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File 148356493234.png - (17.19KB , 1000x800 , Title card.png )
107422 No. 107422 ID: eb3fae

This is the first quest i have ever made and it is set in a world that i am currently working on.

I figured that if i made a quest in it, it would help to flesh it out more, and it would help me practice drawing faster

I am happy to answer any questions about my world and the characters in it, unless it would be spoilers of course
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No. 107478 ID: 0cb225

so is the main character like a gerbil or what?
No. 107480 ID: ca0e20

My guess is Capybara.

Side note, he's cute! =3
No. 107509 ID: eb3fae
File 148376400891.jpg - (19.77KB , 400x367 , 17992_Guinea_pig1.jpg )

Gynrann are based on Guinea Pigs actually

Capybaras work as well i guess!
No. 107611 ID: eb3fae

finally i managed to update!
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