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File 148087257018.png - (220.29KB , 600x600 , The Sunfish dispage.png )
106228 No. 106228 ID: b073ca

Oh hey, here's a discussion thread. Hopefully I use this one a bit more than the CoW one.
Expand all images
No. 106232 ID: ca0e20

I was wondering if this is a continuation of anything. It might not be, but an element I'm currently forgetting made me think like this quest was following another quest.

Also, I like the idea of using the term "pinch" and using a "Pinch Drive" as a way to travel through space quickly.
No. 106237 ID: b073ca

Its not intended as continuation of anything, its intended to be completely stand alone. I'm sure I'll end up pulling ideas from other sources, but for the most part should be unintentional.

Also thanks! I actually had some kind of bottled black hole drive idea that I played around with that involved sheets of radioactive lead to make a gravitational wave that ships would surf on. But I like pinch drive much better. I don't have to explain how it works because the name says what it does. If the story demands an explanation for how it works I'm sure I can provide something, but for now its nice and simple.
No. 106238 ID: a70fe1

Oh thank goodness this appeared quickly, I can mention how damn pretty Annie is without disrupting actual suggestions.

Also really liked the gear selection btw, quite clever ideas all-round.
I think I should mention the Shield Pack especially looked very useful but the low charge count probably put people off.
No. 106239 ID: b073ca

I was a little disappointed no one voted for the shieldpack , but I really did like the results. Honestly the equipment choices gave me a good kind of roadmap for what kind of challenges to give Sam and her crew. I also wanted to get an idea of how often I need to give them more equipment, since I'm hoping for them to be able to scavenge for more crap over the course of the adventure.

Inventory management and puzzle design have never really been my strong suit, but I'm hoping to do a better job this time.

I'm actually really happy that people chose the tapegun for two reasons. Improvising weapons are a classic quest trope, and I think the tape has a lot of potential for creative solutions to problems as well as jury rigging objects together into awesome combo weapons. Also I'm really hype about it because I literally made it up on the fly to round out the selection to 8 objects. I forget what the exact thought process was, but it ended up being a fucking tape gun and I love it.
No. 106240 ID: 91ee5f

I chose the tape gun because I was thinking about Dead Rising and I thought, "Hey, maybe we can do that here?" Just not as outlandish as what happens in Dad Rising.
No. 106241 ID: b073ca

actually Im a little surprised no one suggested using the tape to stick two of the items together right off the bat. I'm not sure how I would have handled it, but I think I'd have to at least considered it.
No. 106244 ID: db0da2

I think we assumed that it wouldn't work, because if that sort of thing did work then what would be stopping us from just holding more than two things at once?
No. 106247 ID: 188451

I still love your art (the characters are so expressive) and writing. Can't wait to see where this gets going.
No. 106282 ID: bb78f2

I'm surprised if all it takes is Cryo that they just don't start breeding gene cows and freezing the occasional healthy baby.
If clone immortality legal and have no rights, why not gene cows? I mean, I imagine these people on the Sunfish are flash frozen, then found, then taken to a dark place to be harvested like it was a slaughterhouse. It's renewable and the only way to ensure longterm genetic stability after ALL the ships like the Sunfish have been harvested.

It's been hundred's of years, if they're alive, they're going to wake up and try and fulfill their mission, but oh no, our descendants are now going to harvest us for our genes and say FUCK your mission that you've sacrificed nearly everything for. NOW YOU'RE GENE CATTLE! DIE SO THAT WE MAY LIVE!

And if whatever they're going to do to the Frozen people doesn't actually kill them, then shit, what you do is you find a nice, green planet, put people on it, GROUND the motherfuckers forever, and don't let 'em fuck up their genes with gene mods or space travel. Ever.
No. 106283 ID: 91ee5f

Sounds like what happened in the movie Jupiter Ascending.
No. 106288 ID: 55ad9c

It also sounds like a bloody stupid and horrifically wasteful method. The sensible way would be to take a few tissue samples from the cryo'd subjects while they're still frozen, then thaw the samples and do a complete DNA sequencing of the cells, including mitochondrial DNA. Store that sequence in a electronic form and distribute copies of it to every world and ship, or, given the probable density of future storage tech, every person, along with making non-electronic hard copies written on tough materials stored in safe and strategic locations. Then the whole genome could be recreated in its entirety using DNA synthesizers and used in whatever way is needed. It could even be inserted into a "blanked" embryo, one that's had its own DNA removed, then implanted in a surrogate to birth a genetic baseline person.
No. 106291 ID: 26eab7

yes but that's only going to create a biological copy, these people are also trying to recreate their personalities and minds, which is where the real issue is coming in.

The process seems to take time and effort requiring a controlled environment to make sure it works and this lot got enough sense of self to skip out on the remaining brainwashing.
No. 106294 ID: 3343bd

I got the impression they do just take samples. Colonist DNA is valuable because there's been a major decline in genetic diversity since the colony ships were sent out.
No. 107443 ID: b073ca
File 148359445262.png - (62.37KB , 436x700 , fuckboy.png )

T-shirt idea as suggested by toxwife
No. 107453 ID: 8ff2ea

God bless Toxwife.
She needs to suggest more things.
No. 107519 ID: e6e9af


Top-tier, mate.


It almost sounds like the harvesting and replication of stem cells and then the splicing of genetic material in an effort to replicate organs and / or tissues would be a far more efficient use as most of this would only require enough nutrient-rich fluids for the cells to survive before transplanting.

As for genetic manipulation, with enough samples, surrogate cells, and the right tech (which we presumably have in this time), it wouldn't be too hard to influence cell division to start creating new genes in a nice display of biological engineering, which would remove a bunch of the nasty splicing stuff.

They probably don't need gene-cattle so much as a steady supply of new strains and enough stem cell material to go crazy.
No. 107534 ID: bb78f2

if society can create test tube babies, doesn't that mean an unlimited supply of stem cells
No. 107553 ID: 5b93d3

It seems pretty clear the warm bodies or stem cells are not in any way the issue: it's simply a lack of viable genetic code variations.
While trail-and-error can separate viable mutations from non-viable ones, it's also an excruciatingly long process and ethically abhorrent to perform on people. Hence the need to recover sequences from ancestors, which will de-facto be composed of viable sequences.
No. 107610 ID: b15da4

How many clones has Old Sam gone through? Perhaps 3 or so? Our current Sam could be Dr. Samantha Four-Tran.
No. 107725 ID: 9145ba

What metric will we use for inventory? Is there a limit to how much stuff we can acquire while onboard the Sunfish? Are Sam and Annie's inventories already full?
No. 107756 ID: b073ca

I tend not to use a hard inventory cap. I've tried to establish an inventory early on in quests before but find that my characters don't do a whole lot of picking up and using objects in the way that they would in, say, a puzzle adventure or something. Mostly I just keep in mind how much they might be carrying and how much of a pain in the ass it is to draw them carrying it.
No. 108070 ID: 0555b9

Getting this /quest/ back in the right /dis/...
I heard Flint more like this in my head:
No. 108077 ID: 4063a3
File 148545956048.png - (52.10KB , 249x458 , 3 2 1.png )

Here comes...

No. 108089 ID: 1fd49c

But shes' only a clone. So she's not a doctor!
No. 108218 ID: 9145ba

I'm genuinely amused. Why, pray tell, should we shoot the brothers?
No. 108223 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 108339 ID: e94a22

I'm sad there wasn't this kind of action in your other quest. So many cute guys in conspiracy I'm not much for the vagoo skadoo though.
No. 108346 ID: 901bfc

i'm so glad they're poly and gay i'll cry
toxoglossa do you have a twitter or tumblr or somewhere else to find you?
No. 108354 ID: 9f3729

<RML> Ooh, the F*◞ckfish updated

<Hatticus_Finch> wherein Bucky explains that the entire ship is like an artificial dong hooked up to his nervous system

<Hatticus_Finch> bucky now holds the /quest/ record for biggest dick
No. 108356 ID: b073ca

http://toxoglossa.tumblr.com/ I have a tumblr but its mostly just me hitting the reblog button on crap. I also have an FA but raaaarely post to it.

Yeaaah, honestly I never intended for this to be a lewd quest when I started but early on I decided if it happened it would be fine.
Honestly, if Nate were anyone other than Nate, I could have gotten lewd in CoW but part of the issue is that the quest, and pretty much all my stuff so far takes place over a very short 1-2 day time period. As cute as all my dudes are, it would have been totally out of character for him to get lewd so soon into a relationship. A friend of mine made a pretty good argument for stretching things out over a series of days, which would have left a pretty good opening for some cute boy affection, if not lewdness, but sadly I couldn't figure out a way to make it work.

That being said, I hear the hunger for cute dude times and would like to see that happen.

It honestly feels a bit like I'm cheating, because in Sunfish it starts out with the characters already in an established relationship. It feels waaaaay more organic to write them showing affection and noticing each others moods, and its way easier to establish their needs and goals. Im glad people are enjoying the quest, even if I know its not everybodys jam.

Also, as a dude in a hetero monogamous relationship, I know Im not like... aware of all the pitfalls of writing a relationship like theirs (though I do know a couple of the cardinal sins and am trying to avoid them) but I'm going to try my best to portray them with respect and fun.
No. 108360 ID: b073ca

I dunno, I think he'd still be competing with hugequest, but its up there.
No. 108370 ID: a615ec

Now I imagine the ship crashing through a bedroom's ceiling with an inexplicable "Flump" noise...
No. 108527 ID: b073ca
File 148644436534.png - (248.70KB , 700x700 , the next great american novel.png )

Working on the title card for the next chapter...
No. 108534 ID: 742662

Hey there's always time to fit in a good dicking
No. 108535 ID: 742662

Hey there's always time to fit in a good dicking
No. 108566 ID: 4214c4

What are the cardinal sins?
No. 108655 ID: 188451

Tox, something kinda weird happened on my phone. So, im looking up the shaq wiggle gif for a reaction thing. I save it and go to another tab/program to do stuff. I come back like 15 min later and the tab is open to your tumblr. I didn't even know you had a tumblr and I have no idea how it opened up. My history just goes directly from that gif to your thing. No idea wtf happened.
No actual question, just relating the weird story.
No. 108859 ID: b745d9

Stages of reading this quest:

Start of thread 1: Man, these characters are really forward all the time. They put the Scellor to shame.
Halfway through thread 1: Oh, this is a barely-not-porn quest.
End of thread 1: Oh, this quest is porn.
No. 108860 ID: a523fb

u got something against porn quests
No. 108862 ID: bb78f2

It's not a porn quest until we see some genitals and them getting used.
Official art outside the quest doesn't count.
No. 108863 ID: 2f0741

Theres been lesbian sex right there in the quest
No. 108867 ID: b073ca

To be honest I doubt there's going to be much room for porn in the coming chapters. Depends on the direction things go.
Actually the original idea for the quest stemmed from a kind of bizarro star trek idea I was toying with. It was about a hedonistic, immortal captain from a pre-warp civilization that was designed to be able to survive traveling between planets. He just kind of drifts around space in a stolen ship full of shanghai'd crewmembers trying to evade gene hunters bent on stealing the secret to his immortality. It was intended to have some lewdness but not really be sexy since the guy was basically a kind of creepy caricature of Kirk. If you want some idea, I reused his character design to create Flint (http://i.imgur.com/bGySNLg.png).

I got some suggestions early on in Sunfish that were kind of lewd and rolled with them, and it really helped me flesh out the relationship between the Starlette crew. Honestly things started out innocently enough, but I had so much fun writing them flirting with each other that things just kind of escalated. I feel like its a credit to the suggesters that they were able make it fun and engaging to write without making it (at least to me) creepy.
I hope no ones turned away by the lewdness, but considering its a quest about gathering DNA samples from a wide cast of characters: could be waaaaaay lewder.
No. 108868 ID: bec5e8

Not turned off, it's just the way it all came together (even if you didn't intend it) that makes it seem like a hilariously over-the-top porn parody of the actual quest.

1. Every single member of the Starlette (of 3, granted) is in a polyamorous relationship with each other
2. The first people they meet are twin mice fuckboys who they talk with about getting DNA
3. Everyone hits on each other constantly and sexual tension is always in the air
4. They have spent more time in love shacks than the vacuum of space
5. One of the main characters has an implant that directly stimulates the pleasure center of their brain
6. One of the side characters wears only panties and an apron
7. The secondary responsibility of colony ship members besides keeping the ship running is To Fuck

It's porn with a plot, for sure, but nonetheless it seems like the quest should actually be titled The Cumfish or something and the real Sunfish is just leaving the theatres.
No. 108869 ID: bb78f2

I didn't see vag
0/10 lewd porn
10/10 softcore love scene

>Flint was supposed to be Kirk
To boldly go where no one has gone before
I'm gonna get to see that angry Napoloeon's O-face, I swear to GOD
No. 108873 ID: b073ca

Still not sure if this is a complaint or what. I mean, what can I say? I wanted to make something thats a bit more fun than what I had been working on, and I want to keep it that way. So I guess I just wanted to write something lewd?
In fact Im really hoping the current "shit gets real" turn of events doesnt bog the quest down and keep it from being fun.

Honestly, my rationale for the flirtyness and polyamory is: its the future, and hopefully by now we can just get over all the hangups that keep life from being fun. And from the point of view of the Flakes: normally they only live to be about early to mid 20s before their minds are completely overwritten by their previous lives, so theyre going to want to find pleasure in ways that we would have issues with. To them, consequences are someone elses problem. And as Robin points out, in space there isnt a whole lot to do except each other.

I mean considering some of the best written and most popular quests running are "porn with plot": thanks????
No. 108879 ID: f6ba27

If porn quest is a bad thing im in some serious trouble
No. 108881 ID: f0e552
File 148739327737.jpg - (23.03KB , 358x229 , 123.jpg )

>'The Cumfish'
No. 108886 ID: bec5e8

Again, not a complaint, just an amusing observation. If I was turned off I wouldn't have read the whole thing.
No. 108888 ID: bb78f2

I'm worried I'm not going to get to see Thumbilina's O-face if he's actually evil and we have to distance ourselves from him.

And when I mean evil I mean he's not just under the reasonable stress of being in a leadership position, or that he is, but he also has no ethical concerns with what he thinks has to do to maintain order and thusly does unreasonable things in a leadership position which makes him evil.
No. 108889 ID: b073ca

Id rather have a porn quest than a barely-not-porn quest. Im not going to be that guy who just teases lewdness to get people hooked but is too chickenshit to follow through. Especially since I have LGBT characters, I don't want to be that guy who's like "maybe lessssssbiians????". I kind of teased people enough in CoW with a gay relationship and honestly I would have put sex into it at some point if it had suited the characters at all.

Maybe thats why the comment "porn with plot" is something Im not sure how to react to: it implies a certain level of fetishization. Like, Im not going to pull an Aaron Diaz and pretend Im some kind of feminist hero with his strong empowered female protagonist who I put on a pedestal for all to admire despite being all male-gazey the whole time.

I guess my point is: yeah, okay, its porn with plot, but its my porn with plot. And to me its more about the characters caring about each other and establishing relationships than bumping uglies. I liked writing that flirty, shy relationship between Nate and Diego in CoW, which is in its own way a kind of porn. TBH I had something lewd planned in one characters mind but was never really sure about it so it never came up.
No. 108891 ID: 67456a

For what it's worth, the porn came at the very end of Thread One, after a bunch of navigating a ship and meeting characters. It's not like it's been nonstop banging or anything.
No. 108897 ID: bec5e8

I don't understand why everyone is treating this like I just laid down some major diss?
No. 108898 ID: f6ba27

The way you phrased it, "Oh this quest is porn," came off as dismissive and a diss.
No. 108899 ID: 3abd97

Tone can be somewhat prone to misinterpretation in pure text.
No. 108900 ID: bb78f2

Should I lay off calling Danny DeVito short names from now on or as long as it's a new one everytime is it fine?

Just need to know how annoying it is. I would like to say that Pillsbury Dough boy IS my favorite character despite how little we've interacted with him, and it may or may NOT be because it's fun to make fun of him. Ok, it's because Edward Elric is also an angry little fuzzball wolf (or white corgi or something, I dunno).
No. 108902 ID: b073ca

Like seriously, couldn't tell if it was a diss at first, which was confusing as hell. I was like "this is still tgchan right? Its a valid point, but I think how reductive you came across made it seem like a complaint.
That being said it got me thinking about all the early 2000s webcomics I used to read that were "fetishy but not quite porn" and how bullshit they all were. If youre gonna make porn, make porn. Not quite porn is waaaay creepier to me. It still has all the trappings of porn and reduces characters to vehicles for fetishes, but pretends its all innocent and clean.
No. 108904 ID: bb78f2

His voice is also no longer Wesker and more
No. 108916 ID: bec5e8

Except that I explicitly clarified it was not a complaint or criticism multiple times over multiple posts afterwards.
No. 108921 ID: 9f3729

A handy trick I've discovered is if you've typed two or more paragraphs of text, consider if the comment is really justified or worth it.
It'll save you a lot of grief, I think.
No. 108926 ID: 652cc3

Calm down, dude.
No. 108934 ID: 15a025
File 148753225239.jpg - (848.50KB , 2880x2160 , 100_0806.jpg )

Made a little bead Sam today : 3
No. 108935 ID: b073ca

What? I think its actually an interesting thing to discuss. Im not salty about it, I draw porn of my characters all the time, so whether or not the quest itself is lewd doesn't really matter as long as its still fun to write.

>>108900 Its fine by me, I don't think I'll be poking too much fun at his height but clearly in canon Sam was pretty amused.

>>108934 aww fuck yeah its like a tiny Sam sprite
No. 108938 ID: bec5e8

You mean... you came off as salty, even though you didn't intend it that way? ;)
No. 109198 ID: b073ca
File 148804537627.png - (107.98KB , 466x600 , night on the sunfish.png )

No. 109199 ID: bf81be

Where's Sam's baseball bat?
No. 109238 ID: f0e552

No. 109258 ID: 7b7ab3

"Adorable animal people having a really bad time" is becoming a pretty popular theme.
No. 109261 ID: 91ee5f

>bad time
*insert Megalovania here*
No. 109399 ID: bb78f2

Which pronoun does Feist prefer? Just to be accurate. I don't think this has actually come up yet or if we should have Sam ask in quest because character development.
No. 109408 ID: b073ca

Feist goes by she/her: Baxter at least refers to her as Miss Feist when berating Robin. It might be a good idea to have Sam ask later, but right now shes in commander mode.
No. 109463 ID: 4d445e

I did wanna say I am enjoying this quest a lot. Sci-Fi,Action, Mystery, great characters, birds, badasses and butts. What's not to love?
No. 109499 ID: 15a025
File 148869351727.png - (831B , 90x186 , Feist sprite.png )

Buckwheat does even more sunfish fan art.
No. 109515 ID: b073ca

Awww thats a cute pupper.
No. 109520 ID: f9c797

No. 109579 ID: bb78f2

Well I think it's obvious the repo men were holding back whenever the gang fought them in the backstory.

Now our only hope is BDSM Bunny with that mining railgun, hopefully stranding the repomen here until their backup arrives, then maybe we do it again to their backup... and again to the backup backup.
No. 109588 ID: fe7355

I wouldn't pin my hopes on their backup being only a single ship, and if so that they also don't figure out from the wreck or debris of the previous repo men's ship that it was destroyed by a mass driver. If the backup is more than one ship, or one that can tank a mass driver hit and still maneuver to fire back, then Bucky-ball's plan ain't gonna work.

Hell, for all we know their backup is in-system right now, jumped in outside of both the Starlette and Sunfish's sensor ranges, and the ship that dropped in nearly on top of the Sunfish did a intra-system jump. That would align more with the sensible idea for handling jumping into a unknown star system: Jump into the outskirts of the system, do a long-range sensor sweep to figure out what is where, then do a precision jump in. That could explain how the boarding repo men's ship could jump in so close to the Sunfish without hitting anything.
No. 110047 ID: b073ca

I know people on here were telling me they wanted to throw money at me a while back, and I said I'd let them know when that could happen.
Soooo, yeah going to try to do a few commissions, they'll be listed over here http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nontoxo/ for the time being.
Still not really interested in doing a pateron, but right now I'm just testing the waters
No. 110783 ID: e5b57f

Toxo, I swear, you and RML are going to be the death of me, with your well-drawn, character-driven porn quests. I discovered Coxwette Monday night, marathoned it, and then found Sunfish right after.

I'm now seriously considering starting a quest up myself. You two are inspirational as hell.
No. 110784 ID: e5b57f

Also, you have my undying devotion because aardvark. They get zero love from artists, and are my absolute favorite animal.
No. 110811 ID: d38e72

Concept for a body horror boss monster; some poor shmuck trapped inside a monstrous fleshy hulk sized space suit made up of many dead limb things, all competing with eachother to act the most like a normal body part and flailing appropriately.

Also I'm petitioning to call the limb monsters 'phantom limbs' because they attach inconveniently, have a mind of their own, have been removed from bodies and are very spooky.
No. 110824 ID: b15da4

Can we keep the leg monster as a pet?
No. 112162 ID: 15a025
File 149659698323.png - (1.29KB , 128x160 , Bucky_Starfox_Port_large.png )

Did another starfox style sprite portrait. This time it's Bucky.
No. 112163 ID: 15a025
File 149659704153.png - (1.30KB , 128x160 , Bucky_Starfox_Port_Angry_edit2.png )

and also did a determined/angry version.
No. 112355 ID: 4063a3
File 149688859816.png - (161.04KB , 400x300 , history channel.png )

No. 112356 ID: f1a994

Fuck my fucking life.
No. 112397 ID: 9a036d

awww thats awesome man!

hahahah fuuuck
No. 114007 ID: 5cbc25

>Bucky the rabbit is in serious condition
>No one looks positive
Is he kill?
No. 114008 ID: 3ce125

I'm not even sure what injuries he's suffered, aside from teratoma bites and some decompression.
No. 114042 ID: d36af7

>feel yourself being crushed against the strap, causing your ribs to creak
No. 114076 ID: 3ce125

Well that could just be bruises.
No. 114169 ID: ed048e

Did that mouse guy get with his amour before that Repo-man Eggbot found him?>
No. 114170 ID: fe7355

No idea if Robin got together with Reed. Tox has drawn some porn of 'em together and put it up on his FA account, but that's not canon.

However, the mouse twin we saw at the end of the thread may have been Robin's brother, Baxter. Since Baxter was the one who went in with Sam and Annie to meet with Dr. Spencer, I think it's likely the security team would have questioned him for longer than Robin.
No. 114174 ID: bb78f2

I don't think the Repoman is necessarily going to kill mousey, I think they're going to take the mouse hostage to get out of the situation at minimum.

Judging from the scenerio they're in, they MOST likely just care about getting Sam, Annie, and Bucky and don't know jack about the people from this ship. Otherwise they wouldn't have stormed in like idiots and got owned so quick.

Also, judging from Annie's origin, these guys are practically brainwashed so they probably don't care about pay and care more about the mission, so they have tunnel vision and don't even want the delicious classic regular DNA they might think the Sunfish crew have.

So I'm pretty sure the most we have to sweat and worry about is saving the mouse from a hostage situation, which means there probably will be a deal of some sort. Hopefully, repodude will simply want to leave the Sunfish and not demand the Starlette crew in exchange, only wanting to survive. Thing is, the Sunfish crew isn't going to take a chance to let a survivor ever leave the ship and go on his merry way, even with a hostage.

So mouse is gonna get shot in the head, they repo dude, then mouse heals from bullet wound and everyone just claims neurosurgery saved the day.
No. 114177 ID: fe7355

>So mouse is gonna get shot in the head, they repo dude, then mouse heals from bullet wound and everyone just claims neurosurgery saved the day.

Um, if I remember correctly, Robin and Baxter don't have the regen/immortality capability. It was the crew that got that treatment, since they wouldn't be frozen in cryo, unlike the passengers that were. The mouse twins came out of cryo, so they're passengers, so they didn't get the treatment. So if one of 'em gets shot in the head, he'll be dead or seriously brain damaged.

Also, I suspect if a regenerative immortal treated person gets brain damaged, the neuro-pattern stored in the damaged portion will be lost when the nerve tissue regenerates. That means personality changes or memory loss. So getting shot in the head is something they won't want to happen anyway.
No. 117834 ID: 094652

So, we're playing one of the Repo-Bird squad's previous missions?

Does reNu implant memories of effective but fallen squad units until one of them doesn't go insane, or are the 'cadets' all trained from scratch after their brains are rewritten the original memory package?
No. 117938 ID: a6af03

Yup, the twins are normal everyday mortals. Also yeah, as we learned from the terratoma from the asteroid: theres certain things that dont regenerate properly. As Dachelle mentions- he was different after the accident. also the implications that captain stokes is suffering from a neurological problem that regeneration alone cant treat.
basically they lump a bunch of older repo men memories together and cram them into the new bodies.
No. 118778 ID: f7498c

Just caught up on the quest and I love it. Is this a thread where I can shitpost about how I want to have sex with half of the characters in the quest, or should I keep that to myself?
No. 118782 ID: be350b

Higher up this thread, there's a link to a wonderful place with lots of awesome drawings of such situations. I feel the comment section of these drawings would be the best place.
No. 118796 ID: f7498c

>tox hasn't drawn any lewds of the characters i most want to fuck

It's better this way actually, now they can remain pure everywhere but in my imagination. I'll just keep my patrician tastes to myself.

>wonderful place
No. 118798 ID: 3ce125

...who, the repomen? Or some of the other crew members?
No. 118810 ID: f7498c


C'mon man, give me some credit. I suppose it isn't impossible to have a repoman fetish but I don't think I would consider that "patrician." Besides, wouldn't Annie lewds essentially be repoman lewds for all intents and purposes?
No. 120565 ID: a30024


Honestly, some of this is for convenience sake. I originally had the Annie clones raised completely separately from the other kids, but it meant having to come up with absurdly convoluted bullshit in order for them to have even interacted together at all. And believe me I had a way to do it, but it was stupid and took away from the story. Basically they'd be meeting, "in the drift" pacific rim style during memory transfers. I'm not saying it couldn't have worked, but I feel like the current setting is more suited to how the story evolved.

In a similar vein: I try to appeal to reality where I can, but for the purposes of a narrative I have to build in a certain amount of incompetence when it comes to the antagonists in order to make the story progress. I could, in theory, ramp things up to "maximum difficulty" but I don't find that kind of thing fun or interesting. I think there's certain types of stories where that works well, but with a reader driven narrative its more important to me to pace things out and let characters develop.
No. 120585 ID: 600f38

It DOES cause a plothole.
Annie being a clone soldier created for ReNu's Repomen was a shocking reveal, but both Sam and Bucky apparently knew that she was a clone soldier created by ReNu.
I guess they just assumed that ReNu contracted out their clone enforcement agents to some other company's clone soldier program?
No. 120621 ID: cdb7be


Shit I didn't realise you'd commented on the discussion thread. I'm sorry if I've fucked things up, I'm kind of paranoid now that the reason there has been a longer than usual update period is because of that. Obviously it's up to you how you do things, I think it's partly unfair of me that I highlighted it and then didn't provide any alternative, but I'm kind of in a bit of a fuzzy headspace atm and all I could manage was pointing out the basic issue. However I have since been thinking of how it could be patched up, it's still not developed but at least initially it goes something along the lines of there being a mis-communication in the procedure between the off-world higher ups and the facility management, meaning that for a period they didn't realise that the repo kids and the normal kids are to be separated.
No. 120625 ID: cdb7be


I think when you go along this vein it means you can preserve the overall sense of "maximum difficulty" as not a thing you're necessarily going to be exposed to, but more a boundary condition of reality itself. Even though reality *is* maximum difficulty (in a way, but I don't look at it that pessimistically), adversaries *do* fuck up a *lot* simply because they are organic and not necessarily as scary or efficient as they could be.
No. 120680 ID: a30024

>"They started us young: before we can even walk we were being programmed for battle. They kept us together, encouraged us to fight. Anyone slow, or weak or just different was singled out and hammered into shape by the rest of us. By the time we were integrated with the rest of the kids, we were already Repo-men: reporting on anything suspicious and quietly solving 'problems'."

Ive already addressed why normal kids and the repo clones are integrated together: they're supposedly pint sized enforcers, keeping the other kids in line by keeping them in fear. Its not perfect narratively, and leaves some room for some plot holes but its what Ive gone with lore-wise.

Also yeah Im going to have to ask you to chill out with the huge blocks of spoiler text and stuff. Glad you're enjoying the quest but, to be frank, Im kinda over people telling me how to "fix" it.

Honestly the whole point of the clone transfer program is that its not a perfect system. And while Im sure in the real world, over generations of cloning, someone would fine tune it to be nearly infallible, thats not the story Im telling.
No. 120681 ID: a30024

also, AI discussion has been moved to the BDA thread in /general/
No. 120699 ID: 088f85

To amend what i said yesterday: i do want people to be able to come to me if they feel like theres a problem with my quests. Especially if it’s something that makes them uncomfortable reading them. Being able to get more than one viewpoint while writing is why i use a quest format to begin with and more than anything i want my stories to feel accessible to anyone. And i want to be able to work with people to course correct, which can be hard on this make-it-up-as-you-go format. There’s some really awesome readers I respect who’ve cone to me about problems they had with, for example: the white savior shit i pulled in book of worms. And i look at that now and admit, yeah not great, i can do better than that. And thats what ive tried to do, even though im still really proud of BOW as a completed work.

But its up to me to “fix” my quests. I cant always be on point about it, but its my responsibility to make something that i think everyone should read.
No. 120704 ID: d0bba6

>white savior shit in BoW
No. 120727 ID: 088f85

Yeah, Dale and Beth roll into a native american reservation and Dale gets a vision of the thunderbird, and they lead everyone to safety (by putting them all in danger). Dale’s heritage isnt specifically stated but Beth is explicitly stated to be of european decent. Its not the most egregious example of the trope Ive seen, naturaly, and Dale really is only a “saviour” by being a huge coward, but its still not great.
No. 120735 ID: 499d93

I don’t really think you need to worry so much about that stuff. It’s not like anyone here’s going to overanalyse it and pick on every little detail they don’t like, especially when details like dale & beth’s heritage aren’t major plot points.
Just relax and do what you enjoy, because it’s what we enjoy too.
No. 120752 ID: c31aac

I think maybe you're reading too much into your own writing with that "white saviour" stuff, they're furries man

Speciesism could be a thing, sure, but it's not like there's not necessarily a direct correlation between where you're from and what color you be, aye?

On top of that, worrying too much about these kinds of tropes can lead to situations where your tiptoeing around them starts to distract from actually writing things well.

Don't stress too far out over these things, you're not some hollywood producer cutting black people out of roles because it "won't sell" you're some dude on the internet telling cool stories about animal people
No. 120930 ID: 2e758a

Im just sad that wasps left the way it did anddidn't have and closure. I know you have two quests now but still feel sad bout it
No. 121539 ID: f89a48
File 152109175415.png - (89.79KB , 614x369 , Deepest Lore.png )

When Bausch+Lomb restructured their business, nobody could have expected what they had planned.
No. 122685 ID: bb78f2

I wonder if there's only ONE company that does the cloning process, or if there's multiple.

If there's multiple, and the company goes under, do the repomen under it become like... ronin repomen?
No. 123235 ID: 2202fb

Is there an update schedule (or trend)?
No. 123243 ID: 8b2814

presently, it is "updating Moot Point instead"
Sunfish will return later.
No. 128704 ID: 688dd6

Big same, dude. Moot Point doesn't interest me anywhere near as much as Book of Worms, Conspiracy of Wasps, and to a lesser extent Sunfish did. I respect the direction Toxoglossa has taken over the last few years, and support him wholeheartedly in all his endeavors, but as a fan... I can't help but be disappointed.
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