a male Cathedral Stompa.
No. 119179 ID: 95d58b

How big do slizers get? I can't tell if the one our protag found is smallish or large-ish
No. 119180 ID: 6ed061
File 151452064227.png - (13.23KB , 322x246 , slizerscalepuruu.png )

Probably somewhere in the middle. Fully matured, but a bit smaller than the largest known specimens.

A quick correction here. Cathedral Chompa.
No. 120469 ID: 6b7d70
File 151815550078.png - (128.72KB , 1024x768 , eyes.png )

If anyone wondered if there was a reason for the scribbled eyes, it's because they actually look more like this.
No. 124212 ID: fcde5d
File 153168873743.png - (396.28KB , 1449x834 , Neis ref.png )

Been waiting to get the update out of the way before posting stuff like this again. Made an actual reference sheet for Neis a while back.
No. 124213 ID: fcde5d
File 153168894811.png - (571.86KB , 1920x1200 , Neis doodle.png )

And although these are in the drawthread, it'd probably be appropriate to post the here too.
No. 124214 ID: fcde5d
File 153168899129.png - (2.53MB , 5440x3072 , neis shart suit 1.png )

No. 124219 ID: fcde5d
File 153172199175.png - (243.26KB , 1024x768 , sangka.png )

Meanwhile during >>/quest/893044
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