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File 126635103280.png - (2.88KB , 425x235 , icon.png )
10734 No. 10734 ID: e9a4f7

While there may not be much discussion going on in the quest itself I hope to use this thread to focus more on the back story of the land and the characters that reside within it.

This quest is unlike The Game in that The Game took place in one set location with only a few set characters while in Shoujen there are whole continents to explore. I also decided to leave my escape from the room settings and focus more on a fantasy RPG like game with magic and the like.

Now another thing this game has is conflicting goals. On one hand you have our main hero Cecil(ia) who is on a journey to not only defeat the Dark Mana Wizard Dart but to also regain his lost manhood and escape the curse placed on him.

while on the other hand we have Alexis who only wants for Cecil to stay as a cute girl.

I think it will be interesting to see whose goals actually get accomplished.

If there is anything you want to know about the world this quest is set in or anything about the characters post it here. You may also ask them questions here.
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No. 10736 ID: 48ab8b

What kind of races are in this world?
No. 10737 ID: 8ecfd4

How strongly can we affect gravity? And could we place two fields with different gravity close together?

Oh and how common is transformation magic and what can it be used to accomplish? And how fast can it work?

I have a few plans and ideas stored depending on the answear to those questions.

Then there is a question to the TG community. Can we, for once pretty please, not make a man into a girl? It seems like every time someone presents us with a choice on the gender of the protagonist we choose a girl, often a very girly girl. Just for once, to change things up, I would like to see the opposite.
No. 10749 ID: cf68aa
File 126637278595.png - (40.86KB , 1381x510 , races.png )


>Well these are all the ones I have now. The second column consists of-

>The Golem- A type of magical slave made through mud, blood and mana.
>The Demon- They really don't get along well with humans. Best to avoid them.
>Shade-More of a virus then a species. They infect a body and slowly take over.
>Tigerfolk-More bestial then their catfolk cousins but they still get along well with humans.
>and the mermaid- Very shy and rare.

>I will continue filling this in as I encounter more.
No. 10772 ID: e9a4f7
File 12664353713.png - (16.33KB , 826x515 , Gravity.png )


>Well I never bothered mastering gravity magic so I am rather limited in what I can do with it. I've made a small diagram to help out.

>1. I can affect the gravity around a person or object, either making it heavier or lighter for as big a area as I have mana.

>2.I CANNOT make two fields of altered gravity around one person if they would conflict with one another.

>3. I CAN make two seperate fields of gravity around two different objects. I can make my enemy heavier and I lighter. Once the two fields get to close they cancel out. I also have to constantly expand mana to keep the fields up.

>As for transformation magic it is quite common amoung magic uses to alter their apperence. However full body transformations, like the one I'm going through, one must delve into Dark Mana. It is easy for me to do things like change my hair or eye color and it happens instantly. the bigger the transformation the more time it takes.
No. 10774 ID: 8ecfd4

So creating two strong fields around a person to rip them apart is not something you can do? Or simply creating a strong enough field that they fold into themselves.

Ok, so high level transformation magic takes dark Mana and time. Good to know. Can potions effect either of those?

Other than that I would like to say that I like the quest so far. You're pretty good at making easily liked characters as well as douchebag characters as opponents. It will also be interesting to see how a quest that has more freedom over locations will work out. I have always liked the bigger picture and (this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who keeps track of my ID) most of all planing to change that bigger picture.
No. 10778 ID: e9a4f7
File 126644164797.png - (18.33KB , 588x529 , untitled.png )


>No, it's impossible. Well for me that is. See when i enrolled into the School of Magic I was given the choice of which element I wanted to master, gravity being one of them. However I decided it would be best to learn all of the element spells at once instead of just mastering one. If I had followed through on the study of how mana affects gravity I may have been able to perform such feats as crushing a person into a pancake or tearing them apart.

>To the right I've listed the three basic gravity spells one can learn. I've only gained the first one so far.

>As for whether potions can effect mana and the like I should say that there is a hierarchy. The strongest type of magic is Dark Mana spells followed by normal mana then magical objects like potions. Magical Objects tend to not work as well against mana and not at all against Dark Mana. Likewise mana does not work well against Dark Mana. My curse would have progressed much faster had I not contained it but my spell is slowly weakening. To put it simply, it would take a powerful magical object to break the Shoujen Curse or a equally powerful spell.
No. 10836 ID: 48ab8b

Oh yeah, can we get a quick rundown of the socio-political nature of this world?
No. 10846 ID: e9a4f7
File 126652436993.png - (3.00KB , 179x186 , untitled.png )


>I should start off by saying humans are not the most like of all the species. We have a king King Rai whom we all follow. He is a wise man and has not done anything wrong. He is one of the first few kings to actually support human and mystical treaties.

>The other species do not follow our king and have their own set of laws but at the very least respect ours. They do not interfere with us and we do not mess with their traditions.

>Their have been past conflicts but they are mostly settled. I am not a expert historian but there have beens several battles between the humans and the light elves, mostly over land and such. Humans have the tech while Light Elves have advance magic we humans cannot even dream of.

>The other races get along well with us with a few exceptions.

>The king may be a kind man but even he knows his boundaries. He will not interfere with anyone of signifigant power and as a result a few people of this world 'are above the law'.

>Sir Norue of the Royal army, Eronen the Master Fire User, Fai the Shaper of Glass, Lord Z the Master Wizard and lastly Dart The Dark Mana user.

>Is that everything?
No. 10847 ID: 8ecfd4

Is Dark Mana something that has to be given willingly from another human or is it something you can take by force? Also, what are the effects of using your own soul? Other than the potential loss of spellcasting ability.
No. 10883 ID: cf68aa


>To answer you question, yes to both. I can be given and forcibly taken. Now it seems to be random so a wizard using Dark Mana may lose their soul, magic, some random person may lose their soul. It changes every time. If they have a constant supply however it won't eat at them.

>The reason Dark Mana exists is that it's a way to use magic beyond your abilities. One only has a set amount of mana in them. Dark Mana allows you to bypass this by taking it from somewhere else.

>losing ones soul does not kill them. They will lose the will to live however and all magical abilities.
No. 10884 ID: 288dda

What abilities, if any, does Cecil have to quickly put distance between himself and a close-range attacker?

I can already see this being a major weakness. Need to work on some kind of quick-cast levitate, burst of wind, stone wall, whatever that can be done mid-combat.
No. 10887 ID: cf68aa
File 12665593099.png - (13.22KB , 728x431 , distance.png )


>Sadly I never learned quick cantations. If my opponent is at least five feet from me it may be enough time to cast a simple air spell but any closer and I'm screwed.

>Alex can fight both close and long range though.
No. 11117 ID: a85626
File 126696332018.png - (8.77KB , 694x606 , dart.png )

So who all is this shopkeeper with access to all that sorts of spells? Wouldn't it be convenient for Dark Mana wizards to control the sale of spells, to ensure that only the weak forms of the regular spells were available to oppose them with? Or is it just that the artist simply enjoys drawing grinning faces hidden in the shadows?
No. 11153 ID: e9a4f7
File 126704063067.png - (11.18KB , 404x429 , nari.png )

>Hi guys! People have been asking about how being Soul Bound to someone works so I thought I'd explain a bit!

>Now, long ago a man fell in love with a elf and she with him. she moved away from the forest and lived with him. All was not well however and the man began to show signs of his age.

>The Elf was worried she would soon lose her lover so she shared her soul with him. Being immortal her soul allowed the man to live for as long as she did.

>it is not known what happened to the two of them but from then on all Elves and Dark Elves have been able to perform a Soul Bind. This lets us share our souls with the ones we care about.

>The Guardians asked whether it is possible to form bonds with others, it is ^_^

>So long as one possesses the desire to spend their life with that person then they can be bound.

>The Bind last only as long as there is still that desire. If it fades then so does the Bind. And what's worse, if the person was mortal and lived past their lifespan they 'will' die immediately. The one who is already immortal to begin with will not die.

>I've heard of things like a permanent transfer but I don't think that's true...

>Welp that's all. If you guys have anymore questions feel free to ask.
No. 11825 ID: 701a19

Hey, I've got a question for Nari.
We know that the C is a symbol of Cecil, but what does that actually entail?
In some cultures it would be a mark of ownership, in more it would be a mark of fealty and submission, in others it would be akin to a mark of marriage.
One subset is the marking of a life-debt, where one person has saved another and so the rescued gives their life to the rescuer.

Is it a sworn oath? A bond? What are the social implications of it?
Is it just something you did as a sign of respect and admiration but has no real meaning, or does it mean that you already ARE Cecil's and irrevocably so?
No. 11830 ID: e9a4f7
File 126756031093.png - (6.55KB , 534x229 , Nari2.png )


>For us Dark Elves putting the mark of someone on our neck is a sign of deep trust. You would trust that person with your neck, our most vulnerable place, and would give up your life for them.

>Cecil saved me after thirty years of pain, this mark was the least I could do to show him what it meant.

>If I wanted to show I was his I'd put it over my heart.
No. 11831 ID: 701a19

Is it just symbolic, or does it actually have some power behind it?
Does Cecil know what that mark means?
Did you consider placing one over your heart?

Cecil or Alex: If Dark Mana lets people cast spells that would be beyond their power, then can the same thing be accomplished by having mages combine their powers?
How many times more power would Dark Mana be able to get out of you, for example, then you can wield on your own?
Are there spells which can only be cast with Dark Mana due to their nature instead of their casting cost?
Is there a way to break a spell by brute magical strength? What would the consequences of that be?
No. 11836 ID: e9a4f7
File 126756556598.png - (3.81KB , 263x216 , FILLER.png )



>It's just a symbol. I don't think Cecil knows what it means though. humans tend to have a tough time understanding what these signs can mean.

>His symbol above my heart...? ///


>Dark Mana is just more potent mana. Multiple wizards casting the same spell would result in a spell equal to Dark Mana.

>As for my own spells, they'd be roughly twenty to thirty times more powerful if I use Dark Mana to cast them.

>There are several spells which are listed as Dark Mana spells. I actually have one of them, Meteor. The mana required for this spell is so great that no one could cast it without Dark Mana.

>Others include Flare, ReWrite, Shoujen, Meteor Storm, Grimm, Doom, Posses and several others.

>There are ways of breaking spells. I'm sure If I tried I may even be able to break Shoujen, at the small cost of my magical abilities though.
No. 11839 ID: 701a19

Nari: Did I miss something, or would that not have been more inline with your stated goal of soulbinding with Cecil?

Cecil: What about if you, Alex, and Nari all pooled together to break the curse? Would that be enough to do it without that kind of risk, or would you need more people helping?
How many people would it take to cast Meteor, for that matter? Are you only, say, 10% short of how much you would need?
[lol, Tellah]
What do ReWrite and Grimm do?

Alex: So, how do these Cell Stones work?
What do you need to make them?
How much of an energy drain is it to create one?
Can you make them in different shapes and sizes?
Can you make them out of different materials, or make them look like other materials?

R.J.: Do you have ANY redeeming qualities?

Murderous Tigerkin lady:
Do you have a name?
What kind of mitigating circumstances surrounding the slaughter would it take for you to stop blaming the catkin leader?
How would evidence need to be presented in order for you to believe it?
No. 11841 ID: e9a4f7
File 12675674957.png - (2.50KB , 217x214 , FILLER2.png )


>N-No, you got it.. It's just, I can't wait for that day. Just thinking about it makes me blush.

>No, that simply wouldn't work. Giving my all to break the curse would leave me severely weakened or even crippled. To have two others join me is not only unthinkable but useless. They would both suffer damage.

>Grimm drains a persons luck leaving them with a grim future while ReWrite does as the name says and allows you to rewrite someone's memories.

>Cell stones? You're talking about my stone thingy right? Well I was gonna use them to read Cecil's mind but I got you guys instead. All they let us do is talk to you voices and if we tal you guys something you could pass it on.

>They're really easy to make and I can make em out of whatever I want and in any shape.


>Redeemin? Uh.... I can make soup? Tha' count?

No. 11844 ID: 701a19

So combining efforts to break the curse wouldn't work no matter how many casters were involved?

Could you tie that in with a healing spell so that a regrown bodypart would do that as well?
Specifically, could you help a healer make Nari's eye work as both an eye and a cell?
No. 11850 ID: fe0817


What would half-catgirl half human babies look like? Is it possible to procreate between species?

Nari: If you fear cities, why are you OK with DarkElf cities?
No. 11856 ID: 934ef5

Cecil: When you finally do break the curse... what happens to us?
No. 11874 ID: e9a4f7
File 126764513146.png - (49.62KB , 163x147 , FILLER3.png )

>Oh it'd break it but it would still have a cost.

When you finally do break the curse... what happens to us?
>Hmm... I'm assuming that my mind will once again be made whole. But that doesn't mean you 'die' since you were merely part of me.

Could you tie that in with a healing spell so that a regrown bodypart would do that as well?
Specifically, could you help a healer make Nari's eye work as both an eye and a cell?
What would half-catgirl half human babies look like? Is it possible to procreate between species?
>That's life alchemy mya. Not my forte. I'm not even sure I can heal her eye mya. I could put it somewhere for her though.
>I guess it'd be a human with fluffy ears and a tail. So cute! But yeah it can happen.

If you fear cities, why are you OK with DarkElf cities?
>The Elf and Dark Elf cities have more nature in them like trees and grass. If I went into a city that was more in touch with our planet then I would be fine.
No. 11900 ID: fe0817


If we put you in a wooden container or hang several pots of flower around you, do you think you will be in tune with nature enough to venture into human cities?
No. 11915 ID: 701a19

How many casters would you need in order to have the cost be a temporary inconvenience, like exhaustion?
Also, how do you know our presence is part of the Shoujen curse?

I was asking if you and a life mage could collaborate to do it.
Actually, scrap that. Instead I want to know if enchanting living matter like that has side effects or issues. If we could use the patch of skin she marked with a C then that would be a much simpler matter.
Oh, and do you know any mages who could heal Nari's eye for little to no money?
No. 11917 ID: 701a19

How many casters would you need in order to have the cost be a temporary inconvenience, like exhaustion?
Also, how do you know our presence is part of the Shoujen curse?
Is there a way to store mana so that you can draw on it quickly? Something that you can pour mana into as you regenerate it, then use that to cast spells that require more than you can hold on your own?

I was asking if you and a life mage could collaborate to do it.
Actually, scrap that. Instead I want to know if enchanting living matter like that has side effects or issues. If we could use the patch of skin she marked with a C then that would be a much simpler matter.
Oh, and do you know any mages who could heal Nari's eye for little to no money?
No. 11942 ID: e9a4f7
File 126773175563.png - (4.62KB , 333x362 , FILLER4.png )


>If you put me in a wooden box it won't work. The wood is just dead nature. Flowers might help with it a little.

>I'm not certain how many wizards it would take, I never really attempted such a feat before.
>And I'm sure you voices are only here because of shoujen. Reason being that I only started hearing you guys after I was cursed.
>Storing Mana? Yes it can be done. I only have a set amount which a simple nap can replenish. By pouring it into a magical container like the orb I have I can call upon it later on. This is limited though and at most would give me twofold my normal power.

>Mya... I can make the stone a bit smaller and put it into her skin if that helps.
>Uhm... The only good wizard I know is Cecil mya. She's one of the best. You can find healers all around mya.
No. 11997 ID: 701a19

Are there any more readily available materials you can use?

You don't know any life alchemists?
They don't need to be better than Cecil overall, just better than either of you at healing. Is there a place where you can find a listing of people who are capable of repairing eyes?

What if we crafted a special cloak for you that was made of quilted pockets filled with dirt, enchanted so the outside is moist while the inside is dry, and covered it with moss or grass? How much would that help?

When you kissed Cecil, was that just a sign of appreciation or were you expressing an interest in him/her?
No. 12044 ID: 701a19

Cecil: Can we get an ability sheet for you, like the ones we have for Nari and Alex?

Nari: What can you tell us about your mother?
No. 12045 ID: 288dda



Stop letting go of the orb. No more leaving it lying around.

Get your ears pierced and start wearing it as an earring or something. If you don't, we're going to have Alex implant it in your arse next time you're asleep and you'll be sitting funny for a month.
No. 12109 ID: cf68aa
File 126794856142.png - (20.50KB , 519x625 , skills.png )

>??? I neve mentioned it? Here's a list. They're pretty self explanitory. Wizard spells aren't very fancy.

>I... I don't remember much about her.. Sorry.
No. 12110 ID: 601a90

well, cecil, what if you had several mana storage devices? like on orb bracelet?
No. 12117 ID: abba4b

If you could store, say, fifty times more mana than you could hold on your own, would that be enough to break the curse without ill effects?
How much regular mana WOULD it take to break the curse without any harm that lasts more than a week?

How are new spells created? What are the rules that govern it?
No. 12152 ID: 701a19
File 12680213068.png - (26.68KB , 527x655 , Alexis_Abilities.png )

No. 12153 ID: 701a19
File 126802133455.png - (14.96KB , 417x559 , Nari_Abilities.png )

No. 12154 ID: 701a19
File 126802136897.png - (19.02KB , 589x601 , Racial_Proficiencies.png )

No. 12174 ID: e9a4f7
File 126808317454.png - (2.73KB , 238x264 , SealOfBirth.png )

>Yeah I'm sure Alex and I can craft some easily enough.

>The City of Resad might have some good healers for hire mya. I don't know any myself.

>That.... That might work...

>Huh? No I was just did that as a thanks ya know?
No. 12175 ID: e9a4f7
File 126808350676.png - (5.88KB , 463x395 , DarkElfSpiralOfLife.png )

>... I'd rather not shove anything in there. How would it even fit!?

>Hmm... Maybe if I had a natural magical amplifier like the Red Tincture I could possible break the curse with very little extra health. But at the moment I have no means of obtaining it. Once I defeat Dart he will probably;y have many Dark Mana crystals in stock that I can use to break it though.

>Rules for making spells? If you want to Spell Craft and come up with something new just present it before the King. If he approves it for free use he will record it and let you on your way. If it is to destructive he will ban it. No harm will come to you but you cannot use it anymore.
>hmm... Yes that would be possible. By putting it into several objects instead of one I could get a big burst of mana when needed.

No. 12176 ID: 601a90

sorry, when we say implant we mean make a big enough hole in your skin that it can fit and nestle it somewhere in your organs. like in the middle of your intestine just below your stomach.
No. 12183 ID: 701a19

Cecil: How hard is it for one person to teach a spell to somebody else? How hard would it be for you to learn how to Soulbind from Nari?
Would our abilities to share memories and thoughts make that any faster?
No. 12188 ID: 701a19

Can you tell us ALL the effects of soulbind?
We know it lets a Dark Elf's partner live as long as themselves, and we know that it intertwines their souls, but beyond that we have no idea what it actually means.

Can it let you communicate directly? Feel how your partner is doing or their emotional state? Share memories and skills? Share mana pools?
No. 12190 ID: 601a90

i'm willing to bet it makes dream sharing easier. their souls are already together. making their minds join too should be easy.
No. 12196 ID: cf68aa
File 126811672827.png - (3.02KB , 270x247 , HammerOfHoyes.png )


>As painful as that sounds it is highly possible.

>No, that can never happen. I'd need to learn them from a master. Once I learn at least the basics from a master Nari can then teach me.


>Uhm... I'm not really sure.. Sorry. I know it let's us live together forever and we can like feel eachother's emotions. The Elders also said it let us sense when our partners had desires and we could share our souls for Soul Magic.

>Other then that I'm still new at this..
No. 12197 ID: 701a19

Ah, alright.
Do you know where we could take Cecil to learn the basics of soul magic from a master? Is there one in your old village that isn't your father?
No. 12212 ID: 601a90

i don't know about everyone else but i am thinking best end for this is dart dead, cecil keeds his girlish figure but get's his 'equipment' back, Alex will like the cute cecil, nari will like cecil regardless and Cecil has the stuff to take it to the next lvl. everybody's happy.
No. 12237 ID: e9a4f7
File 126817129625.png - (6.36KB , 363x353 , MermaidSymbol.png )


>The elders may be able to teach him soul magic..

>There are people in this world who have mastered magic to it's fullest.

>Lord Z mastered elemental magic.
>L mastered alchemy.
>Selvia mastered time.
>Sar the Elder mastered Soul
>And Dart mastered Dark Mana.

>I could easily travel to each of these masters but time is short and I don't think I can learn everything.
No. 12258 ID: 701a19

>And Dart mastered Dark Mana.
Yea, that's not an option.

How long does it take to learn the basics of a type?
No. 12366 ID: e9a4f7
File 126833517628.png - (5.27KB , 336x345 , FILLER2.png )


>Depends. You could learn the basics in as little as a day but it would wear out your body tremendously.
No. 12404 ID: cf68aa
File 126838568040.png - (3.61KB , 308x294 , alchemy.png )

Okay, here is a list of almost every spell available.

Costs 4 G;
Balle Serithe Isivu Mal Zeeth-Powers up next spell used.
Cereen Malterra Brosem-Creates a healing potion.
Zaren Barusch Garu- Makes a ??? Potion which causes a different effect time drunk.
Mana Mal Serith Pache-Make a magical item/container.
Magistra Mana Matra-Gives your own MP to an ally.

Costs G 10;
The Spirit Spells. By summoning the spirits who rule over the elements the caster is granted a piece of their power.

The list of spirits are as follows-
Fire-Fire weapons and armor.
Ice-Freezes the ground
Water-Douses you foe in water
Lightning-Shocks your foe
Land-Makes a wall for defense
Earth-Summons golem
Rock-Gain rock armor
Death-Kills instantly
Diamond-Encase foe in gems.
Dark-Tortures foe
Light-Heals allies
Metal-Replaces lost body part

These spells make up for the lack of elemental spells alchemists have.

Costs G 10,000
Philosiphers Stone- Magister Manas Tarun Tu Seht Malhydra Deroon Al Alberia Tu Es Cremenius Purifico. Mori Etus Vivier.

Okay this should be all the alchemy spells. I think... I'll update this when needed.
No. 12411 ID: cf68aa
File 126838915594.png - (3.97KB , 308x294 , Wizard.png )

Wizard Spells

Minor spells G1-3 They go in order of which is stronger. For example Fire is weaker then Inferno and only costs G1 while inferno costs G3

Wood Craft
Stone Craft
Gem Craft
Sub 0
Cure All
Major Heal
Black Hole

Aer-Weak wind spells that allows caster to move objects.
Wind Shield-What it says on the can.
Nill-Switch a item of yours with your opponents.
Zaken-High level lightning spell.
Electrical Storm-A field changing spell which makes a lightning storm break out.
Alpha-Gives mana boost. Unlocks Beta
Beta-Gives health boost. Unlocks Gamma
Gamma-Gives defense boost. Unlocks Omega
Omega-Fire out a concentrated mana blast.
Leaves the user with no mana and little health.
Thead-Kills instantly. Illegal.
Zeroon- Heals any injury so long as the head is intact. Takes severe amounts of mana. Very hard to master.
Giga Don-Pummels foe with rocks
Giga Dondo-Higher form
Aqua-Water spell
Mereet-Heals self but takes time.
Will of the Kings-Summons a 'King' to fight with you.
Minor Sealing-Seals away a small object or curse
Confine-Seals away bigger objects.
Banish-Seals away sspells curses and magical objects/beings. Can be disposed of.
Minor Binding-WISOTC
Baraast-Increases either the caster or targets breast size by one cup. TEMP
Debaraast-Decreases the caster or targets breast size by one cup. TEMP

Electrical Storm Zaken-Channel the lightning in the sky into one attack
Giga Dondoa- Strongest earth spell.
Blazen-Make fire armor
Rune Thought-Force target to use low level spells.
Rune Speak-Translate any language.
Hope-Gives the caster some luck
Grace-Gives the caster more luck
Miracle-Gives the caster a lot of luck.
Bless-Minor light spell. Deals light damage.
Holy-High level light spell.

Zerin-A powerful explosion from ones soul.Costs half max health

Dark Mana
Usually not for sale

Ol Rethono-High level purification
Flare-A blast of Dark Mana
Fiend-Summon demon
Meteor Storm-Stronger form of meteor. Has
never been used.
No. 12412 ID: cf68aa
File 126839038193.png - (2.96KB , 211x193 , Soul.png )

Soul Magic cannot be bought.

List of Spells

Reth-Helps to purify a soul
Ol Reth-Can force one to repent
Soul Bind- Binds the targets soul to the user allowing them to share the same life span.
Soul Lock-Places a small portion of ones soul near box or other such objects and prevents anyone from opening it. Soul piece can be retrieved.
Soul Slash-Allows the user to force their soul into a small focused point on their fingertip. It is very sharp and can cut through most things non magical.
Soul Block-Allows ones soul to form a thin shield around their body.
Soul Heal-Repairs damage done to souls over time.
Soul Grace-Allows you to let others share you emotions.
Soul Drain-Makes the target feel weaker. They are easier to manipulate in this state.
Soul Petrification- Forces the targets soul to turn to stone. The soul cannot be healed or replace. This turns the person into a living doll.
Soul Peer-Lets the caster feel what the target is feeling and read their thoughts.
Permanent Soul Bind-By making a physical sign of love two or more beings enter into a permanent soul bind.
Mulitple Soul Bind-The caster has been Soul Bound to different people.
Soul Blade-Makes a sword out of the soul which can cut through almost anything.
Soul Shot-Fires out soul blades.
No. 12413 ID: cf68aa
File 126839106685.png - (2.18KB , 211x193 , Time.png )

Time Magic can be bought or learned fairly easily from a master. The spell is more powerful the more mana is poured into it.

Haste-Speeds up the caster
Slow-Slows down the target
Warp-Sends one object to a random time
No. 12414 ID: cf68aa



[03:19] <Shiitake> What if Rewind makes you mostly forget things
[03:19] <Shiitake> you just get deja vu
[03:20] <Shiitake> or premonitions
[03:20] <Shiitake> It could save you from an ambush
[03:20] <justN> rewinding past the point where you got rewind = lose rewind actually makes sense
No. 12415 ID: 288dda

The "mind slave" part of the curse can be transferred to another sentient creature, right?

So is that captured soul-sucking shadow creature sentient? It's obviously vulnerable to magic. Having it bound to Cecil would prevent it from doing further harm, but if it ends up enslaved to Dart it's not like the world would be any worse off.
No. 12416 ID: cf68aa
File 126839286827.png - (6.62KB , 403x333 , huh.png )


>..... I think it might be good enough.
>No I'm almost certain I can do it!
No. 12417 ID: 701a19

Sounds like a plan. Lets just not do it inside a town.
No. 12423 ID: 632862

Why is Thead illegal, but the spirit spell Death is not?
No. 12443 ID: e9a4f7


Heheh... Use it and see why.
No. 12456 ID: 632862

I'm going to guess it kills more than just the target, then.
No. 12486 ID: 701a19

It's human magic, and human magic is regulated by the human king.
No. 12522 ID: 701a19

Cecil: Can you show us a map of your continent? Hopefully one that's roughly to scale, has all the major cities and places on it plus the everywhere you've been recently, and the location of Dart's base?
No. 12563 ID: cf68aa
File 126856626988.png - (79.79KB , 1444x1105 , map2.png )


>I'm not great at maps but here.

On the map is

Darts' Castle
Forbidden Zone-A lawless city where only the cruel survive. Has been sealed off and only those who know their way around it or gain permission from the king may enter.
Fai's Mountain-this is where the legendary glass mage Fai lives.
Central City-The main city of our land.
School Of Magic-In ruins ever since the Devil Acident happened twelve years ago.
Talimere-Alex's home town.
Skill Arena-Where people can compete in various contests for prizes.
Temple- A place of worship for any religion. Home of the gods.
Dark Elf home
Light Elf Home
Resad-A bustling city of trade and crime.
Tigerfolk city
Catfolk city
The Divide-Seperates others from the Light Elf Forest.
Dark Elf Settlement-Nari's home.
Hurricane Mountain Range-A dangerous mountain range where a few of the more lethal species reside.
Mermaid lakes-Only known home of the mermaid.
No. 12568 ID: 632862
File 12685689559.png - (22.30KB , 599x628 , ThisIsTerrible.png )

<Anonymage>But Larro
<Anonymage>The Philosopher's Stone is made from people!
<Seven01a19>Anon: Would you object to turning Nari's father into one?
<Seven01a19>She can't cast alchemy spells
<Seven01a19>However, we could give her the stone.
<Shiitake>"Hey. Here's your father that you love so much."

This isn't actually canon. We don't know what the Stone is made from.
No. 12604 ID: 7630d5
File 12685948998.png - (372.92KB , 600x600 , Goat map.png )

Okay, so Brom got sad after I was mean to him in IRC so i made a picture for him :3. started as a goat, but eventually turned into redoing the map. on a goat. anyways, hope the labeling lines aren't too confusing :V
No. 12606 ID: f98e0b

you are forgiven
No. 12627 ID: 701a19

So, Cecil, what was this demon accident thing?
No. 12680 ID: e9a4f7
File 126867550086.png - (8.89KB , 336x345 , The Circle.png )


>Ah... That...

>A while ago, Before King Rai was king he was a teacher at the School of Magic along with Master L and Lord Z. Back then he was known simply as R.

>when I joined the school there was another girl who also joined by the name of Amy. She was a bright girl and she was also mute. No one knew why she was but it made life harder for her as a wizard. She was the only one to cast without being able to say the spells.

>She died at the hands of a tigerfolk. A small funeral was held for her and the school was closed for a day. King Rai and Master L seemed to be hurt the most by her death.

>Soon things were peaceful again until one day a terrible explosion shook the school. We were told to evacutate but I was decided to go investigate.

>In the center of the school stood a terrible beast. Around it was a glowing circle and red dust. It stared at me and roared.

>I ran.
>And I didn't stop running.
>Soon the school was destroyed.

>And is the incident known as the Devil Accident.

>It is said that for his bravery King Rai was able to become the king.

>To the left I have replicated the circle I saw to the best of my ability.
No. 12682 ID: 934ef5

You mention Amy when talking about the Devil, do you believe there was some sort of connection there?
No. 12685 ID: e9a4f7
File 126867734571.png - (10.78KB , 336x345 , The Circle2.png )


> I do.

>I have yet to tell anyone this but here is my theory.

>Amy was the Devil.

>The circle looked like one used for alchemy and in it were fragments of the red tincture and a pink cloak, the same kind Amy used.

>If my suspicions are correct King Rai tried to resurrect her.

>This was years before Phoenix Down was invented and nothing was known about bringing a human back to life. A failed spell can have disastrous results

>This would also help explain as to how he was able to contain the demon so quickly.

>I have included an edited version of The Circle with lines that I believe were part of the original circle before the Demon was summoned.
No. 12686 ID: 1ac39d

so the king is a fake. holy plot-twist batman!
No. 12687 ID: 934ef5

Well shit, that makes the king a less than heroic figure... not exactly a villain just for that but man what a fuck up. Not to mention that is a terrible spell to do on accident, but a truly frightening one to fully control.

Hope we stay off of his bad side, damn.
No. 12688 ID: 701a19

I don't think so. If he acted out of love and things just went horribly wrong, then he's a coward for not admitting to his mistakes but not malicious.
Aside from that, 'death' is so nebulous here that it might not be too late to bring her back.
No. 12690 ID: 934ef5

Not sure if that long a death is reversible, but even if it were being turned into a devil could have screwed up the chance permanently.
No. 12710 ID: 1ac39d

Cecil: most likely you were not affected by the sex drugs because while you look like a girl, you are still a guy. so whatever it is inside a woman that it sent out of wack, you don't have it.
No. 12781 ID: cf68aa
File 126881153317.png - (15.20KB , 619x600 , Goldeon.png )

>Oi, just thought I'd write a bit about them Goldeon Items.
>There's three in all

>The Golden Watch which I got for now. It can tell you where anyone is just by sayin there name and can make you vanish while in plain sight for 'bout ten seconds.

>The Goldeon Knife-Can cut through anything but cannot harm a living being. It can indirectly harm them though, like let's say you was trapped ina box surrounded by water; I could cut the box to drown you but not you.

>The Alimentor- I don't really know much about this one..

>They all may have even more powers that I don't even know about. These things are rare and can fetch a pretty hefty price.
No. 12788 ID: 1ac39d

man, if this guy's psyche is shattered then we are going to need to do a full reforging. just take all the pieces, double check to make sure you got all of them. and once you are sure check again. then put them all into a crucible and melt it down and put it into a new mould.

in computer terms his sytem32 folder was deleted so we need to do a full reinstall.
No. 12791 ID: 701a19

This quest is developing a decent wiki page.
If you'd like to view it or contribute, it's here.

S/he can still boot, so it's not missing.
Depending on the version, you would probably want to boot off the Windows disc and have it replace corrupt or missing files. If that's not an option, then the next best thing would be reinstalling over the old install.
A nuke and pave completely eradicates all traces of the system, at which point the gestalt is gone. While I suppose we could remotely manage a fresh install, that doesn't fix the problem so much as eradicating everything that was broken.

With enough time s/he will recover.
No. 12805 ID: a85626


>The Alimentor- I don't really know much about this one..

It always tells "the truth". :3
No. 12807 ID: a85626

One thing is for sure, Dart is a 100% certified asshole. Real evil geniuses only make life a living hell for their enemies. That way when someone breaks the mind control on their undefeatable army, they don't have an undefeatable army coming after them. He couldn't even be bothered to do any brainwashing besides relying on his magic spell though. I mean we're talking food, fun, giant orgies, free Xbox for everyone. The revolutionary al-Hassan ibn-al-Sabbah would treat his young followers to a glimpse of paradise, a secret artificially maintained garden full of girls with wine flowing freely. When they woke up from his narcotics outside the garden he would tell them that only he had the keys to Heaven, and all they had to do was kill for him in order to get into it. I guess Dart doesn't feel he has to rely on that sort of preening and primping. If he really had the solution to living a life free of suffering, why couldn't he at least use it on his followers?
No. 12808 ID: a85626


Or maybe Cecil just didn't drink the wine.
No. 12853 ID: 701a19

Alex didn't drink anything.
I'm pretty certain that humans are immune to the airborne drugs, and I suspect Nari and Felix are as well.

@Anybody: What are the natural lifespans of the different races?
Dark elves have an infinite lifespan since they never age, but what about the rest?
Including humans, since that gives us a baseline we can use to account for the state of medical care.
No. 12854 ID: 701a19
File 126892526036.png - (61.87KB , 1444x1105 , Simplified_Shoujen_map.png )

I decided to make a simplified map of the continent we're on.
Obviously it's not to scale.
Also, since cecil walked from Resad to the Tigerkin city in under four hours that means they're either less than 25km apart or we've got a plothole.
No. 12861 ID: e9a4f7

>We humans are somewhere in the middle in terms of lifespans.

>Here's a quick list of the major species

Elves(Both light and dark)-Semi Immortal

>Half breeds tend to usually be somewhere in the 80's but the half breeds for elves are either immortal or age really slowly.


>I'm quite fast on my feet when I need to be.
No. 12874 ID: 632862

Uh, it looks like being 'in the middle' means having the shortest lifespan. Or is that supposed to be 95?
No. 12877 ID: 701a19

The world record speed for running is about 50kph. Even if you ran for 4 hours straight, that would still only be 200km.
That would mean your continent is actually really tiny.
No. 12892 ID: e9a4f7


>We humans outlive many other species. The Shade, Harpie, and pixie don't live for more then a few decades.

>Small compared to what? I think we're a decent sized country.
No. 12897 ID: 701a19

How far across is the island from the furthest point near Dart's castle to the furthest point near the Catkin city?
Are there any larger islands or continents?

(Going by the absurd 200km distance, that would be about 1200km across. That would mean the island is roughly on-par with Texas. If we go with a more reasonable 25km distance between the two cities, the island works out to be about 150km across. That gives it a surface area that's roughly on par with Jamaica.)
No. 13025 ID: 701a19

RJ, besides aura vision what spells do you have?
Oh, sorry, 'powers'?
No. 13094 ID: 701a19

Larro: So, why have you been avoiding IRC? Something wrong?
No. 13095 ID: cf68aa


>Nothing is wrong other then my browser. For some odd reason Rizon isn't working and if I try to acces it from mibbit that doesn't work either.

It's been bugging me all day to be honest.
No. 13113 ID: 8ecfd4

I have been having the same problem the entire day. It's pissing me off.

Did you find any solution?
No. 13117 ID: cf68aa

I dowloaded Mirc. It works better but it doesn't look as flashy.
No. 13123 ID: e31d52

rolled 15 = 15

No. 13133 ID: 288dda

(in case anyone missed the IRC)
[02:13]<Larro>lol a hot springs episode?
[02:13]<Larro>Roll a d20 to see if it will go well.
[02:16]<Larro>[...]anything lower then 15 means lots o' fog 5=Bathing suits underneath towels

Also: Seven, quit muckin' about.
No. 13136 ID: 1ac39d

so does 15 mean minimal fog? would a 20 have gotten us lesbian sex?
No. 13137 ID: cf68aa


15 is no fog or anything that would block out stuff other then the water itself.

This will be fun..
No. 13138 ID: 1ac39d

didn't answer the second one, what would a 20 do? if you aren't going to tell so we don't have our hopes shattered then say that.
No. 13139 ID: e31d52

No. 13141 ID: 1ac39d

then you should have save-scummed until you got a 20.
No. 13143 ID: 701a19

rolled 20 = 20

Totally legit roll here.
No. 13145 ID: e31d52


No. 13171 ID: 288dda

(Came up in the IRC.)

Philosopher's Stone requires a lost soul as a component.

Alex, is there any way to know what might happen if we could bind a soulless into the spell instead? Same result? Orb of mana drain? Sphere of Annihilation?
No. 13173 ID: 701a19

Further, are there any circumstances where you feel creating a philosopher's stone would be an acceptable action?
No. 13182 ID: 1ac39d

people seem to be confused about how the Shojen curse works.

could you clarify if the mindslave part and the transformation part are separate?
No. 13189 ID: e9a4f7
File 126962767774.png - (11.66KB , 470x465 , untitled.png )


>Hmm? Perhaps I wasn't clear.

>The curse works in separate chunks with the first thing to go being the main sex organs.

>This is then followed by gradual changes to the mind and body with the final portion being a almost complete removal of ones former identity.

>The curse's individual parts can be sealed off with some effort. The mental changes are far easier to seal then the physical ones.

>So it is possible to seal away one part of the curse while leaving the others functioning.

>But remember, sealing is not the same as removing. It is only temporary.
No. 13190 ID: 8ecfd4

So would it be possible to cast only the slave and memory wipe part of the curse?
No. 13191 ID: e9a4f7


>Of course. So long as I have someplace to seal it into.
No. 13192 ID: 8ecfd4

How much of a mind does Soulless creatures have? Would they be affected by a mindslave curse?
No. 13195 ID: e9a4f7

>A soulless is a mindless creature. They serve no one but themselves and have very little sentience.

>I suspect the mind slave portion of the curse would have no effect on them. Though this is just a guess.
No. 13234 ID: 701a19

What happened to Nari's mother?

Also: >>322825
No. 13250 ID: cf68aa
File 12698235301.png - (2.89KB , 100x100 , FILLER.png )


>Heh heh.... Why don't you come over here and see her yourself?



>Uhm... Not much. I can do a little alchemy but nothing serious. I'm a really good thief though. And I got a pretty strong arm.
No. 13252 ID: 701a19

Nari's mother back when she could still answer questions:
Hi, what's your full name? And your daughter's full name?
No. 13253 ID: 1ac39d

oh ho, that's clever.
No. 13258 ID: cf68aa


This is the only time I will allow time travel questions

>"Hmm...? Hello there ^_^ My name is Chel Sils. Daughter? I don't have one, sorry ^_^;"
No. 13259 ID: e3f578

This is a small window of opportunity into the past! I'm gonna make use of it.

Chel, are you thinking with portals?
No. 13260 ID: 701a19

Are you currently seeing somebody? If so, who?
No. 13261 ID: 632862

...are we going to be able to use this information in the quest?
No. 13262 ID: 701a19

I'm trying either way. :V
No. 13270 ID: 85f48f

>Chel, are you thinking with portals?

Hah, you win 5 internets.
No. 13271 ID: 1ac39d

wait.... the fact that the time when she is able to answer questions is before she has a daughter... the king soul petrified her then has sex with her comatose body, she got pregnant because her body still works.
No. 13272 ID: 701a19

Yes, that's why I want to know what her relationships are.
Was she dating Norar?
Did she snub him?
Did he watch her from afar and then decide to take her?
Was she involved with somebody Norar disliked?

This information is useful.
No. 13339 ID: cf68aa
File 126994767487.png - (16.06KB , 440x515 , chelskills.png )

Chel's stats
No. 13357 ID: cf68aa
File 126999388578.png - (12.43KB , 440x515 , Felixskills.png )

Felix's Skillz
No. 13527 ID: 5b0294

Bleeding to death and being reborn in a new body is one hell of a first period.
No. 13688 ID: 701a19
File 127062045717.png - (13.43KB , 397x547 , ReltDeriSkills.png )

Relt Deri's skillcard
No. 13710 ID: 7b538c

Am I the only person who thinks Alex is a bitch? I've read this from pretty much the beginning, and I can't believe quest in general has been so vehement about her hooking up with Cecil. She's a freaking lesbian pining for her now unwillingly transgender childhood friend. Just the fact that she doesn't want him to become a man again is wrong.

God this quest is dysfunctional on so many levels.

I like how as an entity the voices have more power than most individual characters though.
No. 13717 ID: 7524b0

We only wanted Alex and Cecil to be together because they love eachother... despite how selfish Alex can be.
No. 13736 ID: 701a19

Right now he's a willingly transgender childhood friend, and while Alex may be selfish you need to remember that she knew from day one that helping Cecil meant becoming an enemy of the biggest of big bads on the island.
Beyond that she internally justifies her behavior; she thought Cecil would love being a woman if he gave it a chance, for example.

Besides that? We beat her in that department in both severity and number by orders of magnitude. The only difference is that things generally work out ok when we do it.
No. 13739 ID: 897aba

I don't see any problem with Alex's character, personally. She's attracted to females but didn't want to admit that she was a lesbian. That's a pretty understandable character flaw, and one that we've managed to coax her out of. I think that it worked well, and gave Alex quite a bit of personality.

If anything, I think Alex's recent actions have been the most unbelievable. I mean, just one hour after accepting a proposal for marriage, she was told that the whole point of the proposal was for Cecil to get a threesome. And the third person was a 10-year old little girl. Heck, I was expecting Alex to walk out on the party at that point, or at least not talk to the crystals anymore.

Instead, she went back and agreed to a make-out session with Nari instead.

I understand that Cecil is blank enough that he will follow just about anything the voices recommend, but Alex didn't seem so easy to manipulate before. Convenient for the plans of the three-way soul bind, yes, but it still feels weirdly out of character for Alex.
No. 13741 ID: e9a4f7

I can answer a bit of that. The kissing is a result of the Soul Bind. Cecil did the same thing and has expressed no desire to do it again since, the same will go for Alex.

As for why she went back... She loves Cecil and the thought of immortality is something one does not turn down.
No. 13742 ID: e3f578

Goddammit, shit like this is why I hate love. All this confusing bullshit with emotions. Can't everyone just fuck like mindless beasts without adding all this bullshit? "I don't wanna be with you and make believe with you, harmony harmony oh casual sex."
No. 13750 ID: 7524b0

>10-year old

Wrong wrong wrong. She's over 30, but was prevented from developing much emotionally (and thus, physically, due to how Dark Elves work) due to the way her father treated her. Once she stood up to him, she was able to develop physically. The emotional development and sex-related knowledge comes later.

As for Alex, we kindof threw all sorts of possible situations at her at once. We didn't just go "We want a threesome", it was more like "We want Nari to feel loved, and a threesome is one possible way to do that." We definitely never said Alex that Cecil only proposed to her so that he could get with two chicks.
No. 13836 ID: 701a19
File 127095610024.png - (49.17KB , 1394x878 , Codesheet.png )

The codec.
No. 13838 ID: 7524b0

<Larro>I shall explain the red stone one more time
<Larro>It's been used twice now so it is at %98 charge
<Larro>it can be used to cast normal spell 98 more times
<Larro>I roll a d100 to determine how efective the spell is
<Larro>1 results in critical failure
<Larro>a heal spell would make the target explode
(rolling a 100 is a critical success)
<Larro>While rolling a 100 would heal all wounds and make them immune to damage for a bit
<Larro>It can not cast soul magic
<Larro>It can not cast alchemy
<Larro>And it is sentient
<Larro>that is all

(when asked about Time Magic)
<Larro>I can neither confirm nor deny that
No. 13937 ID: 34ca27

I think we should get a rundown of what those grimoires we have contain, before we fag up the quest any worse. Not that we won't anyways, but it's one less thing to herpaderp about.
No. 13949 ID: cf68aa

>Ah yes, the grimoires. I've been skimming through all of them for the past few days and read some of the content. The Wizard and Alchemy ones contain detailed instructions on how to cast those spells while the others only talk about the theory behind theme. It seems I still need a time mage to fully grasp Time Magic.

>Hope this helps and feel free to ask me anything.
No. 13954 ID: 1515c6

What does the tome on Merfolk magic have that the one on all magic does not?
Usage guides to abilities? Advanced techniques?
No. 13963 ID: 1fd472

Do they have any guidelines on how to mix magic using the orbed staves? Or are we just going to have to test it out.
No. 14000 ID: 1ef611

So, as amusing as it is to watch Alex by sex magic, what are our plans for the future? It looks like we'll be heading out to the ruins of the school after we're done with this vacation, although it seems we forgot to leave any way to contact Gene when that time comes.

We will no doubt be visiting the Light Elves and Merfolk to learn Time and (if possible) Song magic as well, along with sharing spells between party members. Those look more like long term plans.

What else are we looking at? We've dug into demon magic, sage magic, sex magic, crafting magic, dark magic, and a book on magic circles. Are we just buying whatever random junk comes to mind, or is there some sort of plan that nobody outside of IRC at certain hours knows about?

For that matter, we need some sort of plan. "Find magic to get stronger" was a nice excuse to begin travelling on, but I think we need to gain a bit for focus. The fight with Gene pointed out that we still stink in combat, even against an equal opponent. We either need effective tactics or some plan that doesn't revolve around combat.
No. 14002 ID: e3f578

We should totally look into blood magic ~nyoro
No. 14003 ID: e9a4f7

I agree. And unfortunately a lot of discussion happens in the Irc WHICH SHOULD BE PUT HERE! IN THE DISCUSSION THREAD!!!! GAH! As for the overall plan what I can gather is that in the one month time period that Cecil has left to defeat Dart Tgchan wants him to learn more magic. In the fight against Gene Cecil won mostly because he had Soul Magic so learning other spells will help as well.

I think most of the wandering around is due to the fact that no one knows what Dart is capable of. The only magic seen from him so far is that Mega Warp thing and Shoujen, both of which are very dangerous.

But there are several paths for people to consider. Cecil could become a Dark Mana wizard himself, Convince people like Fai and General Norue to join his side, or level grind until he's strong enough.

The fight with Gene was done just to show that the Level Cecil is at now is not good enough. Without his own mana he was in serious trouble. An all out fight might not end to well.

I really hope you guys will discuss Cecil and how his journey is going here.
No. 14004 ID: e9a4f7


Also one of the original plans involved letting Cecil work under Dart as like a maid then assassinate him. I kinda liked that one.
No. 14005 ID: 1ac39d

that was before we got all this stuff. it was the quick and dirty plan that wont work now that we have friends because dart could have us do something REALLY evil to prove loyalty.
No. 14006 ID: 1ef611

I'm not opposed to Blood Magic, I'm just not quite sure what the point would be. Transferring health into mana would be quite useful, especially considering that Dart will likely drop Cecil in a single hit anyways. That sounds more like a useful technique to develop, rather than creating a whole school around it.

What I'd really like to see is a way of casting from two sources at once, somehow. We now have a way to cast multiple spells at once, although at decreases power. In an emergency, though, being able to cast one spell at full power (using mana) and a second at full power (using soul) would be invaluable, even if we only do so rarely.
No. 14009 ID: 1ef611

I'm also wondering what's going to happen when the I Shop merchant decides to call in all this dept we've been racking up for Cecil. Cecil doesn't likely have the cash he's spending, and the merchant didn't exactly imply anything pleasant the last time we asked about alternate payments.
No. 14018 ID: 7524b0

Hahaha, actually we probably have more than enough to cover it. We have like 30k moneys right now, remember?

Worst case scenario we could borrow funds from RJ. She's got a few platinums on hand, and who knows how much stashed away.

Personally I think the Red Stone will be instrumental in killing Dart. We need to find out if the spirit inside it is willing to sacrifice themselves to kill him. If so, then all we have to do is get the Red Stone into Dart's hands, then just let loose with as many spells at once as we can manage. Ending with Meteor if we can't kill him with normal power.
No. 14039 ID: d6fef9

I wonder if we can sell or exchange things with the I-Shop guy. Like say, if we gave him knowledge of soul magic, and got that phoenix down magic in exchange. At least we could come up with a handy new spell and sell it to him to reduce our debt.

Anyone think it could be a good idea to just ask the guy what some useful things to have or know to defeat Dart? I mean why not, I doubt there is much he doesn't know anyways.
No. 14044 ID: 701a19

Why not just ask him how much it would cost for a spell which would kill Dart instantly from anywhere? One with a money-back guarantee, of course.
No. 14046 ID: 7524b0

Instant Death spells are illegal.
No. 14047 ID: 1ac39d

well, what if we paid him to cast it instead of buying the spell? he is 'above the law'
No. 14050 ID: 701a19

I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be convicted.
"Cecil Von Central III, you are hereby charged with the use of an illegal spell. How do you plead?"
"It killed Dart."
"Why is this man in my courtroom and not receiving a medal?"
No. 14125 ID: 28ca5d

I've been thinking about this a bit more, and I've realized we have another option available. After all, we are journeying around the countryside to gain alliances with mages far more powerful than we are. We have a means of real-time communication over any known distance.

Perhaps the key isn't in developing some new autokillDart spell or a new branch of magic which Dart will overpower anyways. Rather, let's look at if it is possible to develop some kind of group-casting spell, either through the cell stones or usable from a distance. While we don't have the power to do anything terribly impressive, even as a group, we could coordinate three or four masters to cast a spell at the same time. Something like a Turn Off Dark Magic At Area X spell would be quite valuable for a final assault.

Of course, this would involve researching both the combined-casting-at-range method with whatever spell we choose. On the other hand, we honestly don't have any other research planned at the moment.
No. 14180 ID: 701a19

Sure we do.
I've been pushing for Cecil to create a new circle of magic dedicated entirely to altering the natural state of things. Rather than spells like Shoujen and Shenjou that apply modifications to a person's form, we create spells that alter the basic nature of the person themselves.
Once that is done, any healing magic used would serve to push their current form to their new natural form.
If we could let a bauble trapped with such a spell fall into Dart's hands, then any healing magic applied would backfire horrifically. It doesn't even need to be a major change; if we changed his natural state so that there was a nerve disconnect between the 2nd and 3rd vertebra of his spinal column, then the next time he was healed he would simply fall over dead. No warning, no chance to react, and no manner of healing could save him.
Naturally, Cecil would never share the secrets of that kind of spell, since the danger it would pose would be much too great.
No. 14181 ID: 1ac39d

oh. that is dastardly cunning... so you are saying you would make it so the heal spell thinks he is hurt when he is not, causing something horrible.
No. 14182 ID: 28ca5d

While the idea of Warp Magic sounds about as viable as my idea of Anti-Dark Magic, just how are we planning on ensuring that Dart holds onto this object long enough to receive healing? I wouldn't be inclined to use random magical objects I find on the roadside until I have a good understanding of what they do; I suspect Dart will be the same.

I mean, if Cecil had something incredibly valuable on him - say, a philosopher stone tainted with Warp Magic - then we could trick Dart into using it after Cecil died. That would eventually work, although as a postmortem victory.
No. 14183 ID: 1ac39d

or he can enchant a cell-stone. if he gives it to a minion then we can use it on them instead.
No. 14184 ID: 701a19

My understanding is that heal spells don't actually know if a person is wounded or not. Instead they work by changing how the person is into how they should be.
That's why it's possible for them to regrow lost limbs, heal old wounds, and remove scar tissue; that's all beyond the capabilities of the body's ability to heal, and for old wounds or scars there isn't actually a wound to heal.
Logically, healing magic must then work by trying to force a person's body to be the way it's supposed to be.
This is further supported by Nari's bleeding becoming worse when she was healed; her body's natural state was bleeding, so healing magic helped that along.

You have the idea right, I'm just clarifying the specifics. :3
No. 14185 ID: 1ac39d

so make him undergo elven puberty but just die because he has no adult form.
No. 14186 ID: 701a19

This is what I've been talking about when I say "Blood magic".

Also, you're missing the point. The spell doesn't heal him itself, it's an instant-effect that changes his natural form. That's all.
Also, the point of a trapped item is that it triggers when the target touches it. If we could learn Dart's name, then we could use that as the trigger.

Oh, and being able to alter the nature of things would allow us to change Cecil's true name, thus rendering all such magic useless against him.
No. 14218 ID: 701a19
File 127153714212.png - (343B , 16x16 , TheRedStone_Favicon.png )

Here's a favicon for The Red Stone.
No. 14219 ID: 701a19
File 127153719886.gif - (896B , 16x16 , Shoujen_favicon_test.gif )

... and the one for Shoujen, just for the sake of having it in this thread.
No. 14251 ID: cf68aa
File 127157371070.png - (23.74KB , 500x550 , Nari colored.png )

Okay, People were asking what color Nari and some of the others were. Well here's Nari in FULL COLOR.
No. 14252 ID: 1ac39d

SQUEEEEE, she is adorable!
No. 14271 ID: 58f4ea

Oh, she's THIS kind of dark! xD
No. 14281 ID: d12053

Little brown girls, etc. etc. etc.
No. 14291 ID: a73abd
File 12716105068.gif - (167.20KB , 500x550 , narihair.gif )

Heh heh.
No. 14309 ID: bfe351

Neh, blue suits her skin better.
No. 14323 ID: d6fef9

Psst... expand the image for the full effect.
No. 14327 ID: 1ac39d

it's like some kind of hair-rave.
No. 14328 ID: 43d730

No. 14339 ID: 620bfb

Oh god it's hypnotizing. Or possibly highly dangerous.
No. 14348 ID: cf68aa
File 127166186156.png - (61.28KB , 801x481 , flock2.png )

Something from the Flockdraw a few days back
No. 14350 ID: 701a19
File 127166235734.png - (28.44KB , 801x481 , RJ and Felix kid.png )

Also this
No. 14351 ID: 701a19
File 127166253413.png - (30.84KB , 801x481 , RJ and Felix.png )

This too...
No. 14352 ID: 701a19
File 127166263644.png - (21.39KB , 801x481 , fh2qk7gocjywgs8csc4.png )

Bonus pic
No. 14355 ID: 1ac39d

this makes me feel :3
and it could happen, they screwed each-other's brains out and i don't think i saw any protection.
No. 14356 ID: 1ac39d

let's see, assuming RJ is 1/4th mermaid...
1/8th mermaid, a quarter each elf and 3/8ths human.
No. 14692 ID: cf68aa
File 127210102777.png - (177.96KB , 1088x1060 , sketch1.png )

Art stuff
No. 14693 ID: cf68aa
File 127210104642.png - (31.80KB , 542x529 , gaia.png )

No. 14694 ID: 1ac39d

are we gonna hive to kill him to see the other part of his head?
No. 14768 ID: 1ac39d

i am mad and angry over revealing that we know laura is dead.
No. 14769 ID: 7524b0

You aren't in IRC, I gather?

We decided to go ahead with the rewind.
No. 14770 ID: 1ac39d

my mad anger has been abated.
No. 14826 ID: 701a19

No. 14829 ID: 1ac39d

that was pretty good.
No. 14830 ID: cf68aa


Glad you like it. Took me forever to finish.
No. 14831 ID: 701a19
File 127226747273.png - (15.15KB , 801x481 , amysky.png )

Amy Sky
No. 14858 ID: 4531bc

Who did the music? How was it produced?
No. 14859 ID: e9a4f7


Ah, the music was already there, it's a meme.
So I just used the already made music and showed the cast of Shoujen playing it.
No. 14917 ID: b7aca4

I believe it is a remake of one of the Super Mario World songs, although it has be far too long for me to identify which stages had it. u_u

Other than that, very nice video Larro. Quite fitting too, especially with Alex and Nari. Alex must hate cymbals now.
No. 15018 ID: 701a19

Gene: Why are you such a jerk?

Dart: Since we know you don't eat the line you feed, can you tell us what actually motivates you?
Also, why is Gene such a jerk?
No. 15032 ID: 701a19

Dart: Oh, another question. What did you do to spark so much hate? All the actions we've seen you take have been reactionary, but those are themselves reactionary actions. What started all this?
Also, what do you do for fun?
No. 15462 ID: a85626


Oh, sorry I thought >>/quest/175816 had mentioned Cecil. It's not that dumb. ._.

And didn't Cecil start out with an orby thing? I could swear he did. And when Alex got her hands on it that's how we managed to tap into her impromptu cell stone network. Since we went from one stone to another. Right?
No. 15463 ID: 1ac39d

nope, the orb Cecil had was just a restraint for the Shojen curse. got rid of it after Rai worked his magi to null the mindslave part of the curse.
No. 15464 ID: 701a19

We still have the orb, we just aren't using it for anything.
No. 15496 ID: a85626

Aw fuck I really am dumb. >>/quest/176056 was supposed to be in reply to this thread not the one in /quest/
No. 15687 ID: 1ac39d

okay guys. dart has just shown that he is irrevocably evil. from now on, no matter how much of a sob story a minion spins, we remember that.
No. 15690 ID: e3f578

Larro, bro, why you do this? Why did you choose to implement the least competent suggestion in the history of tgchan? Granted it was the only one but could you have waited for others to wake up? Was it the need for drama or like... something about not railroading at all? Or are you the best Questmaking troll this side of Los Angeles that isn't Reaver? If so...

that was fucking beautiful. 11/10 would rage again.
No. 15691 ID: a85626

The troll is a lie. c:
No. 15698 ID: a594b9


Especially Seven. (of course he kinda needed to get knocked down a peg anyway...)
No. 15701 ID: cf68aa


No. 15885 ID: a85626

>> King outlaws Zeroon

>> 2 minutes pass

>> Gene gets murdered

No. 15886 ID: 1ac39d

i must admit, the odds are such that it seems like someone planed for it.
No. 15902 ID: a594b9

The contradiction is that Rai fixed Cecil's Shoujen, in private. He could have lied and let it take hold, giving him a fake ring.

Rai is NOT allied with Dart. However, one of his advisors may be. That, or the person who reported people losing their souls via Zeroon.

It could also be a coincidence. (Or GM fiat)
No. 15921 ID: a85626


Nobody loses their souls by Zeroon. The idea is that you might be so desperate to heal your dear old Nanna that you'll sacrifice 3 of the neighbors and eat their souls to power your dark ritual, making the one you love hale and whole again. So obviously if it's illegal you won't do that at all.
No. 15925 ID: 620bfb

Because we all know making thing illegal stops them from being used entirely.
No. 15932 ID: a594b9

According to Larro, when you run out of mana, you randomly drain Dark Mana from targets around you to continue to fuel the spell.
No. 15942 ID: 701a19

No. Running out of mana and continuing to cast results in random destruction of yourself and/or others.
Intentionally using dark mana lets you choose what gets destroyed.

>Resurrect Amy from the dead using Zeroon
>Zeroon banned within 24 hours.

A peg? I'm clearly not trying hard enough. :V
No. 15943 ID: a594b9

>No. Running out of mana and continuing to cast results in random destruction of yourself and/or others.
>Intentionally using dark mana lets you choose what gets destroyed.

Uh... That's what I said. Though perhaps I phrased it in a way that did not include the caster. That was an error.

Also, you're better at cooperating with the rest of us than you used to be.
No. 16124 ID: 701a19

Well, that or I've managed to subvert your thoughts so that my insanity seems logical.
Either or. ^^

King Rai: Why are you such an unreasonable douchebag?
No. 16163 ID: 3afd1f

Demons come from the Red World, and there's some form of life in the Dark World, right?

Theory: Demons and Darkworlders are both those reborn when a soul moves on from the material world. Demons are evil souls. Darkworlders are simply those who are consumed by Red Tincture.

I'm fairly sure about this. Larro has never said that souls consumed by Red Tincture are destroyed. The only confirmed soul death comes from when a soulless fully digests a soul.

There may be a third realm where good or neutral souls go.
No. 16333 ID: e9a4f7

Larro here.

I'm putting Shoujen on hold for a while until I feel up to running it again.

Sorry for anyone who was into the current arc. It'll be back though as I've invested far to much time and energy into it to let Cecil's story go untold.
No. 16350 ID: e9a4f7

>Seeing people yelling at each other over quest suggestions makes people not want to suggest, adds drama, and makes me want to quit making my quest.

Taken from /meep/. That about sums up how I feel.
No. 16362 ID: 701a19

He said that souls killed via soulless devouring, red tincture consumption, and Dark Mana all go to "Mu".

I'm sorry for the part I've played in that, Larro. D:
No. 16370 ID: a594b9

><Shiitake> So all souls eaten or consumed via dark mana or red tincture go to 'Mu'?
><Larro> As far as most people know

Keep in mind that the souls of Amy Sky and Laura were disturbed by the incident at the school. That was Dark Mana right? They were not sent to 'Mu'...

There is more to this than the 'accepted' truth. I suspect that there is no such thing as true soul death. Each method of 'destroying' a soul sends it to a different realm.
No. 16377 ID: 701a19

Somebody's soul goes to the dark world when they're killed by magic, not when they're consumed for dark mana.
No. 16382 ID: 1ac39d

ah yes, but they have been stuck in there for how many years? and it takes a soulless about 1 year to digest a soul.
No. 16387 ID: a594b9

Why do you say that? Why would it even be different anyway? Someone getting their head chopped off dies just about the same way if it's a sword or a Soul Blade. I mean, you can't just have someone's cause of death be 'magical causes' unless it's via Thead.
No. 16412 ID: 1ac39d

powerful other magics would work too, like zerin and omega.
No. 16433 ID: a594b9

I figured the cause of death in that case would be 'disintegration'.
No. 16443 ID: a594b9

I mistakenly thought that Chel came up with the waterworks idea on her own.

MAD PROPS to Dirtbag for that.
No. 16470 ID: c4c313


Dart is being compelled by voices in his head to cast feminizing and mind bondage spells on everyone he meets. That sounds exactly like tgchan.
No. 16471 ID: 1ac39d

any women he meets he casts the opposite that turns them into a dude. and he doesn't sleep with them he just makes the do his bidding. and it's not voices, it's just one very loud angry one.
No. 16472 ID: cf68aa

>and he doesn't sleep with them

No. 16489 ID: a594b9

As far as we know.

SO ANYWAY, Larro... since there seems to be some confusion, can you clear something up?

How strong is the Red Stone's casting power compared to Cecil's?

Is a roll of 99 basically 99% of Cecil's casting power? And so forth? Or is it more complicated than that? Perhaps the Stone has a natural 50% boost to spellpower, so that if we get a roll of 67 or better it's a stronger spell than Cecil can cast?
No. 16593 ID: ab04d4
File 127535196960.png - (811.09KB , 1001x580 , 127503819427.png )

No. 16611 ID: 014ff1
File 127536172538.gif - (21.31KB , 525x700 , anime face.gif )

I never read this quest because all I see is this every update.
No. 16613 ID: cf68aa

Is the problem in the style of drawing or how it's drawn?

You're not giving me enough info to work with here.

Also I'm always open to suggestions so if you have some advice it's always welcome.
No. 16614 ID: cf68aa

Anything above a 60% is stronger then what Cecil can cast himself.
No. 16615 ID: cf68aa

Let me explain a bit here.

People are sent to Dark World 'only' if their souls were eaten by a soulless. If they're completely destroyed by strong magic they..

Well something else happen to them.
No. 16617 ID: a594b9

So then it's approximately a 67% boost in power. Gotcha.
No. 16640 ID: 701a19

We know that if the Red Stone casts:
*Meteor it would be destroyed
*Zerin it would lose half its maximum charges
*Blessed anything it's disabled for a week

So, what other spells would affect it? For worse OR for better?
No. 17802 ID: cf68aa
File 127674031731.png - (40.49KB , 693x526 , tablet2.png )



>"I love you"

"Heh, I love you too"
No. 17979 ID: 701a19
File 127693367063.png - (89.67KB , 801x481 , f2jtzps43dxwwswggcg.png )

Rai summoning Demon Amy.
No. 17980 ID: 701a19
File 12769337036.png - (55.50KB , 801x481 , dzbi8lplw8wl4wo48gg.png )

Dart eating a bagel.
No. 17981 ID: 701a19
File 12769337714.png - (47.34KB , 801x481 , kvkbmi6j38m54cgwo0.png )

The child of Cecil+Alex+Nari
No. 17982 ID: 701a19
File 127693379425.png - (39.39KB , 801x481 , l8i80m75biey8soo0s.png )

L and Amy cuddling
No. 17983 ID: 701a19
File 127693382792.png - (50.74KB , 801x481 , 1bsfkhuiwjtrhckoc0g.png )

Cecil, Alex, and Nari relaxing on a beach.
No. 17984 ID: 701a19
File 127693387399.png - (35.49KB , 801x481 , i1vni3kesj66g4kggcw.png )

The girl in the box.
No. 18523 ID: 701a19
File 127762216146.png - (38.89KB , 801x481 , Nari MCecil Alex cuddling.png )

No. 18524 ID: 701a19
File 127762219216.png - (44.75KB , 801x481 , 32 and 34 eating oranges.png )

No. 18525 ID: 701a19
File 127762220712.png - (63.34KB , 801x481 , Dart Laughing on mountain.png )

No. 18529 ID: a594b9

A bit gamebreaky:

Multiple Red Cell Stones. Sure, the drawback of the week cooldown went a long way towards balancing Blessed spells... but if Cecil has a whole bunch of them he can use them a LOT. It's like having a bunch of single-shot pistols.

We're heading into the Dark World and Cecil has both the Goldeon Dagger and the Alimentor so he could basically stomp around collecting partially-eaten souls for this.

Best thing is this a karmically-neutral act, since the souls aren't in pain when used this way and we can just heal or release them after they get drained.
No. 18915 ID: 701a19
File Cant_Decide.swf - (6.52MB , 550x400 , Cant Decide.swf )

The music works as Rai's theme. The video itself seems to fits his relationship with Dart.

No. 18916 ID: cfab98

No. 18942 ID: cf68aa
File 127811446827.png - (80.09KB , 408x433 , Bonus.png )

After 1300 updates Shoujen is finally at it's end.

It's been a blast running it and you all have been great.

As a bonus here's Alex's daughter Anya. In the end Cecil managed to put a little of Nari into the baby.

Oh and one more thing. To anyone wondering who the hell Tikka is check this link http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tikka#Finnish

No. 18944 ID: 31cbfc

Oh f...
you sneaky bastard you~
No. 18946 ID: e3f578

Goddamn woodpeckers, always fuckin' shit up
No. 18967 ID: 1e9d01


I even said that in chat :D
No. 18985 ID: 701a19

So, what's up with the possession mark on Tikka?
No. 18999 ID: 3bb7c1

just a tattoo
No. 19056 ID: 1e9d01

A tattoo put there on purpose, both to give us a hint as to her true identity, and to remind us that she wasn't fully responsible for her actions.

I was tempted to tell Cecil who it was, but wanted Tikka to be happy. Maybe later, after Cecil gets to know her better, he'll figure it out on his own and forgive her.
No. 19316 ID: 701a19

This thread is now about Amorphia.
No. 19320 ID: d99964

This thread is now about adorableness.
No. 19345 ID: a594b9

How about we make a new thread instead, hmm?
No. 19346 ID: df7322

let's ask larro. if he says to split them then split them but right now this would be the larro's quests discussion thread.
No. 19735 ID: cf68aa
File 127898776639.png - (95.28KB , 500x500 , 1.png )

Let's start the voting now for Shoujen's spiritual sequel.

A, the Rock Golem with massive destructive force but low energy
B, the Paper Golem with High energy and defense but low raw power?

Both are on a quest to gather the sacred Items which are said to grant great power, for a price.
These Items were encountered in Shoujen as the one that stole Chel's powers and gave Cecil his.
No. 19736 ID: 701a19

I'd hardly say it gave him his power, seeing as how we only used, what, one spell from it? And even that was of dubious utility.

Lets start with the 'guy'.
No. 19738 ID: d78b61

let's go with girl, i liked agent paper. also regardless of what you have planned they will have babies together because that is how we roll.
No. 19739 ID: 701a19

Not with what I have planned! :3
No. 19740 ID: 620bfb

Scissors Golem.

Failing that Paper.
No. 19747 ID: 8e7d2a

The guy.

I love that blindfold.
No. 19749 ID: e31d52

No. 19750 ID: a594b9

No. 19780 ID: ba89cc

Stone guy.
He shall be called Rock
No. 19781 ID: 8843e6

Seconding Rock
No. 19782 ID: d586b6

Yeah, pick the guy. We'll be running into the girl at some point anyway, right?
No. 19786 ID: c2c011

No. 20687 ID: cf68aa
File 127994688345.png - (113.65KB , 500x500 , meeting.png )

No. 20688 ID: cf68aa
File 127994692074.png - (83.37KB , 500x500 , paradox.png )

>Draw Tikka and Dart meeting
No. 20689 ID: cf68aa
File 127994695754.png - (96.28KB , 500x500 , stamenpt1.png )

Sevi with a stamen
No. 20690 ID: cf68aa
File 127994697822.png - (104.11KB , 500x500 , stamenpt2.png )

Part 2
No. 20691 ID: cf68aa
File 127994701098.png - (81.14KB , 1000x400 , timeline.png )

Shoujen Timeline
No. 20692 ID: cf68aa
File 127994702730.png - (85.42KB , 900x500 , timeline2.png )

Nari's timeline
No. 21159 ID: cf68aa
File 128073972930.png - (71.94KB , 500x500 , bathtime.png )

Zerlina x Wendy bath time
No. 21160 ID: cf68aa
File 128073979978.png - (95.74KB , 500x500 , tease.png )

Alex teasing RJ
No. 21161 ID: cf68aa
File 128073983679.png - (104.87KB , 500x500 , prego.png )

The meeting
No. 21177 ID: 131a1a

Is she bathing with exposed wires sticking out of her arm?
No. 21188 ID: a4ad64

not wire, just bits of metal bone.
No. 22294 ID: cf68aa
File 128281348750.png - (277.51KB , 500x3769 , Kentrasad.png )

A mini comic I did, inspired by Starburst. The maroon lines separate each page.

Part 1
No. 22296 ID: cf68aa
File 128281392058.png - (296.37KB , 500x3209 , kentrasad2.png )

Part 2.
Kentra so needs Sevi back.
No. 22471 ID: 97cb33

so, Tikka, you supposedly have a large collection of notes on other species. exactly what are these notes on?
No. 22475 ID: 701a19

@Cecil: What's been going on in the years that we've been trapped in this dark and inky void? The last we really spent time with you, you were looking horribly worn-out and we told Alex she was pregnant.
Also: "Tikka" is the word for a specific kind of ornamental forehead mark, a cut of meat and the dishes it's used in, the Finnish word for a Sparrow or Woodpecker or - and this is interesting if you look at her face - for a Dart.

How many of these have you slept with? For 'research', of course.
No. 22476 ID: cf68aa
File 128338287690.png - (69.46KB , 500x500 , Tikka1.png )

The notes vary from species to species. It really depends on what I want to know on them and how much I get to learn. They're all handwritten and mostly about simple things like anatomy and stuff like that. I've also been trying to chart out all the different possible cross breeds but being stuck in the Dark Elf City hinders that.

[Cecil can not be contacted at this moment. Please leave your name and number and try again later. Thank you.]

What!? I don't sleep with anyone! I make sure to take care of my own urges privately at least once a day. It helps me resist any temptations. Any examination I conduct is purely scientific.
No. 22477 ID: e31d52

Sure, Tikka. Sure.
No. 22478 ID: 97cb33

so you are stuck in town? i thought you just didn't want to leave your notes? just get a wagon.
No. 22479 ID: 701a19

So, basically, you need to get out and travel the world in order to chart breeding results.
How about you ask the I Shop for a Notebook of Holding that's capable of reproducing anything it 'sees'?
Aside from being incredibly convenient, it would also enable you to take all your notes with you on your travels with Gram AND save images for further examination later.
No. 22497 ID: a594b9

So I guess you don't ask anyone to do any breeding experiments because you don't want to deal with having to get pregnant and then raising the baby, etc?
No. 22500 ID: cf68aa
File 128341584411.png - (69.76KB , 500x500 , Tikka2.png )

Taking so many notes with me would be a pain. If I had some bag of holding or something I'd do it but otherwise it's just easier to stay put.

Hmm.. If I could get one of those I'd have no problem with it then.

Exactly. maybe if I were male it'd be different but I'm stuck in a girl body. Watching is about all I can do,
No. 22501 ID: 701a19

So you'll only engage in breeding experiments yourself if you want a kid, or if you want to create a crossbreed with a more... Personal touch.

On a related topic, how well have you been playing the role of Aunt to Anya?
No. 22503 ID: 701a19

Say, Tikka, about how pissed would Cecil be if you commissioned the creation of an artifact-level object on his tab without asking? Scale of 1-10?
No. 22537 ID: 701a19

What kinds of magic do you specialize in? How competent with them are you?
No. 22538 ID: cf68aa
File 128350015127.png - (71.13KB , 500x500 , Tikka3.png )

I don't think he'd even notice.

Uhm... I'm pretty good in Wizard spells. Cecil says I'm like Magi level for that. Actually I'm good in all the branches of magic except Soul Magic. something about having a unstable soul. It's not exactly common but it happens. Not like I needed it anyway. Also I kinda have a hard time with alchemy. So I guess Wizard Magic is my forte.

Yeah pretty much. I mean, I'm a human so me and any species mating is kinda predictable. I wanna save myself for something 'really' special. times like these were i wish I were male..

As for Anya she and I are cool. We get along well enough and we spar sometimes.
No. 22651 ID: cf68aa
File 128368705170.png - (431.63KB , 3000x1888 , 2010-9-5-0.png )

OC pics
No. 23036 ID: cf68aa
File 128427944099.png - (100.44KB , 384x500 , teri.png )

No. 23731 ID: 644ca1

I know we used Item 21 to try and heal Teri and it didn't work, but didn't the I Shop guy say that Item 21 was the cure? Why haven't we asked him about that yet?
No. 23732 ID: 6f044f

.... that is a very good question
No. 23733 ID: 701a19

Good question! Lets make Gram ask!
No. 23734 ID: 701a19

Half-dragon babies.
If you had the chance would you immediately leap upon it?
No. 23735 ID: cf68aa
File 128570153067.png - (72.47KB , 500x500 , Tikka4.png )

I don't know...
Depends on the guy I guess. Not gonna mate with him if he's a jerk.
No. 23736 ID: 701a19

There are, what, one or two male dragons left?
This would be beyond a once-in-a-lifetime chance. It would be more of a once-in-all-of-time chance.

How about this: When Anya starts dating, what species would you want them to be?
Are you looking forward to motherhood? Or just the joy of experimenting?
No. 25055 ID: fa4748

Tikka we know you were once a man :O
No. 25062 ID: 701a19

So, Tikka, how do you feel about the fact that you're Dart after a gender-swap and mind-wipe?
No. 30800 ID: 701a19

Here's a quick-and-dirty contract for Mimi:

Task: Be a safe-haven mimic*
Role: 'Mimic' Mimi
--By mutual agreement
--By choice if mistreated
--Agree to a new contract with current contract holder.

*Explanation: Her task is to provide a safe place for Art and his loved ones to store items, and as a residence when her domain becomes large enough for the task. She is contractually forbidden from eating her master's soul, or the souls of anybody who Art considers family.

Alternatively, go with an interim contract:
Task: Help Art decide on a new contract
Role: 'Variable' Mimi

--Agree to a new contract with current contract holder.
No. 30957 ID: 223884

Sounds good, but I think we should specify on the "whoever Art considers family" thing. Art would probably have to specify to Mimi beforehand who he considers important enough to be spared a good soulsucking.
No. 31018 ID: 75d7a9

i think the word 'mistreated ' is too ambiguous. she could decide that denial of a big bowl of ice cream is too mean and eat the guy.
No. 31031 ID: 40cb26

I think it's plenty enough to say that she isn't allowed to eat souls without a direct order or specific permission given beforehand.
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