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File 148358886841.png - (152.53KB , 800x800 , Housequest Discuss.png )
107440 No. 107440 ID: 1383f1


Am I bad at finishing things I start.

Don't worry!

This story will hopefully cover some things that have happened in SAVE and NAUTQUEST.

A continuation of sorts.
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No. 107500 ID: 1383f1
File 148374871638.png - (169.76KB , 800x800 , Housequest38.png )

Please let me know if anyone is having problems solving the 3 puzzles I have for figuring out some of the floors.

There are 5 rooms total that you guys need to get to.
No. 107501 ID: b9aa79

I don't understand any of the riddles but thats because I'm impatient and not good at puzzles. I am however, concerned with the lack of impromptu bands. How're you gonna show us a Saxaphone and NOT lets us interact. Gotta get that quality air guitar and yodeling noises in there
No. 107503 ID: 1383f1


Yea Sapphire is far too serious for that nonsense.

Dip isn't though ;y
No. 107504 ID: b9aa79

I think the true good ending, and the solution to the puzzles is Sapphire having fun in a band
No. 107513 ID: 398fe1

Huh, five rooms? ...maybe the last one is 1804. Jaggy line for 1, the 8 is sideways, the sylistic S can have the red marks removed to look like a 0, and that mark on the right is the 4.
No. 107537 ID: 1383f1

Sorry, no updates on saturdays!

They're my most packed.

Regular updates will resume tomorrow
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